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1. Music for Contact Improvisation, or Stillness Is My Move vol. 2

Music for Contact Improvisation, or Stillness Is My Move vol. 2

Recording of my improv 4-deck mix for Contact Improvisation session that took part 03 Apr 2011 in Riga, Latvia, as part of the workshop by Adrian Russi (Switzerland). In two movements. Unfortunately, an invaluable participation by Ilya Shneyveys was not recorded, as he performed unplugged. Alas, but maybe next time. Anyway, I hope this mix still sounds good enough even as it is. P.S. Special thanks to Inese Auzina for inviting me to play at the session. Looking forward to doing it again! :) Some info:

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2. Gosh Snobo - Waltz of The Fireflies

Gosh Snobo - Waltz of The Fireflies

Existentially, this mix is a meditation on mortality, a fear of death (own and dear ones) and simultaneously a latent desire to shortcut the earthly path. A kind of aural Maranasati, just prettier and less scary, or a reading from Seneca’s letters, but non-verbal and less moralizing. Kicking off with the sound of clay burial urns captured by Simon Whetham, it is centered around Sufjan Stevens’ lament to his late mother, which opens the gates of an "afterlife" that begins with a narrative from a Russian animation about seeing [signs and] wonders in mundanity and finding a waltz pattern in flashing street lights, followed by a limbo of Melanie De Biasio’s consolation to her own mother, and rounded off by a succession of heavenly piano music dissolving in the sounds of Latvian nature. We are all fireflies, waltzing our way between two eternities. Do you know how to waltz? Read a detailed description of the mix here : Please enjoy responsibly and support the featured artists!

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3. Music for a New Beginning

Music for a New Beginning

Selected and mixed on the 1st of January, 2014. Inspired by Conor Oberst and Hirokazu Koreeda. Influenced by people, experiences and signs surrounding me on the NY eve. “And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been” - Rainer Maria Rilke. So, a new beginning is what you need. Alternatively, just sit back, relax, take a sip of your milk thistle tincture and space out. FEATURED on Headphone Commute (with download). ARTIST ▪ Title ▪ Album ▪ Label ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 00:00:00 CLOUD BOAT ▪ You Find Me ▪ After Hours ▪ R&S 00:01:36 THOMAS TALLIS performed by MAGNIFICAT ▪ Te Lucis Ante Terminum ▪ Spem In Alium ▪ Linn 00:03:18 CALEB BURHANS & THE TRINITY WALL STREET CHOIR ▪ Magnificat ▪ Evensong ▪ Cantaloupe 00:07:10 NICOLAS BERNIER ▪ Aurore III ▪ Music For A Book ▪ Home Normal 00:10:34 HEDIA ▪ Waking Blind ▪ Wool ▪ Unknown Tone 00:13:04 GARETH DICKSON ▪ Harmonics ▪ Collected Recordings ▪ 12K 00:15:48 SARAH NEUFELD ▪ Forcelessness ▪ Hero Brother ▪ Constellation 00:19:11 PIANO INTERRUPTED ▪ Emoticon ▪ The Unified Field ▪ Denovali 00:22:13 ARVE HENRIKSEN ▪ Le Cimetiere Marin ▪ Places Of Worship ▪ Rune Grammofon 00:23:50 JAMES MCVINNIE ▪ Slow Twitchy Organs ▪ Cycles ▪ Bedroom Community 00:28:40 HAPPY TRENDY ▪ 08 ▪ For Trial Listening ▪ Carpi 00:29:46 BIRCH AND MEADOW ▪ There Is A Lightness ▪ Butterflies And Graves ▪ Time Released Sound 00:31:22 BRANDON HURTADO ▪ Cedar ▪ Disappear ▪ Carpi 00:34:00 ORLA WREN ▪ Four Feathers Few ▪ Book Of Folded Forest ▪ Home Normal 00:39:09 WIXEL ▪ Five Chord Waltz ▪ Revox Tapes ▪ Jordskred 00:42:44 LEE CHAPMAN ▪ Despite The Cold ▪ From November To March ▪ Unknown Tone 00:47:08 ALEX KOZOBOLIS ▪ Despite The Cold ▪ From November To March ▪ Unknown Tone 00:48:57 F.S. BLUMM & NILS FRAHM ▪ Old Friends Inst. ▪ Music For Wobbling Music Versus Gravity ▪ Sonic Pieces 00:51:36 CHANTAL ACDA ▪ We Will, We Must ▪ Let Your Hands Be My Guide ▪ Gizeh 00:54:35 CONOR OBERST ▪ Milk Thistle ▪ Conor Oberst ▪ Wichita 01:00:03 WIXEL ▪ Melancholische Waltz ▪ Revox Tapes ▪ Jordskred

