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2. "The Jazz Session" w. Jason Crane podcast - Brian Lynch 3/31/11

Brian Lynch celebrates some of his fellow trumpeters whom he feels deserve more notice on Unsung Heroes (Hollistic MusicWorks, 2010). In this interview, Lynch talks about his very real connection to the generations before him; why he feels a grounding in the tradition of jazz is important; and the idea that “bebop is the music of the future.” Learn more at Tracks used in this episode: Terra Firma Irma; I Could Never Forget You; Further Arrivals; Saturday Afternoon At Four; Wetu. NOTE: In addition to the CD, there are two extra volumes of Unsung Heroes available for download. Visit Brian’s web site for more information. Used by permission ©2011 Jason Crane.

nothing at of , which is

3. reale estate

reale estate

nothing at of , which is