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1. Rush TV - Jackson Shapiera Profile

Rush TV - Jackson Shapiera Profile

Segment on the extreme sports show Rush TV featuring downhill skateboarder Jackson Shapiera. Aired on ABC3

2. Veko #1

Veko #1

Todays Video Filming by Lasse moe, Jackson Shapiera and Kim Anderssen

3. Almabtrieb 2010

Almabtrieb 2010

a run down the 2010 world championship track with team Brazil. Jackson Shapiera on helmet cam.

4. Peyragudes 2009

Peyragudes 2009

Team Orangatang (Louis Piloni, James Kelly, Patrick Switzer and Jackson Shapiera) along with 2008 world cup champion Scoot Smith take a ride down the course of the first race of the 2009 world cup championships, Peyragudes in France.

5. With A Side Of Victor

  • Published: 2012-05-11T07:19:22+00:00
  • Duration: 1236
  • By Kenny Luby
With A Side Of Victor

Who needs a side of fries and coleslaw when you got Victor. -Starring- Louis Pilloni Jeff Budro Matt Kienzle Chance Gaul Daniel Luna AJ Haiby George Mackenzie Jackson Shapiera EG Fratantaro Stacey Brooke Erik Lundberg Simon Pigeon Jimmy Riha Pivot Tug PeeWee & Victor Earhart. A Film by Kenny Luby. Tunes- Intro & Outro- Silversun Pickups- The Land Chapter- Hank Williams III- Mat & Chance Chapter- Gang Starr- Jeff & Luna Chapter- Lou Reed- Louis Chapter- Arctic Monkeys-

6. Riding Gravity

Riding Gravity

a compilation of shots from Down Under and the Great White North. Featured riders are: Jackson Shapiera, Stephen Daddow, Kristian Pinochet, Scoot Smith, Rylan (Raggie) English, B-Rad, Scott (Guff) Guthrie, Mike McGoldrick, Adam Yates and Brian Peck.

7. The Final Shred for 2010

The Final Shred for 2010

SCBS crew enjoy the last shred of the year on the well known Mt Keira rd. Camera: Luca Coleman Riders: Jackson Shapiera, Gabe Gwynne

8. Danger Bay to LA 2009 Episode #1

Danger Bay to LA 2009 Episode #1

Join the adventure as Australian longboard skateboarder Jackson Shapiera follows a group of some of the world's best skaters through some of the major longboarding hotspots the world has to offer, including some of the gnarliest, hardest and fastest downhill skateboarding events on the planet.

9. Voss2010


EkstremSports Veko is the largest extreme sports festival in the world. Located in Voss, Norway, the festival draws the best athletes from all over the world to compete in categories such as sky diving, base jumping, mountain biking, BMX dirt jumping, Kayaking, Longboarding and many more. Hopkin team rider Jackson Shapiera made the journey to this beautiful place to compete in the longboarding race, skate some of the most beautiful terrain the country has to offer and check out the growing longboarding scene that Norway is building.

10. Falls Creek

Falls Creek

This is the road coming out of Falls Creek in Victoria, Australia. It is only the top 8km of the full run, which is nearly 16k's of beautiful winding downhill. Rider: Jackson Shapiera

11. Jacko on Piuma

Jacko on Piuma

Jackson Shapiera riding the bottom section of Piuma in Malibu, CA. Rayne Nemesis Deelite, Kooky Speed Trucks 190mm, Orangatang In Heats 80a

12. HayGnar


Jackson Shapiera and Michael Bowditch riding Hayward in [r]Adelaide

13. The Battle For The Downhill 2014

  • Published: 2015-04-13T05:12:34+00:00
  • Duration: 204
  • By Mainout
The Battle For The Downhill 2014

