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2. Hoots And The My Tails ‘Deep In The Undergrowth Of Wonder’ KONG 22.3 Record Of The Week

Hoots And The My Tails ‘Deep In The Undergrowth Of Wonder’ KONG 22.3 Record Of The Week

Taken from ‘Alan Moore’s Mandrill Meets Super Weird Substance At The Arts Lab Apocalypse’, a mixtape by Greg Wilson starring Kermit Leveridge & The Reynolds:

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3. Hoots ???

  • Published: 2015-11-07T18:12:34Z
  • By Ra'Lite
Hoots ???

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4. hoots


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5. Hoots


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6. Hoots

  • Published: 2015-11-19T03:41:07Z
  • By Avery

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7. Nick Beringer - Inside [HOOTS003]

Nick Beringer - Inside [HOOTS003]

VINYL PRESALE - Cahoots Volume 3 cooks up new tracks from Nick Beringer, Markus Quittner, Robert Reinartz, and The Zars, each adding their own flavors to the Cahoots Records stew of house music. Berliner Nick Beringer begins Volume 3 and pushes the Cahoots clan deeper into the dark woods with the roaring sounds of 'Inside'. With previous works on Skylax, Morris Audio and Desos Records, Beringer uses his signature jacking sound on 'Inside' and overlays dusty chords on shuffling hi-hats to open up the record. 'Inside' takes Nick's sound in a new direction, adding old school rave hits and brooding MPC drum patterns against a dense atmosphere, paving the road for what lies ahead

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8. hoots n toots

hoots n toots

nothing at of , which is

9. Harrison BDP - Sole [HOOTS006]

Harrison BDP - Sole [HOOTS006]

Cahoots Records continues to bring new house sound to light with respect to the past influences that have shaped it's history. Volume 6 continues the Cahoots tradition of combining 4 striking house trax on one record. HOOTS006 kicks off by way of Harrison BDP, a young talent from the UK. 'Sole' packs the right amount of driving bass, spacey pads and aerial vocal moments, topped with an old school-tinged groove.

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  • Published: 2015-05-06T19:42:35Z
  • By BrothaQ

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11. stevn.aint.leavn - Silk Shake [HOOTS004]

stevn.aint.leavn - Silk Shake [HOOTS004]

Cahoots Records celebrates one year with the release of Volume 4 featuring tracks by Borai, Ave Astra, stevn.aint.leavn, and Anders Hellberg. For Volume 4, Cahoots decided to turn over the B-Side duties to two fresh Berlin artists. Stevn.Aint.Leavn, hailing from the infamous Beste Modus crew, is a regular in the Berlin scene. His contribution ’Silk Share’ is a galloping work of punchy percussive rolls and fills. This train is certainly rolling through and will be making a few quick stops along the way. Stevn.Aint.Leavn’s live sets always promise rugged beats and vibes built strictly for the club.

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