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1. hasmukh amathalal - Precious possession

  • Duration: 71
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Precious possession

Someone wrote me to say "God bless always your way" I was moved with sentiment It was more than a wish or comment Not those others can not write beautifully Or lack skill to convey successfully It is internal feeling That is always compelling When you notice good things around You will exclaim on ground Speak two words in praise And wonderfully face Love as usual is natural attachment It can happen at any moment Love is felt with someone's attraction That leads later on with action We need not evaluate But relate When faced with reality It is real grace from an almighty Only fortunate people have When they behave Sensibly with precious possession To be called knee deep in obsession hasmukh amathalal

2. hasmukh amathalal - Dear and precious

  • Duration: 60
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Dear and precious

I consider it auspicious Dear and precious To be always attached And dreamed I spelled and whispered As you had offered Your hand in response I became happy on face I shall only cherish And finish The desire That you had aspired I look at the sun And take back the steps from run It is energy that keeps world alive I wish I can still live People say Sun breaks cycles in many ways To generate energy That is wish of almighty I clearly remember And whisper In reciprocation Our sacred relation hasmukh amathalal

3. {{{{Dear|Valuable|Loved}|{Precious|Valuable|Priceless}|Loved|Valued|Valuable|Liked}}|Valuable|Valuable|Priceless}|Prized possession|Valuables|Prized property}|Valuable|Valuable|Vital}}|{{Beloved|Treasured|Precious|Liked}|{Cherished|Cherished|Valued}|Valu

  • Duration: 98
  • Channel: animals
{{{{Dear|Valuable|Loved}|{Precious|Valuable|Priceless}|Loved|Valued|Valuable|Liked}}|Valuable|Valuable|Priceless}|Prized possession|Valuables|Prized property}|Valuable|Valuable|Vital}}|{{Beloved|Treasured|Precious|Liked}|{Cherished|Cherished|Valued}|Valu

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4. hasmukh amathalal - Anybody can.....

  • Duration: 130
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Anybody can.....

Nobody can save you from committing blunder Rain may also not stop even after thunder Steps once taken forward can’t be taken back Nothing can be considered when you are given sack Some of the things can’t be retrieved once committed Nothing can be added later on if once it is omitted Relation can’t be improved upon if once broken If you maintain it throughout it is sign of good token Love to live with whatever you have and let others also live Don’t think otherwise and impose your thoughts even if you believe It will generate negative effect and bound to suffer We hold different identity and certainly will differ You may have tremendous energy to follow correctly with perception You may infuse new lease of life right from the inception What is most desired from a person is not lack of his vision? But his ability to steer the course without any further division This is how we accept and understand the life philosophy It may not alter the stated position of any country or geography It may, on the other hand, strengthen the belief and make the way For better understanding among the people and have clear say We do many things unknowingly out of frustration It has nothing to do with good or bad presentation Merely it speaks of unstable mind of sick person Whole chain of problem starts without any reason It may go unnoticed till you are publicly condemned Whole blame is passed on you and simply fined It becomes matter of great regret when brought to light There may be no use at all even if you offer good fight Well have your own way and clear say too Pass the hurdle with clear vision and see through It will have wide implications when seen the intention You may need no more steps for prevention hasmukh amathalal

5. hasmukh amathalal - Bullet proof

  • Duration: 100
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Bullet proof

You have laid your life in vain, Worry was not for self main, But the way it was to be put off, Only because of jacket bullet proof, Is it not the national shame? Where there is no answer and only blame, All credits for prompt action claim, Still shameless remain at the helm! It is all for the material inferior, Obey the orders of superiors, Lay down the life and call the warriors, It is only because order of superiors, Should we not call it a day of doom? Flower faded and found no bloom, National shame and all over gloom, No answer and no monitoring room, Have you ever heard bullet pierce through? No guarantee for life if they are true? Playing with precious life of man in uniform, Not because they are unaware and in form, Greed for easy money and fame, Simple way of playing life game, No one to question what is their fate? Interested only in commission and rate, Time has come to test the integrity, Not the quantity but best the quality, Who can stand for the honour of the nation? Will find the place without any question, Note: - inferior purchase of bullet proof jackets resulted into the death of valiant police officers of Mumbai in the wake of 26/11 attack. hasmukh amathalal

