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1. matte


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4. Matte Black

Matte Black

Dream Project Instrumentals. Mostly Hip-hop and rap. No lyrics.

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5. Don't Matte Solo

Don't Matte Solo

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6. Good Beats

  • Published: 2016-08-05T23:22:35Z
  • By JoshMatte
Good Beats

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7. t matte

t matte

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8. electro

  • Published: 2012-04-17T03:12:40Z
  • By JoshMatte

Copyright KORG INC., 2011

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9. DRAB MAJESTY "The Demon"


DRAB MAJESTY "The Heiress / The Demon" 7" WyS-014 Release date April 7th, 2016 Drab Majesty is the solo project of Deb DeMure and self describes his music as "tragic wave" or goth mid-fi. Drab Majesty combines pulsing synthesizers accent with colorful post-punk in all the right ways. In a world of darker music that conjures greyscale imagery, mastermind Deb Demure’s creations shine neon bright in the haze of a drunken night. His album "Careless", released last Summer through DAIS Records (Youth Code, Genesis P-Orridge, King Dude, High-Functionning Flesh, Cold Cave...), is highly praised by critics and constatlly goes under a new repress every three months as the storm is constantly expanding. Drab Majesty shared the stage with the "crème de la crème" in terms of dark minimal sounds such as Psychich TV, Frozen Autumn, King Dude, Animal Bodies, and so many others and is soon to hit the roads for his first European tour with Belgians CHARNIER. TRACKLIST 1. The Heiress 2. The Demon Artwork by Kristin Cofer Layout & design by Michael Thiel Two editions: Edition #1 Clear purple/blue vinyl Deluxe cardbord sleeve with holographic foil Edition #1 Black vinyl Deluxe cardbord sleeve with holographic foil credits ALL SONGS RECEIVED, RECORDED, AND REALISED THROUGH DEB DEMURE IN LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA. MIXED BY MATTE FINNISH THE HEIRESS MASTERED BY JOSH BONATI THE DEMON MASTERED BY MATTE FINNISH PHOTOGRAPHY BY KRISTIN COFER DESIGN AND LAYOUT BY MICHAEL THIEL "THE HEIRESS" LICENSED BY DAIS RECORDS FOR WEYRD SON RECORDS. © MMXVI DRAB MAJESTY MUSIC (ASCAP) THE WORLD BELONGS TO THE SILENT ONES.

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10. 360 Diss - Falling And Dying

360 Diss - Falling And Dying

I’m here to knock this smug bastard off your ARIA chart He’s a sorry old fart to my impresario art I’m 360’s Red Ring of Death… sorry, forgot You play 64 and fucking crashed your Mario Kart (“Mama Mia!”) Yeah, I’ll drop a cunt just like your award stunt, less the censor And snap the neck of your bestie friend… Pez dispenser Leave Josh Pyke spiked up on a sharp pike Oh, wait, that pole is you? You’re more skinny than Posh Spice! That crushed ice Slushee diet you should stop quick Did a mop stick fuck a chopstick and birth this dropkick? I hear he’s myopic in his eye optic Typhlotic, blind, quite ophthalmoscopically cycloptic! Got a transplant ‘cause your cornea stuck? That sucks. And just your luck, you’re still corny as fuck A wet towel, your life vision must be one big let down If “What You See Is What You Get Nowww” I ‘see’ nothing ‘left’ for you, ‘right’? He storms out Gee, calm down. Wouldn’t think you’d flip out hearing the see-bomb, pal Any alley, any house party, any show I’ll take your rap cred and wrap your ass in the ransom note I’m an Atlantic iceberg, you’re the Titanic boat ‘A door’ me? You ‘Jack off’, I ‘Rose’ above ya, you’ll never float Panties twist frantically into panic mode How you gonna battle back without your nanny Anecdote? How many quotes has that tranny wrote for ya Filling your fanny, nose and throat spilling his gigantic load? Battling with Anecdote in ventures of hip hop Was like watching the Toxic Avenger carry his mop Your battlerap career may have proved to be mission fail But what’s this I hear about you marrying Christian Bale? Who? Crystal Bale? Pardon my next whispered breath… (This’ll be awkward, I thought you said he loves Crystal Meth!) You getting hitched? This chick is the fricking bitch you’ll marry? I’ll read about it in the paper… obituary You want ‘commitment’ from this pure bride you espied? Hurry, or she’ll soon decide she’s ‘committing’… That’s right, I Do-or-die. Christ, that YouTube vid was endless Her MySpace Top 8 all offing themselves, leaving her friendless I’d have those thoughts too, coping half-blind As some dope who got signed to sell out… “I Hope You Don’t Mind” Shit, gotta tear up my page of jokes in a rage, man In the time it took to write this, she broke off the engagement?! … about time you released a single I could enjoy for once. I can’t draw ink on my skin and leave this cunt floored Already spoofed that scrawny white dude from Die Antwoord Slap a fag in this rapper tag, I’m ocker hustling Duck Duck Goose rhymes? Nahhh, fuck a Gossling Going down like pillow insulation, you’re a featherweight Get a plate, I’m serving you to demonstrate you never ate Emaciated as the shadow of a zephyr, mate Your last CD was gay as fuck, I’m here to set the record straight I’m no hater, congratulate ya for your recent win But skaters know 360’s one-third of a decent spin I score gold, silver and bronze… you are “Forthright” Who brought Ness to a fucking Ganondorf fight? And Bec Cartwright called on behalf of Lleyton Hewitt Sing chorus on your latest duet? He’d hate to do it Man, I can’t tell what’s worse, a tennis star to verse ya Or serving your balls to his instructor, Kerser Nib’ll rap spittin’ cryptic word play This dipstick will scribble shit on his skin like a kid in third grade I’ll fill an urn the way I fucking grill and burn ya 3ree 6ixty? I kill Letters & Numbers, just ask Lily Serna Get a calendar as one of your tattoos, mate You say to everybody ‘C U Next Tuesday’ Come at me bro, don’t chicken out. Is Mickey Mouse Tattooed on your neck meant to cover your grandad’s hickey out? You lack shine… MATTE. Back in your place-MAT. I wipe the shit from my shoe all over your face… MAT. You bring the lip gloss, Styalz Fuego will bring the whips And you can make more faggy sparkles with your fingertips Who’d go see shitty promo shows in your purple shirt? 360’s homo-code for a giant circle, jerk! That quirky smirk only works for a dull bogan Who talks like Paul Hogan and looks like a tall blowgun Chalking a wall slogan, Nib sits back and enjoys the view My rap destroys your crew in a way you’re employed to do You need your voice reviewed, those vocals are all noise, it’s true You always rap cocky because only “Boys Like You” Wearing a bowtie and a charcoal suit? Clown, You make me want to shoot rounds into Newtown Aviators, tipped cap and Sunday slippers? Stole your zipped shirt and ripped shorts from Bondi Hipsters Looking like a heroin addict who slipped up On his flip flops, fell in a gluepot, managed to lift up Then tripped again past every mannequin in the thrift shop And tried to pass the look off as some larrikin hip hop Quit fashion crimes, tackle raw rhyme production Blimey, did someone give Macklemore liposuction? Try a small snack, Matt, maybe a Short Stack? He’d rather snort crack and record tracks begging for his whore back Low blow, we both know your ex-wife will die Guess that’s the circle of life, 360… Life of Pi? Now which knife should I, use to cut a filling slice I’ll swill it down with a chaser of diet Vanilla Ice

