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1. egyptian pools (prod. jinsang) NOW ON SPOTIFY!!!!!

egyptian pools (prod. jinsang) NOW ON SPOTIFY!!!!!

follow the homie jinsang. ----> add to your favorite spotify playlist!!!: and even if my sun don't shine everything is fine and even if my one desire leaves it all behind it's fine and even if my sun don't shine that would lead me to harnessing the light that is inside i've been meaning to part with the facade i've been dreaming of her it's sorta odd cause i've been meaning to sort what's on my mind if i could dip within egyptian pools to escape the grip of all these devastating fools i'd take the trip at the flip of a coin, there's nothing to it i think we red it wrong i guess that's why we went and blue it the grass is greener theres a dream inside the bottles fluid i take a sip the purple hits me and i'm living lucid the sky is pink i cannot think i think i'm getting stupid i reminisce to days of orange peels and letting cupid determine whether or not to pull the arrow back and shoot it a simpler time for a simpler movement have fun; don't worry: words i'm still using take time; don't' hurry you can truly do it even if my sun don't shine everything is fine and even if my one desire leaves it all behind it's fine ☮

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2. Hawaii (prod. jinsang)NOW ON SPOTIFY!

Hawaii (prod. jinsang)NOW ON SPOTIFY!

why i always try i'll never know hawaii is in the sky and i'm home things are better off when i'm alone when i'm alone, or rather on an island i created for my own i drift upon a force made from emotions that i know and float upon a sky that is purple with overtones burning orange surfaces and coral clouds of smoke its pouring out my soul, a feeling i cannot control god willing cause i'm willing to start breaking down the walls we've been confined to a pile of lies as i rise above to find my life's love theres only one moment livin' if you think about the circumstances given which i try to do alas all the distractions are like pigeons dropping shit on my existence, but hawaii is in the sky so if i try and close my eyes to envision a place where i can go to lie my head to rest i guess everything will be fine if anythings out of line i'll make sure it's back in it's right palm tree steez please come into my life cool breeze we coincide it's very nice soon she's fine, and so close to being mine so very close to being mine, so very focused on her time that her life passes her by and her sun no longer shines if i could live this life again i'd have you right here by my side

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3. Omaure feat. The AK's & JUICEB☮X - Take A Minute (prod. Philanthrope & Otesla)

Omaure feat. The AK's & JUICEB☮X - Take A Minute (prod. Philanthrope & Otesla)

🎧 Buy Album & Vinyl » All About The Elephant is the new album by Omaure. Radio Juicy's regular rapper & writer extraordinaire. Complemented by the surrealist Dali inspired cover made by Hr Pixel. This is a listening experience divided into two Chapters, oozing with vibes from the sexy galaxy. Omaure listeners will definitely get their kicks from this one. A perfect fit for the hot midst of Summer. Rap & Lyrics by Omaure Featuring The AK's & JUICB☮X (track 6) Music Produced by Smoke Trees (track 2, 3, 4) Philanthrope & Otesla (track 6) M a n n y. (trrack 7) Rob Smyles (track 8) J Leon (track 9) Digital mastering by Omaure Artwork by Hr Pixel (at WTM) Vinyl mastering by Sven Friederichs Vinyl manufactured & distributed by Published by Urban Waves Records Radio Juicy © 2017

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4. JUICEB☮X - Way Too Nice(prod. by Flitz&Suppe x leavv)

JUICEB☮X - Way Too Nice(prod. by Flitz&Suppe x leavv)

Way Too Nice is the second single reveal out of the album by JUICEB☮X & Flitz&Suppe titled "Nebel" coming August the 8th. Lyrics by @juicebox914 Produced, mixed by @flitzsuppe & Mastered by @b-side-production Artwork by @invention Follow JUICEB☮X: Facebook » Twitter » Instagram » Follow Flitz&Suppe: Bandcamp » Facebook » Instagram » Follow leavv: Twitter » Facebook » Instagram » Radio Juicy © 2018

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5. Kenji & Philanthrope - Cromb (ft. Omaure & Juiceb☮X)

