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1. EASTGHOST - Exile

  • Published: 2016-07-15T17:08:54Z
  • By bitbird

DL / Stream: We're so happy to finally release the very first bitbird compilation: Gouldian Finch #001. We want to thank all the artists involved with this project, we love you guys and your music so much. We hope this compilation can take you on a journey without boundaries. follow EASTGHOST follow bitbird Download for free on The Artist Union

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2. EASTGHOST - Exile (Paradise flip)

  • Published: 2016-09-28T20:14:45Z
  • By Paradise.
EASTGHOST - Exile (Paradise flip)

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Visuals : 💦---Tracklist---💦 0:00 Acrylo - magnolia (slowed) 3:11 verzache - jus cha cha bro 5:18 Noize - Got This For You 8:03 EASTGHOST - Exile 13:56 win32 - doves. 16:11 YUME - Falling Down 19:38 spaaawn - ciménatographie 23:38 TY13R BEATS - original gangsta 27:13 Noize - I LIKE // LSD 30:53 Tours - Deuxieme (Unthink Remix) -------💦----💦------

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5. GG Dark Mix v1

  • Published: 2018-02-22T15:07:39Z
  • By GG Mixes
GG Dark Mix v1

Quick Dark Trap type mix. Heavy Bass and Violent Lyrics AKATSUKI GANG ft. $UICIDEBOY $uicideboy x GERM - TREAT EM LIKE A PROSTITUTE Freddie Dredd Kaine - Hope (Prod. Akoza Jak3) Smokepurrp - lil home invasion (R y a n C e l s i u s ° Remix) Smokepurrp ft. Travis Scott - Fingers Blue (inochi + nineteen remix) $UICIDEBOY$ - SUNSHINE (slowed down mix) - R y a n C e l s i u s ° Hydra Mane - Devilish Verses $UICIDEBOY - SAY CHEESE AND DIE GHOSTEMANE - Andromeda BONUS: Eastghost - Exile

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6. Introduction.

  • Published: 2016-11-17T18:45:01Z
  • By PURP

I walked into the room drippin', PURP. yunis - GKXA yunis - Eclat GameFace - 420 Aztek - Indo INDЄB - L O N E L I N E S S Gladkill - Stay Dead Gladkill - Death Ludicy x Kareful x Ftureable - The Alchemist Mincha - Letter To You FKA Twigs - Papi Pacify (Lostodyssey Remix) LOL Boys - Changes (Shlohmo Remix) Party Wave - Mana Jay Rock - Vice City (feat. Black Hippy) Mr. Vandal - Tokyo Dope MartyParty - Jon Snow SiKKiE - 2MVCH SiKKiE - p u l l u p a n d i g e t i t Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball (XOXO Remix) GameFace - Voodoo (1) Manifolds - Triple Point Ʌrch - Same Sun 100 day delay - Shine EASTGHOST - Exile Compton Chic - MISERERE Klimeks - Underwaterhearts A$AP Rocky - Purple Swag Young Thug - Draw Down [Prod. By London On Da Track] Aztek - Haji 96 7 Great Dane - Invite Only Nevafade - If Future - Perkys Calling

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7. ˜”*°•.˜”*°•S̶͆̈́͒̒̋A̸̐͑͗̇͋͛̕T̵̙̄̓̄̿͂̅Ẽ̵͈͍̦̮̣̿̍̎͐͗́̿̚͝L̸̝̠̑́̀̿̚L̸̆̾IT̶̉͑̇̓̄̽́E•°*”˜.•°*”˜


