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2. who is next ep 3 3/3 eng sub

  • Duration: 856
  • Channel: tv
who is next ep 3 3/3 eng sub

WIN -who is next from traine of YG entertainment \r TEAM A: \r\rKIM JINWOO\r\rName: Kim Jinwoo (김진우)\rBirthdate: September 29, 1991\rBlood Type: A\rRole: Vocal\r\rLEE SEUNGHOON\r\rName: Lee Seunghoon (이승훈)\rBirth date: January 11, 1992\rHometown: Busan, South Korea\rPre-Debut:\r-SBS KPOPSTAR S1 TOP4\r\rSONG MINHO\r\rReal Name: Song Minho (송민호)\rBirthdate: March 30, 1993\rHeight: 180cm\rWeight: 67kg\rBlood Type: A\rRole: Leader, Rapper\r\rPre-Debut: \r\rHe was an ex-member of the original Block B group from Stardom Entertainment, but didnt debut with them.\rHe acted in the drama K-POP The Ultimate Audition on Channel A.\rHe was a member of Y2Y Contents vocal group, B.o.M. The group announced its disbandment in March 2013.\r\rKANG SEUNGYOON\r\rName: Kang Seungyoon (강승윤)\rBirthdate: January 21, 1994\rHeight: 178cm\rWeight: 59kg\rHometown: Busan, South Korea\rEducation: Busan Music and Arts High School\rPre-Debut:\r-Mnet Superstar K2 Contestant TOP4\r-MBC High Kick Through The Roof 3\rFacts: \rFavorite music genre: rock, R&B, soul, classic\rHobbies outside of singing: guitar, imitating Shin Seung Hoon, wave, pool\rA celebrity I think I look like: Lee Jun Ki, So Ji Sub (©)\rDiscography:\r\r2010 Ill Write You a Letter (당신께 쓰는 편지) from Superstar K2 Up to 11 album\r2010 Instinctively (본능적으로) from Superstar K2 Up to 11 album\r2010 Lets Go Superstar K2 Top 11\r2010 The Dreamers from Superstar K2 Up to 11 album\r2010 Life is Tab\r2011 You are Heaven Midas OST\r2011 Have You Ever Fallen In Love\r2012 Fanta Idol\r2012 Smile, My Love High Kick 3 OST\r2013 It Rains 1st Single\r\rOfficial Website:\rOfficial YouTube: \rOfficial Facebook page: \r\rNAM TAEHYUN\r\rName: Nam Taehyun (남태현)\rBirthdate: May 10, 1994\rBlood Type: A\rRole: Vocal\r\rTEAM B: \r\rB.I\r\rName: Kim Hanbin 김한빈\rStage Name: B.I (pronounced Be-i)\rD.O.B.: October 22, 1996\rPosition: Leader of Group B\r\rMisc:\r\rAt a press conference Yang Min Suk talked about the future YG groups, he showed practice clips of trainees and it was said that B.I was one of them\rKnown as the mix of the next G-Dragon/Teddy Park\rA YG trainee since 2010\r\rDiscography:\r\r[CAMEO] MC Mong Indian Boy\r\rKIM JIN HWAN\r\rName: Kim Jin Hwan (김진환)\rBirthdate: February 7, 1994\rBlood Type: A\rRole: Vocal\r\rSONG YUN HYEONG\r\rName: Song Yun Hyeong (송윤형)\rBirthdate: February 8, 1995\rBlood Type: A\rRole: Vocal\r\rBOBBY\r\rStage Name: Bobby \r\rReal Name: Kim Jiwon (김지원)\rBirthdate: December 21, 1995\rBlood Type: O\rRole: Rapper\r\rKIM DONG HYUK\r\rName: Kim Dong Hyuk (김동혁)\rBirthdate: January 3, 1997\rBlood Type: O\rRole: Vocal\rOthers: He placed 1st in JYP Audition and he passed YG audtion through DEF Company/DEF Dance Skool.\r\rGOO JUN HOE\r\rName: Koo Jun Hoe (구준회)\rBirthdate: March 31, 1997\rBlood Type: A \rRole: Vocal\rOthers: He was a SBS KPOPSTAR Season 1 contestan

3. Fancam iKON 구준회 직캠 왜 또(WHATS WRONG) 엠카운트다운_160107 160101 EP.88

  • Duration: 233
  • Channel: fun
Fancam iKON 구준회 직캠 왜 또(WHATS WRONG) 엠카운트다운_160107 160101 EP.88

[엠넷 직캠중독] 아이콘 구준회 직캠 왜 또 WHATS WRONG iKON Koo Jun Hoe Fancam @Mnet MCOUNTDOWN_160107.