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1. Dogs in BODYSUITS played Star Wars alien hounds in 'Solo'

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Dogs in BODYSUITS played Star Wars alien hounds in 'Solo'

A KENNEL IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY — Monster alien canines in the film "Solo: A Star Wars Story" were actually played by real dogs wearing bodysuits. A behind-the-scenes look at the film on this week's edition of the Star Wars Show on, gave fans a look at the planet of Corellia. Specifically, the show looked at the many practical effects employed, including the thick lycra bodysuits worn by dogs to portray the Corellian hounds. According to WOOKIE-pedia — no joke, real thing — these are "a fleet-footed, loud-barking, vicious species" that were "used for attack and hunting, but did not make good pets". writes that this canine named Saxon was specially trained to wear the lycra body suit. Saxon also played Nymeria, a Direwolf in season 7's Game of Thrones, where looking epic was all that was required.

2. The Ledbury Hunt

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The Ledbury Hunt

Nicky Sadler follows the Ledbury Hunt, hunting within the law, in its Friday country, near Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire. Hounds are known to have hunted the area around Ledbury on the Hereford and Gloucestershire border for at least 300 years. The Ledbury Hunt as presently constituted can trace it's origin to 1846 when according to the original minute book it was decided to set up the hunt 'on a respectable footing' and a committee was formed. A huntsman was engaged to hunt 14 couples of hounds, five days a fortnight. In 1868 Kennels were built adjacent to the Ledbury Railway Station where they remained until 1938 when the present site at Bromesberrow was established. Nicky talks to masters, staff and followers including David Redvers, one of the foxhunting supporters who stormed the House of Commons in the run up to the hunting ban. This item first appeared in Fieldsports Britain, episode 119.

3. Emily Dickinson - What shall I do—it whimpers so

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Emily Dickinson - What shall I do—it whimpers so

186 What shall I do—it whimpers so— This little Hound within the Heart All day and night with bark and start— And yet, it will not go— Would you untie it, were you me— Would it stop whining—if to Thee— I sent it—even now? It should not tease you— By your chair—or, on the mat— Or if it dare—to climb your dizzy knee— Or—sometimes at your side to run— When you were willing— Shall it come? Tell Carlo— He'll tell me! Emily Dickinson

4. Rajaram Ramachandran - 07 (Sakuntala) Return to the base camp

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Rajaram Ramachandran - 07 (Sakuntala)  Return to the base camp

The King’s close friend, The court jester found Himself badly stuck up In the forest base camp. Talking to himself, he said, “My fate has now played, To keep me in distress, In this forest for days.” “The King is mad after Hunting wild pigs, deer, Roaming here and there, Even in this hot weather.” “The dirty water from The mountain stream We’ve to drink sometime And eat food not in time.” “Most of the time we eat The same burnt raw meat, Undergoing ordeals many, Sometime in a way funny.” “All my bone joints Have become loose After riding on horse In rough roads for days.” “In this kind of hell Can a man sleep well? The hunters’ noise, above all, Adds more to this hell.” “The drum beat sounds, Barking of the hounds, Pierce my eardrums Right from early hours.” “Our adventurous King, Was keen on chasing, A deer in his hunt, And somewhere went.” “It seems, he saw a girl, And lost his sweet will Out of mad love for her Once he saw her” “Perhaps he’ll return never, And will prefer to stay there, To spend his time with her, Forgetting his duties here.” Like this, he was murmuring, And saw the king coming Back To the base camp With no show or pomp. Dushyanta heaved a sigh In his spirit, not so high, Having left his dream girl, Who had robbed his soul. “It’s not so easy to earn The love of a dear one, Yet, her gestures give The comforts I deserve.” “O’er an incomplete love, To get it, one thinks how, Another craves for it, With pleasure still in it.” “The load on her waist, The work with no rest, Perhaps kept her tired, So, no attention she paid.” “Her indirect eye sight Her replies so indifferent, Perhaps, all meant for me, Had Cupid pitied me.” Rajaram Ramachandran

5. Dog Training How To Stop Barking At Other Dogs On Command Video

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Dog Training How To Stop Barking At Other Dogs On Command Video

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6. Pack of Dogs Invade Garage in Cutest Take Over Ever

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Pack of Dogs Invade Garage in Cutest Take Over Ever

This lady from New Jersey was subject to any dog lover’s dream: a pack of friendly canines magically appearing in her yard. After her own dog, Abby, started barking incessantly, she looked out her window to see almost a dozen hound dogs gathered in her garden and garage. She later found out that they had escaped from a nearby hunting event. They probably just wanted to play… It’s a dog’s life! Credit: YouTube/ChristinaH

7. Just chillin on the sofa and watchin some telly

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Just chillin on the sofa and watchin some telly

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8. Lydia Maria Francis Child - The New-England Boy's Song About Thanksgiving Day

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  • Channel: music
Lydia Maria Francis Child - The New-England Boy's Song About Thanksgiving Day