6. hasmukh amathalal - Triple Century

  • Duration: 96
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Triple Century

I have no alternate and choice Either to share with friends or rejoice Almighty helped me to put voice in words Life was so easy from their onwards Triple century in poetry field Not hoping for any award or shield How could it happen is any body’s guess? I smile with grace and challenges face I had just nothing in mind Internal thoughts and blessings kind It was first step with grand welcome “Poem hunter” became refuge and home How could I scale the so high peak? Legs were crumbling and feeling weak Had no strength to look at ladder and top No obstacles and march ahead non-stop Oh, God you lead me from dark to light Long vision and offered vision and sight How could I make what was wrong right? Easy and smooth sailing without sleepless nights I knew nothing about poetry How to find ways and get an entry? What I am today is not work of one day? May almighty help me to thank all and repay? To this auspicious day I kneel down and pray Just allow me to express gratitude and say I owe it all to your sincere wishes and gesture May I also hope for you very bright tomorrow and future? hasmukh amathalal

7. hasmukh amathalal - It's me

  • Duration: 78
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - It's me

I am early riser, Simple man but not wiser, Try to remain as closer, With HIS blessings never a looser, My day starts with HIS prayer, Dark sides close and open bright layer, Serving birds feed on the roof top, Daily routine which continues non-stop, Mild Sun rays on closed eyes and face, Struggle with thoughts and ready for race, Ground ready with new ideas lace, Find new ways from place to place, Struggle to continue for survival, Earnest efforts for genuine revival, I shall be there to face the moment, Watch every steps and single movement, Day may have it’s up and down, Not so worried with face more frown, Will have to wait when seed is sown, Surfacing on scene with full tree grown, Day may end with success or failure, Satisfaction I may have that is for sure, When I lay on bed with feelings pure, No room for deviation that I ensure hasmukh amathalal

8. hasmukh amathalal - Be Kind

  • Duration: 56
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Be Kind

You feel no guilty Express plainly to almighty 'Forgive me for my sin' My intention never had been Still it has been committed I feel my conscience must be acquitted I really feel remorse Why was I the responsible force? I do not wish to bring My faith for misdoing But bow the head To clearly read I am real son Better known for reasons This shall never happen I take oath for not happening again It may be unpardonable But I have landed self into trouble Grant me peace in mind Be sympathetic and kind hasmukh amathalal

9. hasmukh amathalal - Not supposed to

  • Duration: 88
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Not supposed to

Teens are not supposed to love They are desperately and forcefully drove It is still unbelievable and not agreed to We face all ordeals to pass through They are sentimentally driven No facts stand to them as proven It is coming as it is in new form They are unaware and ill informed It may be simple infatuation They would love its continuation It may be just facial attraction It will be ill timed and hasty action There are alarming reports At an early age they are forced to abort What a pity for school going children? There life soon to become barren We may continue on the basis of liberal view This trauma may be faced by very few It has reached to an alarming signal It can’t be considered as normal The teenagers have been lured to believe They have all the rights to enjoy and live Still it is proved to be an uphill task It has miserably failed to last The open education has done nothing We may not come to know anything Future may tell us about something They stand exposed for everything hasmukh amathalal

10. hasmukh amathalal - Gone very far

  • Duration: 134
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Gone very far

