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1. TR-606 Inna Dancehall Style

TR-606 Inna Dancehall Style

Roland released the TR-606 “Drumatix”, the cosmetic twin to the TB-303, in 1981. At the dawning of the digital era, two of the most influential producers in reggae - Prince Jammy in Kingston and Bullwackie in The Bronx - each bought one, adding to their increasingly electronic rhythm and bass sections. Nearly ten years later it would be phased out in favor of Casios and Yamahas - digital samples taking over in lieu of synthetic analog sounds. But in this period of around 1983 to 1985, as dancehall switches from roots playing and jamming towards the harder, stripped down sound of the 90s, the simultaneously sharp and soft sound of the TR-606 can be heard in many classics. This mix is an ode to that era of dancehall and the mighty TR-606. Overdubs using Doepfer Spring Reverb, Bubblesound SEM filter, OTO Machines BIM. Wackie’s Rhythm Force - Gimme Back Part 2 King Jammy - E20 Version Tenastelin - Version / Burial Tonight Tenor Saw - Original Pumpkin Belly Prince Junior - Crucial Boy Version Prince Jammys - Turn Them Back Dub Nitty Gritty - Hog Inna Minty Prince Jammys - Ickey All Over Version Tonto Irie - Life Story Annette Brissette - Jumping Up And Down Tenastelin - Commercial Bwoy Dennis Brown - The Exit Version Cornell Campbell - Nothing Don’t Come Easy / Version Wackie’s Rhythm Force - Super Dub King Kong - Can’t Ride Computer Love Joys - Gimme Back Part 1

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2. Factory Floor - How You Say (Gunnar Haslam Remix)

Factory Floor - How You Say (Gunnar Haslam Remix)

Factory Floor - How You Say (Gunnar Haslam Remix) DFA2432 Release date: Apr 14, 2014 Gunnar Haslam:

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3. Dekmantel Podcast 156 - Gunnar Haslam

  • Published: 2018-01-15T11:21:04Z
  • By dekmantel
Dekmantel Podcast 156 - Gunnar Haslam

Techno is Gunnar Haslam’s starting point, but the New Yorker often strays way off grid once he gets started. Mostly that happens when in album mode, where he weaves weird melodies into beatless tracks that are laden with drones. When turning out 12”s for the likes of L.I.E.S., Delsin and Argot, he favours a chilly, slithering sound, and as Romans with Tin Man he cooks up elegantly mournful techno that sends you deep into your own mind. The former psychiatrist also plays live with Mike Servito and Justin Cudmore as Hot Mix, so someone who is always evolving and exploring new territory. It’s the same story on his mix for us, which wastes no time in dropping you straight into a bendy, supple techno groove that soon begins to change shape and sound. Along the course of 70 minutes, it becomes skeletal and stripped back, percussive and spaced out then hurried and funky. A pulsing drum line underpins everything while the real drama unfolds in a burrowing top line or mind melting acid squiggle up top. In condensing many different forms of techno into this one mix, Haslam masterfully showcases the breadth of his fascinating sound.

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4. Gunnar Haslam-Laghi Sotterranei (LIES-043)

  • Published: 2014-01-13T09:56:43Z
  • By L.I.E.S.
Gunnar Haslam-Laghi Sotterranei (LIES-043)

LIES-043 Gunnar Haslam-Laghi Sotterranei from the upcoming "Porte Maillot" ep to be released January 2014

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5. RA.504 Gunnar Haslam

RA.504 Gunnar Haslam

Modern techno from a New York up-and-comer. Read more:

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6. Gunnar Haslam - Ataxia No Logos (dsr-c1)

Gunnar Haslam - Ataxia No Logos (dsr-c1)…taxia-no-logos Track taken from 'Gunnar Haslam - Ataxia No Logos' (dsr-c1) a1. Corridor Metaphysics a2. Ataxia No Logos b1. Dunsinane Hill b2. Discrete Markov Dub In a little over a year Gunnar Haslam has established himself amongst the new school house and techno greats thanks to his inventive releases on L.I.E.S., Argot and Mister Saturday Night. Now he steps up with a new four track EP on Delsin that showcases his wide-ranging style. The EP opens with 'Corridor Metaphysics', a high-pressure bit of deep techno with urgent drums and eerie, haunting glass tinkling sounds. It’s a warm and humid track that places you right at the heart of it and everything that happens does so subtly and suggestively rather than with brute force. 'Ataxia No Logos' is then a spangled and disorientating track with panning and ever more manic synths encircling the listener. Incessant ticking highs and distant drones add to the sense of oppression and on a dancefloor this will do some serious damage. Flipside 'Dunsinane Hill' is more tender and sensitive, with deep house chords and drums peppered with loose tin pot percussion. It’s moody but purposeful, sad but cerebral and eventually makes way for 'Discrete Markov Dub', a rippling bit of techno with crisp hits, a fat bassline that pulls you right in and oversized hi hats leaving long trails. Overall this is deep, heady music that manages to be shadowy, emotive and physical all at the same time.

