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1. Her Mother's Eyes

  • Published: 2018-06-26T14:59:52+00:00
  • Duration: 51
  • By Foreign Fauna
Her Mother's Eyes

For those of us without the gift of a green thumb, we can only standby, helpless as our beloved house plants fade away. If only there was an ER for little green buddies! Created for a very special edition of Hellavision Television called Hellovision that screened at Tattersall during Art-A-Whirl with no audio.

2. Through Her Eyes

  • Published: 2008-09-02T04:45:11+00:00
  • Duration: 85
  • By David Vegezzi

3. 2013 Abel Cine Documentary Grant- "Through Her Eyes"

2013 Abel Cine Documentary Grant-

***PLEASE HELP US, AND LIKE OUR VIDEO!!!***, Your support is very much appreciated!!! {VOTING STARTS on AUGUST 27TH} “Sacagawea is one of the ultimate female explorers. She not only covered vast distances, but also brought together cultures and made it possible for others to explore deep into a new world.” Sacagawea played a crucial role in the success of one of America’s most important exploratory endeavors. While her contributions were invaluable to the mission, she demonstrated to the world that females do have an important role in exploration. This expedition pays homage to Sacagawea and keeps her legend alive for the generations of adventurous women to come. Our all female team of class five kayakers and survivalists will take the viewer on a unique adventure descending incredible, untouched virgin rivers and canyons. “Through Her Eyes” will show first hand what it takes to organize and execute a modern day expedition into uncharted territories. Throughout the journey, the viewer will connect and invest with all the characters in the group. Each woman has her story and her reason for choosing to live the life of a searcher, seeker and nomad; and, they are willing to risk it all to go where no man has been. Our team is venturing into Brazil, South America’s biggest country and host of the 2016 Olympics. Brazil is in the international spotlight as a prospering nation rich in natural resources, culture and mystic. Brazil is the perfect setting for an expedition with this kind of substance and historical value. Home to one of the most extensive river systems in the world, with river basins and mountain ranges littered throughout the 27 states, Brazil still remains relatively untouched. Brazil guarantees to challenge our team to adapt and overcome. These women know that their passion for exploration is not easy, but the payoff is worth the pain. The bonds made between crewmembers, the gratification of running some the hardest whitewater in the world, and the sheer beauty of Brazil make for a one of a kind adventure film that will tell an inspiring story, not only of survival, but of women’s success in the world of expedition. Our hopes for this project are that we’re able to tell a completely unique and compelling story that carries the torch for the late and great female explorers of our time. “Through Her Eyes” is a story that both man , woman and child can relate to and connect with on a person level. With the proper funds we’ll have the ability to capture the story in a unique perspective, and keep the film fresh and entertaining but keeping the viewing gasping for more adventure. Please have a look at our teaser/video submission, and if you like the concept think we're onto something good, please hit the LIKE button and help vote us through to the next round! WE NEED VOTES, Let's make this happen together!!!

4. It Was In Her Eyes

  • Published: 2016-05-09T12:43:04+00:00
  • Duration: 961
  • By Max Zoghbi
It Was In Her Eyes

International adoption has become ever more prevalent as we have become all the more connected. Yet while it is now normal, and even admirable within our culture, somehow it seems to still be wildly misunderstood. The best place for a child is always with their first family if possible. "It Was in Her Eyes" explores this particular narrative on open, international adoption as told through the true story of Jessica Williamson; a girl from north Louisiana who sold all she had and moved to Haiti to relentlessly pursue an orphaned girl who would, against all odds, become her daughter.

5. Behind Her Eyes

Behind Her Eyes

This is my trip in south west of france. Places: Seignosse, Hossegor, Sainte Engrace (Gorge de kakuetta), Sare (Train de la Rhune) Shot on iPhone 6, anamorphic lens from Moondog Labs and FiLMiC Pro Music : Day Wave - You are Who you are

6. Her Only Presence - Clear Eyes, Full Hearts (Unmastered Sample)

Her Only Presence - Clear Eyes, Full Hearts (Unmastered Sample)

Unmastered advance and promotional video for the upcoming album "You're Never Back" Artist: Her Only Presence Song: "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts" Label: Engineer Records Directed and recorded by Alberto Polo Iañez Thanks to Lucia

7. peace in her eyes

peace in her eyes

Model - Alisha Camera - Polyakov Alexander

8. Her Eyes ( Nicholas Shahabi )

Her Eyes ( Nicholas Shahabi )

Nicholas Shahabi Production Model Rebecca Fleetwood Music XYconstant - Her Eyes

9. Within Her Eyes - Full Promo

  • Published: 2012-09-27T21:06:19+00:00
  • Duration: 154
  • By James Cousins
Within Her Eyes - Full Promo

