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1. (Cling to Your) Innocence Lyrics

(Cling to Your) Innocence Lyrics

The seige of your mind and mine Threatening my every action Starving me of my creation Waiting for my conversion My fear is my mistake Looking through anothers eyes Turning to what i despise My hopel

2. This Dead End Lyrics

This Dead End Lyrics

I don't want to get high to be free, or hold my baby tight I'd hate to love like you love to dance Hold on to the beat, the worthless beat, endlessly And if this is love then what is hate? This dead

3. Conveyor Belt Destruction Lyrics

Conveyor Belt Destruction Lyrics

Thoughts of sex and fashion This is our emotion TV, work and drinking Ill, then dying, then dead This is our emotion Conveyor Belt Destruction Keep your gold and Hollywood It's the mirrors distortio

4. Civilised Fury Lyrics

Civilised Fury Lyrics

At least I pretend I can change The solidarity of shame At least I pretend I can change Amid your four walls of stubborn grey Swapping handshakes for bullets Swapping handshakes for bullets Paint the

5. Bloodstained Lips Lyrics

Bloodstained Lips Lyrics

(I believe your gonner be blessed) Senses go cold, Bright eyes fade Blame the hunter with the double edge blade, There will be no undying memory, But the memory of futility. Kiss your, kiss your, bloo

6. You Are Being Lied To Lyrics

You Are Being Lied To Lyrics

This is the sound of a culture being drowned in it's own Scum This is the sound of a culture being drowned in it's own Scum You're being lied to by those who should protect you This is the sound of

7. The More You Have the Less You Feel Lyrics

The More You Have the Less You Feel Lyrics

Move on, confiscating difference, only when we say you can be you. We like what we want and you go where we tell you, it's so, so much like a dream. But no-one told us when we were young, the more y

8. The Flowers Are Dead Lyrics

The Flowers Are Dead Lyrics

If you could have something from Austria, what would it be? It's money, it's people, it's sex, it's power, it's democracy. I know you don't give a fuck, the flowers are dead I know you don't give a f

9. Turn Passion Into Spite Lyrics

Turn Passion Into Spite Lyrics

How many lost again today? Does it matter anyway? Great dignity, forever famed, and so, turn your face away, don't watch us all go grey. If there's no war to fight we'll make one, but the world is onl

10. Comfort and Feeling Lyrics

Comfort and Feeling Lyrics

Your head's isolated, the past gives no comfort. Your mind's intoxicated with bad breath and good luck, and good luck. Meaningless, meaningless, your voice has none, worship the blessing, give comfor

11. So We Fly Lyrics

So We Fly Lyrics

This lie is written in your eyes, this lie is burnt across your back, their lies are swimming in your soul, this life is all that you have known. One day it will come too fast, one day it will fall t

12. Better Than Life Lyrics

Better Than Life Lyrics

Rain falls on my window, I can't even see, that I'm so tired of chasing rainbows, everything's too fast for me. And if you're wondering what to say - then save it, I'm still wondering what to be, and

13. Black Holes Lyrics

Black Holes Lyrics

Rising like the sea, black holes in front of me. But what we have to fear, protects us from our feelings. Baby eyes, one day, you'll be, Black holes. Tomorrows too far to see, yesterday feels too ne

14. Everything Destroys Itself Lyrics

Everything Destroys Itself Lyrics

Symbolic wreck, a crucifix I've opened up to something new I'm born again, but it's so stale A lovely scenic view Just another empty threat A hoax gone wrong Your mind still bleeds You are the victim

15. Average American Corpse Lyrics

Average American Corpse Lyrics

To love the state is to love life 24 commercials will suffice Destroy what you don't understand The politics of rape and a US hit man The average American corpse Brought up on the Marshall ideal Powe

16. Billboard Beauty Lyrics

Billboard Beauty Lyrics

A life a dream the pain a scream I awoke to my desires Young white male let out your rage Throw your heat onto the fire The flesh will be stuffed into the dress Even if it doesn't fit Obsess ourselve

17. ...And They Obey Lyrics

...And They Obey Lyrics

Cross your fingers and hope for the best Right wing, left wing - they're meaningless Represent the way things really are Drug addiction - a state run massacre Celebrity is all you believe Hyped up vis

18. Forever Reeling Lyrics

Forever Reeling Lyrics

To look and see no life, mind dead nothing remains, but the trick of a hearts, and a pressure graident, Forever reeling from that empty look you gave, it was never meant to end this way, To look and

19. One Way Mirror Lyrics

One Way Mirror Lyrics

Live by the magazine Flash photos, ever clean Stand back this is a movie scene Another empty magazine Shoot down all that might have been Hospitalised - so serene Glamour beckons the obscene Look thr

20. A Generation Devoid Of Inspiration Lyrics

A Generation Devoid Of Inspiration Lyrics

All week life leads up to this Nothing more than a vain attempt to justify your worthless job No expenses spared to lose yourself in the arms of despair Disguised as just a little fun beaten into subm