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1. The Moon Song

The Moon Song

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2. Flume


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3. Bathtub


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4. Shaam (Acoustic Cover)

Shaam (Acoustic Cover)

Recording from practice session for ACE felicitation event June 2014 ACE provides a platform for indoor acoustic gigs with an audience that comprises of interns that TCS takes from all across the globe; this is the third consecutive time that AFM had performed at ACE and this was just a way of saying 'Good Evening' to all with a promise of some fresh acoustic music'fire'works in the next hour that we were on stage. Inspired by the original "Shaam" from the Bollywood movie "Aisha" sung by Nikhil D'souza and directed by Amit Trivedi, AFM decides to use the new instrument addition with them id est Ukulele to recreate a perfect evening bonfire and la la acoustic environment. Performing this song was more like a trip through various tasty chords and moods that kept changing at every verse. Thoroughly enjoyed by Nikhil, Sourya and Prakhar while playing the instruments for they learned a lot, practiced a lot and made ocean full of mistakes with retakes, funny winks, blank looks, sadistic pleasures, tired eyes, hurt fingers, half laughs, full laughs, corrections, discoveries and multiple orgasms. Finally, Lekshmi took the egg shaker to join others with the instrumentation and figured the above mentioned. Vocals: Prakhar Gaharwar Guitar: Nikhil Verneker Ukelele: Prakhar Gaharwar Bass: Sourya Bhattacharya Egg Shaker: Lekshmi Rajendran Harmonies (correct ones): Nikhil Vernekar, Lekshmi Rajendran Harmonies (powerful ones ): Sourya Bhattacharya Finger snaps: not Nikhil Vernekar

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5. @TheUKSEO had to automate

  • Published: 2016-11-24T20:28:17Z
  • By John Bell
@TheUKSEO had to automate

It was a clear summer's weekday, I was making my way Like a bird of prey, hunting agencies in disarray Those that didn't automate, so I could display in every way, We outweigh the others where they used to overpay So I hit the website of the OVG On a mission trying to see if visitors could flee No automation scripts showed on Ghostery But I did find the resident emcee Saw SAScon rap, shared a knack for that Picked up the pen as my weapon and I wrote a sick track Planned an angle of attack, J Cole beat to back Tickle the vocals on the microphone when I spat Since OVG peepin' me, I'ma strive to serve Going on a stag do but I had the man's word @TheUKSEO ain't ever gonna swerve Cause I come up fourth on his own keyword ( Now an artefact, I'm talking to myself The M.O. stays hard work and maximise wealth But every time I ring, the call end up shelved Bravery mine to sing, the target's still on help 2 weeks in advance and my pen at the ready I seek the chance to help with bars and make beats heavy Indoor The Comedy Store will see laughs no more Gasps galore in awe as jaws hit the floor, Flow over mad metaphors; Gassed, they roar encore Before they swore on what they saw and cast Walker into folklore I just wanna explore the rapport that I rapped for Implore an answer is all that I ask for Cause for real G, daily I see inefficiencies Our stuff stops these, money don't sprout on trees Let me show and you'll believe OVGs digital strategies with ease It's still John Bell It's still Webmecanik It's still jbe (AT) Or 0742 629 1411

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6. Baby Sounds - Audio Preview

Baby Sounds - Audio Preview

Baby Sounds library includes 160 HQ (24bit/96kHz) indoor recordings of newborn, infant, toddler laughs, sighs, screams, whimpers, giggles, and cries. All captured in real-life conditions, over a 14-month period. Apart from the profound pre-speech vocalizations, you’ll also find cute recordings of a suckling pacifier, baby farts, breathing, breastfeeding and sneezing that will help your foleying character become more realistic and lifelike. Overall, the collection caters to projects in need for authentic newborn/ infant/ toddler boy vocal expressions. This library can be used to dub a character or serve as unique source of inspiration in the process of designing new creature. Find Out More:

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7. Seasonal Pet Care with Dr. Dustin Anderson