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11. Émission #18 2012-01-18 EN TRANCE NOW

Émission #18  2012-01-18 EN TRANCE NOW Matté Oh! présente Saṅgīta yātrā Émission 18 2012-01-18 EN TRANCE NOW Playlist : Générique : Panjabi Mc – Intro BED Bit Lolitas - Personal space (Guy J mix) Wackii - 7min (démo) + Heaven's Rage Vinny-Good luck (originalmix) preview Beyond Recording Jam & Spoon - Stella Basement Jaxx - Fly Life (PHNTM Remix) The Age Of Love - Age Of Love Krackajackz - 7am Josh Wink - Higher State Of Conciousness (John-O-Callaghan-Remix) Shango V - Without A Trace Space Cat - Power Up (Perplex Remix) Shayning - Ants Will Survive Clayfacer - Departure (Original Mix) Kung Fu Wax Shock Toracik – Electrik Ocean [Creative Commons -] DJ Franky Jones & Axel Stephenson - The First Rebirth

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12. 39: Josh Viers - "Resonate with an Audience."

39: Josh Viers  -

Josh Viers is a freelance concept artist based out of San Francisco with 20+ years experience in games and film. From his small studio in the Mission District he creates alternate universes for popular film franchises and darkly fantastic scenes that describe new game environments. Drawing on his experiences as a matte painter, set/prop designer, and graphic designer Josh is always pushing his Industrial Design background deeper into strange territories of concept art and digital techniques. Talking Points The Dangers in defining yourself by your JOB. How fan art can be a powerful marketing tool. How artists need to understand their value and negotiate with it. How a little bit of fear and higher pay can lead to better work. Find Josh's work at:

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13. RJKT HAUS - HARVEY O$WALD - Live At The Vauxhall Quay - Aug 2014

  • Published: 2014-09-02T16:19:17Z
  • By rEJEKTS
RJKT HAUS - HARVEY O$WALD - Live At The Vauxhall Quay - Aug 2014

Real House Killers:::: Artist Track Label 1. Saine - Matte (IMYRMIND Remix) - Odd Socks 2. Ekkohaus - Second Attempt (Sven Tasnadi Remix) - Moon Harbour 3. Fabian G - Club Affect - Appliqué Music 4. Kirill Tippo - Call The Police - NDV 4. Detroit Swindle - Huh What - Dirtcrew 5. Hector Cuto - Get Ready - BPitch Control 6. Jean Caffeine - Jean's Train of Thought (ZDS rmx)- Classic 7. Jon Harsh - Here Not - Lapsus Music 9. Robot 84 - People (Denny Remix) - Under No Illusion 10. Chaos In CRB - Slab - ClekClekBoom 11. Luke Gibson - In The Groove - IDL Records 12. Biggie Smalls - Juicy Intro - Bad Boy 13. Josh Butler - Now You Believe - Roush 14. Detroit Swindle - 64 Ways feat Mayer Hawthorn - Dirtcrew 15. Masta Ace (unknown cdr)