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4. Colours of the Water

Colours of the Water

An electroacoustic journey on the waterways of dreams. A beatless lullaby for the life-beaten souls. A soundescape from the city to the fields and recordings of those. An aural watercolour painting. This is a redux studio version of the mix I played @ Watercolours open-air festival in Riga on 06.09.2014, and which was banned by Soundcloud for copyright reasons and available on Mixcloud only. Still, I kept thinking of finding a way to put it on Soundcloud, but a straightforward edit wasn't an option because taking the suppressed track out would ruin the dramaturgy of the mix; and actually, I was already considering reshaping the live take into a more refined studio version. So here it is: meticulously (re)constructed, multi-layered assemblage that still takes cues from momentary impulses of a live performance. I think it's one of the cases when an obstacle forces you to improve and achieve even better results than you originally were aiming for. Download is available in a Soundcloud's natural way (MP3 320 kbps); audiophiles can also grab lossless (FLAC) via "Download FLAC" button or just right here: Tracklist: 00:00:00 Kate Carr ▪ Paris Winter/Spring: Walking 00:00:50 Janek Schaefer ▪ Radio 101 FM 00:03:02 Opitope ▪ Light Blue Mist and Ripple 00:05:38 Melodia ▪ The Spirit of Rain Arrives to the Forest 00:09:29 Richard Ginns ▪ Sea Change 00:11:30 Stephen Vitiello + Taylor Deupree ▪ From the Fish House 00:15:39 Ryuichi Sakamoto + Taylor Deupree ▪ Frozen Fountain 00:18:50 Kate Carr ▪ Paris Winter/Spring: Insides 00:22:00 Andrew Weathers ▪ Less Burn, More Glow 00:23:50 Richard Ginns ▪ A Wave, A Beginning 00:26:20 Taylor Deupree ▪ So Sleepy 00:28:30 Rothko ▪ This Lake of Hope 00:30:24 Marcus Fischer + the OO-Ray ▪ Reconstruction 00:32:30 Twincities ▪ Prelude in E Major 00:34:20 Broderick and Broderick ▪ Ashokan Farewell 00:35:14 Orla Wren ▪ Mountains and Wishbones (with Aaron Martin) 00:40:18 Marcus Fischer + the OO-Ray ▪ Reconstruction (+Kate Carr - Fountains) 00:43:40 Ghost And Tape ▪ Pere IV 00:46:40 Taylor Deupree ▪ Journal (rough) 00:48:16 Jan Bang + Tuule Kann ▪ Singer's Childhood P.S. The original live version is still available on MIxcloud:

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5. Mix for SecretThirteen

Mix for SecretThirteen

This is my mix for Secret Thirteen, a serious and influential online musical journal. Some info: TRACKLIST: 00:00:00 AGF – LETSmakEourOWNmovies [Orthlorng Musork, 2004] 00:02:22 Camille – Senza [Virgin France, 2005] 00:04:32 Jenny Hval – Oslo Oedipus [Rune Grammofon, 2013] 00:05:48 Bright Eyes – Cassadega (edit) [Saddle Creek, 2007] 00:08:11 Lisa Germano – Simply Tony [Major Bill, 1991] 00:10:10 Nude on Sand – Vowel [Sofa, 2011] 00:13:07 Léonore Boulanger – Voir [Le Saule/Clouds Hill, 2013] 00:16:20 Glen Velez – Bendir [Schematic, 2003] 00:17:56 His Name Is Alive – Reincarnation [4AD, 1990] 00:19:48 Sarah Neufeld – Hero Brother (edit) [Constellation, 2013] 00:22:35 Insa Donja Kai – Yurnadev (edit) [Sonic Pieces, 2012] 00:25:04 Hauschka & Kai Angermann – Brighton One (edit) [unreleased, 2011] 00:31:21 Leah Kardos – Remnant 1 [Bigo & Twigetti, 2011] 00:34:01 FAY – Talk With My Body (The-Drum Remix) [unreleased, 2012] 00:36:49 Djrum – Honey [2nd Drop, 2013] 00:40:58 Lotide – Lover’s Masque [Astro:Dynamics, 2013] 00:43:14 Стук бамбука в XI часов – La Cheval de Ma Vie [self-released 1991/Izhitsa Records 2001] 00:46:20 Sven Grünberg – Algus [Мелодия, 1980] 00:49:13 Morrissey – Harsh Truth of the Camera Eye (edit) [HMV, 1991] 00:51:24 Jim Perkins – Chopin Prelude [Bigo & Twigetti, 2011] 00:55:30 Stephan Mathieu – Felicite [Baskaru, 2013] 00:59:48 S. Maharba – For Someone (Abandonment) [Dropping Gems, 2012] 01:03:22 Machinefabriek – Blue [Fang Bomb, 2012] 01:05:56 πEnsemble – Botania Suctila (edit) [Yojik ConCon, 2011] Some points of attention/links for you to explore further: * Léonore Boulanger | a film by Vincent Moon | a film by Colin Solal Cardo * Hauschka with Kai Angermann | | The Great Escape * Стук бамбука в XI часов (~11 O'clock Bamboo Knock) | "Снежный мед" official video, 1992: | "La Cheval de Ma Vie", official video, 1990: * Jenny Hval / Nude On Sand | Blood Flight live: | live in Instanbul 19.12.2012 - the complete show: * Sven Grünberg | Hingus (1978) - full album stream * Petre Inspirescu (aka πEnsemble) | Sunday Livreto (Pluie/Noir podcast - only classical music, no 4x4!)