A daringly intimate glimpse into a secluded world of fragile dependency. Within Her Eyes was previewed at the Jerwood DanceHouse, Ipswich on 14th June 2012 and Premiered at Sadler’s Wells as part of the New Adventures Choreographer Award Showcase on 7th September 2012. Choreography: James Cousins Composer: Seymour Milton Lighting Design: Lee Curran Set and Costume Design: Colin Falconer Dancers: Lisa Welham and Aaron Vickers Video by Scratch Pictures “So mesmerising its 20 minute length passed by in what seemed like seconds. There we have been... (is) a duet of exquisite beauty and strength... It would be hard to over-praise this work, with its passionate and evocative choreography; it was simply one of the most stunning contemporary dance pieces I have ever seen.” Laura Dodge,

10. The fear in her eyes

The fear in her eyes

Original Audio and Video by : _ TheDataBender

11. Nowness | Within Her Eyes

  • Published: 2016-05-04T14:00:21+00:00
  • Duration: 211
  • By David Foulkes
Nowness | Within Her Eyes


12. The Light In Her Eyes Trailer

  • Published: 2011-05-25T17:10:25+00:00
  • Duration: 182
  • By Clockshop
The Light In Her Eyes Trailer

Trailer 04.29.11

13. Sun In Her Eyes - Tom Helsen - Music Video

  • Published: 2008-08-20T22:53:50+00:00
  • Duration: 180
  • By forestfilm
Sun In Her Eyes - Tom Helsen - Music Video Sun in her eyes - Music video for Tom Helsen Camera and direction: Jan Bosmans Editing: Jan Bosmans and Tom Helsen Featuring Ingeborg Ledolter

14. Luna kills with her eyes

Luna kills with her eyes

Weekend spent between brother's, we took luna our sister for her first surf!As you see,she has the biggest smile!So i could not be happier!This is why i surf!cause its brings happiness and togetherness to people!united!! People that surf, if u forget the real reasons why we surf, just look at a genuine's child smile,and it wi'll reflect on you! Give the wave of the day to a stranger!

15. Her Eyes

Her Eyes

A little film about my 4yr old, Aspen. She loves to sit with her Disney Princess dress and earphones and play on her leap pad. Music: Your Eyes by Dawn & Hawkes (

16. 18 Carat Affair - Your Heart, Her Eyes

18 Carat Affair - Your Heart, Her Eyes

18 Carat Affair`s "Your Heart, Her Eyes" from "Pleasure Control" a split tape w/ Lasership Stereo released on Sunup Recordings

17. Her eyes

Her eyes

Corto grabado en la semana del Festival internacional de cine digital isla de La Palma, Festivalito 2009. Dirigido por Carlos De León e interpretado por Tomás Moreno y Virginia Park. Ganador del premio del jurado y del premio del público en la sección "Maratón Popular". Un chico y una chica se encuentran en una parada de autobuses. Aparentemente huyen de algo..tal vez sea el momento de encontrarse.

18. Exquisite Corpse - With The Eyes Of Every Man Riveted Upon Her

  • Published: 2007-10-15T08:34:52+00:00
  • Duration: 268
  • By torbjon
Exquisite Corpse - With The Eyes Of Every Man Riveted Upon Her

video clip, beatiful via,

19. Through Her Eyes

  • Published: 2012-11-13T00:36:35+00:00
  • Duration: 1628
  • By Jennet Posey
Through Her Eyes

A documentary short about the plight of women veterans in America told from the perspective of a woman who served in combat. *Please use discretion as this film contains footage which may be sensitive to some audiences*

20. Christian Louboutin - All Eyes On Her | FW '18

  • Published: 2018-09-08T00:57:40+00:00
  • Duration: 60
  • By htat htut
Christian Louboutin - All Eyes On Her | FW '18

director // BERRY ENGLISH ep // BRODY BAKER | KAITLYN PARKS producer // CASSIDY ELLIS cne // MCKINZY POWERS pd coordinator // MARTA CRUANAS 1st ad // RYAN KENNY dop // HTAT HTUT model // AJAK extra talent 1 // YUNG GAO extra talent 2 // ALLIE CIZEK extra talent 3 // ARIANA D editor // GARETT TEZANOS color // TIM MASICK steadicam op // PATRICK MORGAN 1st ac // SHAUN MALKOVICH 2nd ac // CAREY HU gaffer // ERIC SORENSON key grip // GLENN PORTER bb grip // LOGAN MITCHELL bb electric // BRANDON WOODRUFF wardrobe stylist // KIRBY MARZEC wardrobe assistant // KELSEY CANNON tailor // LUCY FALCK make up // ERIN GREEN makeup assistant // MARGARET MONDANILE hair stylist // NATE ROSENKRANZ hair assistant // SAM BULLEN pd designer // JAMES MAHER art assistant // NEIL HYLAND pa // AKIR WOODS pa // IGEOMA SIMON pa // JOHN KIM pa // ALEX ZALLER Panavision // Elefant Films