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1. Stick Figure Makeover Lyrics

Stick Figure Makeover Lyrics

the pieces fit in you my dearest angel. watching you, watch me. is my heart still circled by your love? oh most precious of gifts, my life faces you. these days never end when summer sun sets cold. bu

2. It Tastes Like Water Lyrics

It Tastes Like Water Lyrics

i want to know is this what water tastes like? cause if it is, i want it to fill my lungs. and stop my breath to wake up this sleeping heart. this is for you. i've laid down with bleeding wrists to ca

3. The Beggers Lyrics

The Beggers Lyrics

switches avoiding fingers, airing a world premiere. knowing the guilt that we bring in the room, sleeping doesn't come easy. lying awake, waiting on you. if it is perfect, try it. it will never be eno

4. Yearbook Signing Party Lyrics

Yearbook Signing Party Lyrics

angel, will you accept my midnight invitation. you're born of perfection, yeah, misplaced and torn. funny how you show me the pictures of last minutes you waited for. "i thought this was it, i guess i

5. Bright Eyes Under Blue Night Skies Lyrics

Bright Eyes Under Blue Night Skies Lyrics

summer. the sunsets and your eyes as clear as life, spelling the name of surprise, the most beautiful girl under the skies. i miss home and i miss you. i miss your flower dresses and your smell. all i

6. Fold and Tear Lyrics

Fold and Tear Lyrics

one game that i wont play. frozen phone lines missing march. blessed sound asleep. it's a tragedy, i feel it is the misery that keeps me coming home and lusting is proof, that love has never touched t

7. Madison Lyrics

Madison Lyrics

call it black and white and red all over. that these bones bury in cool dirt. and it meant wrong to name you queen with one foot in my grave. (face forward birthday boy). you... enter you. i haven't s

8. Santa Ana Lyrics

Santa Ana Lyrics

seven hours until sunrise, i would rather drive than sleep. these lights, these memories. freeways are like pinhole ceilings. the stares they exchange in the classroom. i know they wish for downtown f

9. La Foret Lyrics

La Foret Lyrics

In a quaint French restaurant In a village at dark Waitress sings, I picked a violet from my mothers grave. In the streets the children play Like the famed 18th century And your flesh paces through t

10. Mystic Heat Lyrics

Mystic Heat Lyrics

I never knew what this meant to me With strange interest I watched the curious things I pushed back to the mystic heat of heats And found that heathen blood does run in me And only here well be alone

11. Ride the Black Horse Lyrics

Ride the Black Horse Lyrics

We will meet again, I promise Not hell can stop us now We could meet like this Tower bridge or Regents park And for today I am a new born baby girl And the wreck in me went quietly through the door t

12. Heavy on It Lyrics

Heavy on It Lyrics

Hello my wife, at last There are so many things Ive to ask We spoke before of Francis cross A red masked maid is said to have bought But Im not thinking about this again Until that cross is round my

13. Nurse Katie Lyrics

Nurse Katie Lyrics

I watch a young boy with a bag of stones In a car, I know that I dont own Its well past three and you phone for me To come and trace back the road I know this road it smells like storm And as far as

14. Twin Lyrics

Twin Lyrics

I want that body hovering above me The daughter of the king is on my bus Youve got your fathers eyes And a vampiress neck I want it to hurt, bad But I wont rain on your parade When you say it never w

15. All Ripe Lyrics

All Ripe Lyrics

All ripe, the torrent insides are beating me now The stars are pulling me in, pulling me out This tart owns all the love inside of me and you would not believe the sight of her All these sentimental p

16. The Greatest Love Lyrics

The Greatest Love Lyrics

Im just to sleep under your stairs You lonely witch you werent prepared Soon well be wed on the bathroom floor The guests will applaud as we exit the door Dont run away Dont run It could be the great

17. I Feel Beautiful Now Lyrics

I Feel Beautiful Now Lyrics

By phantom light My life just sailed away today And lady youre taking in a drunken sir But Id love to, forget in the mouths of babes I need to be cut by you Is this just what youre waiting for Ive go

18. 666777888 Lyrics

666777888 Lyrics

I am a sick manI am a spiteful man And if your voice just would linger Id pull back at the bar And Id be a wealthy man Blood, meat, torture music Theres a man in a coach who follows me home With a bla

19. Castle Street Lyrics

Castle Street Lyrics

Im lost in this decay And I feel Ive touched a brilliant star Oh wait, Ive been drugged I see my palms face down on cutlery Oh please Ive not known this dark show liturgy With sex in all your filthy s

20. The Streetwalkers Lyrics

The Streetwalkers Lyrics

Good evening love, youre warm like blood And its alright, cause youre you But I should never see your face again Never hear your name again Breathe, baby, breathe. For once Im here And its all good,