1. enya - angeles + shoob - сон 2. mutant joe ft. freddie dredd - my hip 3. friendzone - L.R.C. 4. britney spears - everytime (metaverse rmx) 5. ana caprix - stone to flesh (anchorhold theme) 6. atb - eternal swells 7. lilac - icantseeyou 8. ross from friends - pale blue dot 9. tropical interface - jungle software test 10. L4-E ft. tropical interface - contact edit 11. herbarium - herbalife 12. himera - voicenote (rareflora rmx) + the range - washington 13. eastghost - exile 14. tsvi ft. miragal - safi + charli xcx ft. cupcakke - lipgloss 15. acounta - laughing morpha 16. arctic ops - wilderness 17. occurrence - i could be the one x 800db cloud 18. betwixt & between - fire and brimstone 19. chief keef - kay kay (powerdoll rmx) 20. Lv.4 - aestivalis 21. krewella - alive (dj tw2 rmx) 22. glacci & deon custom - viridian 23. lilac - 369kawaiiemoji 24. zedd ft. foxes - clarity (sus1er rmx) 25. deep shoq - celestial 26. onra - nothing to lose

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8. Dope Shit You Prolly Haven't Heard 7/22/16

  • Published: 2016-07-21T13:45:27Z
  • By Mxslvr
Dope Shit You Prolly Haven't Heard 7/22/16

Tracks Manilla Killa - Youth ft. Satica (k?d Remix) Hellberg - The Girl (Taska Black Remix) Hudson Mohawke - Chimes (Alexander Lewis x Y2K Flip) Rome in Silver - Horizon EASTGHOST - Exile Shisto - The Gate (Akamu Remix) Hex Cougar - anythingUwant G.KNOW - ROSETTA sumthin sumthin - Lavender duumu - bathtub galaxy PYRMDPLAZA - Ventilate sincewhen. - ice breaker. whereisalex - get you alone oshi - fly Cabu - Gold (JNTHN STEIN Remix)

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9. Night Touge Mix

  • Published: 2019-01-26T20:32:28Z
  • By max
Night Touge Mix

Promo Mix for 2019 Dark0 - Qarin Juche - Wonyho Hucci - Hitta Eastghost - Exile Roddy Ricch - Down Below Gravez - Ruler Sam Gellaitry - Temple Kaaris - Chargé (Mr. Carmack Remix) Manitee & Shaq France - Leviathan Lamont - Titanic FISHER - Losing It (Yvng Jalapeño Edit) Utada Hikaru - Simple And Clean (PLANITb Remix) RL Grime - Pressure (TYNAN Remix) D33J - 10K Froze (feat. Yung Lean, Bladee & Killavesi) Sega Bodega - I'll Never B Quietpvck - Art of War (Dark0 Edit) w/ Virtual Self - EON BREAK Juche - Last Instinct Frontliner - I'm The Melodyman (AWE Edit) Baauer - Tep Tep Om Unit - The Road (feat. Charlie Dark) Juche - Explore & Find

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10. nutron broadcast 009

  • Published: 2016-08-15T03:32:19Z
  • By nutron
nutron broadcast 009

Lots of great stuff this week. If you hear something you like, go out and support these artists! Tracklist (timestamps coming soon): [] EDENAUER — C O S M O S [] sorsari — if you cry [] DROELOE x Vinzere — Nothing Wrong [] BLANDA — Wonder [] StéLouse — SAMMY [] ✞ St. Clement ✞ — Sour. [] GNOME BEATS — TH O1 [] Young Bosnia — Dew [] P A T H — M a g i c [] padillion — Places [] rare — About You (w/ Letgo. & Y4NN) [] WHITE KATANA — VALKYRIE [] kyddiekafka — you are my... [] Weaver Beats — Indigo [] sincewhen. — ice breaker. [] grayera — evocation [] R4NGER — Marge's Medicine [] Michael Paul Kennedy — Wander (Blank Body Remix) [] Myst — Keyframe (w/ Weroh K) [] josh pan — i miss you [] Yvnalesca x Kamandi x Jaga — Dear Lord [] EASTGHOST — Exile and the nutron broadcast make no money off promoting these musicians, we simply want everyone to hear them and for them to succeed.

