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1. Fluid Focus

  • Published: 2016-05-02T05:07:27Z
Fluid Focus

Title track of the 2016 Album "Fluid Focus" (Released Sep 15, 2016) All Droplitz music is free at Cant wait to get you all wet at the shows to come! Reach out to your local promoters and ask for DROPLITZ in your city! Lyrics: Water Focus... Fluidity Focus..... Trippy, drip, drop, bass beats, uh, making me move me feet, yuhh. Different shades of gray fillin the sky today, got me reflecting on my life in more than one way, uh..... Droplitz of cold rain got makin slick drippin beats, with water and the sounds of my feet..... Got me, aiming to please your vibe needs, uh. Trippy, Drip, slip, drippin beats yuh. Trippy, Drip, Drop, Bass Beats, uh, making me move me feet, yuhh. Droplitz got me trippy, uh (x3) Water drop bass beat makin me move me feet, yuh. Drop Drop Droplitz . Fluid Focus, Water Focus, Music ocean for your soul, uh, music my life you know, yuh. Trippy, drip, drop, bass beats, uh, making me move me feet, yuhh. Droplitz.

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2. The Next Flight

The Next Flight

Back again with quick cuts and custom edits. Groovy and soulful drum and bass tunes with lots of vocals and some dark and funky vibes sprinkled in as usual. 57 tracks in 61 minutes. Still reppin Primitive Science,, and Another-Level clothing. To Beats and Sirius. Thanks for listening and please enjoy. Tracklist: [00:00:00] Aruna ft. Fka - While We're Young [00:01:05] Koven - Figure [00:01:51] Hybrid Minds ft. DRS, Kanine - Don't Ever [00:02:11] Michael Seary ft. Luke Cusato - Can't Say It back (Feint Remix) [00:02:55] DRS ft. Marcus Intalex, Chimpo, Fox, Folla, Skittles - Bun Ya Too [00:04:01] Shy FX ft. Samina MC, Lily Allen - Roll The Dice (The Sauce Remix) [00:05:40] Keeno ft. Ellie Madison - I Wonder [00:05:12] Keeno ft. Kailaa - Daydreaming [00:06:56] Edlan - Saving You [00:07:40] BCee, Charlotte Haining, Etherwoo - Little Bit Lighter [00:08:49] Nu Logic - Watercolours [00:09:32] Willem, Leo Wood - We Had A Song [00:10:55] Severity - Broken Hearted (Whiney Remix) [00:11:41] Sam Binga, Redders - Vandilero (Particle Remix) [00:13:08] Mat Zo - Games [00:13:33] Koven - Give You Up [00:14:18] Matrix, Futurebound ft. V. Bozeman - Happy Alone [00:15:44] Hugh Hardie - Evening Red [00:16:27] Demigrooze ft. Ro - Always Fading [00:17:56] Telomic, Laura Brehm - Home [00:18:51] Koven - Stars [00:19:46] DC Breaks ft. S.P.Y. - Never Stop [00:20:30] Madface ft. Mve - Help Me (Edlan Remix) [00:21:12] Hybrid Minds, Catching Cairo - Supernova [00:23:21] Hugh Hardie - Nightengale [00:23:48] Telomic ft. Notelle - Alone [00:24:53] Walk_r - Wallflower [00:25:15] Hybrid Mids, Charlotte Hainging - Demons [00:25:59] Modest Intentions - Broken Element [00:26:43] Edlan, Anastasia - Moonlight [00:28:10] Villem, McLeod ft. Leo Wood - Let It Breathe [00:29:38] Tom Walker - Just You And I (Hyrid Minds Remix) [00:30:55] Koven, Memtrix - Pessimist [00:32:12] Andromedik - Your Eyes [00:33:51] Alex Clare - Treading Water (Lenzman Remix) [00:35:26] Saikon - Temperature Rising [00:36:35] Phaeleh vs. Soundmouse - Afterglow (Zazu Bootleg) [00:38:03] Submotion Orchesta - All Yours (S.P.Y. Remix) [00:39:09] Aperio ft. Maddy - Days and Nights [00:40:34] Zoe Moon - Falling (Rameses B Remix) [00:42:02] Edlan ft. Ella - Dreamcatcher [00:43:29] Nu Tone ft. Lea Lea - The Moment [00:44:35] Maduk, Nympho - Africa [00:45:19] Jus Jack, Speed Limits - All Falls Down (Dualistic Remix) [00:46:47] Etherwood - Souvenirs (Ulterior Motive Remix) [00:48:09] Jareth - Kaleidoscope (Hybrid Minds Remix) [00:49:14] Futeristik ft. Charlotte Haining - Feeling This Way [00:50:43] LSB ft. Tyler Daley, DRS - Missing You [00:52:10] Monroe Ft. Charlotte Haining - Stay [00:53:43] Dualistic, Subsequent ft. Ella - Sunrise [00:54:50] Polaris - Distant [00:56:01] Serum, Paul T, Edward Oberon - Take My Breath Away [00:57:07] Kings Of The Rollers ft. Lydia Plain - The Sky Is Falling [00:57:29] Kanine - Depth [00:58:59] Grey Code - Ethics [00:59:47] Melinki, Low_r - What's real [01:00:33] Maduk, Dennis Pederson ft. Ella Nol, Rino - Miles Apart

