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1. DJ d€jO - Cro Megamix Vol. 2

  • Published: 2013-06-04T20:45:10Z
  • By DJ d€jO
DJ d€jO - Cro Megamix Vol. 2

Playlist: 1. Tonci Huljic & Madre Badessa - Kekereke (Cucaj Mala) 2. Gracia - Lindjo 3. Danijela Martinovic - Raspasoj(DJ CreSco Remix) 4. Tajci - Hajde Da Ludujemo 5. Neda Ukraden - Najbolji klub u gradu (DJ Gallardo) 6. Severina - Uzbuna (ClubBangers feat. DJ Marco Pavich) 7. Magazin - Jos Se Ne Bih Udala (GoodBoY Club Remix) 8. Jelena Rozga - Nirvana (DJ Gallardo Club Remix) 9. Darijan - Raj Ljubavi 10. Jole - Jedna mala plava (DJ Damir Remix) 11. Begini & Ivan Zak - Obrisi Suze 12. Berny ft. Taz Soldo - Udala se nikad nije (GoodBoY Remix) 13. ET - Noc za grijeh 14. Karma - Sasha 15. Magazin - Jutro nakon 16. Severina - Gas Gas (DJ Zac) 17. Jole - Bailando (DJ Lexero ft. DJ Bulja) vs original 18. Josip Ivancic & Vuco ft. DJ Robex - Viski 19. DJ Pucko & Sandi Cenov - Daj Mi Vina (Pjanoo Club) 20. Mate Bulic - Kao momak zivim (Chris Le Blanc) 21. Zlatko Pejakovic - Necu (Podra Remix) 22. Mejasi - Zorica (DJ Suvy Remix) 23. Maja Suput - Nek ti bude krivo 24. Minea - Good boy (Nole) 25. Severina - Tarapana 26. Nikol Bulat - Strašno ti stojim 27. Feminemm feat. Alex Manga - OYe, Oye Oye 28. Alka Vuica - Lazi Me

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2. Cro megamix

  • Published: 2012-10-05T01:18:02Z
  • By DJ d€jO
Cro megamix

1. Bekrije - Garavuso Garava (GoodBoY Club Mix 2010) 2. Jelena Rozga - Daj Sta Das (Nole Remix) 3. Zlatko Pejakovic - Zelene Oci (GoodBoY Refreshed 2010) 4. Dalibor Brun - Jedna Zena Plava(GoodBoy Club 2oo9) 5. D.J. Zac & Stavros - Neka je šarala (SHAKE IT BABY RMX) 6. Tose Proeski - Boze Brani Je Od Zla (Dj Strato Ft. Dj Zac Remix) 7. Sinisa Vuco - Trazena Si Roba U Gradu 8. Miligram ft. Severina - Lola (GoodBoy Remix) 9. Kristina - Odnijela Te Vodka (BMMC remix) 10. DJ Suvy - Ivan Zak - Rulet (DeMode Club Remix) 11. Svi Pjevaju (D.J.Zac Remix) 12. Amir Kazic Leo - Ivana (DJ Jurky Hold On ReMiX 2oo9) 13. Svi Se Momci Redom Zene (Dj Mattej Remix) 14. Novi Fosili - Tako Je Malo Rijeci Palo (GoodBoy Refreshed 2o12) 15. Jasmin Stavros & Mladen Grdovic - Alkohol (GoodBoy Remix) 16. Adrenalin (Dj Raja Clab Remix) 17. Severina - Ajde, Ajde Zlato Moje (J.I.S.) 18. Kremen (Beat Freak DJs Rmx) 19. Otvor zeno kapiju (Pilisha_rmx) 20. Sve Je Ona Meni (Hold On Rmx) 21. Tiho Orlic - Daleko je (djcristian summer 2009 rmx) 22. Mate Bulic - Gori Borovina (Nole Remix) 23. Tose i Antonija - Volim Osmijeh Tvoj (DJ Giga Remix) 24. Italiana (DJ Gallardo Club Remix) 25. Prazan Stan (Dj Pucko Beach Remix) 26. Magazin - 2011 - Maslacak 27. Jelena Rozga - Dobitna Kombinacija (DJ Gallardo & DJ Robex Remix 2012) 28. Severina - Paloma Nera (GoodBoY ClubHouse Edit 2010) 29. Kako Cu Joj Rec Da Varin (GoodBoy 2o1o Remix) 30. Veceras je Nasa Festa [ RMX ] 31. Slavonske Lole - Prijatelju Nije Lako (Shajna DJ) 32. Ej, lutkice (D.J. STRATO Feat. JURKY Remix 2010) 33. Karma feat. Aleksandar Olujic - Subota (Radio) 34. Lidija Bacic - Crnokosi 35. Jasmin Stavros - Opet Mlad 36. MATE BULIC I MAJA SUPUT - DVIJE LUDE 37. Feminnem - 2010 - Lako Je Sve - 02 - Bas Mi Je Dobro 38. Plava Trava Zaborava - Joj Anice (GoodBoy Remix) 39. Danijela Martinovic - Brodolom (DJ Suvy Remix 2k12) 40. Jelena Rozga - 2011 - Razmazena [Promo] 41. Nije ti dobro (Girls Night) 42. Leteci Odred - Sanjao Sam Moju Ruzicu (DJ Mato - To - Ma ft. DJ B.U.LJ.A. Remix) 43. Neda Ukraden - Sokiras me ti 44. Ivan Zak - Zbogom Pameti