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11. Cool Mixatron 9000

Cool Mixatron 9000

A mix I made of some of my favorite tunez, enjoy :))) Tracklist: EASTGHOST - Exile Alix Perez x Ivy Lab - Maiden Next To Blue - Unaesthetic FINAL COPYCATT - Itsum Wiley BBK - Outchea Kaaris - Chargé (Ramzoid Edit) Sanjaux - Why COPYCATT - Affection EASTGHOST - TRONE :IN: FOCUS TSURUDA'S LOST SCROLLS - Snowed In The Widdler - Still Dream Yunis - Sparkle [NEST HQ Premiere] Ramzoid - Nature Nature Ember Island - Can't Feel My Face (Covex Remix) Josh Pan - 20 Gauge Mad Zach - QUANTUM VACUUM SHOCK Ramzoid - Step Back KOAN Sound - Forgotten Myths Clay - Highland G JONES & Mad Zach - Spontaneity [ Exclusive] DOSHY & G JONES - GHETTO BIRD Uli - Chain Ivy Lab - Ubane Falcons & Ekali - I Won't Lie feat. Vanessa Elisha Gallant - Weight In Gold (Electric Mantis Remix) Tinashe - Days In The West (Ekali Remix) Izzard - Port Town

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12. Required Listening - Week 3

  • Published: 2016-08-11T09:02:02Z
  • By Omniment
Required Listening - Week 3

My favourite music right now. ... Medasin – "Daydream" (ft. JOBA) Lounge. Nothing more to it. Think Galimatias meets Sam Gellaitry. ... Blackbear – "IDFC" (octbr Remix) Feels in super slow motion. If you manage to fall asleep to the soothing sounds, don’t stress, this next one’ll wake you up… ... Benny Benasi x Skrillex ft. Gary Go – "Cinema" (LUCA LUSH Remix) I know what you’re thinking: this song’s been done and done and done. Don’t stress, I’m the first to tire from a classic banger, but Luca Lush has smashed this one out of the park. He gives the original the justice it deserves, staying true to the drop, but giving it a modern bass-music twist. ... Ninth Parallel – "Infinitum" It’s been a while since I’ve gotten around some serious electro, but ‘Infinitum’ puts Ninth Parallel on par with anything from Madeon or Knife Party to me. You can hear how much effort has gone into this with every tiny detail. ... EASTGHOST – "Exile" This is a case of saving the best till last, I haven’t been this blown away by something in a long time. This thing oozes creativity, there’s no one doing anything like EASTGHOST. Eerie downpitched vocals slide over a drawn out intro, building tension and anticipation. A four-minute windup is not easily pulled off in electronic music as far as I’ve ever seen, but holy smokes does this track deliver.

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13. Cinématique™ episode 3

Cinématique™ episode 3

Cinématique™ is part of the Wavelength Series™: a podcast on your frequency. Cinématique™ is a mixed show that promotes music published by artists on SoundCloud for placement in moving media, e.g. film, television, & film trailers. Gryphonness programs, produces, and hosts the show. She started her career as a DJ for WRAS Atlanta, 88.5FM in 1996, where she produced & hosted 3 shows, featuring goth, industrial, noise, experimental, avant-garde, techno, trance, breakbeat, and drum & bass musical genres. DISCLAIMER: The mission of Cinématique™ is to draw attention to and promote certain titles and artists based on our knowledge and experience of placement. Titles are selected based upon our opinion that they are potentially a fit for synchronization in moving media. If you believe that any titles appearing in Cinématique™ are infringing your rights under the copyright laws of the United States, you may contact us directly by sending an email to the contact below with the subject heading: DMCA. Thank you. Facebook: Instagram: @gryphonness Twitter: @gryphonness Email: [email protected] Artist - Title INDЄB – YOUTH Yasu – Northstar CMRN & Hex Cougar – Tides EASTGHOST – Eyes In the Back of My Head Rift – Into the Flames (NightScapes Exclusive) MEMPHIS X MRKRYL – BROKEN WEVLTH – B A B Y Vacant – Ciara brothel. – if only you knew WHITE KATANA – FADE (w/ niteboi) Yasu – EXILE (ft. 00E1) Ftureable - Vast (ft. Sane & Hélix) Vacant – Leaving You Sidewalks & Skeletons – Underwater Sun Tim Schaufert – How I Feel About You Lorn – Anvil Myth x Vacant - Metropolis

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