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1. So Consumed (feat. Kyan Palmer) (Joshua Francois Remix)

So Consumed (feat. Kyan Palmer) (Joshua Francois Remix)

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2. "Somebody Else" Haley Vassar & Kyan Palmer

"Somebody Else" - Haley Vassar x Kyan Palmer Writers: The Attire Kyan Palmer Haley Vassar Matthew Cozzi Joseph Bobula Production: Mathew Cozzi Joseph Bobula Mix Engineer: Joshua Harris

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3. Ballad of Toni

  • Published: 2018-03-27T22:14:47Z
  • By VVV
Ballad of Toni

vvv CokeStudio Tu Kuja Man Kuja, Shiraz Uppal & Rafaqat Ali Khan, Season Finale, Coke Studio Season 9 Levi Patel As she passes CokeStudio Afreen Afreen, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & Momina Mustehsan, Episode 2, Coke Studio 9 lively. Philip Wesley - Dark Night Of The Soul Dustinohalloran We Move Lightly Ahmed Gado SAD PIANO - Violin - Cant Forgive 용서 못해 (Ballad) chad lawson Chopin Nocturne in F Minor-Op. 55, No 1 (Variation) Piano, Violin, Cello - Chad Lawson alvydasm The Heart of Reiki Fresh Music Fanda ♫ ☑️ Jasmine Sandlas Kashni - Ft. Intense A Tribute Steve Gibbs Steve Gibbs - Patterns (Cyrus Reynolds Remix) Jack Villano Villano Mozart - Requiem in D minor Complete Full CokeStudio Ali Sethi, Ranjish Hi Sahi, Coke Studio Season 10, Episode 1. Safena Mark Eliyahu - Journey CokeStudio Aaqa, Abida Parveen & Ali Sethi, Episode 1, Coke Studio 9 Glenn Morrison Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata (Glenn playing on a Steinway D) Rohman97aa NISSA SABYAN GAMBUS - YA HABIBAL QOLBI FULL ALBUM 2018(128kbps) Silence 05 Moderna Records Tambour - The Nude And The Quiet Bonifansius Bedtime Baby Lullaby Classical Music Mozart Bach Beethoven Pachelbel Sleep Music 1 Hour CokeStudio Rang, Amjad Sabri & Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Season Finale, Coke Studio Season Claude Debussy Clair de Lune CokeStudio Shamaan Pai Gaiyaan, Rachel Viccaji & Kashif Ali, Episode 5, Coke Studio Season 9 Nour Moukhtar Ludwig Van Beethoven-- Fur Elise Noha Moheb My Way _Piano_frank sinatra Moderna Records Jacob David - Intet Forbi Erased Tapes Nils Frahm – Ambre robsimonsen 500-days-of-summer-01-main-title bananagirlfriend Twilight - Bella's Lullaby - Original Piano ov-s Serenade-Franz Schubert NarutoRoleplayG Naruto ~ Sadness and Sorrow stayforeverawesome Hino Kahoko - Canon in D Major by Johann Pachelbel reminiscience Chopin – Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 Fabrizio Paterlini The stars that fell over that night Bighoo Nostalgia - (Soft Piano & Violin) Sten Erland Hermundstad Dreams Maymon Abdullah Titanic Theme Song "My Heart Will Go On" - Flute Instrumental - Karin Leitner MrSuicideSheep Mark Eliyahu - Journey Wonderful Lullabies Brahms' Lullaby - Orchestral Musicbox Lullaby For Babies - (Free Download) lilypichu song of storms piano again Hamada Nakata LaLa Land movie _ Mia & Sebastian's Theme (Piano) Lac Boi Boi Sad-violin MohammeD El-SaYeH Moving On(LOST) Joshua Kyan Garden Of Eden Nocturne No.4 in A Major (Solo Piano) | Joshua Kyan Beethoven - Ode To Joy Spheriá Otjánbird Pt. I FeelYourSoul Ludovico Einaudi - Una Mattina LaVender Tango To Evora George Song From A Secret Garden 77licoknigi Raga Bhairavi [Mandala - Healing Ragas Music for Relaxation, Sleep and Beyond] Fireheart Music, Inc Brahms Lullaby And White Noise Ocean Waves Classical Piano Hits Moonlight Sonata