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7. Gunnar Haslam - Overcomplete

  • Published: 2014-09-21T13:39:24Z
  • By pfudl
Gunnar Haslam - Overcomplete

naif..6, 2014

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8. L.I.E.S. podcast 001- Gunnar Haslam

  • Published: 2013-07-11T05:25:04Z
  • By L.I.E.S.
L.I.E.S. podcast 001- Gunnar Haslam

This is the first in a new series of Podcasts we're going to run here on L.I.E.S. artists as well as select artists affiliated with the label. DJ mixes. Radio shows. Live PA's. Spoken word. Used car commercials...the whole shebang! Get ready to enter a new realm of skimming through mixes, trying to id tracks and most importantly CRITICAL ANALYSIS! This is the stuff to be taken to Techno University and dissected in the lab. Moving forward the first mix is by Gunnar Haslam, NYC resident, producer, and yes, DJ. Mr. Haslam has a new 2xlp coming out any day on L.I.E.S. Here he provides us with a nice long excursion spanning all your favorite genres, sub-genres and sun-sub-genres. Expertly mixed, well paced and yes even a couple of nice surprises if you're patient. Keep your ears open for this guy.

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9. L.I.E.S. podcast 37 - Gunnar Haslam "Burning Sage On Forsyth"

  • Published: 2016-02-29T11:15:24Z
  • By L.I.E.S.
L.I.E.S. podcast 37 - Gunnar Haslam

Following his Lebesgue Measures lp New York artist Gunnar Haslam delivers an ambient "chill out room" mix for the podcast. Unfortunately the days of the "chill out room" are long gone from clubs, this mix would be exactly what we'd wanna hear on the come down. It's almost two hours long so sit back and get ready to chill.

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10. MDC.185 Gunnar Haslam

MDC.185 Gunnar Haslam

The Bunker favourite exposes a weirder side of NYC house music. Full interview with @gunnar_haslam: "I wanted to put together a mix that was a bit slower and housier than usual, but that was still psychedelic and dubbed-out. New York is well known for its more upbeat house cuts (Todd Terry, Masters At Work, Strictly Rhythm, DJ Duke, etc.), but I wanted to represent some of the weirder sides of NY/NJ house - the stuff that was a major influence to me growing up."

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11. Smoke Machine Podcast 097 Gunnar Haslam

Smoke Machine Podcast 097 Gunnar Haslam

Gunnar Haslam [ L.I.E.S. ] US 01. Vladislav Delay Quartet - Salt Flats [Honest Jon’s] 02. Conforce - Abundance of Selves [Delsin] 03. Rrose - Worn/Scarred [Sandwell District] 04. The Siege Of Troy - Black Floral Lace Blindfold [Ominira] 05. nsi. - Clara Ghavami [Cadenza] 06. Hauntologists - EP2 A2 [Hauntologists] 07. Donato Dozzy & Tin Man - Test 07 [Absurd Recordings] 08. Gunnar Haslam - Mark And Don [L.I.E.S.] 09. Plastikman - Psyk [Novamute] 10. Romans - Alba Iulia 12. The Lady Blacktronika & Mattski - If Some Rain [Deep Explorer] 11. DJ Qu - Party People Clap [Deconstruct] 13. Even Tuell - Workshop 04 B1 [Workshop] 14. Claro Intelecto - New Dawn [Modern Love] 15. Shed - 7m [Soloaction] 16. T++ - Space Break [Erosion] 17. Professor Genius - Assasins [L.I.E.S.]

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12. Gunnar Haslam-In Argo Teurano (LIES-055)

  • Published: 2014-10-02T17:08:40Z
  • By L.I.E.S.
Gunnar Haslam-In Argo Teurano (LIES-055)

LIES-055 Gunnar Haslam-In Argo Teurano from the upcoming "Mirrors and Copulation" lp to be released November 2014

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13. BIS Radio Show #875 with Hot Mix (Mike Servito + Gunnar Haslam + Justin Cudmore)

BIS Radio Show #875 with Hot Mix (Mike Servito + Gunnar Haslam + Justin Cudmore)

Broadcast on WNYU 89.1FM in New York City on February 28th, 2017.

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14. BIS Radio Show #799 with Romans (Tin Man and Gunnar Haslam) - Live Performance

BIS Radio Show #799 with Romans (Tin Man and Gunnar Haslam) - Live Performance

Broadcast live on WNYU 89.1FM in New York City on September 15th, 2015.

