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1. Earthless Lyrics

Earthless Lyrics

Earthless bleak creation Drowning in the void Leaving me nameless In the white, cold light A divide, I long... understand The rapture This rapture within A mist of broken sorrow An

2. Earthless Lyrics

Earthless Lyrics

I know this girl Who's pretty as can be The sign of an Aquarius She was born on the 18th UFOs, snakes and spiders Give her the creeps She's got a half-life and a half smile And lives in semi luxury Qu

3. Come On (Let the Good Times Roll) Lyrics

Come On (Let the Good Times Roll) Lyrics

People talkin' but they just don't know What's in my heart, and why I love you so I love you baby like a miner loves gold Come on sugar, let the good times roll, hey! So many people live in make belie

9. The Dead Swan of the Woods Lyrics

The Dead Swan of the Woods Lyrics

Death gathers slowly In these woods A burning heritage ...lost to the wilderness I remember nights of rain Swallowed by the cold In this all-consuming void I reach out to thee Reckoning te

10. Oceans of Despair Lyrics

Oceans of Despair Lyrics

Pale flickering heart of dust Please bear with me For how long will this fire burn? Patterns repeating How far can my voice reach? Beyond the stars? Will dusk bring hope or devour me? Even

11. The Slow Ascent Lyrics

The Slow Ascent Lyrics

In the void, Earth's asleep The sickness grows Embraced by it's tainted wings We still bleed Cold oblivious Dying star Drown my tears With your life Let me rise Let me sleep In your arms

12. A Quietly Forming Collapse Lyrics

A Quietly Forming Collapse Lyrics

The weight upon me In the shape of buildings Crushing hope A white sky collapse The stain of a broken life unfolds Through the ashes I walk My hands soaked with blood From the burial of my he

13. White Coffins Lyrics

White Coffins Lyrics

Something crawls beneath the murk Watch them drown while given birth Born with grief so depraved Only to feel the rich soil of the grave Innocence, loss of hope Buried in the deadend soil A wi

15. The Blood Ascendant Lyrics

The Blood Ascendant Lyrics

My youth melts as it degrades Uncomfortable My spirit lingers To perish or to proceed? At the devil's apex I bestow To the devil To the devil The pact Uplift me now At the edge of your sword No doubt

16. The Torch Lyrics

The Torch Lyrics

Ye' barren soil in ever thirst My breath sweeps dust from your plains like a faith drained from it's temple A drought that leaves but fire from a tragic sun Inhale the fire from it's fertile womb and

17. Electric Ursa Lyrics

Electric Ursa Lyrics

Easy Ursa, don't stir don't fright we are only passing through here in the waning autumn light under your stars your earthless movement pawing fruitless through barren heavens Easy, easy resting with

18. Litany Of Rain Lyrics

Litany Of Rain Lyrics

Like a faithless I weep Like an old man in his final, filthy bed What love was ever mine to keep? Over what do the trees stand dead? Brave little flame I really saw you below the oak Whilst wo

19. Find Out Lyrics

Find Out Lyrics

Fat Joe Don Cartagena Find Out [Armageddon] Yeah yeah Do you Don Cartagena solemnly swear to take this game of hip-hop as your lawfully wedded wife through sickness and health, til death do you p

20. Weirding Lyrics

Weirding Lyrics

Careless speeds of light to nowhere Pass so near no room to grow there Multiplying moonstruck rabid zoo No direction weavers waver Asking darkness for a favor Earthless black cat showing signs