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4. bdacid @ dawn of decay 12

bdacid @ dawn of decay 12

[email protected] Dawn of Decay 12 Tracklist Bdacid -Violent Delights Joshua -Rising The Dead Kyan el Loco -Le Jour D'apres Samal -Omniscience Fever 27 -Welcome Home ???????????????????? Umwelt -02 E=U-R FoglZ - Screaming Heaven Foglz -Clouds of quakes Fever 27 –Boredom Duistergefluister-Poem Of The Damned Babim –Confiture Bdacid –Lost in Dstortion Braintune -You Won't Be Forgiven Diffuse – Enchanted Machinist & Dark Machine Nation –The Hunted Shadowfiend_dn –Revenge Of The Damned Hk Doom -Dance Of The Dead XKRi & Nyctophilia –Azazael AnTraxid -Something Wicked Sound Abuse -The Speakerfuck Called Life (The Relic Remix)

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5. Chicken Dream Rubber Wind (A Sound Collage)

Chicken Dream Rubber Wind (A Sound Collage)

In this podcast you will find: PODCAST SOUND DIRECTORY 1) Walking through the casino on board the Independence of the Seas, February 2014 THE OCEAN 2) Random moment during Marble Faun Band practice 2013 3) Poet Arthur Weil reading his poem “The Wizard Says” Piedmont 4) More Marble Faun practice Oakland 5) Me asking my boss about his schnitzel experiences Oakland 6) A squeaky sink at the $5 movie theater in Emeryville/post-bathroom interview with Kyle De Medio 7) Kyan Taylor and I talking about arcane shit Emeryville 8) More Marble Faun jamming 2013 Oakland 9) Chloe Boxer telling me a dream NY 2013 10) Frogs at Lake Anza at midnight, Berkeley 2014 11) Kyle De Medio and my song about grandfathers 12) Chickens in the Sunlight, sung on a walk to see some chickens in the sunlight in LA with Ariel Ruby, Anjelica Colliard, Alyssa Lempesis 13) A game of SLAPJACK with Amos, Geo, Caitlin and Dream Koala playing in the background—Emeryville 2014 14) French Rapper Greg Frites talking about rebellion as a motive in the usage of the Verlan slang practice 15) Crickets in Ojai, CA 16) Lucky BK and I missing the BART to SF, 2013 17) A piano ditty by Kelsey Perry 18) Geo counting his money, somebody eating an apple, somebody else watercoloring 19) “Chickens in Vegas”, a song my little cousin Charlotte made up—sung into a fan 20) Call to Prayer in Turkey By Roxy Darrow 21) Drunk morning bike pretending to be Danny De Vito while I wheeze up the huge hill to my house 2014 22) Looped lecherous laugh 23) Demo home recording of “I Fear the Wind” 2013 24) A very brief excerpt of Dylan White and my conversation about buildings on UC Berkeley campus if they were people 2010 25) Anjelica Colliard and I looking at the nutrition facts of dates 26) Caity Ballister eating a hamburger at Nation’s during a Terry Malts show at the Night Light 27) “Santa Fe Trail” by Barbara Guest, recorded for Lorna B. during her hospital stay far away 28) A song made by a former Rite Aid employee, graciously sent to me by Kyle De Medio 29) Playing guitar waiting for Varun to get to my house 30) Somebody peeing 31) Caity B, Amos, Qing at the park singing beautiful nonsense songs 32) Chaz Bundick’s dream 33) BART going under the tunnel 34) Cicadas in Savannah, GA (Caitlin Grams) 35) Joshua Nissen King’s weird mouth sounds at Classic Cars West, Oakland 2014 36) My dad telling a story about hair 37) Laughing kids (Caitlin Grams) 38) My theme song (I live up a hill in a little loft bed) 39) My little cousin telling me about all her past lives (in the car) 40) Squeaky toy in a tunnel (Caitlin Grams) 41) Rapper in Oakland (Caitlin Grams) 42) Kyle De Medio’s dream about Christopher Füllemann and Caitlin Grams 43) Dream recording by Whitney Ray : riding shotgun with glenn beck/3 World Trade Towers 44) DOG ENERGY (Caity Ballister & KQW) untitled song 2014 45) Kids making monkey noises (Caitlin Grams) 46) My lil cousin Charlotte and I rockin the fuqq OUTTTT

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