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1. Maceo Plex - Galactic Cinema (DJ-Kicks)

Maceo Plex - Galactic Cinema (DJ-Kicks) When creating an exclusive new track for his DJ-Kicks mix, Maceo Plex decided to deviate slightly from his comfort zone. “I’m kind of known for a couple of big disco records and some really deep bassline house tracks," he says. "This track is much darker, but still pretty sexy and soulful. The whole thing is dark and futuristic.” Maceo's new track "Galactic Cinema" anchors his mix, which is available April 30th on !K7. A two track EP featuring both new Maceo Plex tracks from DJ-Kicks ("Galactic Cinema" and "Mind On Fire") will be available on Beatport on April 15th. Maceo Plex on Soundcloud Maceo Plex on Facebook Maceo Plex on Twitter !K7 on Facebook !K7 on YouTube !K7 on Twitter

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2. Motor City Drum Ensemble- L.O.V.E. (DJ-Kicks exclusive)

Motor City Drum Ensemble- L.O.V.E. (DJ-Kicks exclusive)

L.O.V.E. is an exclusive new track from Motor City Drum Ensemble's lovely DJ-Kicks mix, which also features music from Aphex Twin, Electric Wire Hustle, Mr. Fingers & more. A digital single for L.O.V.E. with an additional Basement L.O.V.E. mix will be released June 20th, with an extra special set of remixes on the way. DJ-Kicks is out July 5th. For more info, check out •

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3. Portable Feat. Lcio - Surrender (Kosi Edit) [from DJ Koze - DJ-Kicks]

Portable Feat. Lcio - Surrender (Kosi Edit) [from DJ Koze - DJ-Kicks]

One of several exclusive DJ Koze edits from his DJ-Kicks mix (the 50th entry in the DJ-Kicks series), out June 15th on !K7 Records. iTunes: Amazon: !K7 Store:

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4. Michael Mayer & Barnt - Und Da Stehen Fremde Menschen

Michael Mayer & Barnt - Und Da Stehen Fremde Menschen

Michael Mayer - '&' Out 28th October 2016 on !K7 Order: Michael Mayer is the true definition of a taste-maker. His work as a producer, a DJ, and a curator via his label Kompakt, speaks for itself. Mayer's recording career spans four albums, 23 EP’s, nearly 170 remixes and the legendary DJ mixes for fabric and Immer. ‘&’ is his third full-length, a passionate and personal album that speaks as broadly as his DJ sets - embracing his genre-busting love for music, rhythm and atmosphere – and the dancefloor in front of him. ‘&’ – the title says it all; Michael Mayer collaborated for every track on the album. The list of contributors is quite impressive, including Roman Flügel, Prins Thomas, Joe Goddard of Hot Chip, Ed Macfarlane of Friendly Fires among many others. Mayer is adamant that the collaborations came about because of a shared musical vision and personal connection rather an effort to stack the lineup. "“All of those involved are good friends of mine and not random choices selected from someTop 100 list," he says. "These people mean a lot to me - and by that the music we produced together is heart driven and emotionally powered." An album highlight is ‘Und Da Stehen Fremde Menschen’, built around a vocal sample from a long lost East German band Stern Meissen. “I bought the record because I thought the cover was interesting. Then I heard this one line that fit perfectly to this idea of mine," says Mayer. "Barnt was the only candidate to make this idea come to life. The trick was to bridge something that sounds sincere and deep with a delicate balance of craziness”. The outcome breathes a groovy spookiness, likened to the Giallo works of Dario Argento, where the borders between reality and fiction are not clear. For more info:

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5. Maceo Plex & Mark O'Sullivan - When It All Comes To This

Maceo Plex & Mark O'Sullivan - When It All Comes To This "When It All Comes To This," a collaboration with Mark O'sullivan, is a highlight of Maceo Plex's DJ-Kicks mix, out April 29th 2013 on !K7 Records. More from Maceo Plex: Soundcloud Facebook Twitter More from !K7 Records: Facebook YouTube Twitter

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6. Denis Sulta - MSNJ [Jackmaster DJ-Kicks Exclusive]

Denis Sulta - MSNJ [Jackmaster DJ-Kicks Exclusive]

Exclusive Music From Jackmaster - DJ-Kicks Out 8th July on !K7 Order: Jackmaster's DJ-Kicks solidifies the reputation of one of the most in-demand DJs working today. In his work words, “the mix is influenced heavily by how I used to DJ at the first party I ever promoted, named Seismic, and another named Monox which was a straight up techno night where I was a resident from the age of 17. And although it wasn’t my plan, it turned into a kind of tribute to the cities that really formulated me as a DJ: Detroit, Chicago and Glasgow. There are a couple of wee secret weapons on there that are stolen from the guys at Rubadub, and obviously tracks Q1.1 by Basic Channel and the M-Plant bits I picked up from them too. The rest is stuff I found myself or on mates labels or produced by friends.” Denis Sulta's "MSNJ" belongs to the latter category, and is one of three exclusive tracks from the mix. For more info:

