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1. 2. Go Ahead (prod. AXSTHXTIC)

  • Published: 2016-06-10T23:56:29Z
  • By joshyl
2. Go Ahead (prod. AXSTHXTIC)

dont sleep on this! CONTROL dropping soon. LYRICS:

nothing at of , which is

2. cross [prod. ghsxt]

  • Published: 2016-12-07T04:29:09Z
  • By joshyl
cross [prod. ghsxt]

deepest shit i've ever written. LYRICS: (VERSE 1) Why the fuck I hear all the bull shit We threw a party, they threw a fit Semi-automatic with the full clips How high are you, I'm about six Shit my squad just puffed a joint Fake ass homies just disappoint Separate the fake, yeah we disjoint Bars too hot like boiling point Party super lit, I was way too lost, found myself drugged up and senseless Fuccbois up, they coming right down, cooking up the beef like breakfast We reckless, In this section, no gang life, these hoes trife That Lexus, we flex this They hit me up, I'm like who's this? I don't fuck no fakes, but we're not a thug Cause I'm high off life, some kind of drug Passed right out, laying on the rug While the chopper in the sky looks for the plug See a hard beat, imma just attack Flow too good like a maniac Our DD's like our diplomat My homie passed out with a baseball bat (HOOK) Cause I'm CROSS, CROSS, CROSS Bitch I'm just fucking crossed Cause I'm CROSS, CROSS, CROSS Now I'm just fucking lost Cause I, I be drowning up, all in your lies Cause I, I be drunk and high, at the same damn time Yeah, its just different now (VERSE 2) Said one time that I do to much I talked to my ex, took her out to lunch Shit you know that I won't put her in front Cause I invited that bitch so I could just stunt I'm in a better place, in the same world Got the better squad, got the better girl My ex-bitch is the thing of the past I might be crossed, but get outta my path Man you making this shit look easy We got bottles for days, no Fiji You look sleepy, you sleep on me? My game possessed like ouija But you need me, with a nice flow Lames be falling like domino I got ice in my veins like D'angelo I could uber everywhere, made in Tokyo Got my shit locked, that's highly And surely, No side piece Your squad too fake like Kylie And my cross be killer like Kyrie Woah, hold up, hold up wait a fucking minute I don't need your ideas cause I'm going way up in it (HOOK) Cause I'm CROSS, CROSS, CROSS Bitch I'm just fucking crossed Cause I'm CROSS, CROSS, CROSS Now I'm just fucking LOST Cause I, I be drowning up, all in your lies Cause I, I be drunk and high, at the same damn time (OUTRO) Yeah, every fuccboi is the same Every dumb hoe is always playing games God damn, just hop on the train Cause I’m crossed out of my mind, and I crossed you off my brain Cause I'm CROSS, CROSS, CROSS Bitch I'm just fucking crossed Cause I'm CROSS, CROSS, CROSS Now I'm just fucking LOST Cause I, I be drowning up, all in your lies Cause I, I be drunk and high, at the same damn time

nothing at of , which is

3. 11. Been Here (prod. Kin)

  • Published: 2016-07-01T21:01:31Z
  • By joshyl
11. Been Here (prod. Kin)

still been here, still been here don't sleep on it!! CONTROL dropping soon.. Lyrics:

nothing at of , which is

4. X Remix (feat. Dusty of the Sea Men)

  • Published: 2016-08-26T03:07:31Z
  • By joshyl
X Remix (feat. Dusty of the Sea Men)