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6. Gosh Snobo

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Gosh Snobo

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7. Epic Fall: 20 Jazz Crunk greats ® 2011.X

Epic Fall: 20 Jazz Crunk greats ® 2011.X

An epic, romantic, emotional trip thru the colours of Autumn (aka colors of Fall). As shrinks say, epic fail is a deferred success; weathermen respond: epic fall is a deferred spring :) This is a mix for radio show Rasols on Radio Naba 93.1 FM, aired on 02.10.2011. Rasols mixshow archive (season 2011): 00. ~intro~ Ned Rifle - fragment from the O.S.T. for Hal Hartley's film "Simple Men" 01. Stumbleine – If You 02. Fall – Cat’s Cradle 03. Cokiyu – Hedgehog’s Wedding 04. Suree & Elusive Elements – The Fall (Maistri Hard Rain remix) 05. Balam Acab – Expect 06. Baths – Exit the Mine 07. Greenwood Sharps – Brothers 08. Punkt – Body Language 09. Yarga Sound System – Sorrow 10. Stumbleine – Ember (Sorrow Remix) 11. Klaus – Tusk 12. Bonecold – Gujarati 13. Mount Kimbie – Carbonated (Airhead Remix) 14. Ifan Dafydd – No Good 15. Synkro – Look at Yourself 16. James Blake – You Know Your Youth 17. Asura [Ryan York, Non Projects] – He Sees On Through Her (Real) 18. Sleep ? Over – Romantic Streams (Balam Acab remix) 19. Dam Mantle – Not A Word + Somnambulate My Dear 20. How To Dress Well – Decisions (Orchestral Version) Special points of attention: * - discovery of the year * - Free DL * - not the Mark E Smith's band. Lotsa free DLs, very well worth a check * "Not A Word" - amazing music video for Dam Mantle, superbly shoot in stunning b/w HD, excellent idea and acting, watch: * How To Dress Well "Just Once" EP * Punkt - "Crime Scenes" album (2006). Track it down, highly recommended.

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8. 100 bpm set @ final Om Tree 06.10.2010

100 bpm set @ final Om Tree 06.10.2010

The set I played on a final event that closed the series of Om Tree chillout Wednesday evenings in Riga, Latvia. With a tight line-up, it was decided that everybody should play mini-sets of about 40 minutes, hence the length. I've selected some dubtechno, old-skool and leftfield tracks, most of which imho get rare play because of their unusual rate of approximately 100 bpm. Artist ▪ Title ▪ Label (Year) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mickey Hart ▪ Umayeyo (Slakked Plastik Remix) ▪ Rykodisc (1998) Plastikman ▪ Pakard ▪ NovaMute (1998) Daniel Stefanik ▪ Xoki's Struttura Dub ▪ Kyoto_digital (2005) Experimenthal Dubbing Sessions ▪ Micro % ▪ Enypnion (2008) 77 ▪ Symetrique ▪ Enypnion (2007) Mohlao ▪ Ambrose ▪ Meanwhile (2009) Beat Pharmacy ▪ Hope & Frustration (Quantec Remix) ▪ Deep Space Media (2009) Ian Pooley ▪ Dawn ▪ V2 (1998) Imps ▪ Get A Grip ▪ Mule Electronic (2008) Landesvatter ▪ Raun ▪ Normoton (2006) Nicolas Jaar ▪ Your Waltz ▪ Circus Company (2009) Michael Jackson ▪ Billy Jean (Nico's Rework) ▪ Wolf + Lamb (2009) Dj Koze ▪ Smornin ▪ Freude Am Tanzen (2005) Sven Weisemann ▪ Xine Rising ▪ wandering (2009) Donnacha Costello ▪ The Tug ▪ Poker Flat (2010)

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9. Longing 4 Summer (live @ Gara Vasara 13.08.2010 part one)

Longing 4 Summer (live @ Gara Vasara 13.08.2010 part one)