Kenji & Philanthrope - Cromb (ft. Omaure & Juiceb☮X) - Bandcamp / Spotify / iTunes etc.. After multiple successful uploads on our YouTube channel, we joined up with Kenji to release an EP with beats from several Chillhop regulars. It resulted in "Settling In", our first Chillhop release with lyrics. Kenji » P.R » Philanthrope » Omaure » JUICEB☮X » Mono:Massive » Tusken »

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6. JUICEB☮X x Flitz&Suppe - Really Sorry

JUICEB☮X x Flitz&Suppe - Really Sorry

w/ @juicebox914 s/o to all the skaters out there! Full EP "Nebel" is available right here -> Ltd. 12'' Vinyl -> Mastering by @b-side-production

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7. Truuuuu (prod. aso.)

Truuuuu (prod. aso.)

never should you change for anybody at all stay who you were who you are don't be different to your friends or the people in the mall or your parents back home or the people at your job be true to yourself be true to others be true to strangers be true to lovers be honest and loyal and love who you meet the hate you receive is just love in retreat i've been waiting for a day to sit down with somebody else and just shoot the shit how beautiful it is to be involved in this wow wouldn't it be sick if we could all just live rather than just exist, and idly float by like too many people i know no lie cold world living but the core is so hot so im tryna get close to the earth why not? breathing the air so fresh reminisce to my very first breath like a baby in a crib getting ahead of myself by thinking to the past those times don't matter cuz they already passed thats why the present is a gift, cuz anything could happen so smile more and get back to laughing my amor is back to back passing, magnanimous passion, magnetic attraction beautiful aint it? life something that should never be tainted. your face, something that should never be painted. this place, really reminding me of the matrix any enemies made id like to make up i always liked ladies better without the make-up they would probably fall if they faced us you heard what i said don't say what (what what what what) a moment of silence a moment of clarity do you notice the disparity? between the life that we live and the one that we're meant to just a little a thought that i'd like to present to everybody listening thank you for your time and for visiting peace, love, one

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8. Crazy Place [full EP prod. jinsang] *NOW AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE*

Crazy Place [full EP prod. jinsang] *NOW AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE*

Crazy Place, an EP exclusively produced by @jinsangbeats Cover art by Aden Forshy: IG @threethousan all feedback/support is highly appreciated, peace! 1. Here to Stay 2. Articuno 3. Hiccup 4. Like Nothing's Wrong 5. Nobody Knows 6. Kodoma Bandcamp: Spotify: iTunes : Apple Music: ☮

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9. Overthin King (prod. aso.)

Overthin King (prod. aso.)

soft rain falling on my window all pain falling decrescendo my brains stalling when i get so caught up in a thought like a wheel on an axle the overthin king doesn't know a damn thing cuz his whole view is skewed from the first perspective a collective of thoughts all based on apprehension too much attention on things that could be and he misses out on all of the opportunity if only he could see but the clouds in his head take form and block the positive receptors like a man with a scepter who thinks that he's king but really doesn't see thats he's like you and me and that he truly could be happy if he actually took the time to listen to the soft rain instead of working his brain like a bike chain round and round it goes, getting stuck in the same spots my friend please listen to the raindrops and drown out the negative, baby steps kid you can do it if you please will you please listen to yourself just listen to me listen to myself cause i'm enlisting to be overthrow the overthin king behead him and let him wither away in the soft rain falling on my window all pain falling decrescendo my brain stallin' overthrow the over thin king.

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10. So What? (prod. JUICEB☮X)NOW ON SPOTIFY!


hey, I really got nothin' to say. so what? maybe I'm out of touch. spiritually divine with a jumpstart kick-in somewhere along the line became numb to the feeling and even though I try, still I am not near it though I can taste it, I can feel it, I can hear it I much prefer the forest than the system in which we're living the population say a lot of shit, but don't listen so how are you going to say that you don't love another person when the chains on your brain are why your soul stopped searching? the energy is dispersing......and I wonder if i'm worth it compliments of the over thin king overworking but nevertheless this is a journey where the sun rays burn me and the waves may turn me i've been waking up early to catch the sunrise it feels like i'm staring into the One's eyes it feels right, appears right, but i ain't convinced cause everything seems to switch when it feels best -☮

