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1. Overdue

  • Published: 2018-02-17T17:16:15Z
  • By Jaeger

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2. JAEGER - Overdue

  • Published: 2018-04-26T13:02:49Z
  • By Stromajen
JAEGER - Overdue

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3. JAEGER - Overdue

  • Published: 2018-10-13T18:54:08Z
  • By Hind
JAEGER - Overdue

nothing at of , which is

4. Clancy exclusive mix for Kitsuné New Faces

Clancy exclusive mix for Kitsuné New Faces

Kitsuné presents its new compilation Kitsuné New Faces out February 24! Pre-order it now on iTunes : Tracklist : Clancy - Overdue Baunz - Out Of The Window ft 3rd Eye (Walker & Royce Remix) Mirror People - Kaleidoscope (Psychemagik Remix) Finnesbassen - Jaeger Sakorka - Felling Inside (Clancy Remix) Pirupa - Every Life ft Leon (Tube & Berger Remix) Jimmy & Fred - I See Lights (Karmon Remix) Clancy - Can't You See George Fitzgerald - Magnetic (Original Mix) Clancy - Overdue (Urulu Remix) Joshua Jesse & Minus 104 - Changes ft Ricarda (Original mix)

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5. JM088 - Fredfades

JM088 - Fredfades

Jaeger Mix #088 April 8th, 2018 FredFades makes a long overdue appearance for the Jæger mix this week. A regular feature in our basement and our courtyard, both as a DJ and an artist, he has played live for various Mutual Intentions showcases; DJ’d a collection of rare boogie records for Boogienetter; and together with Dirty hans provided an evening of Soulful House as Touchdown. An artistic chameleon, he produces dusty Hip Hop records for people in the MI crew as well as a crafting something memorable solo records. His last album, “Warmth” has made an indelible impression on the scene for its idiosyncratic soulful sound and its expert production. He’s featured on other notable records across the MI crew and his two-part HMD mixtape from last year has been a firm favourite here for us. Always ready with bag of incredible records that blends nostalgia, groove and dance floor energy, FredFades sets are always a welcome addition to any line-up and in his edition to the Jæger mix he shows exactly why. FredFades opts for a stylistic House set on his visit to our basement. He keeps it four to the floor with funky bass lines bringing a entrancing groove to the entire mix. Feigning function, there’s melodic jazz undertone to upper parts of the mix where they come alive over the rigid drum and bass arrangements. It adds a deepness to the mix, not in a stylistic Deep House way, but rather in an inquisitive listening way that sucks you into the mix. There’s an element of fun and excitement to it all that lives beyond its context. The tracklist as always is a mystery with FredFades keeping his prized records pretty close to his chest. We’re grateful to hear them now in this mix and while we indulge our senses, FredFades answers some questions for us about the theme of his mix, his debut LP and of course Mutual Intentions. Æ. Your last album has been keeping us warm this winter. What’s been some of your personal musical highlights recently? F. Thanks! Hmmm, I’m just back from playing in Paris again where I saw a theegendary UK jazz funk / disco band: “Atmosfear” live, and it was amazing. Speaking of Highlights, us releasing Jawn Rice’s “Highlights” project in December was a Highlight itself. I’ve always been a big fan of his music, since the first time he sent me some of his SP1200 beats in 2007 while I was on vacation / a record trip in Seattle. Other things: releasing my own solo debut LP “Warmth”, releasing stuff I produced for Ivan Ave & Charlotte Dos Santos etc. Releasing & selling out Tøyen Holding and doing packed shows together, doing loads of DJ’ing around Europe was fun too, 2017 was a good year, hopefully this year will be just as fun as 2017. Æ. You also released a couple of mixtapes on HMD last year under two themes; steppers and dancers. Is your Jæger mix a stepper or a dancer, and is there a track in your mix that can sum up the theme of your mix for us? F. Definitely more like the Dancers side of that tape. I wanted to play some really mellow deep house cuts tonight. The song would have to be Orchestra 7 – “Love Is The Message”.