First set I played at the Om Tree night held @ spiritual festival Gara Vasara ("Long Summer"), Open-air, cicadas & mosquitoes, campfires, a lake 20 meters behind my back, stars above my head... First half an hour is kinda "greatest hits" collection from my other mixes, but then things change and less frequently played old and new favourites start to pop up from the depths of my HDD. CAMILLE ▪ the note sustained throughout the bonus track and generally her album "Le Fil" JASPER LEYLAND ▪ Taken AARON MARTIN ▪ Branch Wheel DIRAC ▪ A Rest In Tension ETHAN ROSE ▪ Rising Waters TAYLOR DEUPREE ▪ Shoals ARVE HENRIKSEN ▪ Chiaro JAN BANG ▪ Self Injury MOLLY BERG + STEPHEN VITIELLO ▪ Gorilla/Variation 1 (For Eder Santos) JEAN-LUC HERELLE ▪ Cows GLEN VELEZ ▪ Pyramid ARVE HENRIKSEN ▪ Bird's Eye View LE COEUR ▪ Suddenly/4 RICHARD CRANDELL ▪ Zen Dagger CHRIS ABRAHAMS ▪ Fly Them JON HASSELL ▪ Solaire JON HASSELL ▪ Viva Shona LOU HARRISON ▪ Cornish Lancaran RAVI SHANKAR & PHILIP GLASS ▪ Sadhanipa STEVE REICH ▪ Drumming/Iv GLEN VELEZ ▪ Bendir ON ▪ IV MASSIVE ATTACK ▪ Fatalism (Ryuichi Sakamoto & Yukihiro Takahashi Remix) SKOLTZ KOLGEN ▪ Postpiano/01A NILS FRAHM & ANNE MULLER ▪ Reminds To Teeth DAVID SYLVIAN & RYUICHI SAKAMOTO ▪ World Citizen (Taylor Deupree Remix) The vibe was good, but almost all folks went to the active mediation sessions... So I used an opportunity to greet them returning to the material (albeit quiet and beautiful) world with the second set a few hours later:

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10. A rest from intention

A rest from intention

Totally horizontal selection of achingly beautiful recent electroacoustic works, with some old but evergreen ambient post-rock favorites thrown in for a good measure. Otherworldly in general, epic in places, and sometimes intimately lovely. Mixed on a late chilly night of April 19, 2010 under influence of volcanic ashes flying a few miles above the ground. As usual in such cases, no driving or operating machinery is advised; horizontal position, low lights and Shoyeido (preferably Kin-Kaku) are recommended ;) Artist ▪ Track ▪ Release ▪ Label ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 00:00:01 MINAMO ▪ Elementary Domain ▪ Durée ▪ 12K 00:04:46 OFFTHESKY & DARREN MCCLURE ▪ Requiem For Flotation ▪ Suspended ▪ Symbolic Interaction 00:10:22 YOSHIO MACHIDA ▪ Jul 01, 2006 Icc, Tokyo, Japan ▪ Steelpan Improvisations : 2001-2008 ▪ Amorfon 00:13:40 DIRAC ▪ A Rest In Tension ▪ Emphasis ▪ Spekk 00:17:24 SLOW SIX ▪ Cloud Cover (Part Two) ▪ Tomorrow Becomes You ▪ Western Vinyl 00:22:33 OFFTHESKY ▪ Hand Held Lightly ▪ Hiding Nature ▪ Home Normal 00:25:26 FENNESZ ▪ On A Desolate Shore A Shadow Passes By ▪ On A Desolate Shore A Shadow Passes By ▪ Touch 00:29:07 TARENTEL ▪ Part Two ▪ Two Sides Of Myself ▪ Static Caravan 00:33:31 SYLVAIN CHAUVEAU ▪ The Unbroken Line ▪ Singular Forms (Sometimes Repeated) ▪ Type 00:35:47 ROBERT CURGENVEN ▪ Gran Coda Andante ▪ Oltre ▪ Line 00:39:47 COREY FULLER ▪ Snow Static ▪ Seas Between ▪ Dragon's Eye Recordings 00:43:29 LAURA GIBSON & ETHAN ROSE ▪ Younger ▪ Bridge Carols ▪ Baskaru 00:48:39 DO MAKE SAY THINK ▪ Chinatown ▪ & Yet & Yet ▪ Constellation 00:52:36 COREY FULLER ▪ Seas Between ▪ Seas Between ▪ Dragon's Eye Recordings 00:57:01 TARENTEL ▪ Searching For Things ▪ Looking For Things / Searching For Things EP ▪ Resonant 01:04:02 A SILVER MT. ZION ▪ Movie (Never Made). ▪ He Has Left Us Alone, But Shafts Of Light Sometimes Grace The Corner Of Our Rooms... ▪ Constellation 01:07:15 MAX RICHTER ▪ Vladimir's Blues ▪ The Blue Notebooks ▪ 130701 Featured on Headphone Commute:

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11. Snobo's 2012

Snobo's 2012

So, this is my official end-of-the-year roundup mix. More or less a "best of" selection, although of course a lot of stuff didn't make it, especially from the isolationist/ambient or folk/singer-songwriter realms - it just didn't fit the mood of the mix and, more importantly, I actually prefer that kind of stuff unmixed. Also, I can confess and admit that this year I stopped following certain scenes or radically decreased attention paid to new artists, releases and labels. Yes, an oversaturation/information overdose thing, exactly. In fact, I've been listening to less music than before - instead I started reading again after long break... call me old fashioned ;) Anyway... Still, when compiling this mixtape, I reminisced back and I can just say - what a great year it was! Wasn't it? :) Time ▪ Artist ▪ Title ▪ Release ▪ Label ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 00:00:00 Oren Ambarchi ▪ Salt ▪ Audience Of One ▪ Touch 00:02:05 Steve Peters & Steve Roden ▪ Fade Away Within ▪ Not A Leaf Remains As It Was ▪ 12K 00:04:03 Jan Bang, Erik Honore, David Sylvian, Sidsel Endresen, Arve Henriksen ▪ The God Of Smaller Gods ▪ Uncommon Deities ▪ Samadhisound 00:06:11 Jan Bang, Erik Honore, David Sylvian, Sidsel Endresen, Arve Henriksen ▪ The God Of Small Caresses ▪ Uncommon Deities ▪ Samadhisound 00:08:36 Shlohmo ▪ Rained The Whole Time (Nicolas Jaar Remix) ▪ Vacation ▪ Friends Of Friends 00:13:05 Eholow ▪ Юnit ▪ Шуга 00:16:00 Om Unit ▪ Ulysses ▪ Aeolian ▪ Civil Music 00:18:16 Lomovolokno ▪ Pixelprincess ▪ At Least Never ▪ Mad-Hop 00:20:58 The Dirty Projectors ▪ About To Die ▪ Swing Lo Magellan ▪ Domino 00:24:43 Fay ▪ Let It Go ▪ DIN ▪ Time No Place 00:26:54 1991 ▪ Fabric Of Space ▪ s/t ▪ Astro Dynamics 00:30:09 Kane Ikin ▪ Oberon ▪ Sublunar ▪ 12K 00:32:10 Dean Blunt And Inga Copeland ▪ 9 ▪ Black Is Beautiful ▪ Hyperdub 00:35:00 Shatter Hands ▪ Land Fly ▪ Land Fly ▪ Urban Waves 00:38:18 Piano Interrupted ▪ Hedi ▪ Two By Four ▪ Days Of Being Wild 00:40:32 Piano Interrupted ▪ Bulbus ▪ Two By Four ▪ Days Of Being Wild 00:43:02 Klaus ▪ Neph ▪ Neph/Phi ▪ Tanum 00:46:00 Airhead ▪ Wait ▪ Wait/South Congress ▪ R&S 00:48:40 Lianne La Havas ▪ Forget (Shlohmo Remix) 00:52:01 Portico Quartet ▪ City Of Glass ▪ Portico Quartet ▪ Real World 00:54:15 Shackleton ▪ Seven Present Tenses ▪ The Drawbar Organ EPs ▪ Woe To The Septic Heart! 01:00:25 Mala ▪ Cuba Electronic ▪ Mala In Cuba ▪ Brownswood 01:01:35 Airhead ▪ Black Ink ▪ Pyramid Lake ▪ R&S 01:03:24 Shigeto ▪ Ann Arbor Part 3 and 4 ▪ Lineage ▪ Ghostly International 01:07:28 Long Arm ▪ When Children Sleep ▪ The Branches (Deluxe Edition) ▪ Finest Ego 01:11:11 Sonnymoon ▪ Just Before Dawn ▪ s/t ▪ Plug Research 01:15:09 Swans feat Karen O ▪ Song For A Warrior ▪ The Seer ▪ Young Gods

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12. Blue Solstice: an Anthem in a Vacuum

