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1. Jungle Telegraph Lyrics

Jungle Telegraph Lyrics

Mama had an epidural Hoping I would be a girl The night was black, the sky was boomin' Darker clouds were surely loomin' "I heard screamin'", the doctor shouts And baby, then I came out and here I am

2. Souljacker Part II Lyrics

Souljacker Part II Lyrics

Souljacker can't get my soul Ate my carcass in a black manhole Souljacker can't get my soul He can shoot me up full of bullet holes But the souljacker can't get my soul Souljacker can't get my soul L

3. Dog Faced Boy Lyrics

Dog Faced Boy Lyrics

Coming home from the school today Crying all along the way Ain't no way for a boy to be Begging ma to shave me please You little punks think you own this town Well someday someone's gonna bring you d

4. Something Is Sacred Lyrics

Something Is Sacred Lyrics

Taking a walk down to the mall Smelling piss and beer and gas That could be me in a couple years Suckin' fumes under the highway pass On a rainy day While I wear newspapers for pants And a t-shirt th

6. Daisies Of The Galaxy Lyrics

Daisies Of The Galaxy Lyrics

Take heart, my little friend And push back your seat Soon we'll be far away Far from the street Where you learned how to be Not what you are Up on the shoulder There is a town With a little motel And

7. I Like Birds Lyrics

I Like Birds Lyrics

I can't look at the rocket launch The trophy wives of the astronauts And I won't listen to their words 'Cause I like Birds I don't care for walkin' down town Crazy auto car gonna mow me down Look at

8. Flyswatter Lyrics

Flyswatter Lyrics

Little field mice living under the house never eating much tough life for a mouse and if you think you're gonna be spared you're wrong Field mice, head lice spiders in the kitchen don't think twice 'b

9. Packing Blankets Lyrics

Packing Blankets Lyrics

Today is a lovely day Start up the car with the sun Packing blankets and dirty sheets A roomful of dust and a broom to sweep up All the troubles you and I have seen Cross when the drawbridge light i

10. Grace Kelly Blues Lyrics

Grace Kelly Blues Lyrics

The cut rate mime walkin' through the dirty streets Of Paris in the hot, August heat Sun meltin' the fake smile away Just lookin' for a place to stay The actress gave up all her old dreams And traded

11. The Sound Of Fear Lyrics

The Sound Of Fear Lyrics

Sun comes up on the old neighborhood Spray-painted bricks and dead firewood Well I don't know where I'm gonna be next I don't care where I am gonna be Next time if you think of it You might remember

12. Buss Stop Boxer Lyrics

Buss Stop Boxer Lyrics

I don't miss where I came from But each night I dream about being back home When I wake up in the morning I'm too tired, tired of being alone So I get up and go downtown And pick me out a little piec

13. Souljacker Part I Lyrics

Souljacker Part I Lyrics

22 Miles of hard road 33 Years of tough luck 44 Skulls buried in the ground Crawling down through the muck Oh yeah Johnny don't like the teacher Johnny don't like the school One day Johnny is gonna to

14. Jeannie's Diary Lyrics

Jeannie's Diary Lyrics

How does her world spin Without me in her nest Could there really be Such happiness Oh, she's got a dark side too Even murderous But I love that Just like here I don't have a change at writing the b

15. Mr. E's Beautiful Blues Lyrics

Mr. E's Beautiful Blues Lyrics

The smokestack spitting black soot into the sooty sky The load on the road brings a tear to the Indian's eye The elephant won't forget what it's like inside his cage The ringmaster's telecaster sings

16. It's A Motherfucker Lyrics

It's A Motherfucker Lyrics

It's a motherfucker Being here without you Thinking 'bout the good times Thinking 'bout the bad And I won't ever be the same It's a motherfucker Getting through a Sunday Talking to the walls Just me

17. Wooden Nickles Lyrics

Wooden Nickles Lyrics

Went down by the old courthouse stumbling through the streets had to get out of the house had to use my feet and you may not think much of me now but i think so damn much of you Don't take any wooden

18. What Is This Note? Lyrics

What Is This Note? Lyrics

What is this note? The sun kisses the morning dew Just the way that I'm kissing you The birds are tweeting in sweet harmony Teaching the free world how to be free The day is new and a good one too H

19. World of Shit Lyrics

World of Shit Lyrics

In this world of shit Baby you are it A little light that shines all over Must take over and see us through the night daddy was a troubled genius Mama was a real good egg Why don't we just get togeth

20. Friendly Ghost Lyrics

Friendly Ghost Lyrics

If you're scared of dying you better not be scared to live I've been spending all my days giving all I can give Last night I heard someone walking through my bedroom door What they want I'm not exact