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1. Riverside - Agnes Obel Cover

Riverside - Agnes Obel Cover

My first song cover. I felt motivated so I was able crank out the whole thing in a day.

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2. Agnes Songz

Agnes Songz

nothing at of , which is

3. 15年05月05日|影畫春秋(第2節)(主持: AGNES, DIEMAN, GRACE)

15年05月05日|影畫春秋(第2節)(主持: AGNES, DIEMAN, GRACE)

第2節: 張艾嘉回歸台灣的新作《念念》,以魔幻文學手法表達,節奏緩慢,觀眾需要耐性感受。柯宇綸圓熟演技,比久休復出的梁洛施和張孝全更討好。

nothing at of , which is

4. 15年05月05日|影畫春秋(第1節)(主持: Agnes, Dieman, Grace)

15年05月05日|影畫春秋(第1節)(主持: Agnes, Dieman, Grace)

第1節: 中國3D 設置24小時錄影監視流動水飯房,宣傳《壹獄壹世界》, 演員張建聲假坐監真感受,其心其行可敬可佩。香港文學紀錄片《我城》導演陳果在香港國際電影節影後談的狂言妄辭、輕佻態度令觀眾極度反感,惹來作家西西代言人公開筆伐聲討。

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5. 15年05月05日|影畫春秋(第3節)(主持: AGNES, DIEMAN, GRACE)

15年05月05日|影畫春秋(第3節)(主持: AGNES, DIEMAN, GRACE)

第3節: 紀錄片《我和Dior的華麗邂逅》,臨危受命的時裝設計師 Raf Simons 在有限時間內,帶領著名時裝品牌 Dior 還原基本步,保留傳統風格,注入新的演繹元素,影片亦難得展示了時裝業界人性化的一面。

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9. Amazing grace (reharmonized by Agnes Ida Pettersen)

  • Published: 2012-11-30T09:54:48Z
  • By pagnes
Amazing grace (reharmonized by Agnes Ida Pettersen)

Amazing grace arrangement for piano and song. My friend singing beautifully.

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11. Grace - (Iliad)

Grace - (Iliad)

nothing at of , which is

12. Amazing Grace- Torchlighter (Cover)

Amazing Grace- Torchlighter (Cover)

It's another Sunday afternoon. The rain falls lightly while we're just sitting doing nothing and walaa.. this happened. It's cheesy to make a cover of the album i sang (iknow) but oh well. If you haven't heard the original version, click the link below to check Torchlighter out (they're awesome!!! :p) In Love with You Jazz sold in iTunes, Amazon, and the website Guitar by Elberd Jetrianus T.

nothing at of , which is

13. Rindu - Agnes Monica (Cover)

Rindu - Agnes Monica (Cover)

Getaran dihatiku Yang lama haus akan belaianmu Seperti saat dulu Saat pertama kau dekap dan kau kecup bibir ini Dan kau bisaikan kata-kata ku cinta padamu ~

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