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3. The Nasty Nasty

The Nasty Nasty

Hey everyone.. here is a studio mix ,which showcases some very massive tunes from dubstep, drum 'n bass, and drumstep. Quick mixes and custom edits. This mix comes to you from San Francisco and is sponsored by Primitive Science, Anotha-Level, and Feedback is always appreciated. Thanks for listening! Tracklist: [00:00:00] Ol Dirty Bastard - Brooklyn Zoo (Hulkstep Remix) [00:01:25] Pendulum - Witchcraft (Rob Swires Drumstep Mix) [00:02:08] Figure and Will Bailey - Move (Drumstep Mix) [00:03:02] Kanji Kinetic - New Era [00:03:46] Ajapai - Incoming (Taku Remix) [00:04:51] Evol Intent - Paradize City [00:06:21] Skism - Rise of the Idiots (Funtcase Remix) [00:07:15] Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Noisia Remix) [00:08:32] Helicopter Showdown and Sluggo - The Wrestler (Original Mix) [00:09:15] Foreign Beggars ft. Noisia - No Holds Barred (Excision Remix) [00:10:16] Kelly Dean and Steady ft. Kemst - Teflon (Datsik and Excision Remix) [00:12:03] Excision and Downlink and Datsik - Existence vs. Reploid vs. Southpaw (Whomprat Drumstep Megamax Mix) [00:13:42] Silent Extent and Task Horizon - 420 [00:14:48] DeeJay Delta and Anna Lua - Splendor (Prolix Remix) [00:15:53] Audio - Control Freak [00:16:37] Ella Fitzgerald vs. Funtcase - Too Hot For Drumstep (Bootleg) [00:18:05] DJ Hazard - Wicked So [00:19:00] Dirty Deeds - Captain Planet (VIP) [00:19:44] WTF!? and Dead Prez - It's Bigger Than Hip Hop UK (Full Vocal Mix) [00:21:34] Skrillex and Bare Noize ft. Foreign Beggars - Scattah [00:22:30] Foreign Beggars - Typhoon (Chasing Shadows Remix) [00:23:43] Bare - Life (Original) [00:25:36] Booty Bronx - Yeah!!!! (Ajapai Remix) [00:26:58] Chrispy - Predator (Cyberoptix Remix) [00:29:00] Plan B - She Said (16Bit Remix) [00:30:24] Bare Noize and Skrillex - Evil As Satan [00:31:24] Hedj and Proktah - Out of Trance [00:32:41] Distorted Minds - No Test [00:34:19] Funk Masters - 2033 [00:35:27] Prolix - Causation [00:37:03] Diode - Head Stomp [00:38:36] Gein and Silent Killer and Breaker - 6 Feet [00:40:14] Redco - Epidemic [00:41:20] Beastie Boys - Watcha Want (Stickbubbly Remix) [00:42:48] Ludacris - Get Back (Dj Hipnotikk Drumstep Remix) [00:44:59] Wrong Effin House Bruv [00:47:10] Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince - Boom! Shake the Room (Kanji Kinetic Remix) [00:49:07] Numbernin6 - Garbage [00:51:34] Laid Bak - Red (Chasing Shadows Mix) [00:52:31] Ajapai - Brain [00:54:06] Killafoe - Give It [00:55:04] Sluggo and Bro Safari - Reckless [00:56:26] Bukez Finezt - Fuck What Cha Heard [00:57:21] The Crystal Method ft. LMFAO - Sine Language (Datsik Remix) [00:59:24] Drake - Over (Sluggo Party's Harder Remix) [01:00:52] Artist Unknown - Check-Up [01:02:28] Krood - Stop Freakin Betraying Me

