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1. #TEAMBANANA ft. dj ooh ooh ah ah

  • Published: 2017-09-20T18:41:10Z
  • By Janna .34
#TEAMBANANA ft. dj ooh ooh ah ah

hey con eddies it’s janna and anna yea you heard that right it’s team banana we are running this year to be your reps we’re so strong look at our biceps connecting first years with CESA is our first pillar through weekly emails, trust it’ll be a killer we’ll make sure to keep you all updated and have lots of spirit to make you motivated team banana is also here to entertain no matter the weather, EVEN RAIN we’ll be releasing surveys and forms and even come knocking on your dorms to hear what you all have to say that way all of our events can slay (#yay) hey con eddies it’s janna and anna yea you heard that right it’s team banana (x4) fostering community for us is key whether you’re an ALPHA or a BETA, it’s about unity we’re so chill, just like PI and we’ll make sure we don’t forget PHI anything that comes our we say game on don’t mess with us or EPSILON none of our events will make you YAWN don’t believe us? Just ask OMICRON sorry KAPPA, we own THIS rap, oh wait, between us there’s no gap being reps means we’ll get to know all frosh groups, like DELTA and RHO we’ll be your ears, and always care so IOTA, you’re welcome here to share team banana is here to amaze and join along GAMMA's crazy ways we’ll be your voice, have no doubt and just like SIGMA, we’ll dance scream and shout we’ll shake our booties and teach you how to whip man we wish we were ZETA, they’re just so HIP we love everyone in the coned crew no we didn’t forget you, OMEGA and NU alright we’re ready to make a change now even TAU will be like WOW (we love you tau) hey con eddies it’s janna and anna yea you heard that right it’s team banana (x2) what’s that? it’s lambda calling we gotta get to B.Ed, but we’re still balling. hey con eddies it’s janna and anna yea you heard that right it’s team banana Thank you everyone for sticking by now we gotta say goodbye

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2. OMR #103 mit Janna Schmidt-Holtz von EVENT INC

OMR #103 mit Janna Schmidt-Holtz von EVENT INC

Janna Schmidt-Holtz ist 32 und hat trotzdem schon drei Unternehmen gegründet. Derzeit baut sie mit Event Inc den Marktführer in Sachen Location-Vermittlung auf. Im OMR Podcast erzählt sie, warum sie das Angebot Jurorin in der Erfolgs-Show „Die Höhle der Löwen“ zu werden, abgelehnt hat und mit welchen Marketing-Strategien sie ihre Unternehmen bisher groß gemacht hat. Alle Themen vom OMR Podcast mit Janna Schmidt-Holtz: Drei Firmengründungen in jungen Jahren: Wie Janna Schmidt-Holtz dank SEO und SEA ihr Catering-Unternehmen groß machen konnte (ab 1:45) Nach einer Karriere in der Unternehmensberatung: Warum hat sie sich als erstes Projekt ein Restaurant- und Catering-Business gesucht? (ab 4:30) Nach Catering-Unternehmen Kaiserwetter: Wie hat Schmidt-Holtz dann Glossybox gegründet? (ab 6:14) Wahnsinns-Wachstum in der Glossybox-Hochzeit: Welche Marketing-Maßnahmen haben die Grundlage gebildet? (ab 8:36) Jung, weiblich, erfolgreich: Warum hat Janna Schmidt-Holtz sich bisher wenig als Personal Brand positioniert? (ab 9:34) Darum ist sie bei Glossybox rausgegangen und hat ihr komplett eigenes Ding gegründet (ab 13:55) Ihr aktuelles Projekt Event Inc: Was steckt dahinter? (ab 16:00) Warum lohnen sich Search-Anzeigen auf Hochzeits-Locations nicht für ihr Event-Business? (ab 18:08) Der Search-Kanal ist ja entscheidend für Event Inc Welche Chancen bietet der Kanal überhaupt noch? (ab 20:27) Wie groß ist der Event-Markt überhaupt und wo kann es mit ihrem Unternehmen noch hingehen? (ab 24:17) Was sind die Locations, die der Plattform den meisten Umsatz bringen? (ab 25:54) Wer sind die klassischen Wettbewerber im Event-Location-Markt? Und wie will sich Event Inc abgrenzen? (ab 29:44) Das Problem der Provisions-Plattform: Was hindert potenzielle Kunden daran, direkt mit der Location in Kontakt zu treten? (ab 32:20) Wie sieht der deutsche Location-Markt überhaupt aus? Gibt es viele große Anbieter mit mehreren Räumlichkeiten? (ab 34:00) Nächste Schritte: Wie will sie das Wachstum vorantreiben? (ab 35:38) Kein Facebook, Instagram & Co.: Welche Tools nutzt sie, um auf der Höhe zu bleiben? (ab 38:49) Ihr Vater Rolf Schmidt-Holtz war unter anderem Chief Creative Officer (CCO) bei Bertelsmann und CEO von BMG (Bertelsmann Music Group). Warum hat sie sich gegen eine Medien-Karriere entschieden? (ab 41:07) Was für ein Business würde sie gerne noch gründen? (ab 42:42)

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4. Saturday 06:34 PM

  • Published: 2015-08-29T10:36:24Z
  • By Jannnnn
Saturday 06:34 PM

Do It Again/ Pia Mia Chorus ?