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7. DJ Koze - I Haven't Been Everywhere But It's On My List [from: DJ-Kicks]

DJ Koze - I Haven't Been Everywhere But It's On My List [from: DJ-Kicks]

Exclusive DJ Koze production from his DJ-Kicks mix (the 50th entry in the DJ-Kicks series), out June 15th on !K7 Records. iTunes: Amazon: !K7 Store:

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8. Seth Troxler & Tom Trago present T&T Music Factory - De Natte Cel

Seth Troxler & Tom Trago present T&T Music Factory - De Natte Cel

The world’s most notorious DJ digs deep for the most renowned compilation series as Seth Troxler gives us his DJ Kicks. “For my DJ Kicks mix I wanted to do something that was honest,’ explains Seth Troxler. ‘I went out in the morning, micro-dosed myself and did all these errands around town. Then I came home at night and did the mix one take. I wanted to curate something for people to easily listen to, that was nice, and funny and got you in the mood to do your homework, or drive that hour long trip when you need to go somewhere. I see this mix as a gay man named Rodney. Or a big black woman named Birtha.” Once in a generation an artist comes along that shakes up the status quo. Over the past decade, Seth Troxler has become a visionary and authentic voice in dance music, his jovial personality cutting through the noise and continually playing by his own rules. Growing up between Detroit and Chicago, his musical education carries enviable credentials, with his step dad a local radio personality who championed the early sounds of house music. The DJ Kicks mix offers Seth a rare chance to indulge in the more eccentric side of his musical persona. Starting with a folk ballad from Niki Nakazawa, soon to be released on one of his record labels, Soft Touch. “Niki is an old friend of mine who lives in Mexico City. It’s a track that I’ve had for about five or six years and been trying to put out for ages. I finally found the perfect place for it.” This sublime piece of music is juxtaposed neatly with the piano solos of Herbert ‘Suddenly’, elegantly remixed by Phil Parnell, before driving into the supernatural frequencies of DJ Koze’s ‘Bodenweich’ for Kompakt and the psychedelic free-form of Cobblestone Jazz. Troxler’s mix is almost a musical map of his own journey to the present day, these first few tracks carefully navigating through his years in Berlin, his first taste of living in Europe and a place where he truly found freedom in his own expression, best tasted in the liberated sounds of Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer’s remix of Wolfgang Haffner’s ‘Melodia Del Viento’. The quest is also firmly rooted to his adolescence and earliest experiences with dance music culture, through cuts from Chicago pioneers Byron Stingily and Derrick Carter on Nervous and Classic labels, respectively. “People don’t realise I have such eclectic taste,’ Seth reflects on the mix. ‘I think people get caught up in the image of the jokes that I make and they forget that actually listening to me play, or the music that I collect is actually pretty far out there.” His current landscape is brought into focus through music on his own labels, Tuskegee and Soft Touch and a DJ Kicks exclusive track from Troxler together with Dutch DJ and fellow legendary producer, Tom Trago, made earlier this year. “The exclusive track was after the closing of Trouw in Amsterdam, a place that we both loved dearly. Club Trouw used to be the printing press for Amsterdam's main daily newspaper and De Natte Cel (translated into English 'The Wet Cell') was the shower room where the employees would wash the ink off their bodies that they specially opened for the last month that the club was open. Tom and I both played in De Natte Cel during the closing party and were so inspired by the space we left Trouw after around 48 hours, partied all night at the hotel and then went straight into the studio.” True to Troxler’s character, the mix has a whimsical nature and a thoughtful and timeless narrative, bearing a tenacious episode for the DJ Kicks series that gives a true insight into the man behind the well-preened moustache and cowboy antics. “It might seem obvious but to be a successful DJ, you have to be really into music. Collecting music is my life. This is a proper DJ mix - a house mix. It’s good music that works to listen to at any time.”