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4. Take the Ride

Take the Ride

Heavy DnB sounds! Quick mixes enabled by mostly custom edits. Want to see a video with synced visuals and track IDs while the mix plays? Head over to: Brought to you out of San Francisco by Primitive Science,, and Another-level clothing. [00:00] Chase and Status feat Knytro - Gangsta Boogie VIP [00:59] Human Error - Between the Lines [02:06] Human Error - Target [04:14] Camo and Krooked - Anubis - Inside Info Remix [05:45] BSE - Brainfreeze - Neonlight Remix [06:52] Noisia - Diplodocus - Kill the Noise Remix [07:58] Mind Vortex - Hotbox [09:05] Camo and Krooked - Menace - Mefjus Remix [10:55] Rusty K - Riot [13:08] Noisia - Tommys Theme - Loadstar Remix [14:36] Run DMT - Starlight - SPL Remix [16:06] Joe Ford - Instrument [17:13] Neonlight - Basso Continuo [18:18] Shapeshifter vs The Upbeats - Bloodstream [19:48] Direct Feed vs Rob Bliss - Fuck the World [20:32] Ewun - Screw Up - The Upbeats Remix [22:40] Audio - Control Freak [24:08] Mefjus - Radix - VIP Mix [25:15] Receptor - Punks [26:00] DJ Fresh - Off the World [27:11] Teddy Killerz - Jackyl and Hyde [28:52] Davip Engage and Conectivers - Massacre [30:10] Evol Intent - Middle of the Night - Reso Remix [32:21] Rawthang feat Kari Rueslatten - Beautiful Morning - Gein Bootleg [34:12] Mumblz - Ether Binge - Devil Ether VIP [37:32] Zardonic and Bare Noize - Kill the Silence [40:05] State of Mind feat Percieve - Mr. Cover Up - Original Mix [42:06] Black Sun Empire feat Thomas Oliver - All Is Lost - Memtrix Remix [43:42] Audio - Collision - Original Mix [45:34] Trei - Seeds - Original Mix [47:12] State of Mind and Sacha Vee - Three Dimensions - Neonlight Remix [49:15] Aeph - Scumbag - Teddy Killerz Remix [50:45] DJ Hidden and Slacknote - Where's the Score - Evol Intent Remix

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5. focus383 - lime green nanny(emily's washer fluid soundclash v1)

focus383 - lime green nanny(emily's washer fluid soundclash v1)

FL Studio5 * 141 BPM * this track is for EM aka LGN xo ;-)