Once in million years one prophet is sent With long wait almighty makes one strong movement His emissary is sent to propagate love message His work and messages are remembered through out the ages Like galaxy of stars they have stayed in the minds of people Taken all blunts to self and saved people from agony and troubles How many faiths are there on the surface of earth? With different culture and followers to provide fresh breath Somewhere down the lines they have provided rightful means So much blood was shed and many battles were made to win Ultimate goal was to bring people under one umbrella or roof Make them to believe in one faith by proving worth with proof In recent history of mankind one great soul descended on earth It took over complete world by surprise with easy breath She was later on known as mother and proved to be precise For orphans, destitute and downtrodden she was tall promise Nothing to self and everything to mankind with symbol of peace Whole world recognized her dedication and selfless service Word was charity and action was to wipe off the tears Children were to be offered all care and no more agony or pain to bear Such type of kind mother is not among us today Yet we go on with same mission all the way World has realized the hidden message form her death Whole life of selfless service with no attachment to any faith We must all pay tribute to such peace emissary Without her we should have failed in delivering necessary Health care, education and home for homeless We find the satisfaction on mother's shining face Many statesmen have born and disappeared Many god fathers have taken birth and forgotten Mother may remain in vast sky as shining star Her dream may realize one day even if she has gone very far hasmukh amathalal

11. hasmukh amathalal - Rest in peace

  • Duration: 118
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Rest in peace

Why do we need rest in peace? Why after death relaxation and at ease? Why do we not care any body in youth and tease? Is the peace available on demand and lease? This question all the time baffle, Mind and thoughts both scuffle, Was it not in our hands to make life? Less vulnerable when situation was rife, Whole life we struggled and fought, For nothing but gain or loss brought, Blessings, grace never desired and sought, Did all stupidity but never got caught, Played hell with human lives an values, Never paid their honourable dues, Longed for pleasure and honeydews, Considered lucky among wealthy few, Thought of purchasing simply by money, Muscle and wealth power only main key, Wondered at sea shores for precious pearls, Did not bother about any or abuse hurls, After so much dismal and poor show, Concern for late life naturally grow, Heart skips with at simple voice of crow, Reddishness on cheek disappears and dimmed glow, Days and nights seem so longer, Early end of life grow so stronger, In my own circle I am reduced to stranger, I have no hard feelings and even anger, With passage of time D day has come? Even with disliking it is always welcome, Final end may be near and still no rest, I try to conceal face with optimum best, Why to have peace even in grave? Life I lived with front brave. It is not on with final fare well, Rest may be ok but not final tale hasmukh amathalal

12. hasmukh amathalal - Ask Any Mother

  • Duration: 125
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Ask Any Mother

No man would hesitate to lay down live? If he really thinks of motherland and believes What else can be holier than earth? Everything else can be secondary even the death Ask any mother of what she thinks of holy land? Would she ever stop her sons from going on field by hand? Will she hold them back for the sake of her own safety? She will not as she has been considered as holy and equal to deity What else she will do and witness? How many more deaths to see and face? What her inner soul may react? These are all unanswered questions and acts War does not spare any one The territory is annexed and amnesty to none Daughters, sisters and mothers raped for no reason No sensible human being may like it as reasonable person What is to follow later on the scene? The plight, misery and poverty totally unseen How many years it may take to reconstruct? Where as it may take only seconds to destruct You ask any mother for her comment She may not utter a word but only lament How can she prefer to be pregnant again? When she has to accept total loss as gain Even though sacrificed children for noble cause There may be vacuum in life with little pause Who will come in night and wipe the tears? She has to spent sleepless nights and bear That is how we rate the mother Who can compete with her? Let all deities come on earth and perform The role played buy mother in any form I would salute to mother first The pray to God last Even almighty owe their place in her womb We all do a curse on her by destroying her dreams with bombs hasmukh amathalal

13. hasmukh amathalal - Set to sail

  • Duration: 106
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Set to sail

I was all set to move and sail Fearing it may be stalled and sometime fail Ideas rush to mind and create tension Nothing is impossible but still big question It is matter of pride but relate to significance It may have more credit and importance Small things don’t matter much in process But highly appreciated when find easy access I struggled very hard to make the headway Faced the resistance and was left midway Continued to strive more without feeling bad Many times it leads to the situation very sad Everybody may not have situation very similar Long drawn fight with rough weather in particular May end into fiasco or complete disaster Forcing him to rise above everything to become town’s master Lessons drawn in process may help for future All problems may not have complex nature What requires most is tactful handling Unforeseen situation but require emergency landing Loosing composure or patience may not be good Peace and calm must prevail in mind and serve as food What ever may be the problem, it must occur casual Face it boldly and should look very normal and usual It is one’s own destiny and future May not be able to do it in fixed tenure Maximum efforts one can have and try No use to shed tears and offer simple cry hasmukh amathalal

