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1. Let's Just Live RWBY Volume 4 Intro

Let's Just Live RWBY Volume 4  Intro

it used to feel like a fairy tale now it seems we were just pretending we’d fix our world then on our way to a happy ending then it turned out life was far less like a bedtime story than a tragedy with no big reveal of the hero’s glory and it seems we weren’t prepared for a game that wasn’t fair do we just go home? can we follow through? when all hope is gone there is one thing we can do let’s just live day by day and not be conquered by our sorrows the past can’t hold us down we must break free inside we’re torn apart but time will mend our hearts move onward not there yet so let’s just live

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2. Gold


We are awe-struck by the generosity of the Rooster Teeth community during the Extra Life fundraiser. Please accept this pre-release of our song "Gold" from the RWBY soundtrack as a small token of our admiration. Your kindness and gifts will save lives and turn them to GOLD. With love, Jeff and Casey

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3. Die (rough)

Die (rough)

Preliminary version of the song "Die" to be included on RWBY Volume 2 soundtrack CD. it was just fine we lived in peace looked to a happy ending the days were bright they shined like gold every step ascending our dreams came true our path was clear the moon watched safely from above but every smile is not the same and every heart’s not filled with….. love for mankind look around it’s getting very hard to find not every open wound is simply healed by time but revenge is always sweet and chaos is the prize feel it everywhere and you see it growing enemies arise and the hate is flowing shattering the moon and bloodying the sky the machines of war will fuel both sides and the greed will only grow more lies farewell to days of peace cuz now it’s time to die

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4. hmfbday


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5. twbsolo 715a

twbsolo 715a

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6. Die Background vox

Die Background vox

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7. It's My Turn (Vox Cover Clip)

It's My Turn (Vox Cover Clip)

Until my Yeti Pro returns, I'm stuck with an old mono mic. So, plenty of mixing done. XD Dissected via the app 8 Tracks on iOS (so far). #JeffWilliamsMusic #RWBY #8Tracks

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