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2. Oh Night Divine

Oh Night Divine

My cover of "Oh Night Divine" ENJOY and read the blog!!!

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3. Gave All That They Had

Gave All That They Had

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4. Dating Loneliness

Dating Loneliness

This is a song for anyone who finds themselves lonely. Being single most of my life has messed with my head to be honest, I never wanted to be 26 and single, but it’s just the way it is. Lord knows I tried otherwise, to look for someone to help fill the bottomless pit that seemed to grow deeper every weekend, but that was just the problem, I was looking for a person to fill a God-sized hole in my heart. I was looking to be held by arms that just can’t reach. I was looking for identity and a special kind of soul-security in anybody BUT the one who created this heart and knows best how to care for it. This kind of pressure put my perspective into some very dark places for a good portion of my single life, making me feel like my life wouldn’t begin until I found that special someone so I could fill up my Instagram with cute pictures of the love of my life like all my friends get to do whenever they want. I felt like there was so much emphasis on relationships these days that I fell into a pattern of thinking that my life was irrelevant, moot, and pointless until I had someone with me to help validate my existence. But the thing is, loneliness can strike anyone, at anytime, married or single, flirting or committed. Isolation is a tactic of evil to drive wedges between relationships and give an illusion that you have been left behind even when you are most loved. We all have coping methods, some good and healthy, some bad, but at the end of the day, we need to acknowledge our need for a deep relationship with someone who knows the absolute depths of our soul, and I have found that in God. The biggest growth in my life came from finally owning my loneliness, from not acting strong enough to do this on my own anymore, and God came to my rescue, not with a woman or more friends, but with His Presence in amazing ways. The song is titled “Dating Loneliness”, and is about when we accept the difficult places we find ourselves in, and choose to find the purpose in it rather than the quickest way out. It’s about searching for water in the desert, knowing that thirsting and hunger is part of the journey, and how those who have gone without it longest appreciate it the most when they find it. James 1:1-4

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5. Seasons


A song about a passing season of sorrow. You are not alone in feeling alone.

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