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15. The Bunker Podcast 103 - Gunnar Haslam

The Bunker Podcast 103 - Gunnar Haslam

Recorded in his studio, August 2015. 01. Don Cherry - North Brazillian Ceremonial Hymn [Caprice Records] 02. Conoco - Keppi [Sigma Editions] 03. Antenes - Fire Rises [L.I.E.S.] 04. nsi. - Bird [Non Standard Productions] 05. Scion - Emerge0 [Chain Reaction] 06. Microsmiles - Drugs Are Right [Logistic Records] 07. Daniel Bell - Science Fiction [Tresor] 08. Don Williams - Orderly Kaos [a.r.t.less] 09. Underground Resistance - Beauty Of Decay [Underground Resistance] 10. Norman - Greenroom [Synewave] 11. Mark Verbos - Mafia [Deepfried] 12. Love Inc. - Contradition [Force Inc.] 13. Peter Van Hoesen - Nineteen Continued [Time To Express] 14. Jasper - The Attempt [Cytrax] 15. Surgeon - Syllable [Downwards] 16. Transllusion - Unordinary Realities [Supremat / Tresor] 17. Acronym - Jotunheim [Semantica] 18. Musicology - Hall Of Mirrors [B12] 19. Gunnar Haslam - Athabaskan Languages 20. Ø - Spiraalit [Sähkö Recordings] 21. Robert Hood - Home [Tresor] 22. Basic Channel - Octagon [Basic Channel] 23. Jeff Mills - Automatic [Purpose Maker] 24. AFX - Batine Acid [Rephlex] 25. ? 26. Beau Wanzer - Grooves No Zone [Beau Wanzer] 27. DJ Harlow - Waxwork (CP Mix) [L.A. Club Resource] 28. Gescom - Motor2 [Source Records] 29. Sun Electric - Osram 527 [R&S Records] 30. Harmonia - Watussi [Brain]

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16. Gunnar Haslam - Athabaskan Languages (DSR-C6)

Gunnar Haslam - Athabaskan Languages (DSR-C6)

Gunnar Haslam - Athabaskan Languages - Delsin Records (dsr-c6) a1. Gunnar Haslam - Athabaskan Languages a2. Gunnar Haslam - Sarsi b1. Gunnar Haslam - Sirenik b2. Gunnar Haslam - Hellegat A year after his last outing on the label, Gunnar Haslam is back on Delsin with four more tracks of idiosyncratic techno. Before Haslam has also released on LIES and Mister Saturday Night, and each time he does he finds new life and excitement in this most tried and tested form. Opening up this EP with the title track, Haslam cooks up a spangled brew of erratic synths and spinning hi hats and ties them together with a heavy rubber kick drum. Dynamic and restless, it is a perfect tune to freak out the floor. ‘Sarsi’ is then completely different, with a rippling synth line growing ever more intense as sombre chords stretch out behind. It is a beatless and emotionally forlorn cut that still manages to take you somewhere special. On the flip, ‘Sirenik’ gets back to deep dance floor business with a scale-climbing bassline and prickly hi hats all moving at an inviting pace. Scurrying alien sounds, distant dub chords and bouncy drums flesh things out and make for an emotional roller coaster before ‘Hellegat’ closes thing out in frenzied, Millsian style. As mad synths dart about like balls in a lottery machine, a creepy sense of tension builds behind and physical drums punch you down low. Each track here is different from the last, and each track here is a refreshing proposition from one of the most interesting guys around.

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17. Gunnar Haslam "Versione Antica" [First Floor Premiere]

Gunnar Haslam

Spectral Sound has been a bit quiet as of late, but the imprint will soon return with a star-studded compilation called 'Spectral 139.' Scheduled for release on September 21 and populated with tracks by Matrixxman, Russell E.L. Butler, D'Marc Cantu, Minimal Violence and others, this promising collection proves that the dance music offshoot of Ghostly International is still alive and kicking. Ahead of the record's arrival, we debuted the tweaky rhythms of "Versione Antica" from prolific NYC producer Gunnar Haslam on Red Bull Radio's First Floor, our weekly look at what's new in electronic music. @gunnar_haslam @spectral / @ghostly

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18. Gunnar Haslam-Nonservo (LIES-066)

  • Published: 2016-01-14T10:48:52Z
  • By L.I.E.S.
Gunnar Haslam-Nonservo (LIES-066)

LIES-066 Gunnar Haslam-Nonservo from the upcoming "lebesgue measure" lp to be released February 2016

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19. Live Series #027; Gunnar Haslam | 16/03/18

Live Series #027; Gunnar Haslam | 16/03/18

#027 in Shelter's Live Series is New York resident, Gunnar Haslam with a recording from his stellar Shelter debut back in March 2018. Credited as one of the most exciting new acts around, he strung together two hours of mesmerizing avant-garde techno.

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