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6. JM#035 - Ivaylo

JM#035 - Ivaylo

Jaeger Mix #035 February 26th, 2017 It had been brought to our attention that we have yet to feature a Jæger Mix with its resident Ivaylo, and when Kim Dürbeck had to reschedule his Æmix appearance, it was pure kismet. It comes at fortuitous time too, just when Ivaylo and Bogota records are about to release an upcoming EP from Usmev featuring Camilla Luna and two new, long-overdue original tracks from the label head Ivaylo. Ivaylo launches into his episode of the Æmix with the first cut from his upcoming record, and embarks on a deep colourful journey through the evocative spaces of House music in true Ivaylo-style for the rest of the mix. Where the deep opens up to the luminescence of its furthest reaches, you’ll find Ivaylo trawling the sub-bass frequencies in the ebb of visceral waves of textures as they flow through reserved tempos. Where the deep is abound with life and light, Ivaylo communicates a mood and feeling through his personalised edits and productions and the music of others.

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7. Berlin Radio Show w/ Markus Saarländer - 056 - Trickstar Radio

Berlin Radio Show w/ Markus Saarländer - 056 - Trickstar Radio

LIVE recording from my Berlin Radio Show aired on 14.04.2018. Lovely, deep and luscious grooves. Enjoy! 1. Kaleida - 99 Luftballons - Lex Records [London] 2. Philipp Wolf & Max Stecher - Icarus - Ein2 [Berlin] 3. Fahlberg - Overdue - No One Around 4. Definition - Miu - Definition Music [Zurich] 5. Prismode & Solvane - Octopus - Stil vor Talent [Berlin] Out 27 Apr 6. Georgia Angiuli - Because I Like It (Sam Shure Remix) - Stil vor Talent [Berlin] 7. Lars Moston & Sabrina Mue - This is How feat. Dee Lee (Daniel Jaeger & Pauli Rocket Remix) - Katermukke [Berlin] 8. Gregor Tresher - Neon (Butch Remix) - GTO [Frankfurt] 9. Luis Bravo & Jose Vizcaino - Comfort Zone (Pysh Remix) - MONOG [Berlin] 10. Joan Retamero - Magnus (Magdalena Remix) - Movement [Thessaloniki] 11. Dropboxx - Stronger (Shigaki Remix) - KDB [Berlin] 12. Philipp Kempnich - Zoar - Einmusika [Berlin] 13. Transcode - Skynet - Stil vor Talent [Berlin] 14. KIKO feat. Thomas Gandey - TX1 - Stil vor Talent - [Berlin] Out 27 Apr 15. Gorkiz - Madeleine (B-Vision & Dimitri Narkov Remix) - KDB [Berlin] 16. Anturage & Saccao - Seven Ways - Audiomatique [Berlin] 17. ARTBAT - Sand In My Shoes - Diynamic [Hamburg] 18. Nick Devon - Symbiose (Clawz SG Remix) - Steyoyoke [Berlin] 19. Mikah - Look Into Your Soul - Mukke [Berlin] 20. Giorgia Angiuli & Lake Avalon - Stil vor Talent [Berlin]

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8. Unanswered Vol. 2

  • Published: 2019-06-20T06:26:14Z
  • By Dyemend
Unanswered Vol. 2

The next installment of the Unanswered mix series is finally here. It’s long overdue, but it arrives right in time for Summer. A lot has changed since the last volume of Unanswered, but the music selection is still just as good. For this mix I decided to start of progressive at first, then mix into some more melodic techno, and finally finish the mix off with some darker minimal tracks. Hope you enjoy! I’ll be trying to get the next installment out in a shorter amount of time so stay tuned. As always here is some of the track list: Sol (Original Mix) - Julian Wassermann [Stil Vor Talent] Visions (Bebetta & Coi Remix) - Stereo.type [Get Physical Music] Hollow (Morttagua Remix) - Uncloak [Timeless Moment] Distant Signs (Original Mix) - After Burn [Balkan Connection] Project 71 (Original Mix) - Digital Mess [Eternal Beats] Crosswinds (Kamilo Sanclemente, Juan Pablo Torrez Remix) - Matan Caspi [Clubsonica] E Ke Keq Aty (Monastetiq Remix) - Motel Sazani [Capital Heaven] Carvaan (Daniel Jaeger, Pauli Pocket Remix) - Lunaar [Heinz Music]

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