Blue Solstice: an Anthem in a Vacuum

An eclectic, complex, multi-layered mix hopping from genre to genre and tempo to tempo, while retaining an abstractly psychedelic and solemn mood. An opus magnum of sorts. Mixed live with Traktor virtually in one take with minimal post-production on FX/EQ, so took me a while to rehearse, in order to get all layers and transitions done the way I wanted (26 tracks in 1 hour) - so this is not a careful and punctual Ableton/Mixmeister construction... My sincere recommendation to those who care to check this one out - I humbly suggest listening to it in one sitting, and preferably not as a background music, but rather while paying attention. It was conceived and played with an idea of dramatic development in mind, really as a kind of a trip... Plus all these details and layers... It's neither a dance mix nor a chill-out relaxation session, rather an integral piece that - hopefully - tells a story and is "more than sum of its parts", if you know what I'm sayin'... Shouts go to for the inspiration on doing this one. And to for forging the most creative and out-of-this-world dubstep variations I ever heard (not speaking of his works in other genres), that blew my mind so bad that I included 3 tracks from his free Images EP & album (, which kinda creates one of the axes of the mix. 00:00:00 CAMILLE ▪ the note sustained throughout the bonus track and generally her album "Le Fil" 00:02:12 AARON MARTIN ▪ Branch Wheel ▪ Chautauqua 00:04:10 SATELLITES LV ▪ I'm Afraid Of The Food They're Selling ▪ Kind Of Glue EP 00:06:26 EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY ▪ Day Three ▪ The Rescue 00:09:24 AU ▪ Summerheat ▪ Verbs 00:11:20 BANJO OR FREAKOUT ▪ Blue Christams ▪ XA2009 00:14:07 THE EMBASSADORS ▪ Interlude ▪ Coptic Dub 00:15:02 MACKA ▪ Snow Walking ▪ Images EP 00:16:20 EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN ▪ Mei Ro ▪ The Jewels 00:18:30 THE EMBASSADORS ▪ Desdemona Breathes ▪ Coptic Dub 00:20:22 MACKA ▪ Salgado Goldmine ▪ Images EP 00:24:00 EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN ▪ Epharisto ▪ The Jewels 00:26:12 DEMDIKE STARE ▪ Conjoined ▪ Symbiosis 00:28:20 GUITAR ▪ José ▪ It´s Sweet To Do Nothing! 00:31:13 RAPOON ▪ Ora ▪ Kirghiz Light 00:33:49 TAKEN BY TREES ▪ Bekannelse ▪ East Of Eden 00:37:08 GUITAR ▪ I Dream The Dusty Road Over There ▪ It´s Sweet To Do Nothing! 00:38:43 TARWATER ▪ To Moauf ▪ Silur 00:40:29 DJ CAM ▪ Friends And Enemies ▪ Substances 00:43:27 ABSTRACT ELEMENTS ▪ Abysmal Depth ▪ Exit 019 00:46:14 THE DYLAN GROUP ▪ Bittersweet (Hot & Sour Mix by Olive, Lloop, Once 11) ▪ Re-Interpreted 00:48:26 CONSEQUENCE ▪ Farewell ▪ Live For Never 00:51:24 MACKA ▪ Lost At Sea ▪ Images EP 00:54:46 SONIC YOUTH ▪ Hyperstation (edit) ▪ Daydream Nation 00:59:30 WIXEL ▪ Schizophrenia ▪ Wixel Plays Sonic Youth 01:02:52 KONTEXT ▪ Outroduction ▪ La Dissidence

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13. Music for the XXI century tea-houses (2002)

Music for the XXI century tea-houses (2002)

an ambient/sound-design mix I made for the Kolka Music label way back in 2002. I used to DJi at that time in a tea-house called "Zen", which hosted ambient DJ sessions and sometimes live performances. We were even going to release this as a CD and sell it in the tea-house, but never got it done. Anyway... After all these years I have a feeling this music stands the test of time, and what do you think? (1) shuttle 358 :: frame :: 12K (2) snd :: stdio.1 :: mille plateaux (3) kriipis tulo :: hommikunen ujuja :: kolka (4) vladislav delay :: .d/kompiila :: ~scape (5) jan jelinek : :them, their :: ~scape (6) jeremy dower :: heart trouble :: plug research (7) oid :: flow of energy :: kolka (8) pole :: silberfisch :: kiff sm (9) sogar :: ker35 :: 12K (10) takagi masakatsu :: caroc :: carpark (11) fennesz :: shisheido :: mego (12) terre thaemlitz :: systole 002 :: mille plateaux (13) wechsel garland :: der vorwand :: morr music

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14. Absolutely Nothing Happened