21 21 21 go fishing LYRICS: (VERSE 1) They be like, Josh who cares about your ex Homies can't trust hoes screenshot-ing all our text With all due respect, I'll still flex on my ex-bish might just fuck around and move on to the next bitch Yeah, I'll still Flex on my ex-bitch Might just fuck around and move on to the next bish Get the ha-ha yeah, fuck every other catfish Let this go around, cause I still gotta rap this Why all my enemies remember me If you try come back, I do not need I said that once, and I'll say it twice There's too many fakes, run in my life I don't give a fuck about one dumb chick Roam around the party, on every guys dick? How you do that? We know you ain't clean How you do that? I don't know what you mean Look, I look out for my homies, I'm a really nice guy All you really gotta do is play your cards right You could back stab a homie, been there in my life Yachty even said that every single hoe is trife Hoes always be touching I be sick on the mic, I might need some robitssuin W before the X, Get it? X is right next Wasn't even with the girl, How'd you even burn out half my check? Send a fuccboi to hell, best hoes turns the best show W's turns to L's, west co turns to less Co Fuck with one 1 time then you'll start to test hoes Putting em' on blast cause you know I got a blessed flow Keep that shit up, You'll end up with the HIV Try to come back, biggest curve of twenty sixteen Does he even know? Girl, what the fuck you mean? How you gonna play these homies, when you on the losing team? Now who the fuck picked this lil sorry ass dude Looks like a good guy, you the sorry ass fool And you can't stay loyal, Your sorry ass leaps You was hungry, I aint have to let your sorry ass eat So ideas? Go and stunt and start to flex I should stay away from you? I think I like burning debts Now you know I don't hate you, but I'm flexing on an ex If you wanna let me go, then go right ahead (VERSE 2) I'm just stunting on my X bitch Dusty making money rolley on my wrist Checkin out my new bitch yeah we know she thick Crossed on my snap story that's a plot twist I see your name on my snapchat list New bitch sucking me so good now she talking with a lisp Fuccbois running now he about to catch these fists Yeah I'm young so I don't give a fuck about a risk I had a better time with the fucking henny My new bitches they be named Nikki, Mary, Molly, Jenny You still got a bell schedule, I'm just stacking up the bills, popping pills I don't remember what we did, I don't remember how it feels I don't matter I be dropping heat Flexing every week, at the beach, smoking weed And you fuccbois only talking on tweets You a chicken cause you're way to fucking scared to start beef bitch That's some children shit, sad attempt to hurt my feelings shit I don't give a fuck about a picture already deleted it She offered me the E you know I'm eating it In my life of sin, need a bible get to reading it Dying all they hair hoes be looking all the same Catch me in the subie speeding thru the fucking lane Got a railroad to the past, bitch you riding on the train Need a sponsor from Lysol cause I wiped you off my brain Me and josh we body every fucking track Hit you with the ha ha yeah cause we don't want a fucking text back Call up professor birdman looking at the facts Because respect if what my fucking ex lacks (OUTRO) All these drugs started acting You know that these bitches done giving me some action Me and my ninjas we in a fucking faction Catch me nodding off from the xannies on batson TFTI

nothing at of , which is

5. Stop Bad Trippin' Me Into Eternity feat. Dusty Of The Sea Men (prod. Young Taylor x Cxdy)

  • Published: 2017-02-23T00:57:22Z
  • By joshyl
Stop Bad Trippin' Me Into Eternity feat. Dusty Of The Sea Men (prod. Young Taylor x Cxdy)

bad trip bad trip bad trip bad trip bad trip bad trip bad trip bad trip bad trip bad trip bad trip bad trip bad trip bad trip bad trip bad trip bad trip mixtape comin soon this is what happens when u have a week off of school LUH MAO im drunk #yl semen: Body feel numb I'm stacking all the bread while they eating all the crumbs Talking that shit I'll bash your head like a drum City full of fakes, when they question where I'm from We become, all the killers Drug deals and liquor When we pop the molly, we walk like zombies off of thriller Black mirror, cause we sinners Looking down the sights with my finger on the trigger Yeah, what it do I just put your city on the map I could fuck a bitch, dip, make it home and I'm back Got a backpack full of tree On the snapchat I'm rolling E And I pass it to the sea Yeah where I be You got a bitch, I got three Josh-y-l always on a killin' spree Yeah it's just me, just me and my ego Stacking all the green like I spawned a casino Bow down, I'm the don, Al Pacino Making moves like in movies, I'm like Tarantino Why these bitches fakin' like placebo Question what makin' easy just like a free throw You a zero, I'm a hero, you a lame I just aim, to the same What a shame, you want the fame You want attention, can't acclaim Wouldn't blame, what you became Saw it coming, had to dip I'll just put the fuckin xan in the tea you just sipped Knuckles, you're a bloody pulp, punk, On a coca bump, dump, auto shotty pump, Cancer in my lungs, uppercut, You's a bloody mess, you bloody cunt, Alcoholic before 21, that's what's up, in my blood, In my veins, Y'all ain't even moving, y'all just the same. Switch lanes, yeah I switched a bit, She bite her lips, yeah she want that dick, Should I give her it? Getting bitches prudent and I'm living life lucid, Putting down the pain like it's Naruto Shippuden. I let her take one hit, now she begging me for more. Drop a Xan in Henny, whole squad puking on the floor. It’s a war bro, 19 shots at least, get out the door bro. Cause I'm mad you're claiming shit is horrorcore, You're horrible, crazy bitch be on her Kat Williams, I'm killing em, just another basic bitch like Squilliam. Coked up, syrup soda, trappin out the motorola, ODB, rest in peace, 30 clip to empty, Bullet wounds spray on the Chevy, Shit and piss on dead enemies like Makaveli, Coupe all black, its’ a G Wagon hearse, Lose the attack, rebound in a verse, Pussy bitch, get your ass fuckin murk, Pick your grave, and I'll cover the dirt.

nothing at of , which is


  • Published: 2017-02-07T03:59:28Z
  • By RH

LUH MAOOO follow us bitch

nothing at of , which is

10. Treasure - Bruno Mars (cover)

Treasure - Bruno Mars (cover)

Credits to Deborahmusiclife for the piano instrumetal.

nothing at of , which is