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11. backword$ (prod. JUICEB☮X)NOW ON SPOTIFY!

backword$ (prod. JUICEB☮X)NOW ON SPOTIFY!

i think about it everyday with some anxiety trapped in a backwards society where white kids drop the N bomb more than black kids and little girls twerk in their middle school classes media desensitizes everything that happens seeing other peoples pain and laughing? no compassion dignity disappeared like magic its tragic, ego wont help you when it matters nowadays everything is backwards as such: dudes want the relationship girls just wanna fuck the systems corrupt, gas prices are up peoples heads up their butts, this is not how it should run text messages i-phones computers the act of conversation gets lost in the ruins if the eye contact is only made thru screens then how can we see what we truly mean? find beauty in the little things fuck a dollar bill what would you do if the money wasn't real? i don't care about versace, diamonds or miley cyrus its a virus, everywhere you look you can find it be honest and you will find happiness and solace get your brain polished with knowledge if i like to read books does that make me lame? my necklace is string while you're trapped in chains my setlist explains how my brain ain't the same my mind frame is a crazy dream i wanna talk about death with you, does that make me crazy? bullshit chit-chat about this and that never interested me i'm telling you baby introspection reflection is where its at lost hollywood children with the MTV dreams living life with eyes closed, only doing what they see only being what they think everyone wants them to be which is the same, which is lame, which is not how it should be find beauty in the little things fuck a dollar bill what would you do if the money wasn't real?

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12. Jenny (prod. JUICEB☮X)

Jenny (prod. JUICEB☮X) Originally written, produced & performed by JUICEB☮X: Fall 2013 Guitar solo: Dean Hicks if i could make it stay what it was yesterday i wouldn't hesitate to make it resonate he in his madness prays for storms and cloudy days i dream a thousand ways, can't live without your face i smoke my weed alone, i drink my alcohol i saw you out and ohhh, i should've stayed at home to see you smiling girl, i know we're vibin' girl want you in my whole world, its been a while girl oh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh jenny just let the love take charge, you put in too much thought we used to talk until the hands of the clock fell off the electricity when your in my vicinity we have the ability for reaching stability and i'm having trouble with keeping myself composed i play it cool but no, i think about you so so won't you just tell me, you think about me too if you would roll the dice, in this game for two oh ohhhhhhhhh jenny

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13. Juiceb☮️x


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14. Dawn (prod. VINK)NOW ON SPOTIFY!


Artwork: Ana Beraru inconceivable is often misconstrued as impossible open up your optical to avoid all the obstacles i got soul inside my vocal box and i could go 24 hours in a row off of a single flow warm blooded the room flooded with love it's every where and everything you need to be above it i got it, breathing deeper living in the pocket karma coming back for the fact that you never lost it my thought is, if you think it you can do it yes in and of itself i got rhythm like a fluid go do it, gotta do it, keep it movin' can't you see philanthropy handsomely in my movement? move it, push it to the limit you can do it don't let anybody tell you that you're stupid erase negativity slowly making improvements if any one can do it, best believe it's you kid i say, my ways been getting better every day i believe in the powers that be however and whatever it may i'm okay, everything's good right now, everything's gonna be okay unbelievable how a single day can change the meaning to any thing you truly ponder on meaningful spiritual i've been thinking different since reading into the visuals of which present themselves eloquently through feelings pivotal movements alter my axis putting me on track it's an utterly fantastical radical dope fact that my spirit is in tact creative river on a raft motion of the ocean locomotive on the path it's amazing, that one single day can really change me think one way and it shall be if it was meant ways back always been an overthin king but i let it out with my sing-sing swing i can see it now when we step into the spring now give em a breather, let the kid do his thing

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15. Observationz (prod. aso.)