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9. When Saints Go Machine - Love And Respect feat. Killer Mike (Unkwon Remix)

When Saints Go Machine - Love And Respect feat. Killer Mike (Unkwon Remix)

New album Infinity Pool out May 2013 on EMI Music & !K7 Records. Follow Unkwon on SoundCloud Like Unkwon on Facebook UNKWON REMIX - Most people probably aren't familiar with the name Unkwon, but, though Unkwon may be unknown to the world as it is, the guy behind the pseudonym, Anders Dixen, is a well-acclaimed DJ and producer on the Copenhagen club scene. He has been roaming the Copenhagen festivals, established clubs and pop-up pirate parties since 2003. And little by little established himself as a guarantor for a spectacular party, under the artist name, DixOne. DixOne being part of the Yo Felles, Dokkedal/Dixen, has so far thrown himself into almost any sub genre that goes under the branch of electronic music. Preorder album on itunes and receive an instant download of 'Love And Respect' :…ne/id280928061?l

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10. Glenn Astro - How I Miss You [Brandt Brauer Frick - DJ-Kicks]

Glenn Astro - How I Miss You [Brandt Brauer Frick - DJ-Kicks]

Order Brandt Brauer Frick's DJ-Kicks, out now on !K7: iTunes • Amazon • !K7 store Here's another gem of an exclusive track from Brandt Brauer Frick's DJ-Kicks. As with all of the exclusive music on the mix, "How I Miss You" was pressed onto custom vinyl dubplates in order to record the mix live, using nothing but vinyl. More from !K7: YouTube Facebook Twitter More from Brandt Brauer Frick: YouTube Facebook

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11. Lone - Saturday Night

Lone - Saturday Night

Ten years after his first release, UK artist Lone is putting out his first ever commercial mix CD. His entry into the celebrated DJ-kicks series lands on 29th September and features four of his own new and exclusive tracks. Today he shares the first exclusive track ‘Saturday Night’: a swirling, pad-laced groove full of summery warmth. Born Matt Cutler and raised in Nottingham, Lone has emerged as a standout artist over the last decade. Starting out making hip hop, he has distinctly evolved with each new release. Yet whether making house, breakbeat or jungle, his music always remains identifiable thanks to its bright melodic colours. This mix represents Lone as a producer: it starts out with the hip hop of his roots, then moves through some of the music of his childhood and on to a range of his enduring influences. Along the way, he stitches in his own newly produced sounds. “I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone with this,”: he says. “I’m so used to programming my own material on my own albums, that’s sort of how I approached this one.” Purposefully mixed in “a loose, rough way” in his living room on a pair of CDJs, the idea was to make listeners feel like there were in there with him. It’s designed for dreamy late night listening, or intimate headphone sessions, and “plays out a bit like a weird midnight radio show: it’s purposefully all over the place, dreamy and trippy, so you can zone in and out.” Lone’s DJ-kicks very much feels alive, lived-in and authentic. It is a hugely personal view into his unique musical world and marks another landmark entry into !K7’s long running series.

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12. Michael Mayer & Joe Goddard - For You

Michael Mayer & Joe Goddard - For You

MICHAEL MAYER & JOE GODDARD PREMIERE 'FOR YOU' Michael Mayer is one of the leading German tastemakers in dance music and his DJ sets have influenced a generation (or two) of musicians and fans.As an artist, Mayer remains tirelessly motivated to DJing, in the studio or behind his desk at KOMPAKT, the label he co-owns. His recording career spans four albums, 23 EP’s, nearly 170 remixes and the legendary DJ mixes for fabric and Immer.‘&’ is his third full-length,a passionate and personal album that speaks as broadly as his DJ sets - embracing his genre-busting love for music, rhythm and atmosphere – and the dancefloor in front of him. ‚ForYou’, the album’s second single, is a modern ballad for the dance floor and bedroom.A true love story sung by one of the best,Joe Goddardof Hot Chip / The 2 Bears. Over the course of Michael’s career remixing the likes of Rufus Wainwright or Pet Shop Boys, he has been able to bridge song writing and dance music in an extraordinary way and they both unleash the best of their talents and shine as if someone turned on every light in the world for a love that is meant to stay.

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13. Marcel Dettmann & Levon Vincent - Can You See [From DJ-Kicks]

Marcel Dettmann & Levon Vincent - Can You See [From DJ-Kicks]

Exclusive from Marcel Dettmann's DJ-Kicks Out 14th October on !K7 Order: Marcel Dettmann has revealed the second exclusive track from his forthcoming DJ-Kicks compilation - a collaboration with revered producer Levon Vincent, entitled ‘Can You See’. The pair have previously collaborated, releasing ‘Vengeance’ on Levon’s own Novel Sound label towards the end of 2015 to critical acclaim. Speaking about their relationship, Marcel explains: “Five years ago we sat in the studio and were just jamming, and started to work on some tracks… we met in Munich last year before playing together and suddenly he handed me over a test pressing of one of these tracks - I was surprised because he hadn’t said a single word about it to me before then. ‘Can You See’ was still in the drawer, so we started working on that track again, sending sound back and forth, and the result is what you can listen to now.” For More Info:

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14. Motor City Drum Ensemble- L.O.V.E. (Smallpeople Remix)

Motor City Drum Ensemble- L.O.V.E. (Smallpeople Remix)

Here's one more track from the Motor City Drum Ensemble remix EP for your listening and dancing enjoyment.

