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11. Jr

  • Published: 2016-06-24T18:26:57Z
  • By jr ruiz

nothing at of , which is

12. ZEM010 - Alex Stein & Victor Ruiz - After Party (Original Mix)

ZEM010 - Alex Stein & Victor Ruiz - After Party (Original Mix)

OUT NOW! Various Artists Calvin MO & Dogreen, Lucas Arr ft. Amy Jane, Flow & Zeo, Dashdot, Simple Jack, Beep Dee, Angelo Fracalanza, Rafael Carvalho, Vintage Culture, Du Serena, Fox Glove, Gustavo Mota, André Gazolla, Gioc, Gabe Feat.Thais, Gabriel Boni, Tiago Vieira, Thomaz Krauze, Rafael Noronha, Nikols, FlexB, Black Jacket, Luthier Feat. R.B., TouchTalk, Stupidizko, Diamn & Hot Bullet, Velkro, Tough Art, theDuo, Yan Brauer & Raul Calddeira Feat. Dolce Mary & Thomaz Grutz, Jr, Nytron, Facing Odds & Marcello V.O.R., Fractal System, Samuel Boogie, Eclectic, Solc. Nicolau Marinho, Dropboxx, Christian Stilck, Tolkien 32, Olliver Mach, Renato Ratier, Lauro Viotti, Flapj4ck, KRASH! & Plastic Robots, Anderson Noise, Alok, Alex Stein & Victor Ruiz, Rocksted, Dj Glen feat. Dakar Carvalho, JRC & Leo, Re Dupre. Buy your copy now; YouTube Preview; Genre: House, Tech-House, Deep-House, Indie Dance, Techno Release Date: 2014-12-15 Catalog #: ZEM010 Nota de Lançamento / Release Note; A família Zero Eleven Music acaba de aumentar. Foi um ótimo ano para nos, tivemos a oportunidade de lançar musicas que realmente acreditamos, trabalhando com pessoas que realmente respeitamos e pudemos deixar, de alguma forma, a nossa marca na cena eletrônica do Brasil e do mundo. Neste nosso 10° lançamento, sentimos que de alguma maneira pudemos inspirar toda uma geração de artistas, de novatos a djs e produtores bem antigos, que criaram estas musicas exclusivamente para o nosso selo. Estamos falando de 47 musicas que ainda não foram lancadas, do Deep House ao Techno e Bass, mostrando as diferentes influencias deste grande leque de artistas, mas com aquela pegada brasileira. - Zero Eleven Music family just got bigger. It's been a great year for us, releasing some music we really believe in, working with people we really respect and somehow leaving our footprint on the brazilian and international electronic music scene. On our 10th release, we feel like we have inspired a whole generation of artists, from newcomers to old school djs and producers, who created this music exclusively for our label. We are talking about 47 previously unreleased tracks, from Deep House to Techno and Bass, showing different influences of this big range of artists but with a brazilian flavour in common.

nothing at of , which is

15. EP 358 The Key to Self Mastery with Don Miguel Ruiz Jr

EP 358 The Key to Self Mastery with Don Miguel Ruiz Jr

"Your no is just as powerful as your yes." - Don Miguel Ruiz Jr If you enjoyed this episode, check out show notes, video, and more at

nothing at of , which is