14. hasmukh amathalal - Sky is falling

  • Duration: 101
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Sky is falling

Sky seems to be flooded and falling With distress signals and calling Aimlessly roam as foreign objects Slowly loosing their heights and become reject We are large family and galaxy of stars, Look so close but miles far Never falling but staying close Always smiling and ready to pose We have remained as closely guarded Many praises and nicely worded Thousands and thousands still unknown Few of them have been hardly known We are distinct and never collide Some of us may drift and slightly slide Leave high rays with friction of seconds Does not harm earth even for moments What these foreign elements search here? Knowing not what and go to where? Loosing heights and blinding path Always hazards for sky and earth Debris may fall as sky waste Danger imminent and not rest Consequences rare but always looming Back to earth as homeward coming Nothing can serve as good purpose How can artificial suggest ideal propose? Failed to recognize universe as such What more is needed to know very much Almighty around but no one knows With slight pain eyes are raised with frown brows Sky may look as if falling It may remain and always calling hasmukh amathalal

15. hasmukh amathalal - Mercy, rain God

  • Duration: 113
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Mercy, rain God

Mercy O, rain God, Down pour you shower, Nothing will be left but fewer, We might have committed error, Forgive us forever and grant us favour, Nothing will mushroom, Flowers will not bloom, Can you hear cry from your groom? Worries and sad faces with gloom, We will not survive for a moment, On your curse we can’t comment, Our mistakes we can only lament, Prayers all over is only our movement, Death God and disease raising their head, Death tally is increasing their lead, Destruction and disorder we can only read, Spare us from agony can only we plead, Starvation and death not your creation, We are responsible for its invention, We obstruct your natural flow, Disasters and destructions always grow, Deforestation and gases we emit, Natural wealth we steal and still commit, Glaciers and snows unnaturally melt, Consequence thereafter we always felt, All sources for your comforts we have dried, Raising hue and cry but almost cried, Nothing can move without your blessings, Joy and happiness is always missing, We can do nothing without you, You are true son of Thou, Bless us with grace and plenty of water, Our skin is burning with that of heater, It will wipe out us from the face of earth, There is more danger and still no dearth, Nothing will grant us happy stay, If you remain calm and far away, hasmukh amathalal

16. hasmukh amathalal - As A Friend

  • Duration: 119
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - As A Friend

Can you tell me as a friend? Where life starts and world end May I fail to catch glimpse of beauty? Will not everyone laugh at me with pity? Am I carried away by simple look? Is it purely decoy and luring hook? As fishes near the food and caught Battle is lost without being fought Why I only saw emerging fresh hope Earnest desire with balanced walk on rope Was that not open challenge to face? Soon to fade out and out of race Fine attempt to survive with glory and pride Mo mixing of words and emotions to hide Every angle has different stories to tell How many may succeed with ends so well Is it wrong to offer solace and stand as rock? Morning alarm voice from creature like cock Setting aside them as mere sign of weakness Live pulse push to meet and feel oneness Is the desire root cause of problem? Can any nation survive without its emblem? Is it not the earnest feeling and desire? Will we not be failing to praise and admire? Countless questions raging peaceful mind Solution not in sight and answers never find Can you not act wise and be so kind? I shall promise to stay not as blind I found you with His blessings and grace Life would have been challenge and hurdles to face Should have fallen out of grace to face ordeal Wounds would have aggravated without hope to heal I may end this by not saying good bye You may not be seen as birds go and fly It was earnest attempt and try I will accept it as fate and never cry hasmukh amathalal

17. hasmukh amathalal - Nothing before time.........

  • Duration: 110
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Nothing before time.........