The Famous series of "The Battle For The Downhill" comes back again with the 2014 edition.Filmed in 7 countries during the 2014 downhill season.We have collected the best shoots of this season of racing and freeriding. Enjoy The Video and get ready for the 2015 season!! The Battle Continues! Featuring: -Ronin,Alvaro,Miki,james Kelly,Dalua,Katie Neilson,Jimmy Riha,Jackson "Jacko" Shapiera,Guille Salvá,A.J Haiby,Chris McBride,Kevin "K-rimes" Reimer-Jorge,Connor Ferguson,Alfred Cano,Pablo Fouz,Sebastian Hertler,Louis Pilloni,Max Wippermann,Patrick "P-swiss" Switzer,Max Ballesteros,Cris Cruz,Rafa "Cow" Garrido,Erik Lundberg, Guancha,Orma,Rob Mcwhinnie,Palaxa,Andy Lally,Byron Essert,Laura Amoros,Arki,Elena Corrigal,Daniel Luna,Federico Prieto-Ruben Otero,Berry Plasman,Mikel Echegaray Music: Immediate Music - With Great Power (Extended Version)

14. Gettin Rad in Radelaide

Gettin Rad in Radelaide

Gabe Gwynne gets sideways down one of Radelaide's sickest hills, filmed and edited by Jackson Shapiera.

15. Almabtrieb 2010 Event Recap

Almabtrieb 2010 Event Recap

IGSA World Championships 2010 held in Neukirchen Germany. Statements by John Barnet Mischo Erban Sebastian Hertler James Kelly Benjamin Malherbe Kevin Reimer Stefan Risch Jackson Shapiera Scott Smith Patrick Switzer Camera Ross Baradoy Ramón Königshausen Lasse Moe Patrick Switzer Mike McGown POV Camera Christoph Batt Corey Leeson Stefan Rüfli John Barnet Edit Ramón Königshausen

16. North Side Slashin'

North Side Slashin'

Jackson Shapiera and Steve Daddow slash it up around some cool spots on Sydney's Northern Beaches

17. The Graveyard Call 2010 - Event Recap

The Graveyard Call 2010 - Event Recap

Results: 1. Kevin Reimer, Canada 2. Patrick Switzer, Canada 3. Louis Pilloni, United States 4. Evren Ozan, United States 5. Stefan Rüfli, Switzerland 6. James Kelly, United States 7. Ramón Königshausen, Switzerland 8. Phillipe Dupuy France 9. Christoph Batt, Switzerland 10. Adam Persson, Sweden Camera: Lasse Moe Mike McGown Justin Readings Patrick Switzer Ramón Königshausen POV Camera: Corey Leeson Robin Sandberg Edit: Ramón Königshausen Statements by Kevin Reimer Jeff Budro Andrew Chapman Christoph Batt Robin Sandberg Twix Erik Lundberg Evren Ozan Corey Leeson Ramón Königshausen Patrick Switzer Mischo Erban Jackson Shapiera Alex Horthe Scott Smith James Kelly Louis Pilloni John Barnet Music: One Way Road - John Butler Trio Rain - Cunninlynguists La Haine - Asian Dub Foundation She does it in Graveyards - Jesse Matheson Roll Credits - Kid Koala

18. Hot Heel raw run

Hot Heel raw run

run down the track at Hot Heels South Africa 2012 Riders: Alex Dus, Luca Coleman, Jackson Shapiera

19. Mt. Ruapehu

  • Published: 2011-05-31T08:11:14+00:00
  • Duration: 267
  • By Ian McGlynn
Mt. Ruapehu

The N-Tense D-Cent Tour 2010, Mt Ruapehu. Rider: Jackson Shapiera

20. Eagle Outlaw 2010

  • Published: 2010-05-02T10:22:49+00:00
  • Duration: 102
  • By
Eagle Outlaw 2010

Adelaide downhill skaters held their first outlaw race on Eagle on the hill in May, 2010. Riders from Sydney Jackson Shapiera and Ben hay made the trip to join local riders Leigh Griffiths and Michael Bowditch in the finals to battle it out to be come the first "Eagle On The Hill" 1st - Jackson Shapiera 2nd - Ben Hay 3rd - Leigh Griffiths 4th - Michael Bowtich 5th - Luca Coleman 6th - Kam Kite 7th - Dion 8th - Jonty 9th-15th - adleiade groms