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1. James Atkinson's 2011 VFX Reel

  • Published: 2011-10-23T18:13:21+00:00
  • Duration: 617
  • By James Atkinson

2. James Atkinson in "The People v. George Lucas"

  • Published: 2012-01-09T01:29:39+00:00
  • Duration: 43
  • By Dan Murrell
James Atkinson in

Recent Channy winner James Atkinson is also a documentary star.

3. Memento Mori

  • Published: 2010-02-16T02:47:16+00:00
  • Duration: 31
  • By Mothership
Memento Mori

Director : Brent Bonacorso VFX Supervisor: James Atkinson Lighting Artists: Tim Jones, David Liu, Chris Norpchen Compositing Artists: Sven Dreesbach, Rafael Colon Animation: Marc Perrera Rigging: Adrian Dimond

4. Solo

  • Published: 2016-08-04T10:15:39+00:00
  • Duration: 214
  • By Abbie Stephens

A grief stricken musician seeks solace in his violin. The frenzied classical performance leads to a surreal and enchanting effect as the piece reaches a bloodied crescendo with the destruction of the instrument. Directed by Abbie Stephens music composed by Joss Holden-Rea and performed by Tobie Trip. made for Channel 4 Random Act Original sheet music can be found here: Written and Directed by Abbie Stephens Executive Producer: Paul Weston Producer: Sophie Dewey Staring: Tobie Tripp Composer: Joss Holden-Rea Director of Photography: Ben Fordesman 1st Assistant Director: Casper Campbell Hair and make-up: Anna Wild Stylist: Natalie Willis Art Dep: Frankie Boyle &James Early Editor: Flaura Atkinson Sound design: Martin Leitner Colourist: James Bamford

5. ROLLCAM - Montage #3

  • Published: 2009-09-24T21:23:29+00:00
  • Duration: 141
  • By rollcam
ROLLCAM - Montage #3

Featuring: Joe Atkinson, Pete Bexley, Blake Bird, James Bower, Matt Chlivers, Sunni Hodge, Neil Ingall, Fergus Jenkins, Mike McCann, Phil Ryan Music: Despicable Dogs by Small Black

6. GELATO GO HOME (Director's Cut)

GELATO GO HOME (Director's Cut)

As the first snow flake settles on cold concrete, the ice cream vans begin to contemplate the harsh winter ahead. For, like the caribou and the grey goose, the season marks the start of a long voyage in search of sunnier climes. Animation Short Film, 3' 30" Directed by Alasdair + Jock Produced by Trunk Animation for Channel Four Producer: Richard Barnett Production Company: Trunk 3D Animation: Luca Paulli 2D Animation: Francisco Puerto Esteban, Layla Atkinson Composer: James Orman Sound Design & Mix: Barnaby Templer @ Fonic Commissioner: Trunk animation in association with Lupus Films for Channel 4

7. Kylie | Only You

Kylie | Only You

Kylie Minogue featuring James Corden Director: Layla Atkinson Animators: Alasdair Brotherston, Layla Atkinson, Leslie Dart Producer: Daniel Negret Exec Producer: Richard Barnett Commissioner: Andrew J Law Label: Parlophone

8. Everything (Ep. 14)

  • Published: 2011-03-01T04:11:22+00:00
  • Duration: 320
  • By dannyjelinek
Everything (Ep. 14)

This episode features short works by: Jessica Cather James Atkinson Chris Cantwell Danny Jelinek Jason Whetzell Hosted By: Sophie Kipner Associate Producer/Creative Consultant: Mike Manasewitsch Created By: Jason Whetzell, Danny Jelinek

9. Thin White Gelato

Thin White Gelato

David Bowie reminisces about childhood Christmases eating Mr Frosty and Knickerbocker glories as he introduces the animated short Gelato Go Home. See the original, and one of the films biggest inspirations at Christmas Credits: Directed by Alasdair Brotherston & Jock Mooney Producer: Richard Barnett Voiceover Artist: Christopher Green Sound Design & Mix: Marty O'Brien @ FONIC Director of Photography: Andy Hague Compositing: Alasdair Brotherston Production Company: Trunk Animation Original Credits: Directed by Alasdair + Jock Produced by Trunk Animation for Channel Four Producer: Richard Barnett Production Company: Trunk 3D Animation: Luca Paulli 2D Animation: Francisco Puerto Esteban, Layla Atkinson Composer: James Orman Sound Design & Mix: Barnaby Templer @ Fonic

10. James Atkinson Clinic ~ Anneke + Wodie

  • Published: 2013-12-19T02:30:11+00:00
  • Duration: 88
  • By NF-Beth
James Atkinson Clinic ~ Anneke + Wodie


11. Exciting Stuff | Futureshop

  • Published: 2011-08-05T21:30:00+00:00
  • Duration: 31
  • By Tendril
Exciting Stuff | Futureshop