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6. Shine Your Light

Shine Your Light

Hey everyone, a new mix for you. Lighter vibes on this one. Lots of really soulful drum and bass - mostly vocal tracks but threw in some amazing instrumental stuff and a few darker tunes as well. And, as always, kept it super funky. Lots of work went into editing tracks and programming this mix, but what's even more important is track selection. Really beautiful tracks here. If you agree, please consider supporting the artists. 55 tracks in 62 minutes. Still, no choppy or abrupt transitions, no clashing vocals. This type of mixing is only made possible by custom track edits and of course harmonic mixing. My tool of choice was Ableton Live, used while spending most of the past few months traveling around Europe. As always, repping Primitive Science,, and Another-Level clothing. Thanks for listening and I really hope you enjoy - I'll certainly be rocking this one for awhile! Boh! Tracklist: [00:00] Chase and Status - Alive [01:03] Fred V and Grafix - Ultraviolet (S.p.y Remix) [02:12] Metrik - We Got It (S.p.y Remix) [03:05] Logistics - Take Me To Another World [04:31] Cleveland Lounge - Drowning (AK1200 Remix) [05:37] Congo Natty - Junglist (S.p.y Remix) [06:20] Bcee - Wanderer [07:26] London Elektricity - Tenderless (Whiney Remix) [08:09] Boxplot - Tramontane [09:01] Birdy - Wings (Nu:Logic Remix) [10:26] Netsky - Let's Leave Tomorrow [11:12] Degs - Poveglia [12:59] Pola and Bryson - Unsaid [13:47] Blu Mar Ten - Break It All Apart (Break Remix) [15:30] Bcee - I Believe [16:15] Logistics and Mclean - Lost In U [17:41] Sigma - Nobody To Love [18:46] London Elektricity - I Am Somebody [20:13] Smooth - My Feeling [21:18] Keeno - Piano Only [22:25] Hybrid Minds - Inside [24:10] Skeptical - Desire [24:56] Ak and Baybie - Low Light [26:02] Etherwood - Weightless [27:28] Mutt - Conversation [28:11] Critycal Dub - Situations (V.I.P) [29:34] Keeno - Etchings On A Glass Heart [30:20] Bcee and S.p.y - Is Anybody Out There? (The Vanguard Project Remix) [31:03] Break - Gave Too Much [32:08] Etherwood - Amen Roadtrip [33:45] Hybrid Minds - Kismet [35:14] The Vanguard Project - Want U Back [36:18] Thomas Oliver - Shine Like The Sun (Nu:Logic Remix) [37:22] Hybrid Minds - Brighter Days [38:49] Keeno - Moonrise [39:33] Etherwood - Falling Out Of Consciousness (V.I.P.) [40:38] Phaction and Bcee - Rotation [41:21] Whiney - Flashlight [42:48] Zed Bias - Pick Up The Pieces (Skeptical Remix) [44:14] Technimatic - Parallel (LSB Remix) [45:20] Bcee - Think Twice [46:35] Dua Lipa - Be The One (Netsky Remix) [48:14] Impish - Rain [48:33] Hybrid Minds - Skeletons [50:32] Bungle - Cocooned [51:07] Fred V and Grafix - Altitude [52:34] Above and Beyond - My Own Hymm (Keeno Remix) [53:17] Etherwood and S.p.y - We're Nothing Without Love [54:22] Feint - Take It In (Hybrid Minds Remix) [55:05] Bcee & Hybrid Minds - Cut Me Loose (Muffler Remix) [56:10] Logistics - Wangerlust [56:54] Hybrid Minds - Touch (Tokyo Prose Remix) [58:23] Break, DLR, and Randall - Song and Dance [59:38] Keeno - All The Shimmering Things [60:54] Keeno - Light Cascading

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7. Episode 089 | Focus Fluid

  • Published: 2017-05-23T19:06:17Z
  • By FDB
Episode 089 | Focus Fluid

Alex brings his 1st AC, Roger Holliday on to talk about what a 1st AC does, staying focused, digital vs film, words of advice, and saving the day at the Kentucky Derby.