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3. Jo Cro- fight now cry later

  • Published: 2017-03-06T04:04:27Z
  • By Jo Cro
Jo Cro- fight now cry later

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4. Fire away

  • Published: 2017-02-26T13:18:28Z
  • By Jo Cro
Fire away

Fire away-Serenity Hill (live)

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5. Within Pyramids/Vox scratch

  • Published: 2018-01-07T07:21:58Z
  • By Jo Cro
Within Pyramids/Vox scratch

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6. Twitch Stream

  • Published: 2015-10-15T13:19:18Z
  • By Du_Jo_Cro
Twitch Stream

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7. jo cro

jo cro

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9. Know Your Customer: Alloy CRO Laura Spiekerman

Know Your Customer: Alloy CRO Laura Spiekerman

One of the biggest challenges in fighting money laundering is satisfying the KYC, or Know Your Customer, rules. These regulatory requirements make sense in concept -- they require financial companies to verify customers’ identities before letting them connect to the system, in order to screen out high-risk people and entities and as a foundation for meeting the legal mandate to monitor financial activity for potential crime. However, the traditional verification process has always been expensive and time-consuming. In recent years it’s also been creating new problems. My guest today has a company that is setting out to fix those. She is Laura Spiekerman, the Chief Revenue Officer of Alloy.   The new problems are two-fold. One is that millions of people lack traditional identity documents and therefore can’t gain access to the system at all. That isn’t actually a new issue -- it’s always been true -- but it’s becoming more acute because mobile technology is making it possible for more and more people to connect to the financial system through their phones, if they can identify themselves.  In much of the developing world, hundreds of millions of people cannot, because they lack formal ID documents (a factor that tends to disproportionately harm women, members of disfavored minorities and people with low incomes). Having large swaths of the population detached from mainstream finance, in turn, undermines economic growth and opportunity. As a result, many central banks throughout the world view KYC modernization as a top priority. For example, see my episode with Sanjay Jain who was one of the leaders of the India stack on their project that is connecting everyone in India to the financial system and mainstream commerce. Some governments are trying to create customer identity through biometric identification. Global organizations ranging from The World Bank to the Gates Foundation and the Omidyar Network (where I am a Senior Advisor) have all elevated AML as a core goal in their efforts to wide financial inclusion. The KYC barrier also impacts consumers in the United States, including many young people and immigrants or, say, people who have moved frequently. If a financial company cannot verify identity by investing a reasonable level of time and effort, it usually will not open an account. The second problem with the current KYC process hits the US and other developed countries even more directly. We still rely on traditional identity information like name, address and Social Security number that is, quite simply, no longer secure -- it’s widely for sale on the dark web. (Re-listen to our episode with Greg Kidd of globaliD) for more insight on that). The solution to both problems -- both access and insecurity -- is the same: more data and better technology. Alloy is bringing these into KYC. The company enables real-time decisioning through an API that lets a financial institution access the data it needs, in a fully transparent way, and that also provides a rules engine to control how to waterfall the data to put it into a rule. I spoke to Laura at the Comply 2018 conference in New York this year -- you’ll hear some of the conference bustle in the background. In our conversation, Laura describes the impact Alloy can make. In retail banking, they’ve been able to automate about 98% of decisions for onboarding, as opposed to a standard of about 50%. Once the remaining 2% are sent to manual review, they have also been able to reduce manual review times by about 95%, while also seeing reductions in fraud and increases in conversions, seemingly a win-win for all. Laura also shares her advice for other fintechs, including how to overcome the many barriers faced by regtech firms in trying to work with financial institutions. She talks about Alloy’s plans for building AI into their solutions. And she offers advice to regulators. Like me, she’s hopeful that the regulatory landscape is increasingly...

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10. rock

  • Published: 2014-08-26T21:08:38Z
  • By jo_cro

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11. Jo

  • Published: 2014-05-29T23:19:09Z
  • By Toni Cro

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12. Cro


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