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1. Cemeteries - Sodus

Cemeteries - Sodus

Cemeteries is the solo project of Kyle J. Reigle, whose music blends dream pop with goth rock, a combination that he refers to as goth pop. A product of his Buffalo, New York environment, he recorded his debut album over the course of six months in the guest bedroom of his apartment, looking to the music of David Lynch collaborator Angelo Badalamenti, vintage horror films, and some nearby wooded areas for inspiration. A gloomy but visually arresting video by Nolan Wilson Goff was tied to the title track of 2012's The Wilderness, which was appropriately released in late October. Visit:

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2. FREEZ - Bad Weed

FREEZ - Bad Weed

FREEZ is a young surf-garage band from Italy. The band's sound is inspired by the Californian scene and artists such asTy Segall, Wavves, Fidlar, Jay Reatards to name but a few. ROUTINE is the band's second self-released EP. Visit:

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3. Happy Couple - Mass Policy

Happy Couple - Mass Policy

Happy Couple are a 3 piece who have carried on from their previous and late band, Lunar Quiet. Based in Brighton, they began to work on new material in late January 2017. 'Mass Policy' was the first song they wrote as a new band, so it seemed fitting to release as an introduction. Recorded by Theo Verney Mixed & Mastered by Rory Attwell Artwork by Rowan J Stevens

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4. Bridal Shower - Put Your Gloves On

Bridal Shower - Put Your Gloves On

Bridal Shower formed in late 2015. The group formed around a love of 90's post punk and noise rock bands such as Sonic Youth, Jesus Lizard, Fugazi and Melvins. The band quickly headed to the studio to record their debut album Negatives which was recorded at 7 West Studios, mixed at Glassworks Studio Recording and mastered at Chicago Mastering Service. Negatives was released on June 9th 2017 on vinyl, tape and digital. The band have been seen performing consistently round the UK, sharing bills with bands such as Lvl Up, Big Business, Young Legionnaire, Slowcoaches and Qui. Visit: Soundcloud: Facebook:

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5. Twin Studies - Years And Years

Twin Studies - Years And Years

Twin Studies started out as the solo bedroom recording project of Jay Stanley in late 2012. The project grew to a four piece in 2013 after Stanley enlisted the help of other local musicians and friends to complete a live lineup, and released their debut EP, Precious Places, the following year. In 2015 the band released two songs, “Attic Room” and “Space Girl.” After a complete change of musicians except for Stanley in 2016, Twin Studies is now releasing a new record. The band is specifically chasing much more involved guitar melodies while still maintaining a wall of sound and a driving rhythm. "Years and Years" is the best representation of the rest of the songs on the release since it combines and distills elements of all of them – floating pop riffs, droning guitars, and lush synths. Visit:

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6. Daily Misconceptions - Insomnia Trap

Daily Misconceptions - Insomnia Trap

Daily Misconceptions is João Santos's intimate and trusted friend - an electronic musical project from Lisboa, Portugal. The soft tones and blissful moods are based on dreamy electronic sounds surrounded by a glitchy pop personality. Daily Misconceptions’s approach focuses on homemade electronic beats, glitchy pop-like melodies and lo-fi singing. Visit: Website - Facebook - Twitter - Soundcloud -

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7. Goldmyth - Faded Dream

Goldmyth - Faded Dream

Based in Provo (Utah), Goldmyth is a virtuosic singer-songwriter making electro-pop music in an unusual way: with the harp. Indeed, Goldmyth is a classically trained harpist who decided to use the instrument to experiment with a variety of music styles. “One day, I realized I could merge my two passions and write songs for the harp” she shares. “I’d lock myself in the practice room in the school of music and write songs. Then, I started using a looping pedal to add vocal layers.” Influenced by artists like Joni Mitchell, James Black and, most notably, Sufjan Stevens, Goldmyth seamlessly blends glimmering harp chords with weighty synths and springy percussion. Visit: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Spotify: SoundCloud: BandCamp: ​

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8. Blank - In Your Arms

Blank - In Your Arms

Blank consist of members from Ulrika Spacek, Method Actress & Lunar Quiet, based in London & Brighton. The band formed in early 2017. The music is recorded out of their respective bedrooms and sent between the members. The debut EP 'By Design' is out later this year featuring 'In Your Arms' - with video shot by Katia Ganfield(Artwork by Rowan J Stevens). Visit: Soundcloud:

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9. Jules Camp - Weekday Blues

Jules Camp - Weekday Blues

Jules Camp is an 18-year-old songwriter. She was born and raised in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Throughout her childhood, Jules started to pick up and teach herself different instruments. By the time she was 16, she knew how to play 8 total. She has been writing and recording her own music since she was 13, as well in being in over 5 different bands in the last 2 years. Most would say the music she writes has a indie-alternative vibe to it. Her most recent album, Contribute to the Chaos, holds memories of childhood and regret, as well as love and loss. Visit:

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10. Karr - Drone

Karr - Drone

Karr formed in 2013 in Ukraine as a home basement project. It consists of a two-piece band inspired by the sounds of HTRK, Death Grips, Big Black, Salem and shoegaze/noise music. The band's first recording was a lo-fi EP entitled "Post Music". Their last release is the 4-song recording "Long Walk". Visit:

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11. Seadog - As I Am

Seadog - As I Am

Seadog is the project of Brighton-based musician and songwriter Mark Benton. The project began with Benton at the nucleus of an ever-changing cast of musical friends where each performer would bring their own piece of imagination to the music. Seadog are currently a five-piece that combine a variety of influences into a myriad sound of lullabies with anthemic electric and acoustic textures. Visit: Bandcamp: Soundcloud: Facebook: Twitter:

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12. PHOENE - Eugene

PHOENE - Eugene

P H O E N E is a French ambient electronic producer now based in Glasgow who collaborated for seven years with fellow Parisian artist SAYCET as a vocalist and songwriter on 'Through The Window' (released in 2011) and 'Mirages' (2015). Dedicated to craft her own soundscapes for the past two years, she has been very active with two self-released EPs ('Dennistoun' and 'Anthem'), a split single with WOLF (ex Zoey Van Goey) and a series of cassette tapes with the first one entitled 'UN' freshly released in October 2016. She has also played shows in quick succession in her newly adopted city (most notably as support for LOSCIL at the Glad Cafe in November 2015 and BRAIDS in June 2016). Visit:

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13. Rainbrother - Riverside

Rainbrother - Riverside

Rainbrother is Bjarke Bendtsen’s (ex-The Migrant) new project with a group of musicians from the Copenhagen indie scene. The group released their first track earlier this summer, ‘East African Dream’, a tribal inspired track with chanting choir, a steady beat and slide guitar references to Pink Floyd. The song is mixed by Noah Georgeson (Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom, The Strokes) who has agreed to become midwife for Rainbrother’s first full length album. Bendtsen ended The Migrant earlier this year in Austin, Texas at Austin’s Psych Fest, Levitation. Since the first Migrant album came out in 2010 he has been backed by musicans from Austin on his American tours and by fellow Danes when touring Europe. The birth of Rainbrother marks an end of this era, settling down in Copenhagen and a move from indie folk to electric rock territory. The electricity is present on the first Rainbrother live video for the song “Break Out”. The group will be releasing this song as a single later this autumn prior to the album release which will be out in February next year. You can watch the live version of “Break Out” here: ​ ​ and listen to “East African Dream” on ​ Visit:

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14. Starwheel - Drip Feed

Starwheel - Drip Feed

Starwheel is the project of Jamie Sterland, Amelia Cripps, Matthew Willis & Luke Charlston from Derby, United Kingdom. The band was formed in late 2015 and released their first singles Drip Feed & Broken Glass in April 2016. They currently have further plans to release new singles Slow Down & Through My Window (Part I & II) in 2017. Visit:

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15. Moondrive - Particular

Moondrive - Particular

Moondrive is the solo project founded in 2014 by Italian self-taught musician/songwriter Emanuele Cicerchia (born 1992). His compositions waves layers of disparate music textures and genres building from psych rock, electronic experimentations to shoegaze, pop and melodic soundscapes. Please visit:

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16. Bathing - Left At The Pond

Bathing - Left At The Pond

Comprised of people totally fresh to music making as well as seasoned musicians from other acts (Caribou, etc) the music is an electronic yin/yang of beginner's mind exploration harnessed by experienced hands into an alluring and propulsive form, taking as their starting point mutual influence from Kosmiche synth, Creel Pone bootlegs and American Techno. Their recordings and live show are done completely live using a unique collection of hardware only, a mess of wires, miniature synths and drum machines run through obsolete phaser pedals. Some songs are short analog immersions while others unfurl over peaks and valleys beyond the 10 minute mark but all are grounded in techno informed percussion, languid melodies and hand-made timbres. Music that is equally capable of soundtracking a late night drive, psychedelic gathering, or 5am at a techno club depending on how loud your soundsystem goes.

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17. Patient Hands - At Parting

Patient Hands - At Parting

Patient Hands is the solo-project of Alex Stooshinoff, a composer and pop musician from the Canadian Prairies. “At Parting” is the opening track of his upcoming album entitled “Stoic”, which is about a several year long sickness and the warp and the weft of mystical experience that ran through it. The song concerns the feeling of having lost oneself, and awoken in the metaphorical dark. Stooshinoff currently lives in Montreal, where he studies philosophy and electroacoustics. Visit:

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18. Eric Sanchez - Rubaiyat

Eric Sanchez - Rubaiyat

Eric Sanchez is a Chicago-based musician, composer and producer. His ambient music is entirely sample based. Sanchez's music has a lot of alien references which find allegories in nature and that revolve around themes of identity, growth and self-acceptance. Being Asian-American has provided the musician with a unique experience that he shares through songs and samples. Visit: Youtube: Soundcloud:

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19. The Past - Waiting

The Past - Waiting

The Past is a solo recording project created by Lou Small who is currently based in South London. His beguiling and intrusive song 'Waiting' seems to sum up his whole sound, to listen to the rest of his current demo visit:

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