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8. Focus on Solutions, Not Problems

Focus on Solutions, Not Problems

Dr. Kays discusses how we get brought down by thinking about the problems we may have in golf instead of turning our point of focus to the solution. The solution creates a positive mood state, thus allowing for more fluid swings and better performance. Learn how!!

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9. Domshe LIVE @ Fluid Room

Domshe LIVE @ Fluid Room

Domshe LIVE @ Fluid Room, 2011-01-12 Tracklisting: Desusino Boys - Forcage (Domshe's remix) / Clubstream Roland Vee - Focus (Domshe's remix) / Physical Gravity Hypnotic Duo - PT (Domshe's remix) / Unreleased The Footloose - Yo! Let Me In (Domshe's remix) / LeaveLate Domshe - Slim / BDivision Supermayer - Two Of Us (Domshe's Bootleg mix) / Unreleased

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10. WYFT (What's Your Focus Today?)

WYFT (What's Your Focus Today?)

Yvan De Munck curates three things at the intersection of fintech, startups, gaming, and gamification for listeners of WYFT - What's Your Focus Today? On this episode, Yvan chats with CEO of HotelsByDay Yannis Moati in a fluid conversation that ebbs and flows between business and general life.

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11. Fluid Ecvacuator Review

Fluid Ecvacuator Review

BestyBesty decided to focus on a broad range of products that they use on a daily basis themselves – this gives them the ability to share with you some of the best (and worst) items that they have bought and used in the past. A fluid extractor is a tool with a reservoir designed to operate a pump to handle big jobs.

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12. Alexey Filin (DP-6) - Mental Focus part 01

  • Published: 2017-09-12T12:47:28Z
  • By dp-6
Alexey Filin (DP-6) - Mental Focus part 01

Alexey Filin (DP-6) - Mental Focus part 01 01. RVO - Return To Form 02. G.R.I.T. - Closure 03. Sraunus - Oct 04. DP-6 - Evolve 05. A Sacred Geometry - Earendel (Part 1) 06. I.conik - Un Structured 07. Evigt Mörker - Krans Av Stjärnor 08. Luigi Tozzi - Binary Sunset 09. Limo - Fluid Identity (Edit Select Remix) 10. Shaded Explorer - Skyward 11. Ben Buitendijk - Transcended Being 12. Alfredo Mazzilli - Nuvole (Evigt Morker Remix) 13. IORI - Falcon 14. Rhine - De Bron 15. The Persuader - Believe 16. Echoplex - Mere Presence Permits 17. Baaz - Absent 18. Purl & Sinius - Blue Water Support DP-6 on Patreon:

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13. In Focus 002 - Jameszoo - Part 1

  • Published: 2020-05-22T11:10:46Z
  • By dekmantel
In Focus 002 - Jameszoo - Part 1

Last week, we kicked off the brand new series with close family member Palms Trax who did a Joaquin Joe Claussell tribute, and we’re happy Jameszoo jumped on the train as well to do the next. Let's admit it right away: he has absolutely blown our minds by cooking up a 𝟐𝟒 𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐦𝐢𝐱 (!) for In Focus. A favourite digger of ours blows his collection wide open to soundtrack a perfect rotation of the earth: "brushing teeth, eating dinner... losing and regaining focus many times." What a champ. Jameszoo: "For me real focus is too scarce to be able to rely on it. It comes and it goes without me feeling like I have got a firm grip on it. Luckily, I very much enjoy the shift of focus. I enjoy it when focus is there, but also when it becomes fluid again. I remember seeing a 6 hour chunk of Christian Marclays 'The Clock' where fragments of film together with my own (lack of) focus created ever changing new narratives. During these following 24 hours of music, it will certainly become night and then day again, the earth will rotate once (perfectly), we will brush our teeth and eat dinner, and most likely we will lose and regain focus many times. If anything it will help to bring us to this exact moment one day from now — enjoy."