CREDITS Client: Futureshop Agency: Cossette Agency CD: Ed Lea Agency CW/AD: Shawn James, Sean Atkinson Agency Producer: Elvira Labate Production Company: Tendril Design+Animation Inc. Live Action Production Company: Suneeva Animation Directors: Chris Bahry, Alexandre Torres Live Action Director: Shelley Lewis DOP: Dylan MacLeod Executive Producer: Kate Bate Producer: Susan Monic Music & Sound Design: Grayson Matthews Editor: Chris Murphy Illustration: Rodrigo Rezende 2D Cell Animation and Paint: Copa Studio 2D Cell Animation and Paint Cinema Spot: Luis Guilherme, Dele Nuga Matchmove: Tom Morrison Compositors: Patrick Coffey, Justin Lee Pitch Team: Chris Bahry, Luis Guilherme, Chico Jofilsan, Leo Mateus, Vini Nascimento, Daniel Pomella, Alexandre Torres

12. "Blues Leave Me Alone," Kim Wilson, Vance James, Big Jon Atkinson, Marty Dodson

  • Published: 2014-10-29T17:52:21+00:00
  • Duration: 279
  • By John Bryant

This is from Kim Wilson's concert at the New Village Arts theater in Carlsbad on Sunday, Oct. 26.

13. The Clog Maker's Apprentice | Tales of Forgotten Crafts

The Clog Maker's Apprentice  |  Tales of Forgotten Crafts

This is the story of JoJo Wood, a young apprentice, learning the craft of Clog making. Often this type of trade is forgotten in our modern way of life, but "these crafts are a living connection with our past". Jeremy Atkinson is the last traditional Clog Maker in England, he is running out of time and needs to pass his skills on. "There are seed banks all over the world to keep different things alive because maybe they will need to be used in the future, you could say the same thing about crafts because you don't know what's coming up". Thanks to: Jeremy Atkinson - JoJo Wood - This is part of a series of shorts that will come out over the next few months take a look at the trailer - Shot on Panasonic GH4, Genie magic carpet, Sigma Arts 24mm. Shot in 4K and HFR off speed, edited in Adobe Premier Pro 2015 and used James Miller DeLUTS.

14. A River Between Us Trailer 10 23 14

  • Published: 2014-10-23T23:11:08+00:00
  • Duration: 207
  • By It Matters
A River Between Us Trailer 10 23 14

Trailer for the feature documentary entitled A River Between Us. A Film by Jason A. Atkinson and J. Martin Co-Written and Hosted by Jason A. Atkinson Directed and Co-written by J. Martin Director of Photography: James E. Standridge Underwater Videography - Thomas B Dunklin Edited by J. Martin, Steven Felts, and James E. Standridge An It Matters LLC Film Production

15. Aftermath


Director- Layla Atkinson Producer- Richard Barnett Poem- Siegfried Sassoon Animation- Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits, John Harmer, Rok Predin, Jocie Juritz, Jacob Read, Clelia Leroux Music- Dom James Sound- Fonic Audio Post Mix- Barnaby Templer @ Fonic Narration- Julian Rhind-Tutt

16. Sex Teenagers

  • Published: 2011-03-27T21:48:57+00:00
  • Duration: 300
  • By DaveAOK
Sex Teenagers

SEX TEENAGERS Produced/Directed by Tom Kauffman & David Seger Voted into first place at the March 2011 Channel 101 screening. Channel 101 is a competitive screening that happens every month at The Downtown Independent in Los Angeles. Story by: Tom Kauffman, David Seger, Paul Isakson Script by: Tom Kauffman Starring: Dominic Dierkes Danielle Pivetta Jae Suh James Atkinson Jim Klimek and introducing "Buzz" Shot by: Ryan Walsh, Nate Cornett, Craig Pentak Edited by: Tom Kauffman, David Seger, Paul Isakson Sound: Paul Isakson, Jon Hill

17. MACHINE-A presents Piers Atkinson

  • Published: 2010-12-05T16:53:18+00:00
  • Duration: 150
  • By Ashley Smith
MACHINE-A presents Piers Atkinson

Film by: James Barnett ( Photographer by: Poppy French ( MACHINE-A's specially commissioned fashion film featuring an electric Aaron Frew in collaboration with Piers Atkinson to accompany his December 2010 window installation supported by Planarama ( Together they took guests and passers-by on a journey to Jupiter for the December issue of VOGUE 2056 featuring never-before-seen showpieces by Piers Atkinson and hats from his AW11 pre-collection all styled by Kim Howells.

18. Jenius | Cashtag

  • Published: 2016-10-20T10:36:20+00:00
  • Duration: 63
  • By Peepshow
Jenius | Cashtag

Client: Jenius In partnership with Trunk Animation we created these short films for Indonesian banking app Jenius. Directors: Pete Mellor & Layla Atkinson Illustration: Spencer Wilson Executive Producer: Richard Barnett Line Producer: Pedro Lino Animation: Nick Brooks, Alex Potts, James Turzynski, Harry Slinger-Thompson, Philip Askins, Simona Circaolo Music: Adem Ihlan

19. No More Shall We Part - Trailer

  • Published: 2011-05-16T23:29:20+00:00
  • Duration: 145
  • By Shaun Hughes
No More Shall We Part - Trailer

Can love be preserved? Written & Directed by Shaun Hughes Henry - Julian Nicholson James - Simon Donaldson Grace - Dawn Parylo Cinematography by Hákon Pálsson Music by Tim Courtney Sound Design by Brendan F Doyle Produced by Duncan Leishman, Joseph Atkinson & Bianca Herold ©Factotum Films 2011