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6. LL 061: Community Podcast Q&A 01

LL 061: Community Podcast Q&A 01

Welcome to our first Community Podcast! In this new episode format, members of the Lavendaire Lifestyle Community Facebook group ask Aileen any question. In return, Aileen asks a question related to personal growth, lifestyle design, or experiences with Lavendaire. In this episode, we have Janna, Jasmine, and Lavender asking questions about identifying with a brand, the confidence to start creating, and balancing mental health with productivity. In this episode: 1:21 - Janna asks Aileen: Have you ever felt a disconnect between "Lavendaire" and your own name? 4:35 - Aileen asks Janna: If you could rewind three years, what advice would you give to your younger self? 5:55 - Jasmine asks Aileen: What are some steps and habits that helped you become successful? 7:54 - Jasmine asks Aileen: How did you have the confidence to start the podcast? 8:55 - Aileen asks Jasmine: How did you first hear about Lavendaire? 10:00 - Aileen asks Jasmine: If you could share one message with the world, what would it be? 10:27 - Aileen asks Jasmine: What does self love look like to you? 11:34 - Lavender asks Aileen: Have you experienced trying to stay productive while being depressed? 17:18 - Aileen asks Lavender: What brings you joy? 19:05 - Lavender asks Aileen: How can we raise awareness around making differences in people's lives? Show Notes at Have something to say? Want to connect with other listeners? Join the conversation in our Facebook group: Please leave us a review on iTunes: It helps more than you know

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7. Hall & Oates - Dance On Your Knees (Boogie On Your Feet Edit)

Hall & Oates - Dance On Your Knees (Boogie On Your Feet Edit)

I have always loved this track and always thought it was to short... - so I extended it from the original 1:27 to 6:24... This track is made purely from sounds in the original 1:27 track, cut'n'pasted, mixed, re-arranged it. The track is originally produced by Arthur Baker And I have just discovered that there is a 12" version of "Dance On Your Knees" - heard a bit of it and actually liked my version better :-) My version is more dirrrty - hope you enjoy it to...... Big Bam Boom was the twelfth studio album by Daryl Hall & John Oates, released on RCA late in 1984. It marked the end of one of the most successful album runs by a duo of the 1980s. The album is also considered a record that defines the sound of the 1980s. BMG Heritage released a remastered version in July 2004 with four bonus tracks. The song "Out Of Touch" (the first single) was a #1 pop hit, and charted in several other areas (#24 Hot Black Singles, #8 on the Adult Contemporary charts and #1 on the dance charts, #48 in the UK). Another song taken from the album, the Daryl Hall/Janna Allen-penned "Method Of Modern Love" reached a high point of #5. Big Bam Boom peaked at #5 and sold over three million copies worldwide. Side Bam "Dance On Your Knees" (Hall, Arthur Baker) - 1:27 "Out of Touch" (Hall, Oates) - 4:21 "Method of Modern Love" (Hall, Janna Allen) - 5:34 "Bank On Your Love" (Hall, Oates, Sara Allen) - 4:18 "Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid" (Hall) - 5:26 Side Boom "Going Thru The Motions" (Hall, Oates, Janna Allen, Sara Allen) - 5:40 "Cold Dark and Yesterday" (Oates) - 4:40 "All American Girl" (Hall, Oates, Sara Allen) - 4:28 "Possession Obsession" (Hall, Oates, Sara Allen, Janna Allen) - 4:36 Remastered CD Bonus Tracks "Out of Touch (12" version)" - 7:42 "Method of Modern Love (12" version)" - 7:49 "Possession Obsession (12" version)" - 6:31 "Dance on Your Knees (12" version)" - 6:40

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8. Steve Pecko - Apr 29, 2012

Steve Pecko - Apr 29, 2012

00:00 - Oliver Schories - Sunday (Pecko Mashup) 04:54 - Claude VonStroke & Jaw - Le Fantme 09:10 - (Pecko Mashup) 09:48 - Superhero - Its Not For You 12:23 - (Pecko Mashup) 14:35 - Franky Rizardo - Real Love 18:27 - (Pecko Mashup) 20:31 - Minilogue - Little Sisters 27:00 - Sasha & James Teej - Night Track 28:30 - (Pecko Mashup) 33:17 - Oliver Schories - Janna 38:11 - Klankarbeit - Art Is Hard feat Nina Kinert 44:30 - Audision - Yellow Sunset (Robags Stoylago) 50:15 - Eelke Kleijn - Levensgenieter (Dosem) 53:52 - Vincenzo - Get To Know You 56:26 - Oliver Schories - I'm Not 56:42 - Mowgli - Back In The Day feat Amber Jolene 59:19 - (Pecko Mashup) 63:10 - Noir - Found Out (Deetron Sunshower) 68:34 - Ornette - Crazy (Nôze) 72:27 - (Pecko Mashup) 74:30 - Oliver Schories - Amsterdam Recorded in San Francisco - For promotional use only @impeckoble |

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9. Lazer Sun-ray Rainbow Gun

  • Published: 2013-04-02T18:18:59Z
  • By R+D
Lazer Sun-ray Rainbow Gun

Hey guys! We're back this month with a track to thaw away the cold, and bring in the sun! This mix was inspired by the fun of spring and the changes it brings. BOUNCY BOUNCY FUN! We're playing next at Tech Support III in Toronto, and would love all our local fans to come check us out where we're gonna be dropping a darker tech sound for people to get sweaty to ;) Our guest this Month is Richard Silas; we think you're going to love what he has worked his mix into for your pleasure as always peace and love

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