Observationz (prod. aso.)

i couldn't stop aso brought the knock slow up my pace i just could not i'm in a place where patience basically pays you not to be basic i throw it back like asics and kswiss couldn't buy off it if you were high off it for high profits another vanilla brother with a style like chocolate if you rap circles i rap coffins iraq you baghdads like a cougar at an auction a healthy portion of porcelain rhymes you force it and therefore divorce it as the sunshine shines on another planet pacing nonchalantly occupating negative space cadet astronomical observations you could say that i'm waitin' to bring home the bacon not the rap clay aiken with rituals that are pagan hey and when you get the chance can you take a? giant step back up out my life to all the fakin' jax on the tracks on the twitter talkin trash get off your ass you women with no class hide behind your computer and dont experience realness never doing shit but claiming that youre a "real bitch" posting pictures of relationships you wish you had with a comment saying that youll never find your babies dad all this complainin' and fishin' for compliments wishin' that somebody would pop out of your ass and somehow make you glad you want it? go get it or let it come to you i'm truly tired of this generations shallow views the funny thing this track will probably get no love cuz everybody wants to hear more ignant shit and more drugs sorry i keep it honest! sorry im the last of a dying breed tryna spread kindness! yes at times i'm sensitive! sorry i'm hilarious! sorry that i think peace is something we could all truly accomplish! i use to roll with accomplice til i realized the sad truth at the end of the day its only you but that is not to say that we should stray away from people for after all the people are the ones who truly see you all i ever wanted was love i fell in love but got my heart broken for a while in the dumps but came to see that love is truly eveywhere its LOVE! it's talking to a stranger it's turnin' WE into US the sooner that we come to this realization the sooner we can let love heal us as a nation i'm tired of the sittin' i'm tired of the waitin' i'm tired of all this contemplation. what are you waitin' for? nobody's gonna do it for ya nobody's gonna find it for ya how are you gonna love if you don't love yourself? if you don't love yourself X 3

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16. Donna (prod. DMobbs)

Donna (prod. DMobbs)

she said her name was donna…… she said her name was donna…… she said her name was donna she smoked marijuana she asked me if i wanna, she told me that i oughta i met her in autumn, strolling thru the park and she asked me if i had a spark i did and it was on and we walked for an hour, walked thru the flowers smoking on sour, sun ray showers we laid in the grass, puff puff passion' she made me laugh, we truly were gassin' the sun got lower, and we got higher she kept on rollin' so much fire we both got open, it felt so nice and we continued thru the night just talking and lighting she pulled out some rizzla liccorice papers sweet candy lips sealed the spliff i was taken this chick is so real i really really want her this chick is unreal, she said her name was donna she said her name was donna…… she said her name was donna…… she said her name was donna, a real hot mama weeks went by and now i'm buying trees off her she told me i was more than just clientele i told her she was more than the roller of my L we both had a laugh as we dragged on the weed smoke bumpin' old tribe called quest hear the beat go i didn't leave wanna leave her side for a minute and thats about the time that she got another spliff lit we went for walk, sparkin' and talkin' beautiful evening, left her apartment walked on the bridge, see the ripples in the water kissin' on her neck while she's smokin' marijuana we did a quick loop and went back to the crib feeling real loose just spooning in her bed i went to make a move but she said "not yet" as she stared into my soul and lit up another clip she said her name was donna…… she said her name was donna…… i called up donna, but she didn't answer its been a couple weeks since i've seen her and i miss her she sent me a text said she was catching the re-up but told me later on we could definitely meet up something in her voice told me she was busy she sounded real distracted and a little bit iffy i didn't overthink it cause that would make it tricky probably just the side effects of smoking the piffy so i hopped out of my bed and my got my day started i had a clear head hadn't smoked since i saw her threw on some shoes, saw the sun thru my window perfect day to go outside and feel the wind blow so i went and took a stroll in the park and who do i see asking a dude for a spark? my dear old donna. queen of the sour. picking up customers walking thru the flowers she told me i was more than just clientele well what would you say if you were tryna make a sale as i watched some dude and donna walk into the sunset feeling abused and i haven't smoked a blunt since she said her name was donna…… she said her name was donna…… she said her name was donna…… she said her name was donna…… she said her name was donna…… ☮

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18. Blankface Handshake (prod. jinsang)NOW ON SPOTIFY!