Absolutely Nothing Happened

Recording of my set @ Skaņu Mežs (Sound Forest), the headquarters of the annual festival of untamed music of the same name in Riga, Latvia, on 2011.05.06. It fits publishing it this nice sunny day, 21st of May 2011, on a good occasion of The Judgement Day, according to this guy Harold Camping. Why? Listen till the end to find the answer :) I was in a retrospective mood, so quite a few old favorites from different eras, but on the other hand there's a lot of brand new material as well. Time Artist ▪ Title ▪ Release (Label) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 0:00:00 FFWD >> ▪ Lucky Saddle ▪ FFWD>> (Inter-Modo) 0:06:20 Zoviet France ▪ Something Spooked The Horses ▪ The Decriminalisation Of Country Music (Tramway) 0:08:41 David Sylvian ▪ Angels ▪ Sleepwalkers (Samadhisound) 0:12:15 Aspidistrafly ▪ Firework ▪ I Hold a Wish for You (Kitchen ) 0:15:00 Sawako + Hofli ▪ Live In Tokyo (April 10, 2010) ▪ Tasogare: Live In Tokyo (12K) 0:20:41 Lori Scacco ▪ The Poles ▪ Little Things (Flau) 0:24:46 Lisa Gerrard ▪ Paikea Legend ▪ Whale Rider (4AD) 0:27:18 Piiptsjilling ▪ Wurch Ljocht (Tired Light) ▪ Wurdskrieme (Experimedia) 0:29:24 Steve Roden ▪ One of Forty Rooms ▪ 10 (Room40) 0:32:40 AGF ▪ Rhythm, Rules and Ink ▪ Einzelkämpfer (AGF Producktion) 0:37:12 Ilya Wazuhiru ▪ Velimir's Sea ▪ forthcoming (Origami Sound) 0:40:07 Sanso Xtro ▪ Fountain Fountain ▪ Fountain Fountain Joyous Mount (Digitalis) 0:42:40 Molly Berg/Olivia Block/Steve Roden/Stephen Vitiello ▪ MOSS ▪ s/t (12K) 0:45:24 Laurie Anderson ▪ The Night Flight from Houston ▪ The Ugly One with the Jewels (Warner) 0:47:28 Julianna Barwick ▪ Flown ▪ The Magic Place (Asthmatic Kitty) 0:51:03 David Lang performed by Theatre of Voices ▪ We Sit and Cry ▪ the Little Match Girl Passion (Harmonia Mundi) 0:54:42 Federico Durand ▪ Pudu, Tu Nombre Es Tobias? ▪ La Siesta Del Cipres (Spekk) 0:58:46 Colleen ▪ Your Heart is so Loud ▪ Colleen Et Les Boîtes À Musique (Leaf) 1:00:53 Michael Brook ▪ Albo Gator ▪ Albino Alligator (4AD) 1:04:20 ANBB ▪ Bernsteinzimmer (Long version) ▪ Mimikry (Raster Noton) 1:08:48 Lovesliescrushing ▪ RHVR ▪ CRWTH (Chorus Redux) (Line) 1:11:08 Chris Abrahams ▪ Water ▪ Room 10 (Room40) 1:13:07 Tom Waits ▪ 9th & Hennepin ▪ Rain Dogs (Island) 1:15:02 Root 70 feat. Black Sifichi ▪ Revivitator (tongs of love) ▪ Heaps Dub (Nonplace) 1:19:26 Portico Quartet ▪ Line (alternative Take 5) ▪ Abbey Road EP (Real World) 1:27:32 The Dylan Group ▪ Let It Sit ▪ Ur-Klang Search (Bubble Core) 1:30:30 The Dylan Group ▪ D/ A3 ▪ Ur-Klang Search (Bubble Core) 1:31:55 John Cage performed by Stephen Drury ▪ Suite For Toy Piano (1948) ▪ In A Landscape (Catalyst) 1:34:11 Bill Wells & Stefan Schneider ▪ Bonus 2 ▪ Pianotapes (Karaoke Kalk) 1:37:40 Peter Broderick ▪ With a Key ▪ How They Are (Bella Union) 1:41:30 Henning Schmiedt ▪ 1/2 Teelöffel Salz ▪ Klavierraum (Flau) 1:44:30 Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto ▪ Uoon I ▪ Vrioon (Raster Noton) 1:51:03 Laurie Anderson ▪ The End of the World ▪ The Ugly One with the Jewels (Warner) 1:55:10 Nor Elle ▪ Phantom of Life ▪ Phantom of Life (Mole Listening Pearls) 2:00:55 Gabriel Hernandez [=GoGooo] ▪ Pluie d'été Triste ▪ Rain is a Pretty Music (Rain Music)

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15. SoundRound guest mix (April 2012)

SoundRound guest mix (April 2012)

The mix I made for the radio show SoundRound (Radio Naba 93.1 FM, hosted by Dj Monsta, an old friend of mine we used to shared stages with in the 90s, when he was a DJ and I kinda MCed for Latvian jazz-funk band Time After Time. He's a very good DJ, both taste and skill-wise; also works with live musicians on collaborative projects, the results of which I can't wait to hear. And hopefully it won't take long for him to start producing his own music... Check his show on ● The Dene Road - Athene (Young Montana? Remix) ● Pritch & Trim - Stereotype + Kiss My Arse ● Tensei - For The Love (instr + bonus feat Adad, Yaw & Denmar) ● Filastine - Colony Collapse (Squeaky Lobster remix) ● Clams Casino - Illest Alive ● Lapalux - Gutter Glitter + Moments (feat. Py) ● Ifan Dafydd - Treehouse ● Shigeto - Field Trip ● Portico Quartet - Steepless ● Keiska - Tearjerk ● Shlohmo - Wen uuu (Salva Remix) ● Gang Colours - Fancy Restaurant (Machinedrum Remix)

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16. В программе DAVAJ - лидер Yaputhma Sound System Gosh Snobo и менеджер группы Алекс "Джон" Леонов

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В программе DAVAJ - лидер Yaputhma Sound System Gosh Snobo и менеджер группы Алекс

Лидер Yaputhma Sound System Gosh Snobo и менеджер группы Алекс "Джон" Леонов в программе DAVAJ #davajfm

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17. Solitude is a drug, or Abstracts on loneliness (Organic Sounds session)

Solitude is a drug, or Abstracts on loneliness (Organic Sounds session)

