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1. (IM007) Bwana - Over & Done EP 12"/Digital

(IM007) Bwana - Over & Done EP 12

Bwana - Over & Done EP 12"/Digital (January 21st 2012) Limited to 300 copies. Distributed by Kudos Records 12" A1.- It Ain't Done Til It's Over A2.- When There's Nothing Left B1.- Sleeping In B2.- It Ain't Done Til It's Over (XI Remix) Digital 01.- It Ain't Done Til It's Over 02.- When There's Nothing Left 03.- Sleeping In 04.- It Ain't Done Til It's Over (XI Remix) 05.- When There's Nothing Left (Jack Dixon Remix) 06.- It Ain't Done Til It's Over (Sibian & Faun Remix)

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2. Alfred English - Piston (Tsvi & Luru Remix)

Alfred English - Piston (Tsvi & Luru Remix)

The Astral Plane Premiere Read More: @tsvisions @luruofficial @alfred_english @do-the-astral-plane

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3. Ziúr - Nails

Ziúr  - Nails

@ziurziurziur FADER Premiere: Taken from the forthcoming "Taiga" EP out July 1. "'Nails' relates to everyday madness, to being restless, and always on the edge. It's about systematic oppression functioning as a form of stigmata. But all things considered, it is meant more as an empowering statement, to keep being weird and visible. Not to stay nailed to the ground but to stab back. Speak up."

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4. FADER Mix: Infinite Machine

  • Published: 2017-04-13T17:49:20Z
  • By The FADER
FADER Mix: Infinite Machine

Interview and tracklist:

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5. First Listen: Ziúr - 'Lilith' Ft. RIN(Infinite Machine)

  • Published: 2016-06-10T14:18:31Z
  • By Hyponik
First Listen: Ziúr - 'Lilith' Ft. RIN(Infinite Machine)

Featured here: An incendiary track from (featuring, forthcoming on her debut EP for – Taiga, out July 1st.

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6. Tomás Urquieta - Dueños de Nada (IM067)

Tomás Urquieta - Dueños de Nada (IM067)

Artist: @tomasurquieta Title: Dueños de Nada Release Date: September 28th Format: Digital / 12" Vinyl (White) Official Video for "Dueños de Nada" - "Dueños de Nada" announces itself as a strong and tough proposal. It comes with the intention to get away from what we are used to hearing from the Chilean producer. As a first album, and by incorporating broad influences into a range of genres, industrial sounds and punk, the debut by Tomás Urquieta feels huge and accurate. The "Dueños de Nada" sample, which belongs to Martin Sorrondeguy, is used by Urquieta to assemble a classic techno piece mixed with a new sound proposal, and by uniting these elements, a catharsis and collective osmosis movement is generated on the dance floor that does not need further explanation. The proficiency that Tomás has developed when creating percussion doesn't go unnoticed either. It is the sensation of a new breath in his music, a replacement, a much more mature sound is demonstrated by the high instrumentation mixed in with a full on Techno base. The rhythms are wild, futuristic and with a completely personal vision. There are tracks that lock you up and there's others that leave the need for a club ajar. It is a heavy album, political, metallic but very organized. There are voices in Spanish of direct protest towards the system, voices where he invites us to be part of a march to despair, a liberation march for the dance floor . If we could summarize "Dueños de Nada" we would say it's a cry for freedom, a cry which asks us to enjoy the feeling of complete freedom across 11 tracks that embrace this anarchy in which Tomás Urquieta invites us to join. Tracklist: 1. Esqueletos 2. Despues de Todo 3. La Sustancia de la Materia 4. Caballo Viejo 5. Dueños de Nada 6. Arto 7. Me Rehuso a Pensar 8. Nahual 9. Avoid the Trouble 10. Cada Segundo 11. The Curtain Fall Artwork by Tomás Urquieta Mastered by Cyrcular Mastering

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7. Wallwork & RZR - Mad Techno Invasion

  • Published: 2014-07-14T15:56:08Z
  • By XLR8R
Wallwork & RZR - Mad Techno Invasion


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8. Infinite Machine - RA Label of the month mix