Blankface Handshake (prod. jinsang)NOW ON SPOTIFY!

criss-crossed brain waves medium rare pain steaks blankface handshake man makes man hate and wait: it'll get better when the plan shakes damn straight american primate sweepstakes he takes 3 days she stays home he plays games and she don't know she could do better better believe it holmes her heart is with the fam but she don't believe in home shit faced spray mace protect your own this place good grace hate is all we know one nation under who the fuck knows? blindly pledge allegiance with eagerness for your foes i fold with a straight flush cause even if i play my cards right they're gonna say i got it wrong, what the fuck? i duck, cause shots fired it's bugged and i'm tired i close my eyes but yet i stay wired blue collar collard greens who hollered "call the queen" ? oops oughta ball for team troops shootin' children scream loot killing rape and dream lazerbeam reign supreme in between love and hate is room for compromise it seems that no lives matter i hold my bladder cause i'm fucking pissed off they turned the bridge into a ladder all day all great; that's not true all state all hate rat race news black, white, yellow, brown, red color hues never meant shit to this colorblind dude being nice is like a vice i pay the price for being rude cause day and night i fight a fight that i was destined to lose i wish for peace and peace wishes for true shit a country that's red white and blue it. there's no way to misconstrue it we've gone and lost our minds what are we doing?! -☮

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19. The Blast (prod. Pete Rock)

The Blast (prod. Pete Rock)

i been around better bow down or simmer down now i been in the barnyard with mad cows & chickens thats wild been thinking about how my style is versatile laying verse tiles down on the ground creating the foundation sometimes i rhyme slow sometimes i rhyme sick sometimes i sing songs some times i bullshit but i gotta stick with a message whatever it is gotta spread it redundant rappers slacking acting reckless dunce-cap rappers got it ass backwards average rap bastards who barely preach what they practice i paint a piece over patches of grasses greener than cash is the cash is nothing to me, it's the music that turns my axis 360 degrees with ease and melodies that please reason to make em believe they probably thank me to leave cause i was making a scene only to realize that this was really all but a dream ima junior like martin luther a senior to mamacita i freshen up like a blessing you sophomore like a diva i re-up on the rhyme, high time that i speak up the moment in which you shine, is the moment they couldn't keep up watch em creep up. no sleep if your living the dream boundaries and obstacles always get in between now i'm smoking sour cause the sweet ain't as sweet without it my mind is crowded there ain't no fuckin' doubt about it so how about it? i'm flowing like a fountain from a mountain avalanche to cross the land soon as i shouted a las and at last the ghost of raps past surpassed the brass tax, and passed the raps back a reincarnated jazz, funky rhythm math it's michael jackson badder than a puddle in your path faith i want it back, no trace of where its at i'm pacing on the track southbound its a blast Autobahn fast, with an automaton grasp you ought not look in the past if you are not looking to pass my prediction will only be as strong as my conviction i got a premonition that i'll be boa constricting i hold the ammunition that puts the key in the ignition gettin' it started, a lazy man will never be up on it just being honest, was once a pawn but now i harness the power, create a masterpiece within an hour i'm tired of all these fuckin' cowards in my eyelids was never one for violence but have visions of dying whipped by the belt of O'Rion, i'm flying when i stare into the stars forever shining still hitting clips, still grinding, still reminisce, still climbing and until i make it happen, i will cry and i will laugh and i will try and i will fail and i will try and will prevail and do the math until i'm laughing thru the rain and thru the hail sunrise sunset every minute every year doesn't matter if i'm in a cabin in aspen havin' asthma attacks or a shack in iraq with a broke back no mountain even the fountain of youth doubt him let the struggle build character leave it to the amateur caricature's to exaggerate their strengths behind their barriers i close my eyes and imagine i float in the barrier reef after 6 hits of the reefer, feeling relief not fearing the beast appearing when you're feeling it least you got the assurance of leaving in peace see, ima different kind of breed they thought i was extinct but i had high hopes of seeing another day to breathe the resurrection of a dream inner perfection they could never see can't get it in if you're out of reach outta sight out of mind, they're out of touch i said i quit as i light a dutch i reminisce but i'm fucking young i'm done mother natures son looking for a place to run

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