Nothing before time you get Try very hard or opportunities let Neither can you curse your luck Nor you can think or have fresh look It has something to do with dedication Constant fall back may be just one indication Even you try earnestly for right thing Things may turn out into something You may get through without any insult Not putting hard efforts but still good result You may term it out come of your honesty Still it shrouds with questions and mystery You may think why it all turns against you only? Not going straight way despite acting rightly Lick and stars favour only at time and place No amount of work can alter it or replace HE knows when and where to provide Enough opportunities without any divide You may offer only pray and invite Without burning thoughts inside or ignite Work hard with complete faith for outcome You may receive no good return but welcome Mind will have easy access and no worry Solid and favourable result without any hurry Not to burn fingers by looking at others Unnecessary jealousies and thoughts bother Will take you nowhere but to despair Harm may be more and sometimes beyond repair These are not tips, golden words or advices It is simple thought to act in vices Patience may have many more returns unexpected Harvest may have more yields when collected hasmukh amathalal

18. hasmukh amathalal - Blow little slow

  • Duration: 115
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Blow little slow

O, .wind, people may laugh at me and blame High velocity speed may bring only shame What to do? Close the eyes or cover the knee In both the cases it will only harm me I was hardly aware of my red cheeks Comments from people for all weeks I maintained decorum with simple dress code I swam across praise, acclaim and on fame rode Not a murmur, comment or whisper when I pass Girls, students and teacher observe silence in class O God, why did you give me such a beautiful face? Everybody seemed to run after and in race So far nothing happened to affect my grace Nothing untoward accident I recall or trace Nature seemed gracious and always blessed I thanked to God, prayed and confessed Suddenly o, wind I find my self in fix Joy and sadness both combined and mix Whether to cry for help or simply laugh What does he may think as my better half? I shall suffer in both the cases Living death if I compromise the honour Eyes closed means going away from reality Facing people’s ire and nature’s hostility Prestige may enhance if you reduce the fury No one will question your act including jury I may be saved from future embarrassment Restoration of pride without any harassment You have nothing to gain by blowing with speed Simple cool breeze and air flow is only need I may admire and bow head with respect You may too realize………………….. hasmukh amathalal

19. hasmukh amathalal - I thank God

  • Duration: 96
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - I thank God

I thank God for having sent me here, What did I bring? Bare body and no wear, No sense, nothing to see, only to hear, Opening eyes slowly and gently with fear, Rotated in womb like spindle Breathed inside wall but still able, Counting days to herald in life, Still inborn and time not rife, As moments approach with pain, Blood rush up and run in vain, Belly shrink and push lower and lower Life to beat to the knowledge of fewer, Surrounding gear up and come to live, Clock may sign as the time of five, Womb thread severance still a bond, Contentment of mother with new love fond, Adding of small fish in fresh pond, So much sparkle of joy all over, Happiness spread worry disappear, Think of future and for birthday year, Wanting all kids to shout and fill the ear, Just half open and half close flower, What may be future with just no answer? Will I be bright star or lost in black night? Future may only tell what should be right., Is it because we are here only by chance? Or is it blessings of HIM only for once, So is the message clear and open for all, Have we not to go back at his call? hasmukh amathalal

20. hasmukh amathalal - Old marriage style

  • Duration: 93
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Old marriage style

Unwillingly ushered in a house unknown, Saw a young lady keeping head down, White complexioned girl with eyes brown, Almost frozen but expressions not frown, I was at pained to learn orthodox way, Children still not allowed having a say, Uncertainty more and prediction less, What is in store only assumptions and guess? With great courage one may ask “hello” Limited conversation and tradition to follow, Parents present and limited talks, Accompany to little distance with few step walks; I am your would be companion, Running a shop but not a champion, Will allow freedom that you need, No dowry, nothing or any more greed, “Will you marry me” simply I ask, Rush blood on face but hide in mask, Wait for an answer and okay the proposal, Parents too were ready for quick disposal, Quick come yes as no competition, answer ready even without question, so stage is ready for lovely meet, parent happy and exchange greet, Day for final count down almost arrive, simple way to wed and not to connive, It’s way of life and norms to follow, promise made doesn’t seem hollow hasmukh amathalal