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15. Luca D'Alberto - Wait For Me [7K!]

Luca D'Alberto - Wait For Me [7K!]

Luca D'Alberto - "Wait For Me" / "Blessed Messenger" Out Now On 7K! / K7! Buy / Stream: !K7 is proud to announce the launch of a new imprint, 7K!, dedicated to cutting edge neo-classical musicians and composers. The first 7K! release is a double-sided single from Italian composer, arranger & multi-instrumentalist Luca D'Alberto. Luca's music is visceral with a life beyond itself, cinematic yet personal. With his innovative approach to how far a traditional instrument can take you, he makes intensely real music, pain-stakingly crafted to move you to another place: an antidote to the noise of modern life and a rare chance for reflection. A full-length album from Luca D'Alberto is due in 2017 on 7K! Titled 'Endless,' the album was played entirely by D’Alberto and engineered by Martyn Heyne with additional production by Henrik Schwarz, shaking his classical training into new forms. To celebrate the beginnings of the new 7K! brand, 7K! has teamed up with Berlin radio station Flux FM who will be launching the new radio channel Neo FM on January 27th. Luca D'Alberto will play his first live show, complete with 4 piece ensemble, live at the event, which will be streamed worldwide from Silent Green in Berlin. Luca D'Alberto's debut album Endless, produced by Martyn Heyne and Henrik Schwarz, is due for release on 7K! in 2017. For more info:

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16. Tosca - Outta Here Influences Mix

Tosca - Outta Here Influences Mix

New Tosca album 'Outta Here' out 6th October on !K7. Pre-order and get "Crazy Love" right away: The collaboration of Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber goes back to their childhood. Sharing the same school for over 8 years made them experience and develop a mutual music taste that covers a bright range of music styles. This taste is not only, but largely based on their common sense of humor, the fact that they learned to make music together and that they share their musical background and taste. They share the feeling that music is a way of expressing personal feelings as well as living personal freedom. Being confronted and trained in classical european music in their childhood, their interest later turned to music from other backgrounds, like blues, jazz, experimental and electronic music from all around the world. This history is partly reflected in their influences mix. "Music is organized sound that makes sense." - 01. HASSEL/BYRNE - Chemistry 02. DR. JOHN - Mama Roux 03. JAH STITCH - Black Harmony Killer 04. NUSRATH FATEH ALI KHAN - Must Must 05. JOHN LEE HOOKER - Need Some Money 06. MARCOS VALLE - Tira A Mao 07. ELVIS PRESLEY - Milkcow Boogie 08. TERRY RILEY - In C 09. HE SAID - Pump 10. SYLVESTER - I Need Somebody To Love Tonight (Instrumental) 11. GRACE JONES - Nightclubbin 12. SERGE GAINSBOURG - Ballade De Melody Nelson 13. PAT METHENEY + CHARLIE HADEN - Moon Song 14. FAZE-O - Ridin High 15. THE SPECIALS - Gangsters 16. LAIDBACK - Bakerman 17. HENRY ROLLINS - Liar 18. STEVE REICH - It`s Gonna Rain 19. CAN - One More Night 20. RENE +ANGELA - I Want You More 21. ERIC BURDON - Tobacco Road 22. MATERIAL - Reduction 23. CABARET VOLTAIRE - Crackdown 24. BASIC CHANNEL - Lyot rmx More from Tosca: Facebook: More from !K7: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube:

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17. Tosca - Export Import

Tosca - Export Import

Tosca - "Export Import" From: Going Going Going (coming February 2017) Album pre-order & track D/L:

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18. Actress - Bird Matrix [DJ-Kicks Exclusive]

Actress - Bird Matrix [DJ-Kicks Exclusive]

"Bird Matrix"appears exclusively on Actress' DJ-Kicks mix, out May 5th on !K7. iTunes: Amazon: !K7 Store: "Bird Matrix" was made just after Actress finished writing his most recent album Ghettoville. “My studio was going through a transition, so I was testing all the equipment, and that was one of the first tunes that came out of those experiments,” he explains. It’s a fittingly exploratory tune for a mix that balances traditional functionality with dance music’s cutting edge. For more info:

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19. Jabru feat. Joel Culpepper - Church

Jabru feat. Joel Culpepper - Church

Pre-order Will Saul DJ-Kicks; iTunes - Amazon - Will Saul online;

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