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2. HD Milk

HD Milk

Turned out it fits well. 'HD' means 'Hope Despair', I didn't come up with a better idea. Used tracks: Higher Brothers & Harikiri - AD Milk Masafumi Takada - Despair Searching (Danganronpa V3)

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3. The Postgame - Danganronpa V3

The Postgame - Danganronpa V3

The PostGame is a brand new series where we go into spoiler territory with a selected game. This includes discussions about the ending, plot twists, and overall thoughts of the game. With this first episode, Pete is kicking it off with Danganronpa V3, which was released on September 26th 2017 for PS4, PS Vita, and PC. Along for the ride, Cassie from the Anichatbox, joins in to add her take on the game! 00:04:35 - General thoughts on Danganronpa V3 00:06:16 - Thoughts on the Cast 00:12:13 - Thoughts on Trial #1 00:20:10 - Thoughts on Trial #5 (Cassie's favorite) 00:25:30 - Thoughts on Trial #4 (Pete's favorite) 00:30:46 - Revelations prior to Chapter 6 00:33:56 - Chapter 6 00:40:47 - Chapter 6 Final Trial 00:45:23 - The big twist 00:59:37 - Final takeaways from the ending's theme 01:09:05 - Winding Down If you'd like to reach out to us, please email us at: [email protected] If you'd like to follow or message the hosts here on Twitter: Pete - @halftuckpete Cassie - @alchemymini Save Our Progress - @saveourprogress Wednesday Let's Plays over at youtube: Check out our Twitch for future streams: Opening Track: Danganronpa V3 - "Hope Searching" By Masafumi Takada Ending Track: Danganronpa V3 - "Climax Reasoning V3" By Masafumi Takada

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