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1. Autumn Winds of the Rising Sun Feat. William H. Buchanan on Native American Flute

Autumn Winds of the Rising Sun Feat. William H. Buchanan on Native American Flute

The Influence Of Three Countries Merge To Create A Mellow Mood On, 09/07/12 – The combination of Native American Flute, Japanese Vocals, and a Filipino Dub Step producer intertwine to give you a single called, “Autumn Winds of the Rising Sun” Autumn Winds of the Rising Sun, was inspired by William H. Buchanan who is a Native American Flute player and head gourd dancer of the American Indian Alumni. William H. Buchanan along with Mistah Nerfs chilled Dub Step style, will capture your emotions and guide them into a meditative dream world of relaxation and contemplation. Mistah NerF was just one of many Filipinos who had a penchant for music. He first showed signs for the love of the art form when he was 6 years old, as he started singing Richard Marx's "Right Here Waiting," much to his parents' delight. It was then that they encouraged him to pursue it, with his first public performance being a rendition of Cliff Richard's "Fall in Love" during Teacher's Day. Afterwards, he begun, participating in a lot of singing contests as he grew older. He joined inter-school competitions where he won 2nd place for the Vocal Solo category in 1999, and 1st place for Vocal Duet Pop in 2001, during his college years. He has won a few awards in his city, among them the iKeepLoveReal Songwriting Composition, where he arranged a beautiful inspirational pop song written by his friend. Of course, his resume doesn't end there: he also participated in the world of theater during and after his college days. His most notable performances were as Judas Iscariot in the Designer's Guild Iloilo/University of San Agustin's Little Theatre production of "Jesus Christ Superstar", as Tevye in "Fiddler on the Roof" and the alternate roles of Timon and Mufasa in "The Lion King", both of which were produced by Cultural Club of Iloilo, now known as Iloilo Prima Galaw Incorporated. He was then introduced to FL Studio, which he played around with for quite some time. He even managed to compose a few R&B-themed songs which spoke of love and romance, with one particularly directed towards his ex-girlfriend, which he continues to communicate with up to this very day as his best friend. He has also created musical scores for some of the theatrical productions he has performed in with Iloilo Prima Galaw using the same application. However, his first experience with Dub Step came in the form of a few friends from the UK whom he met on Camchat.Org, a website dedicated to clean online chatting, Jimboo, Terry and Beki were 3 people who were influential in him pursuing his love for the genre, with them introducing UKF Dub Step and, of course, Skrillex, into his life. His first remix was a light Dub Step version of Bruno Mars' "Just The Way You Are." Eventually, he developed an understanding of the technical side of FL Studio, learning as much as he can from Youtube tutorials, and becoming better at his craft. Up to this very day, he continues to work on his skills as a Dub Step, electro house and R&B producer. In a city where a song filled with a lot of wobble bass, heavy drops and filthy synths isn't really recognized on a mainstream level, he hopes to change that and be the first Dub Step producer in the Philippines, if not in his hometown Iloilo City, especially with his first release (Bleed It Out - Linkin Park Remix - May 10th 2012). Mistah Nerf is currently available for interviews and appearances. Contact: William Buchanan at [email protected] or 080-4276-7611 (Japan)

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