Infinite Machine - RA Label of the month mix

Wolf, AKA Charlie Juarez, and Liar present the sound of Infinite Machine in two "phases." Read the feature: Phase 1 - Wolf: Keru Not Ever - Pink Chrome and the Smile of Karenine (IM052) Born in Flamez & Modeselektor - TBF (IMFS2) Beaka - Killjoy (IM022) Aphix - Trick or Truth (IM036) W3C - Bot-o'-War (IM049 Forthcoming) G-23 - War Drums (IMSL16) Lokane - Eastway Project (IM034) Tomás Urquieta - Anatomía (M.E.S.H. Remix) (IM047) Wallwork & RZR - Tonatiuh Dance (IMSL20) ??????? - ???? (Forthcoming) B.YHZZ - HOL (IM045) Hound Scales - Suction Clip (IMSL4) Tsunga - Masstext (IM035) Ziur - Fever (IM044) Tomás Urquieta - La Muerte de Todo lo Nuevo (IM047) Abyss X - AMADEUS (IM050) 123Mrk - Invisible Colors (Deft Remix) (IM018) Phase 2 - Liar: Liar - Black Christmas (IM0XM) Liar - Assamite (IM020) Effy - Move (Troy Gunner Remix) (IM026) Ill Life - GO (Liar Resex) (IM019) Wolf & Liar - The Truth Liar - Ha-REM (IM025) Liar - Nymph Hunter (IM013) Liar - Cybertime (IM023) Korma - Orloj (Liar Optimix) (IM031) Liar - Enoch Dub (IM030)

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9. Ziúr - Lilith Ft. RIN (Air Max '97 Remix)

Ziúr - Lilith Ft. RIN (Air Max '97 Remix)

@ziurziurziur @airmax97 @do-the-astral-plane

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10. IM026 - Effy - Distant Sounds (12"/Digital Out Now!)

IM026 - Effy - Distant Sounds (12

Soundcloud: @effymusicireland Facebook: About to Blow Review: THUMP track premier: "Move" DJ Mag Review: Spectrum Review: 12": Juno Records: Hardwax: Red Eye Records: Digital: Juno Download: Beatport: Boomkat: Irishmen Kieran Craddock & Peter Fleming, aka Effy, after 2 releases on Disco’s Dead and Erimus, respectively, showcasing their jackin’ house and dark warehouse proclivities, and attracting support from UK households such as Swamp81, are now armed and ready to join the IM family. Part of the encroaching brit monopoly of our roster, alongside Beaka, Seb Wildblood, Wallworks/RZR, Kalpa, iO Sounds, Troy Gunner et al, their work on “Distant Sounds” is a testament to our dedication to steal the cream of the crop of UK talent and release it on the other side of the Atlantic. Tee-hee. Now then, on to the music. “Move” is probably the sexiest track we’ve ever put out (barring the dubious sensuality of most Liar trax). “Just a little bit” go the breathy vocal cuts, and the rest of the track complies. Seductive rather than lascivious, it’s pervaded by a less-is-more approach that does away with any superfluous element one might encounter in modern clubbing. “Bourbon Switch” continues among the same lines, albeit being a bit of a punchier, more driving affair. Garage percussion, basslines, house groove, techno gravitas – for anybody familiar with the UK scene, this is nothing new; however, few others juggle these as well, and with as much functionalist immediacy, as Effy do. On the remix tip, things get mental. Troy Gunner takes “Move” into heretofore uncharted territories – stripping down the track even more, utilizing silence and space to spectacular results, and inflecting a thoroughly alien rhythm. Hound Scales does the very opposite, driving his ‘Shade 2 Go’ remix hard, plentifully building atop the original into a perfect morsel for those hungry for his unique brand of outsider techno. Distant sounds from distant future, graciously available to you courtesy of Infinite Machine. ((∞)) Release Date: September 29th Format: 12" / Digital Artwork by: Liam Devine Tracklist: A1.- Move A2.- Move (Troy Gunner Remix) B1.- Bourbon Switch B2.- Bourbon Switch (Hound Scales Shade 2 Go Remix)

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11. IM018 123Mrk - Noname EP Remixed (Out now!)

IM018 123Mrk - Noname EP Remixed (Out now!)

