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1. Happens Like That

Happens Like That

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4. VDJ JD Fall 2017 Country Mix

VDJ JD Fall 2017 Country Mix

1 Proof Is On Your Lips (VDJ JD Hype Edit)by Ryan Robinette 2 Greatest Love Story (VDJ JD Hype Edit)by LANco 3 Til Tomorrow (VDJ JD Edit)(Short Cut Edit)by Walker McGuire 4 The Ones That Like Me (VDJ JD Edit)(Short Cut Edit)by Brantley Gilbert 5 Big Booty Country Girl (VDJ JD Hype Clap Edit)by Paulina Jayne 6 Stay Downtown (VDJ JD Edit)by Cole Swindell 7 Like I Loved You (VDJ JD Edit)(Short Edit)by Brett Young 8 Five More Minutes (VDJ JD Edit)(Short Edit)by Scotty McCreery 9 Fix A Drink (VDJ JD Edit)(Short Cut)by Chris Janson 10 Boy (VDJ JD Edit)(Short Cut)by Lee Brice 11 Copperhead Road (VDJ JD Hype Edit)by Steave Earle 12 Happens Like That (VDJ JD The Jacked Up Truck Shaker Hype Edit)by Granger Smith 13 All On Me (VDJ JD Edit)(Short Cut)by Devin Dawson 14 Smooth (VDJ JD Edit)(Short Edit)by Florida Georgia Line 15 Act Like You Don't (VDJ JD Hype Urban Cowboy Remix)by Brooke Eden 16 They Don't Know (VDJ JD Edit)by Jason Aldean 17 Sunday Morning (VDJ JD Hype Bass Edit)by Parmalee 18 Let Me Love You (VDJ JD Edit)(Short Cut)by Chris Lane 19 Losing Sleep (VDJ JD Edit)by Chris Young 20 Singles You Up (VDJ JD Hype Edit)by Jordan Davis 21 What The Hell Did I Say (VDJ JD Hype Edit)by Dierks Bentley 22 All The Pretty Girls (VDJ JD Edit)(Short Edit)by Kenny Chesney 23 The Bull (VDJ JD Edit)by Kip Moore 24 When It Rains It Pours (VDJ JD Edit)(Short Cut Edit)by Luke Combs 25 Light It Up (VDJ JD Hype Edit Mash Up)by Luke Bryan 26 Unforgettable (VDJ JD Hype Edit)by Thomas Rhett 27 Hooked (VDJ JD Hype Edit)by Dylan Scott

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5. CKAC EP. 21 Grayson Rogers

CKAC EP. 21 Grayson Rogers

Grayson sits down and talks with your host Cassie Lynn Wells. His new single "Floatin'" is available everywhere and if you want to know how Grayson Rogers went from football star to country music star then listen! Five songs: "Boy" Lee Brice "Happens Like That" Granger Smith "Better Me" Montgomery Gentry "The Rest of Our Life" Tim McGraw "Sugar and Salt" Jillian Jacqueline

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6. DJ Backroad - Country Mix

DJ Backroad - Country Mix

Follow Me on Facebook : My First Country Mix Tracklist : 1. Dan + Shay - Tequila (VDJ JD Edit) 2. Old Dominion - Written In The Sand (VDJ JD Edit) 3. Dustin Lynch - Where It's At (Xmix Edit) 4. Thomass Rhett - Get Me Some Of That (XMix Edit) 5. Granger Smith - Backroad Song (VDJ JD Edit) 6. Rascal Flatts - Rewind (Xmix Edit) 7. Sam Hunt - Leave The Night On (Xmix Edit) 8. Chris Lane - Take Back Home Girl (VDJ JD Edit) 9. Granger Smith - Happens Like That (VDJ JD Edit) 10. High Valley - Every Week's Got A Friday (VDJ JD Edit)

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7. I Happen To NOT Like Cats

I Happen To NOT Like Cats

Country star Granger Smith sings a parody of his hit song "Happens Like That". Big Stu & MJ discuss "I Happen To Like Cats" and express their preference for dogs.

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8. Ode to Alan Rickman

  • Published: 2011-01-29T21:32:50Z
  • By mcfatbagz
Ode to Alan Rickman

Everyone loves Severus Snape. And that character in Love Actually. Especially the JenNastys. Demo...needs bass & accompaniment! Letra: From the first time I saw you at the table for staff I knew that I'd be acing your potions class From your stringy black hair to your cloak-covered toes You breathe hot kinky sex out your giant eagle nose You left me empty-handed last time, it ain't fair Now I'm a little bit wet but get me greasy with your hair I want to ride you like a Nimbus till you're raw like Naired It won't be long, Professor, till you're in my underwear So core me out I'm an apple for teacher (apple for teacher) Core me, baby, I'm an apple delicious Granny Smith if you're vicious Now lemme start a discussion, Ms. Granger sure is sharp But she can't boast skills like I can in the Dark Arts So drop your sticky potion, push that cauldron aside I'm no skanky Mudblood, let the bad vibe subside Your blood is impure too, and this I might regret... Now won’t you come explore my Chamber of Secrets? In the Room of Requirement, a specter I just saw, A thousand Snapes face to face with my gaping jaw I fell slowly to my knees, full of fiery passion It just so happens that I can't contain my deep attraction For evil, for darkness, for the most perverse intentions And for that, I do declare, I deserve several detentions. So core me out I'm an apple for teacher (apple for teacher) Core me, baby, I'm an apple delicious Granny Smith if you're vicious Severus! Love actually! Your soft nasty words make my nether regions sing Draco Malfoy never made me squeal like a stuck pig I don't need to see your wand to know you're not a Squib Is that vibrato in your throat, or somewhere down below Christmas comes but once a year, I'll make you come dos We're in this winter love actually in the throes Come at me with your north pole cuz I'm wearing melted snow It's cold in your office, brrr! I'm nippin' out Emma Thompson walks in and I slap her on the mouth I get mad crazy gems, she's getting drunk on the couch Ugly Miz Thompson sure tries to be your ho but she Best be stepping down cos I'm running this show So core me out I'm an apple for teacher (apple for teacher) Core me, baby, I'm an apple delicious Granny Smith if you're vicious

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