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7. GROOV (Original Mix) - Hamza [Freizeitglauben Berlin]

GROOV (Original Mix) - Hamza [Freizeitglauben Berlin]

out on Freizeitglauben Berlin

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India's Wind Horse Records imprint returns to embrace the exotic with the Persian Love EP, the debut set by rising New Delhi DJ/producer Vipul Angirish. Fans of Wind Horse or the budding Indian house music scene may recall Angirish's blazing remixes for Hamza's "Guru Funk" and "Dharma Voyager" on the label's previous two singles. On the Persian Love EP it's Vipul's time in the spotlight, with his first original track in turn remixed by Hamza. Vipul Angirish's road to Wind Horse was somewhat guided by an Indian astrologer who affirmed that DJ'ing was Vipul's chosen path rather than a more traditional occupation. Vipul met Hamza at his New Delhi club DJ residency where they immediately formed a friendship, with Hamza guiding Vipul's growing aspiration and production sound. This relationship has borne fruit in the form of the mature and expressive sounds found on the Persian Love EP. The track "Persian Love" is an intriguing mixture of organic, live instrumentation and synthetic house music sounds. The title references the song's use of the oud, a traditional Persian string instrument. Hypnotic rhythmic sections give way to pronounced breakdowns prominently featuring the oud, creating an air of travel over large, foreign spaces. The cut builds dramatically, filled with pinging reverbs and swooshing cascades. Wind Horse founder Hamza provides a more tribal-influenced, percussive version in his remix, complete with live drumming sections and buzzing drones anchored by steady house beats. The oud is ever-present, lifting Hamza's remix with a melodic build in the second half.

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Prominent Indian DJ and producer Hamza returns for the eighth release on his Wind Horse Records, further stretching the boundaries of what house music can accomplish when combined with musical styles from around the world. In this release, the Morchang Tales EP, Hamza also continues his collaborative streak by working with a team of percussionists, the Indian vocalist Loopy Juice, and lovingly incorporates the rhythmic styles of another continent. The result is a trio of songs that are both otherworldly and melodic, yet still steeped in house music traditions, guaranteeing an EP of unique floor-fillers. Hamza has worked his magic once again. The title of the EP and the opening track, "Morchang Tales," refers to the morchang, a small, mouthpiece instrument typical of the Indian desert region of Rajasthan, the home of many gypsy musicians. Performing this instrument and accompanying Hamza are the Rajasthani Percussionists. This rhythmic crew has been playing live over Hamza's DJ gigs throughout India to much acclaim and they hope to accompany him in upcoming worldwide tours. "Morchang Tales" is Hamza's first of many planned recordings with the Rajasthani Percussionists. The basis of the track is a synthetic drumbeat and a booming four-on-the-floor kick. From this foundation the Percussionists layer their rhythms and the didgeridoo-like tones of the morchang as Hamza builds pulsating synths and hypnotic melodies throughout. It's a winding, extended cut allowing many possibilities for the DJ and blissful, "lost in music" moments for the listener. Following this is "Namaste Rio," featuring UK-based vocalist and frequent Wind Horse contributor Loopy Juice. Hamza's idea for "Namaste Rio" and its title is quite interesting. "This is a message to Brazil," says Hamza. "I have always felt a karmic connection with that country and its music. India and Brazil need to come together and shake the floors worldwide!" "Namaste Rio" is a good start. The cut begins with South American-inspired rhythms and keenly fuses these with Wind Horse's expansive sound. Loopy Juice's electronically treated, truncated vocals add to the rhythms as a deep, bouncy baseline points the way to the dance floor. A massive percussion breakdown at the center increases the rhythmic energy, creating a surefire explosive nightclub moment. "Sufi Moon" closes the EP on a mystical, yet driving note. The nature of this track is inspired by Hamza's own neighborhood in Delhi. Not only was the ancient inventor of the tabla and sitar born nearby, but the area also has a strong history of Sufi musicians and practitioners. "Sufi Moon" was inspired by the lunar light of a full moon over Hamza's neighborhood. It's the most explicitly Indian-sounding track on the EP as it features a tabla moving the rhythm, as well as mysterious vocoded harmonies and an effective breakdown with a dramatic, synth-led build. "Sufi Moon" will certainly rouse any dancers awaiting under a night sky. Once again, with the Morchang Tales EP, Wind Horse Records and Hamza brilliantly explore textures and rhythmic possibilities within house music and global grooves. Stay tuned for future offerings as Hamza's exciting musical journey continues.

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11. Hamza feat Loopy Juice (Original Mix) - Get That Feeling - [Selekta]

Hamza feat Loopy Juice (Original Mix) - Get That Feeling - [Selekta]

From the Selekta Recordings EP - Get That Feeling

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The artists of India's Wind Horse Records have been known to find musical inspiration from travels and locales. The textures and themes of their songs are often derived from impressions of places visited, or countries the producers and DJs would like to see. In the latest example, Wind Horse artist Vipul's recent journey to Bangalore inspired his latest track "Carousoul." Living in the crowded and hectic Delhi, Vipul found Bangalore comparatively serene and relaxing. The feeling helped him imagine his studio moved to a beach, the track recorded next to calming waves. "Carousoul" is successful in transmitting this vibe; hypnotic arpeggiations accompany flute-like synth melodies and warm pads as a strong rhythmic foundation hugs the dance floor. A gorgeous mid-section breakdown exposes the oceanic sounds mixed with subtle tabla hits and building weaves of synth tones. The track's title was then inspired by Argentinian DJ Ricky Ryan who sent Vipul a photo of a carousel. Vipul immediately saw a connection to the track's revolving, circular feel and how the mood seemed a bit like a "joy ride." A touch of soul naturally enters into the mix, and "Carousoul" is born. Wind Horse label founder Hamza also added his magic touch to "Carousoul" with an evocative remix treatment. Driving, bass-heavy beats open Hamza's version as the familiar melodic refrain of the song slides into the mix. Splashes of reverb and white noise whooshes draw the listener inward as the filtered arpeggio and a rolling bass line masterfully keep things moving. The musicianship in a Hamza mix is always impressive, as shown with the multiple sections and instrument parts found in his version of "Carousoul," all executed naturally and with ease. Vipul is increasingly becoming a notable talent not just in his native India but on the global stage. With DJ dates throughout the world, a forthcoming collaboration with Ricky Ryan, and a remix for Robert Babicz, Vipul's profile continues to rise. The release of "Carousoul" will further show the depth of Vipul's production, exposing this intriguing new artist to many new listeners and fans. Be sure to keep an eye on Vipul, an artist surely on the rise.

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13. PIMP JUICE (Original Mix) - Hamza [Housewreck Media]

PIMP JUICE (Original Mix) - Hamza [Housewreck Media]

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14. WHR Podcast 50 Ft. Hamza

WHR Podcast 50 Ft. Hamza

50th episode of WHR Podcast is featuring DJ/Producer and owner of Wind Horse Records Hamza Rahimtula aka Hamza. This podcast features artist like Damian Lazarus,, Aroop Roy, Marcelo Cura, Traumer and many more. Tracklist and more info here >>

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18. HAMZA - DREAMIN MALI [Wind Horse Records]

HAMZA - DREAMIN MALI [Wind Horse Records]

This track is a new one part of WHR012 Mali Dreams ep HOPE U ENJOY Feel free to give ur feedback. Release Date 01/05/2011

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19. Dopa (Original Mix) - Hamza [Viva Recordings]

Dopa (Original Mix) - Hamza [Viva Recordings]

Release Date - 09/22/2017 Viva Recordings VV9870

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