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1. Dream Breakthroughs - 3rd Ear Bonus 128

Dream Breakthroughs - 3rd Ear Bonus 128

Dream Breakthroughs are certainly nothing new. In fact, they have been well-documented for quite a long time now, yet many people still question the validity of dreams being capable of giving us new information. I'm not sure why we fight against the acceptance of this phenomena other than that it is still a bit unexplainable and that fact scares us. Whether it is music, creativity, invention or even huge scientific breakthroughs, I dive down into the rabbit-hole about what it all could mean. 818-839-0593 Mindline Please rate & review on iTunes!

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2. DJ Txentxo XXL - Txen strikes again (2013 Xmas Poky edition) RECORDED LIVE

DJ Txentxo XXL - Txen strikes again (2013 Xmas Poky edition) RECORDED LIVE

Sesión de Poky para despedir el 2013, recordando viejos temas y buenos momentos. Dedicada con especial cariño a Zeta, Pitt, Xivi y Chus, por aguantarme todo este año. Y a David y a iGriega por esos durums !!! TRACKLIST: 1.- Butcher - Don't let the sun go down (Original Mix) 2.- Mario MG pres. Luis Sanchez & Xavi DJ - Jukebox 3.- Miguel Serna & Raul Soto - Guitar Spell 4.- DJ Gordy - Gothiko Poky 5.- DJ Furby meets DJ DBC - The end of comunism 6.- DJ Oskar feat. Lucy - Fakiuuu 7.-Connection - Portamento 8.- Zentral - Alarm 2007 9.- Urta & Navarro Vs. Parlotti - Power of Dreams 10.- Urta & Navarro Vs Carlos Revuelta - Poky Chufore 11.- Pulsedriver - The whistle song (Solar Patrol rmx) 12.- TSS Proyect Vs. Patxi Deciveria & Gari Seleckt - Oye como va (Tito puentepoky) 13.- Eclipse Vol. 1 - No me escuchas 14.- DJ Ray - Kill Bill (Poky rmx) 15.- Head Horny's - I'm the one you're looking for 16.- Whitelabel - Fire Wire (Poky Twins rmx) 17.- Raul Soto & Miguel Serna - Witek 18.- Ian Rox - On Top (Original mix) 19.- DJ Vasco & Mapy Brothers - Ultimate seduction 20.- Ziggy X - Thiz rox (Original Mix) 21.- DJ DBC feat. Sari - Push Back (Evil mix) 22.- Eclipse vol. 1 - Crazy Wave 23.- Urta & Navarro Vs Sound Makers - United sounds 24.- Candy Girls - Bon da deh (Alex Trackone rmx) 25.- DJ Jean - Lift me Up (Barthezz extended rmx) 26.- DJ Furby meets DJ DBC - Poky 47 27.- Delyrium - After all (DJ Napo vs Alex Trackone rmx) Sigueme en las redes sociales: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: Feliz navidad, y próspero año 2014 !

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