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1. Kit Kat

  • Published: 2019-02-19T17:31:18Z
  • By TSUKI
Kit Kat

nothing at of , which is


  • Published: 2016-01-10T09:28:59Z
  • By Kit Kat

Lyrics: its a game, you ready to pick sides? two ways, you decide who dies slaughter innocents just to get by we're starting out tthis track going genocide a world monsters, wander round the map and attacking to make me stronger slicing and dicing so that the lives are no longer i will conquer this world and i will slaughter anybody stepping to me im a marauder cus i'm killing, it's thrilling instilling fear cus i'm winning i'm filling up chilling amount of lv, i'm deadly with plenty of knife strikes and it's night night the last sight is my might i end thee or you can go with the pacifist befriending everyone you don't hack to bits you don't like this shit your no masochist you can be a real life monster activist be best buds with both papyrus and sans skele-brothers like no others, yeah, you foil their plans but if you itchy trigger finger might get out of hand boy, you'll be dead where you stand sparing all your enemies, they're all friends of me you can feel the determination, it was meant to be journey from snowdin to, the core just know to watch out for, asgore every bit of me, spitting with all my power never hitting, admitting that every hour i'm committing to kissing and kidding and never doing the biding of any type of villain, especially a gold flower uh, yeah, let's get it done helping with alphys and her mettaton solving the puzzles, a dozen of troubles, if you getting caught then you better run i won't hate them, so when my fate ends everybody will be happy we'll be great friends cus i'm building up a better bond getting strong with these monsters yeah before it's late spend your life being kind you're wasting your skill you see in this world it's kill or be killed are you an idiot? you want to have fun right? you never bring a heart to a gun fight nobody cares for you, all they want to do is rip your soul out your body, shove it into a tube you're so dumb you're just gonna lose they're wanna break the barrier with your soul and break through in your position, your mission, to be efficient, at setting up the ignition, on your endless expeditions, it's the acquisition, of attrition, fill them up with ammunition, none of your conditions, let you spare all your oppositions you have my permission, i'm your tactition so you can strangle any monster into submission sit down and listen when it comes to murder i'm the definition but you'll rise above, head held high like a soaring dove, noone dies be the hero, the angel, the one they deserve follow your heart, follow your words spare them all, and you wont fail save your friends, from their own jails be the chosen one, then we'll all hail the true saviour of this undertale

nothing at of , which is

5. Lil Tjay - Kit Kat

  • Published: 2018-11-09T00:19:31Z
  • By :)
Lil Tjay - Kit Kat

nothing at of , which is

7. Penny Lane - Nachspiel @ Kit Kat Club Berlin ( Scorpion s 40. Birthday !!! ) - 3

  • Published: 2013-10-31T14:13:10Z
Penny Lane - Nachspiel @ Kit Kat Club Berlin ( Scorpion s 40. Birthday !!! ) - 3

Jaaaaaaa also ick muss echt nochmal "Danke Yvi" sagen !!! Hat mich echt total jefreut, das de dir die Zeit jenommen hast und mir mit deiner personellen und musikalischen Anwesenheit meinen Geburtstag versüßst hast !!! Echt mal geile Kittymugge zum abfeiern ... Ick hoffe es wird eine Wiederholung geben !!! So und nu viel Spaß dem Feiervolke ... Bis die Tage Kuss & Gruß an Penny Lane :-))))

nothing at of , which is

9. HAVOC - Kit Kat (Chris Bullen Remix)

HAVOC - Kit Kat (Chris Bullen Remix)

Put up on soundcloud as people were asking! download link

nothing at of , which is

11. Penny Lane @ Nachspiel ( Kit Kat Club Berlin - 21st Club Birthday ) - März 2015

  • Published: 2015-03-07T16:39:39Z
Penny Lane @ Nachspiel ( Kit Kat Club Berlin - 21st Club Birthday ) - März 2015

... Der Meister selbst war zwar leider diesmal nicht anwesend, lässt es sich aber nicht nehmen, ein weiteres mal unsere Technoprincess Penny Lane zu supporten ... Ihrem Style typisch verwöhnt sie hier unsere Ohren !!! Es ist mir eine Ehre ;-) ... Und nun ganz viel Spaß an alle Soundclouder und Partypeople !!! .. Wie immer mit ganz groß MFG ... Der SCORPION :-)!!!

nothing at of , which is