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14. Organ Life - ORGAN HOUSE - Free D/L with Tracklist

Organ Life - ORGAN HOUSE - Free D/L with Tracklist

TRACKLIST 1: Philip George-Wish you were Mine (DubMix) 2: Paul Sirrell -What's It Gonna Be 3: Zhu - Faded (Basspimp Jackin M1 Remix) 4: Matte Blac-We Can Rise (Original Mix) 5: Galantis-Runaway (U & I) [Lash Remix] 6: Mandal & Forbes, Dani Clay-Never Let Go feat. Dani Clay 7: Phil B Mash Up - I Wanna Scarface Hype 8: Aaron Smith-Dancin [Linier Remix] 9: SG Lewis- Silence (ft. Josh Barry) (Linier Remix) 10: Charlotte Branson -Falling (Paul Sirrell Remix) 11: Alex Ross-Overflow 12: DAVID GUETTA ft. Sam Martin-DANGEROUS (CALVO BASS HOUSE MIX) 13: Calvin Harris Ft. Ellie Goulding - Outside (Tom Budin Remix) 14: Oliver $ & Jimi Jules-Pushing On (Tchami Remix)

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15. Just Kidding With QiDD #001

  • Published: 2014-02-11T14:26:47Z
  • By QiDD
Just Kidding With QiDD #001

DOWNLOAD Tracklist: 01. Mario Ochoa - Get Naked (Original Mix) 02. Josh Butler - Got A Feeling (Bontan Remix/Pleasurekraft Edit) 03. George Privatti & Guille Placencia - Alpens (Original Mix) 04. Siwell - Teaser (Original Mix) 05. Guille Placencia - Plaster (Original Mix) 06. Maximus Bellini - Like This (Original Mix) 07. Matte Blakk - Wise Guys With Ray Guns (Original Mix) 08. Parov Stelar - All Night (UMEK Remix) 09. Maxim Kurtys - Mage & Lan (Alesso Caforio Remix) 10. Carlos Perez, George Privatti, Guille Placencia - Happy Monkeys (Original Mix) 11. George Privatti % Guille Placencia - The Legend (Original Mix) 12. Fedde Le Grand -Metrum (UMEK Remix) 13. Angel Stoxx, Alex Ranerro - Gangsta Girl (Original Mix) 14. Ant Brooks - Glide (Original Mix) 15. Green Velvet & Riva Starr - Robots (Weiss Remix) 16. Rob Makzem - Talk to Me (Wolfgang Lohr Remix) 17. Format:B & Pleasurekraft feat. Chris The Voice - Coltrane (Belocca Remix) 18. Ant Brooks - System (Original Mix) 19. Johannes Heil & Len Faki - The Octopuss (Original Mix)

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16. Far Cry Primal commercial - "Predator"

Far Cry Primal commercial -

Music for Far Cry Primal TV commercial. 10,000 BC captured by Phantom footage, A52's creature FX team and design by Elastic. CREDITS: Production: ELASTIC Director: Patrick Clair Director of Photography: David McFarland Live Action Producer: Kelly Christensen Production Designer: Dan Butts Editor: Devin Maurer (JAX) Lead Nuke artist: Shahanna Khan CG Supervisor: Andrew Romatz Matte Painter: Maxx Burman Storyboards: Lance leblanc 2D Nuke Artists: Maciek Sokalski, Edward Anderson 3D Artists: Andrew Romats, Joe Paniagua, Ken Bishop, Christian Sanchez, Adam Newman, Josh Dyer, Jon Balcome, Adam Carter, Andy Wilkoff, Miguel Salek, Ian Ruhfass, Abel, Salazar, Josh Kohlmeir, Michael Bettinardi, Sam Ortiz, Joe Chiechi Designers: Paul Kim, Jeff Han Motion Designer: Raoul Marks 2D Animators: Yongsub Song, Raoul Marks Flame Assistants: Kevin Stokes, Gabe Sanchez, Chris Riley Producer: Zach Wakefield Head of Production: Kim Christensen Executive Producer: Belinda Blacklock Managing Director: Jennifer Sofio Hall ++ Music and Sound Design: ECHOLAB Music Producer : Gavin Little Composer : Steve Lynch Sound Design + Final Mix : Gavin Little Sound Design Assistant : Joe McHugh TV Cutdown Sound Mix: LIME STUDIOS Matt Miller - Re recording mixer Lisa Mermelstein- Audio Assistant Susie Boyajan- Executive Producer ++ Agency: OMELET Josh Smutko – Creative Director Raul Montes – Creative Director Kate Eglen – Art Director Jimmy Barker – Senior Copywriter Matteo Mosterts – Producer Dan Ruth – Chief Production Officer William Mason – Production Coordinator Grant Holland – Chief Creative Officer Shannon McGlothin – Executive Creative Director ++ Client: UBISOFT Scott Sappenfield – Senior Director, Marketing Thomas Seris – Senior Brand Manager

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