This spring, as a tribute to fantastic Frenchman 123Mrk's breakout debut on Infinite Machine, the "Noname" EP, we've proudly put together a hefty, ecletic collection of remixes from peers and fans of the effervescent post-dubstep innovator. The eponymous track first gets the Framework treatment: a wistful yet energic dense percussive workout. Then, Pixelord spins it into a playful, arp-driven future beats number. Heblank focuses on the original's house elements, and repurposes them as the basis for heavyweight, rave-piano-driven 4/4 banger. Resketch seemingly takes the same initial route, but his take on a house re-imagining is of a more chilled-out, deep and balearic persuasion. "Unrest" is updated to 2013 hit status via Arapaima's faithful, emotional and uplifting trap edit. Seapoint applies his signature stop-start beats dynamic on his take, creating an indefinable, next-gen, quirky and murky bass music banger. Liar, curveballing as usual, employs the talents of piano experimentalist Parachute Pulse and samples one of his own signature tracks to create a metallic, spacey, lo-fi esotech cover. Dub wizard Troy Gunner molds "Unrest" into a contemplative, hypnagogic finale for the release. "Pleasure" explodes under Obey City's touch into a genre-obsolete, exuberant fusion of nostalgic synthwork, sci-fi sound design, and ravey, energizing breakbeat. ViLLAGE brings his impeccable pop sensibilities to his faithful take on the original, perfecting it into the urgent, slighty trapped-out anthem of this relase. M.Constant, on the other hand, warps it nearly beyond recognition into a sexy melange of bluesy, vocal-driven warehouse techno and UKG. Herr Johann goes the future garage route for his take on it, but eschews the lamentable gloominess oft-associated with the genre, instead opting for thoughtful optimism and an irresistably immersive atmosphere on top of the woodblocks. "Invisible Colors", in the deft hands of Deft, becomes a vibrant post-footwork roller, replete with retrofuturistic synth washes and bubbling arps. TOTTE takes the track into UKG-revivalist territory, utilizing insanely catchy, soulful vocal cuts, talking percussion, and an unbridled sense of fun. Druid Cloak's signature "Broked-n-Cloak'd" approach infuses his remix with a psych-folky, magical quality. Fresh from the grove. Head over to XLR8R to download Obey City's remix of "Pleasure"

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12. Galtier - Emerald Salts (IM069)

Galtier - Emerald Salts (IM069)

Artist: @galtier Title: Terran EP Format: Digital Release Date: July 27th It is with great excitement to announce the return of the Nostro Hood System label boss, Galtier (Bristol, UK) to Infinite Machine. Following-up his well received 2016 "Myth Codes" EP. Galtier's Commentary about the EP: The concept for the ‘Terran’ EP is centered around a lone human drifting through space, planet to planet. Who this person might be is irrelevant – it can be anyone, any gender, any race. What is important is that this person is undergoing a treacherous journey deep into the unknown. They are alone on this journey and it is no easy task, but their resilience and determination to carry on is what drives them forward. The premise within this is based around the idea of each individuals own suffering, each person who walks this earth faces their own obstacles, which ultimately at its core is beyond their control. Much like the Terran drifting through space, the unknown of space parallels the unknown future of life, and the endless possibilities that perpetually arise throughout it. The EP is presented as a sense of hope – encouragement to all that even though they often drift through their spiritual life alone, they are not alone on this journey. Each Terran faces the blackness of space in their own way, and they too can choose how they perceive this arduous, yet immensely worthwhile experience. What might seem like a crushing, over encumbering existence, at times, only adds to the worth of life. Life is a challenge – and it should be – as overcoming the challenge and powering on, despite the odds, makes each day and each moment (a keepsake if you will) innumerably more valuable. There is no real sense of completion within this journey too, as ‘home’ is something that the Terran will not experience again. ‘Home’, or ‘Earth’ in many ways is birth through this allegory, and every moment from this point becomes the struggle of existence. One can never step backwards to another moment in time that has already passed, as the world will not allow you to return to your previous spiritual self. The only true and just way is forward, further into the abyss of the universe. Artwork by Nic Symbios.

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13. Alfred English - Piston

Alfred English - Piston

@alfred_english Piston Video Premiere on FACT: Marking the beginning of a new era, ULTRAMAJIC label manager and internet savant Alfred English welcomes his anticipated debut on Infinite Machine. Perhaps more serious than his visual artwork, the “Piston” EP sees Alfred craft club music that is as strangely heavy and hardcore as it is comforting and emotional. Rather than filtering the fleeting trends of the grime/club wasteland, the Los Angeles artist takes to the vast, industrial tradition of weaving hardcore with dark, broken beats and emotive, retro chords, built with the attention of an IDM or EBM producer. Opening song “Air Grid” (available from XLR8R as a free download) is an experiment in syncopation and the art of continual tension building, rhythmically contrasting the dramatic synth stabs against regionally-rotating drum patterns, nodding to ‘80s electro as much as it does to classic Jersey club, and embodying the spirit of Jimmy Edgar, DJ Haus, and early Hotflush. “Proximity Mine”, the second track, heavily electrifies the basis of “Air Grid”, leading industrial techno stabs in a brutal, pulsating call and response over a driving, concrete club rhythm. In the second half, Alfred summons up the likes of Alex Coulton or early Distance with an oscillating, half-time deconstruction that paralyzes the violence of the first half. With an inviting, emotional introduction, the EP’s title track, “Piston”, doesn’t take long to collapse into a merciless, alien assault. The light, club beat is simple yet clear, the melody is subtle but catchy. It is heavy, but contrasted by its strange, brief sincerity and tactical use of negative space, it consumes as much as it comforts. The EP closer, “Extraction Console”, is perhaps the most comprehensive of the bunch. As if a morning conversation between birds was industrially-translated, wonky, drunk synths flip over and over between hip hop, electro and club rhythms before the drop D power chords call back. For the sake of full scale club assault, four were asked to remix Piston. TSVI & Luru flip it fully into a slow-burning club tool, underlined by ominous trumpets and straightforward Afro-Caribbean rhythms. Patrick Brian plays up the original’s contrast with an extra emphasis on the angelic chords between the sci-fi assault, and an extra dose of snapping snares. WWWINGS do as they do best, and frame “Piston” as a haunted, gothic dub. ETEVLEH then meticulously deconstructs it, only to rebuild it into a chaotically beautiful battle of strings, steel drums and grime, as if it were the theme from a metaphysically-fucked anime. Release Date: April 29th Tracklist: 1. Air Grid 2. Proximity Mine 3. Piston 4. Extraction Console 5. Piston (Tsvi & Luru Remix) 6. Piston (Patrick Brian Remix) 7. Piston (WWWINGS RMMMX) 8. Piston (ETEVLEH Remix) Written & produced by Alfred English. Mastered by Cyrcular Mastering. Artwork by Alfred English.