Seasonal Pet Care with Dr. Dustin Anderson

Dr. Dustin Anderson DVM of the Animal Wellness Center speaks with host Kelli Haywood about the importance of seasonally appropriate pet care for both indoor and outdoor pets. Dr. Anderson answers questions like - How should I best keep my outdoor dogs and cats warm in the winter months? Do you need flea protection in the winter time? Are those little doggie clothes actually useful or a waste of money? How do I make sure my indoor pets get enough exercise in bad weather? Do dogs and cats tolerate cold weather and heat better than humans do? ... and MUCH more. Listen in for some interesting pet conversation and a few laughs to boot. -photo by Jade Amburgey (Alice the Pink Lady)

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8. Step Up, Stand Out, and Kick Ass With Sarah Robb O’Hagan

Step Up, Stand Out, and Kick Ass With Sarah Robb O’Hagan

Executive, activist, and entrepreneur, Sarah Robb O’Hagan has been described by the media as everything from “Superwoman undercover” to the “Pied Piper of Potential.” She is a high-energy combination of disruptive business leader, fitness fanatic, and cheerleading mom, and has been named one of Forbes’ “Most Powerful Women in Sports” and one of Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business.” As Chief Executive Officer of the fast growing indoor cycling company Flywheel Sports, she is currently leading the transformation of the business through digital content and services. Prior to this role, Sarah became an internationally recognized re-inventor of brands, having served as global president of the $5Bn sports brand Gatorade, where she successfully led the business through a major repositioning and business turnaround, and global president of the luxury fitness company Equinox, where she reinvented the offering through a significant technology transformation. She recently released her new book, Extreme You: Step Up. Stand Out. Kick Ass. Repeat. Favorite Success Quote “Without risk does not come great reward.” Sarah’s Dad Key Points 1. Learn to Focus on What You Are Doing Now  Tell me if this has ever happened to you before? You are at work, hustling away on a  project that is fun and exciting, but for some reason, you cannot stop thinking about what’s happening at home with your wife or girlfriend. Or you are out on a date with your significant other and, instead of giving them your full attention, you are answering work emails when you are supposed to be connecting and sharing a special moment. Why the hell is it that we are always thinking about, and focused on everything except for what we are doing right now? Happiness and success are found when you are able to be completely present in whatever you are doing. When you are 100% focused on your work, you will be able to solve problems, pivot, and accomplish your tasks with greater speed and efficiency. Meaning that later in the day, you have the mental bandwidth to focus in on your family and friends 100%. The more present and focused you can be in one area, the more focus and presence you will be able to bring to the other areas of your life. 2. The Foundation of Success is Self-Care One of the most underrated and least talked about subjects in the world of entrepreneurship is self-care. Everyone gets so focused in on the hustle, they get so focused in on grinding it out and being “obsessed” that they forget to take care of #1. But let me ask you a question… How much money are you going to make if you are constantly in and out of the hospital with stress-related illnesses? How effective will you be if you are constantly drained, lethargic, and fatigued? How successful do you think you will really be if you are not taking care of yourself? You won’t! Success without self-care is unsustainable and ultimately unfulfilling. You must learn to take care of yourself, especially your mental and physical health first and focus on your business second. Make time every single day to get some form of exercise. Give yourself those extra 10-15 minutes to meditate and clear your headspace. Give yourself permission to relax at the end of a long day with a hot bath and some calm music. If you are not taking care of yourself and your body, you will eventually burn out and fail. Period. 3. You Cannot Take Things too Seriously  Look… Life is short. So why the hell would you waste one second of your life in an unhappy or depressed state? Have fun for God’s sake! Learn to laugh at yourself, laugh at your work, laugh at your success, laugh at your failure, because, at the end of the day, we are all dead anyways, so we might as well enjoy the journey and have a few laughs along the way. Life isn’t meant to be a constant stress-fest. It’s meant to be enjoyed with people that you like, doing...

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