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1. [Tales from the Literature Club OST] - Poetic Justice (Collab w/ Galactigal)

[Tales from the Literature Club OST] - Poetic Justice (Collab w/ Galactigal)

reuploaded because ouch clipping "i helped on this because monika is best girl and that cannot be denied" -Galactigal i can't believe i actually did this i hope you all are happy with this god foresaken au that isn't actually an au ok but in seriousness I actually really enjoyed making Poetic Justice. Tales from the Literature Club is a shitpost and should be treated as one (I didn't expect it to blow up nearly as much as it did for some reason) but I still like putting effort into the worst things After I finished the original Poetic Justice, Galactigal listened to it and thought it was good but could use more, so I gave her the FLP to help out. Man she did an amazing job, I'm very happy with how it turned out. Also she's not wrong Monika is best girl- that's enough of my ranting go check out galactigal if you haven't @starfury2 also check out @ocrilio for making the amazing monika in the thumbnail and making the text just monika joke sayo-nara

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3. Undertoad - REVOLUTION (Never Updating This Again)

Undertoad - REVOLUTION (Never Updating This Again)

Track: REVOLUTION (Never Updating This Again) Composers: Starfury/Galactigal, DropLikeAnECake, Doctorine, LucasPucas, ZacharyChang/Venture Platform: PC Listen with caution.

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4. Inverted Fat - ...WHY!? (Cover)

  • Published: 2017-12-12T18:11:51Z
  • By ben
Inverted Fat - ...WHY!? (Cover)

who x2 times litter version: original "when" by starfury/galactigal/revolution version i based this cover in by hamangar minecraft

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5. The UnderAbomination

  • Published: 2016-09-15T04:38:21Z
  • By George345
The UnderAbomination

links to highlights: All songs that make it into this playlist are good shit. If the number goes down, it's because a song in particular started sounding like dogshit. If you yourself find a shitty song it won't be there forever. Or if you dont like it and I do well thats ok its still gonna be here tho Update 0.1 We reached the 500 milestone guys! because of this all songs removed for sounding downgraded or got old will be replaced with new tracks from my following list or recommended sections. Credit to DropLikeAnECake, LucasPucas, Keno9988, Doctorine, Starfury (Galactigal), and many others for making such awesome tracks [Not all tracks make it into my playlist so go check out my following list to see more of their awesomeness!] Update 0.2 The UnderApocalypse had to be made since this song hotel is too fucking big so go see that in my Playlist category to get more of this good stuff [All Megalovanias from both here and the UnderApocalypse are together at Bad Times] Opinions SORIEL IS BAE I like how much of an idiot papyrus is Update 1.0 Ive made my rating rules stricter now. No matter how good the track is, if the pitch goes higher or lower and it ruins the track its fucken out of here. If its a basic megalovania then nno ill be deleting old versions if they sound the same as the new ones Update 1.1 Why the fuck am i treating this like somone who was attention by many like i have fucking 6 followers why am i doing this Update 2.0 This playlist was made at the time Undertale was boss. Overtime it whittled away and now its been hit with abnormal amounts of NSFW and fan fics. Dont get me wrong i still like all this community and shit but like jesus im not one of them fanboys or character wannabees i simply like the community as it is. This wont affect how the playlist progresses and how im contemplating a third part its just that i like the music man.

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6. - Fracture by: SugarBunny | Galactigal

<\TIM3LESS> - Fracture by: SugarBunny | Galactigal

【Original Song】: 【Image】: 【SugarBunny | Galactigal】:

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7. Snowdin Town Japery

  • Published: 2017-05-27T00:27:23Z
  • By 2nogyroP
Snowdin Town Japery

[immediately makes trash] with apologies to galactigal, upon whose FLP i inflicted this hell ive had 0 motivation and everything ive been making sucks so expect either nothing or shitposts for the most part

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8. Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Puzzle Plank Galaxy(Trash Mix)

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Puzzle Plank Galaxy(Trash Mix)

Song: Puzzle Plank Galaxy(Trash Mix) Original Composers: Mahito Yokota, Ryo Nagamatsu and Koji Kondo FLP Composer: Galactigal | Starfury [RELOADING PREVIOUS SAVE STATE...]

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9. Grave Clock Boss (Pt. 4)

  • Published: 2017-09-27T19:29:48Z
  • By Jordan
Grave Clock Boss (Pt. 4)

Final Part of Grave Canyon Co-written by Galactigal | Starfury

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10. [R] REVOLUSIDIA (REVOLUTION by SugarBunny | Galactigal in the style of OMNIOBSIDIA: Take Two)

[R] REVOLUSIDIA (REVOLUTION by SugarBunny | Galactigal in the style of OMNIOBSIDIA: Take Two)

This track uploaded by request of AveraGamer on YouTube. It is REVOLUTION by SugarBunny | Galactigal ( in the style of OMNIOBSIDIA: Take Two, an original megalo that I made. It also features some small parts of REVOLUTION takes by mufbin ( and CTRL ( Listen to all related tracks at these links: Original REVOLUTION by SugarBunny | Galactigal - Mufbin's take on REVOLUTION - CTRL's take on REVOLUTION - OMNIOBSIDIA: Take Two, by me - Hope you enjoy!