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14. Tomás Urquieta - Anatomía (Ausschuss Remix)

Tomás Urquieta  - Anatomía (Ausschuss Remix)

@tomasurquieta @m-e-s-h @ziurziurziur @ausschuss FADER Video Premiere: On the tail of his 2015 oeuvre “Manuscript”, which we deemed “a far less jubilant outlook on the club experience than most of his peers’” and “music for packed dungeons and inhabited ruins”, Tomás deepens his dialectic for his 2016 outing, “La Muerte De Todo Lo Nuevo”. In stark contrast with language of its title, it’s a far less Latin-inflected body of work than “Manuscript”. And in complete agreement with the concept of its title, it does indeed sound like “The Death Of All That Is New” – seemingly oxidizing the stainless steel of of-the-now club music in real time; seemingly demolishing its marble structures in slow motion. The title track cheekily interpolates a haunting, bespoke variation on the “Alla Luce Del Giorno”/”Chase The Sun” melody atop plummeting percussive concretism, only to gradually unravel into beautiful plucked ostinato with cello accompaniment. “Anatomía” exists at the odd, but serendipitous point of convergence between a hard, driving, clattering techno track, a sparse Hysterics-esque tool, and a Noah “40” Shebib beat. “Distopía” begins as something you might hear in a Slipknot skit or hidden track, incrementally adds sparse, fleeting, fragile grime elements, and unceremoniously erupts into a furious volley of snares just as the background harmony reaches its most vulnerable and wistful. Asymmetry and counter-intuitive structure pervade the track – at first unnerving, this progressively subverts expectation and leaves the listener a blank slate, just in time for the finale’s barrage, leading to a touchingly human and intimate moment. Lastly, “Incierto” is just that – uncertain; meandering as an artform; confusion executed with utmost precision. On the remix tip, peers M.E.S.H., Ziúr and Ausschuss provide ersatz “alternate takes” to “Anatomía”, “Distopía” and, respectively, “Anatomía” yet again, conveying the synchronicity that suffuses and defines their loose collective. Release Date: September 30th

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15. First Listen : Tomás Urquieta - 'The Curtain Fall' (Infinite Machine)

  • Published: 2018-08-30T15:32:37Z
  • By Hyponik
First Listen : Tomás Urquieta - 'The Curtain Fall' (Infinite Machine)

Chilean producer Tomás Urquieta returns to Infinite Machine with a searing full-length album. Read more: @tomasurquieta @infinite-machine

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16. First Listen: Pixelord & Born In Flamez - 'Blockchain' (Infinite Machine)

  • Published: 2017-11-22T17:05:52Z
  • By Hyponik
First Listen: Pixelord & Born In Flamez - 'Blockchain' (Infinite Machine)

Both @pixelord and @born-in-flamez have a deep-rooted interest in cyber-futurist ideas, which is reflected in 'Blockchain's' neon-lit synthwork and metallic, abrasive percussion. Read more:

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17. Lokane - The 5th

Lokane - The 5th

@lokane Grime is now an international format. Take Lokane's next project. The London producer will release 'The Eastway Project' EP on Infinite Machine, a Montreal-based imprint with its roots in Mexico City. Not strictly grime in the purist sense, 'The Eastway Project' seems to reflect where London bass culture is right now - accepting fresh influences while aware of its heritage. " 'The 5th' and it's a propulsive, rattling bass belter with plenty of sub-low boost".

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@wwwings The FADER Premiere:

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