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14. FOCUS 014 - J - Sykes

  • Published: 2020-07-31T10:13:26Z
  • By WA!DE
FOCUS 014 - J - Sykes

Welcome back for the second addition of the second series, This months Artist in the spotlight is J - Sykes aka Matt Wright, Matt has been a fan of Focus and asked a couple months back to get involved!!! Matt lives in swindon and has been Djing since the age of 17 he is now 32 and still has a passion and love for it like nothing else, I think we can relate. Velocity was the name for a night him and and a few friends started running for a couple of years before the brand turned into a business specialising in audio and visuals. J enjoyed the business but his main desire and interest was mixing so he left the business side of things to his friends and this is where he became involved with a group of people in Cirencester called CWA, It was there matt had the chance to DJ with the likes of Nero, The prototypes, Nicky Blackmarket and all the up and coming DJ's in Cirencester and surrounding areas at the time. He has moved on now and is part of Outlaw promotions who is run by a good friend of his who has so much love for Drum and Bass. She's given him the opportunity to play with some great DJ's (Pola and Bryson, Keeno, Defraction, Exposure, Blank, Lady Y-len, Cupid Stunt, Harry B and many more.) Matt doesn't produce and is quite content with mixing and having great people in his life, We cant argue with that and we are glad Matt has got involved with FOCUS.Make sure you go follow J - Sykes on his socials,Thanks for listening Tracklist : ABLE – The rough of it Defraction – Approach Melinki, HLZ – Nemea LDT – Foil ABLE – Under LDT – Fade away Hexa – Had to RUNNAH – Hold on ANFM – Life is a ting The Sauce – WUT Invadhertz – Cold fluid Amoss – The antidote Sustance – Fold back Alcemist, Xav – Mercy Gray – Rubadub Ripple – Crypto Ripple, Overtasked – Let me Sustance – Temperance Sustance – Allow-it Nick the lot – Concentrated Levela, Particle, Jakes – Reap what you sow Volatile cycle, Wingz – Drown Tokyo Prose – Rescue

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15. RENDER | In Focus | 11/05/2019

  • Published: 2019-05-16T19:01:31Z
  • By radiOzora
RENDER | In Focus | 11/05/2019

In this edition, we’re focusing on Spanish artist RENDER aka Frequency Less whose Incorrect Information EP is fresh out on Reversible Records. His special mix follows the chat! Render is the psytrance project by Ricky Casero – also known as Frequency Less (Psybreaks/ Downtempo). Born into a family of classical musicians, Ricky has been practicing and performing since he was 5 years old. His talent and commitment took him around the globe, joining orchestras as horn soloist. Around 2010 Ricky started exploring the magical realms of psychedelic music through his special classical eye and realized how psychedelia is connected to his previous studies – the trancey melodies, the complexity in structure, the explosion of different sounds as in the orchestra, the juxtaposition of sounds to provoke emotions and to get straight to the soul of the listener. His first project Frequency Less was born in 2011 resulting in a intelligent Psybreaks and downtempo music production. He has released EP’s on labels such as: Luminus Music, TEK records, V.I.M Breaks and more. He has collaborated with artists such as: Hedflux, Bad Tango, Chris Voro, Split&Jaxta, etc. In 2015 he launched his psytrance project Render to start practicing his skills on more powerful beats. After only some months in the studio, he was releasing and playing on Mutagen Records alongside big and well known artists on the psytrance global scene. His unique style is a mix of passionate body moving fullon, wisely blended with night atmospheres and rolling bass lines. Unexpected combinations of catchy vocals and acid funky sounds make the journey super energetic and fluid for the dancer, without missing the soul and essence of the psytrance self-exploring experience. In 2018 Render has been welcomed into Reversible Records and his first release is ready to explode on 16th April 2019. Listen to the Render interview here: Render on Facebook | Soundcloud

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