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11. [Unintelligent Remarks] der Abzocke-Künstler + KING OF THIEVES (Finished Version of Ore's WIP)

[Unintelligent Remarks] der Abzocke-Künstler + KING OF THIEVES (Finished Version of Ore's WIP)

PSA: I don't know if this is the REAL source of the image (cuz you know how Amino is,) but I found the unedited image of Artem here: I found the crown and binary code background in a Google Search, the text is Monster Friend, and I edited the image in VEGAS lmao. This thumbnail was **heavily** inspired by that for a track from Vex. You can find the track in question here: You can find the original WIP by Ore (@orelover15) here: This lil meme AU from Ore started with this track btw (for those that are baffled lol): ------------ Uncompressed Download (MP3): ------------ Wow... this is a first for me. I have NEVER taken on finishing someone else's track before, mainly because I am **terrible** at composing from scratch. However, what was already done in the unfinished FLP was a great guideline to go by, and I had some other references that I will credit later on in this description. (You can find the original unfinished FLP in Ore's folder btw. It's called "artem in german or something": Also, I normally wouldn't work on tracks based around music thieves, as I've made my... rather radical stance about such characters VERY clear in the past. However, I really loved the concept of the WIP, so I decided to brush that aside for once and have some fun with this. Anyway, I'm incredibly proud of this. Is VEEEEERY different from Ore's original WIP in a lot of ways, but I didn't want to limit myself to **just** how Ore did it in his attempt. If I'm gonna try to finish something solo, I'll do it MY way, not the original composer's way XD On that (rather long) note tho, I hope you guys enjoy! :D ------------ Original WIP and FLP by Ore Finished by MysteryMan Motifs: Sound of Silence: Composed by Drop0ff, transcribed by Ore - Iced Out: Composed by Vex (@nere_xx,) transcribed by Ore - FAULHEIT: Composed by TypicalHeist (@typicalheist1) - ...WHY?!: Original by Galactigal (@starfury2,) based on the cover by Justin (@mrpizzapasta3) - Our Broken Constellations: Original by Drop0ff, based on the cover by Shaxis (@shaxis-offical / @shaxis-undertale) - Interstellar Retribution: Composed by DBOYD and Kommisar, transcribed by Ore - Unwavering Persistence: Original by Drop0ff, based on the Closure Project version - Because I started this from an already-existing FLP, I might have missed a motif or two that I'm unfamiliar with, or I might have fucked up in identifying something. So PLEASE correct me if anything is either missing or wrong on this list. Thanks to Jario1677 (@jairomusicemporium) for helping me identify a couple motifs btw.

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12. Bibulus - My take

Bibulus - My take

My take on the Au Megalovania, Bibulus. Based off of Bibulus by Galactigal / Starfury

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13. [Undertoad] REVOLUTION (My Take)

[Undertoad] REVOLUTION (My Take)

Did this just so I could use a shitpost for the thumbnail. Also this was mainly a mixing test so I could have a base or something to use as reference for future megalos. Also the original Revolution flp is complete garbage lol. Also V7 of Revolution is too good and really unfitting woops. Undertoad and REVOLUTION belong to LucasPucas and Galactigal/Starfury. Lucas: Star: Also I have a 300 follower special ready I'm just waiting for my friend to finish the thumbnail so expect some filler maybe. Also Soundcloud apparently likes to compress songs into submission so here's an instaudio link:

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14. There Is Officially A Megalovania For Everything

There Is Officially A Megalovania For Everything

I should probably explain how... THIS happened. I was browsing Galactigal | Starfury's profile, weeks before she left for Fanburst. (She's back now, kind of, worth checking out) And on that profile, there was a Megalovania arrangement for Greg Heff– I can't spell his name. There was a Megalovania for the protagonist of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It was then that I came to a profound realization. There is a Megalovania remix for EVERYTHING. Mario. Super Monkey Ball. Pokémon. Splatoon. Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Spongebob. Yes, there is a Megalovania for SPONGEBOB. It's not half bad, either. It's called "HELL OR HIGH WATER." Check the playlist. Notes: No self-inserts. I'm only including one Megalovania for each character, and I try to pick my personal favorite out of the many options. Seriously, there are so many for each character, especially... Luigi and Spongebob, of all people why, just... why No, Theorylovania and Ness Means Business are not duplicates. Shut up. I know Our Broken Constellations is technically for Sans, and is thus probably a duplicate, but more people need to hear Our Broken Constellations.

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15. One Shall Prevail (Cover) | Inverted Fate

One Shall Prevail (Cover) | Inverted Fate

This song in particular has shown me something. Drums can change things a LOT. I used the cowbell because i thought it would fit sans. It doesn't fit the song. When I put out v2, I want new drums to give it more power, and if I manage to buy it, I want to add some kontact shreddage. Also minor tweaks from complaints of dissonance, and instrument choice will happen. This is a cover of a song from "SugarBunny | Galactigal" (Starfury) for a sweet au called Inverted fate by Dorked! pic also by Dorked

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16. Elmo's Fuck: Part 2

Elmo's Fuck: Part 2

I bet nobody expected this either i did this in about like 30 mins dont say its bad i already know it is kontakt 5 broke, i was planning to use shreddage II but i cant original elmo's fuck by kovox original family feud part 2 by "galactigal | starfury" original family feud by timberwoof help

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