Over the river, and through the wood, To grandfather's house we go; The horse knows the way, To carry the sleigh, Through the white and drifted snow. Over the river, and through the wood, To grandfather's house away! We would not stop For doll or top, For 't is Thanksgiving Day. Over the river, and through the wood, Oh, how the wind does blow! It stings the toes, And bites the nose, As over the ground we go. Over the river, and through the wood, With a clear blue winter sky, The dogs do bark, And children hark, As we go jingling by. Over the river, and through the wood, To have a first-rate play- Hear the bells ring Ting a ling ding, Hurra for Thanksgiving Day! Over the river, and through the wood- No matter for winds that blow; Or if we get The sleigh upset, Into a bank of snow. Over the river, and through the wood, To see little John and Ann; We will kiss them all, And play snow-ball, And stay as long as we can. Over the river, and through the wood, Trot fast, my dapple grey! Spring over the ground, Like a hunting hound, For 't is Thanksgiving Day! Over the river, and through the wood, And straight through the barn-yard gate; We seem to go Extremely slow, It is so hard to wait. Over the river, and through the wood- Old Jowler hears our bells; He shakes his pow, With a loud bow wow, And thus the news he tells. Over the river, and through the wood- When grandmother sees us come, She will say, Oh dear, The children are here, Bring a pie for every one. Over the river, and through the wood- Now grandmother's cap I spy! Hurra for the fun! Is the pudding done? Hurra for the pumpkin pie! Lydia Maria Francis Child

9. BBC Parliament_ What plans are there to lift the ban on fox hunting, as set out in the 2017 Conservative manifesto 17Jul17

  • Duration: 415
  • Channel: animals
BBC Parliament_ What plans are there to lift the ban on fox hunting, as set out in the 2017 Conservative manifesto 17Jul17

BBC Parliament_ What plans are there to lift the ban on fox hunting, as set out in the 2017 Conservative manifesto? 17Jul17 Baroness Vere of Norbiton (Con): Government Whip & Baroness-in-Waiting for the Home Office, MoJ, DEFRA and the Law Officers Baroness Jones of Whitchurch (Lab): Shadow Minister for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) Lord Mancroft (Con): Chairman of the Council of the Hunting Associations & Chairman of the Master of Fox Hounds Association Baroness Parminter (LD): Lib Dem Deputy Leader in the House of Lords/ Spokesperson on Environment, Food & Rural Affairs Baroness Mallalieu (Lab): President of the Countryside Alliance Lord Lexden (Con): British historian, author

10. David Attenborough || WOLF: The Legendary Outlaw || BBC Wildlife Specials.

  • Duration: 2965
  • Channel: animals
David Attenborough || WOLF:  The Legendary Outlaw || BBC Wildlife Specials.

In human eyes, the wolf is one of nature's most dangerous predators, and as a consequence the animal has been hounded into the wilderness. This BBC Wildlife Special, narrated by David Attenborough, offers a unique insight into the wolf's true character, charting its battle to survive in the harshest of environments. Synopsis Few birds have captured the human imagination as deeply as the eagle. Throughout the centuries this majestic bird of prey has been the symbol of strength and courage, such is the perfection of its design. There are 60 different kinds of eagle throughout the world - each type having adapted spectacularly to hunting different forms of prey. Remarkable aerial photography captures the dramatic life of eagles as never seen before... --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. Series 1 Episode 6 of 6 From caring for newborn pups in the cold of the Arctic to scavenging in a Romanian suburb, this portrait of the wolf reveals the true nature of a remarkable creature.

11. BBC Radio Sussex Breakfast 19Jun17 - Btb in foxhounds spreading disease

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  • Channel: animals
BBC Radio Sussex  Breakfast 19Jun17 - Btb in foxhounds spreading disease

BBC Radio Sussex Breakfast - Neil Pringle 19Jun17 - Btb in foxhounds spreading disease Brian May: Queen guitarist/Animal Welfare Campaigner Iain McGill: Brighton vet/leader of Vets & Vet Nurses Against the Badger Cull Polly Portwin: Head of the hunting campaign for the Countryside Alliance Dominic Dyer: Chief Executive of the Badger Trust & Policy Advisor for the Born Free Foundation ...................................................................................... The Kimblewick Hunt country covers parts of Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire and extends approximately 65 miles north to south and 40 miles east to west - roughly the size of Cornwall. The kennels are near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

12. BBC News at Six 11Jun15 on 16 fox cubs found in barn in North Yorkshire

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  • Channel: animals
BBC News at Six 11Jun15 on 16 fox cubs found in barn in North Yorkshire