An austere, minimalist ambient set I played at Organic Sounds event (the successor of the great series of chillout Wednesdays in 2010, Om Tree). I've taken the liberty to slightly adjust its tail end though, adding one extra track and replacing the coda. Otherwise no edits, straight as it was - an uneasy journey from despair to acceptance. TRACKLIST (Artist ▪ Title ▪ Album (Label, Year): ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Intro: Kim Ki Duk singing "Arirang" (more info below). 00:02:00 Hilary Hahn & Hauschka ▪ Stillness ▪ Silfra (Deutsche Grammophon, 2012) 00:03:23 Library Tapes ▪ Parlour (Variation I) ▪ Sun Peeking Through (Auetic, 2012) 00:04:44 Haruka Nakamura ▪ Plus ▪ Afterglow (Schole, 2007) 00:08:10 Marielle V Jakobsons ▪ Purple Sands ▪ Glass Canyon (Students Of Decay, 2012) 00:11:30 Isnaj Dui ▪ Peripheral Motion ▪ Abstracts on Solitude (Hibernate, 2012) 00:17:00 Ursprung ▪ Am Buachaille ▪ Ursprung (Dial, 2012) 00:19:58 Christian Fennesz ▪ AUN80 ▪ AUN: The Beginning and The End Of All Things (Ash International, 2012) 00:22:38 Keith Freund ▪ For Broke / Everything is Real ▪ Constant Comments (Experimedia, 2011) 00:23:57 Steve Peters + Steve Roden ▪ Winds Through Bleak Timber ▪ Not A Leaf Remains As It Was (12K, 2012) 00:28:00 Marcus Fischer ▪ Willamette River ▪ Rivers Home (Flaming Pines, 2011) 00:32:20 Illuha ▪ Seiya ▪ Shizuku (12K, 2011) 00:38:30 M. Ostermeier ▪ Lost Weekend, Revisionist History ▪ Lakefront (Hibernate, 2010) 00:41:46 Isnaj Dui ▪ The Last Will Become a Darker Grey ▪ Abstracts on Solitude (Hibernate, 2012) 00:45:40 Shigeto ▪ New Light ▪ New Light EP (soundcloud, 2011) 00:48:15 Library Tapes ▪ Sun peeking through ▪ Sun Peeking Through (Auetic, 2012) 00:50:22 Blondie vs Philip Glass ▪ Heart of Glass (Daft Beatles mashup) ▪ (soundcloud, 2011) 00:55:10 Daughter ▪ Medicine ▪ The Wild Youth EP (Communion Records, 2011) P.S. In the intro, what you hear is Kim Ki Duk singing "Arirang", a traditional Korean song from his own film of the same name. If you have seen the movie, you may understand why I started the set with it. If you don't, I cautiously advise you to do so - cautiously, because 1) it's not an easy watch 2) it's not for everyone 3) knowing and loving Kim Ki Duk's previous films - at least "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring" is virtually a pre-requisite. I experienced a shock and a strong catharsis when I saw it - amplified by the state of uneasiness of watching such an intimate, confessional narrative of a very unusual form in a public place of a cinema. Despite that I have seen many Kim's movies (I'm a fan) and it's an absolutely atypical film for him, I'll probably call it his best, on pair with the "Spring..." mentioned above. So, be informed and be warned.

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18. dj snobo presents Selffish ® 2010.VI

dj snobo presents Selffish ® 2010.VI

short mix showcasing works of my friend Selffish (, for the radio show Rasols @ Radio Naba, 06.06.2010. 1. Paradigm Shift 2. City Dubs 3. demo163 4. demo158 5. Play 6. Not Until After 7. Uli *** all tracks are unreleased, except "Play" released on the compilation "Kuumaastikud" by Kuurortrecords ( The radio show itself included a live set by Sensible Sucker (aka Tufan Demir aka Beto Narme) @ Amber, Istanbul, and its complete recording along with my voiceovers in Russian is available for stream or download at

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19. My way is longer than the trail behind

My way is longer than the trail behind

This is a short set I have played in summer 2011 on a very special night. Please, do yourself a favour and check the music by these artists. Orla Wren - Two Note Winter Machinefabriek - Bells, Book, Tin Bell, Buttons Lovesliescrushing - DZAI Punkt feat Sidsel Endresen - Live Remixes Vol. 1/II Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer - Rekondaktion Boris Feoktistov & Bill Laswell - Cold Chamber Ilya Wazuhiru - Velimir's Sea David Lang's "The Little Match Girl Passion" performed by Theatre of Voices & Paul Hilli - When It Is Time for Me to Go Orla Wren - The First Born Daughter of Water Julianna Barwick - Flown Performed 2011.07.28 at VEF roof during a special event with the participation of Gonzo (Discrepant, UK), Bērnu Rīts (LV) and Bombey Rasols, LV). This was one of the weekly summer night sessions hosted by art-cafe Taka ("Trail"). It's an incredibly cozy, warm and beautiful venue, where I played many times and the vibe there is so incredible that I decided to keep an archive of all those sessions, which is available at: or (with download) P.S. Watch the spellbinding original video for "The First Born Daughter of Water", made by Tui (the author himself): P.P.S. Мой путь длинней чем эта тропа за спиной (c)

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