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2. It's pronounced Omnitica

  • Published: 2011-07-24T15:20:54Z
  • By Omnitica
It's pronounced Omnitica

Because people can't pronounce my name... :(((( Omnitica like to tease, so if you want the drop say please. PEEASEEE!! Tell me, and I might write the guitar tabs for this ;)

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4. It's Pronounced...Milos Raonic (Ep. 2)

It's Pronounced...Milos Raonic (Ep. 2)

Milos Raonic pronunciations courtesy YouTube.

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6. It's Pronounced...Jaromir Jagr (Ep. 3)

It's Pronounced...Jaromir Jagr (Ep. 3)

Jaromir Jagr pronunciations via YouTube, goal calls courtesy The Hockey News.

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