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3. 【InuxNeko】Corpse Party- Tortured Souls [OP] - Hoshikuzu No RING (Fandub Latino)

  • Published: 2015-04-07T07:20:25Z
  • By Mogadian
【InuxNeko】Corpse Party- Tortured Souls [OP] - Hoshikuzu No RING (Fandub Latino)

Video Original: ========================================= Konnichiwa!!! Bueno, esta vez, traigo un fandub herrrrmosho, me encantaron estas OVAs y se las recomiendo a los amantes del gore. Y realmente espero les guste este fandub, hasta luego! Song: Hoshikuzu no RING Artist: Imai Asami Anime: Corpse Party: Tortured Souls Reference: OP

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4. 【Kasane Teto】Hoshikuzu no Ring/星屑のリング 【UTAUカバー】

【Kasane Teto】Hoshikuzu no Ring/星屑のリング 【UTAUカバー】

I've decided that I'm going to cover all of the 'Corpse Party' OPs (if I can, lol) with the Vipperloids, and that can be kind of my thing for a bit, so here's 'Hoshikuzu no Ring' feat. Kasane Teto! I'm not a big fan of the OVAs, tbh, (actually I think most fans a pretty mixed, at best, about them) but, as usual, it has an amazing OP, and I couldn't justify not doing it, since I'm on a mission to do them all, anyway eue ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ust: @Anonymous62034-1 Original: Asami Imai Main Vocal: Kasane Teto VCV- Sakebi, Tougou and Sasayakitougou (重音テト VCV- 連続音,叫び音源とささやき連続音) Harmonising Vocals: Kasane Teto VCV- Sasayakitougou (重音テト VCV- ささやき連続音) Mixing, tuning etc.: SpicyStarfish (I'd like to think my mixing is improving, but, my goodness, it's improving with very small baby steps XD)

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