BBC News at Six 11Jun15 on 16 fox cubs found in barn in North Yorkshire Dr Toni Shepherd: League against Cruel Sports Kevin Hollinrake: Conservative MP for Thirsk & Malton Police are investigating after footage of 16 fox cubs held in a barn near to hunt kennels emerged. The video was filmed in a barn near to the Middleton Hunt Kennels in Malton, North Yorkshire, by the League Against Cruel Sports, which alleges that the cubs were being raised to be hunted. The footage, given to the BBC, showed the dark interior of a barn, located some 200m (660ft) from the hunt kennels. A number of fox cubs, aged six to eight weeks, were shying away from the light of the camera. Several were hiding in a milk churn and others were crouching in a drainpipe. The police said there were 16 cubs from at least four different vixens. Dr Toni Shephard, from the LACS, said: "This footage shows 16 fox cubs being kept in a barn without any sign of a vixen or parents. "We believe that they're being kept to ensure that there are plenty of foxes to hunt this coming season when they go out. "We think that this practice is widespread and this demonstrates that hunting is nothing to do with fox control or wildlife management, but that it's just a cruel sport that people take part in purely for pleasure." The cubs are now in a sanctuary in Liverpool. They will eventually be released into the wild.

13. Fishermen discover STRANGE Rare Fish

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Fishermen discover STRANGE Rare Fish

From the ancient painkillers of Neanderthals, to some bizarre looking critters from the deep sea; This is TRENDING TUESDAY !\r\r\rSubscribe to Epic Wildlife \r\rLets Connect\r-- \r-- \r-- \r-- \r\rStand Up Critters\rHave you ever wondered why some dinosaurs evolved bipedalism? Researchers have found that the two-legged trait was ually inherited from their ancient ancestors -- known as ‘proto-dinosaurs. These smaller ancestors likely walked on all fours, but ran on two legs. They evolved that ability to better evade predators. These critters had big, muscular tails that enabled them to run faster upright for longer distances. Smaller forelimbs improved their balance and reduced their body weight. Experts say some of these proto-dinosaurs gave up walking on all fours altogether. It had previously been argued that bipedalism allowed the creatures to use their forelimbs for hunting … but that wouldnt explain why many ancient herbivorous dinosaurs -- like the plateosaurus (PLAY-tee-oh-sore-us) -- retained the ability. Did you know that some of the proto dinosaurs could be around the size of a squirrel? \r\rDown the Rabbit Holes\rYou wouldnt guess that something the size of a rabbit hole in the West Midlands of England would lead to a sanctuary for a persecuted order of knights. Aof caverns was discovered in Shropshire (shrop-SHUR) that were once used by the Knights Templar … more than 700 years ago! The subterranean caverns attred so much vandalism that they were closed in new. Theyve since recently been reopened, and a photographer named Michael Scott came away with some amazing pictures of the eerie location. You can see the caves have remained in excellent condition over the centuries, and have subsequently been used by druids and pagans as a place of worship.The Knights are said to have once used the underground network as a ceremonial spot … and as a refuge, after efforts were initiated to dismantle the group in the 14th century. Its still not known exly when the Caynton Caves were carved out and first inhabited … and some even argue that the ancient order may have never used them at all … what do you think?\r\rAncient Antibiotics\rTheres more evidence that Neanderthals werent as slow as is sometimes though … Researchers have found they may have been using antibiotics and painkilling drugs as long as nearly 50,000 years ago! While examining the fossilized teeth of a Neanderthal man that once lived in Spains El Sidron (see-DRone) cave, scientists detected the genetic material of a mould with antibiotic properties. Nicknamed ‘Sid scientists found that the caveman suffered from a dental abscess and beria that would have resulted in gastrointestinal problems. But DNA analysis of his dental plaque suggests that Sid ate poplar to treat himself … that bark contains salicylic (sal-ih-SIL-ik) acid, the primary ingredient of aspirin . which wasnt synthesized until 1890. Theres also evidence suggesting Sid used a prehistoric antibiotic … traces of the fungus used to create penicillin was also found in his teeth. Penicillin wasnt discovered until 1928! Did the cavemen really know how to self-medicate?\r\rDeep Sea Mystery\rWas it some bizarre hybrid of a fish and a prawn? Fishermen in the waters of Australias Northern Territory found some creatures with a bizarre, prehistoric appearance. The critters were found at a depth of nearly 1,000 feet (300m) at a spot close to Darwins maritime boundary with Indonesia. The unusual specimens had bulging eyeballs, horned spikes, and was encased in heavy scales covered with slime. The weird marine life had the locals baffled … until experts identified it as an armored sea robin … Theyre known to have thickened fin rays they use as feet to scuttle about the ocean floor, instead of swimming. Theyre considered a rare species of fish thats normally found in deep tropical waters. Unfortunately, these critters became scarcer still … coz it looks like the fishermen slung ‘em on the barbie.\r\rChill By Nature\rAnd finally … Have you had a bear of a day? Well, weve found a way to help you instantly unwind. Actually, a study was recently conducted about the beneficial effects of watching nature documentaries … and it showed that watching even only a few minutes of such programs can relieve anxiety and stress … and boost your joy and happiness. The study used the BBC programme “Planet Earth II” as a model …the BBCs research was a collaborative effort with the University of California Berkeley … and has resulted in The Real Happiness Project