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1. Ludovico Einaudi - Nuvole Bianche ( Interpretada por Gero )

  • Published: 2015-11-03T15:37:21Z
  • By Gero
Ludovico Einaudi - Nuvole Bianche ( Interpretada por Gero )

Este es mi arreglo para mi video de motivación en Youtube. La composición fue tocada en un piano Yamaha C7. VIDEO :

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2. GERO★OutGrow


nothing at of , which is

3. Gero - Turn Around (feat. Kullai Timi) (Satin Jackets Remix)

Gero - Turn Around (feat. Kullai Timi) (Satin Jackets Remix)

A killer disco remix from Satin Jackets.

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  • Published: 2017-12-22T08:23:12Z
  • By CPCPC

3. GERO prod: Natsu Fuji 俺らぷるんぷるんの脳 yeiyeiyeiyeiyeah はいはいはいはいはい お前の枠の話とかインターネット神話 要塞的な 俺ら的な fuckなbitchな低能 やめなやめなやめなやめな 今日から人間ぶんのやめろ アスパラガスとかアナルにいれろ やりたい事ないなら死んでろ  やりたい事あるなら生きろ 綺麗事並べる奴は綺麗じゃない テレビとかも全部 嘘がバレてきてる 宇宙人とかUFOとか 今まで嘘嘘言われてきた事ばっか本当になってきてるけど 未だ頭固い馬鹿な奴が蔓延る社会の中では俺がおかしい奴 あぁグチャグチャグチャグチャケチャケチャケチャ 景色がおかしい 曲がりまくり グネグネする 気が付いたら釈迦坊主 ミニマルバカ 無理無理無理 意味あるから死なない  意地張るなよ 俺ら見たら カシャカシャボタンpushな 適当なこと に見えるなら まだ想像力足りない orbiter 俺ら覚めた orbiter orbiter 今日から人間ぶんのやめろ アスパラガスとかアナルにいれろ やりたい事ないなら死んでろ  やりたい事あるなら生きろ 任せろ 俺余裕で頭冴えた 呪縛解けていく コカツは人で人じゃない 異常じゃない ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 上 下 同じ景色 天 地 fly fly fly high low 同じ意味か どっちがyour mind きっと俺合ってないでも軽快 認めなくてもいずれ知る

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8. Servant of Evil - Gero

  • Published: 2014-09-10T15:37:30Z
  • By Shin!
Servant of Evil - Gero

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nothing at of , which is

13. ID170 1. Gero Jansen - Changing

ID170 1. Gero Jansen - Changing

Out now on Beatport Gero Jansen is a German artist making his return to Intec following previously featured as a remix artist on Harvey McKays release on the label in 2018. Now back with a solo two track EP of dark and thumping techno, he has also featured on other imprints such as BluFin and Cristian Varelas Pornographic Recordings. Having made music since the young age of seven years old, he has graduated from playing instruments in bands, to composing techno tracks in a dark and pounding style that he has made his trademark. Having been into electronic music since the '90s, Gero Jansen has already proven himself as a DJ in his home city of Karlsruhe and its surrounding areas. This release is testament to Carl and Jon's devotion of discovering and championing fresh talent, many of whom in years to come will no doubt become future stars themselves. The title cut Changing opens the EP and uses a vocal sample hook of a phoenix changing. Its stabbing chords combined with a rumbling bassline and tense strings give it a ferocious sound hammered home by the hard hitting kick drum. Track two Hypnotic and as its name suggests the groove is hypnotising with a flickering lead sound and fast flowing percussive rhythms. Dark atmospherics add to the building intensity as the tracks momentum builds with an energy perfect for peak time plays.

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