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4. 3:16 Mathew Carter, Stoop Kid, Duke Shocka, Kiya.Ross

3:16 Mathew Carter, Stoop Kid, Duke Shocka, Kiya.Ross

3:16 ,..... Just Listen

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5. kiya


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6. Ensemble Constantinople & Ghada Shbeir - Cercles Migrants

Ensemble Constantinople & Ghada Shbeir - Cercles Migrants

Kiya Tabassian: Sétar, Directeur Artistique Ghada Shbeir: Voice Ziya Tabassian: Percussion Iman Homsy: Kanoun Guy Ross: Oud, Luth Matthew Jennejohn: Cornetto, Mute Cornett, Recorders Isabelle Marchand: Viola de Gamba, Fiddle Kyriakos Petras: Violin Andreas Papas: Percussion Kyriakos Kalaizides: Oud

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7. queen kiya

queen kiya

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8. REAL.Beautiful.MUSiC


EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: DAVID EDWARDS, KEITH PHELPS, VERONICA KELLY MASTERING: STEVE CARAO FOR SAGE AUDIO ADDITIONAL ENGINEERING: FELA ROSS, KIYA LACEY, JONATHAN ANGLIN, RYAN JARVIS MANAGEMENT: DontMindmE ENTERTAINMENT SAMPLE CLEARANCE: DontMindmE ENTERTAINMENT A&R: DAVID EDWARDS CREATIVE DIRECTION: KEITH PHELPS, DAVID EDWARDS, SHAVONN BLUEITT, JOSEPH LANGFORD PHOTOGRAPHY: JOSEPH LANGFORD FOR J.LANGFORD & BATES & ALEX ONANA FOR VINTAGE KING AUDIO GRAPHIC DESIGN: SHAVONN BLUEITT FOR CIPHER 48 FOR BOOKINGS AND ALL OTHER INQUIRIES CONTACT: DAVID EDWARDS 323-207-6523 [email protected] © 2014 REAL MUSIC AFFILIATES/ DontMindmE ENTERTAINMENT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WWW.OFFICIALKEITHPHELPS.COM WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/KEITHPHELPSMUSIC WWW.TWITTER.COM/KEiTHPHELPS WWW.TWITTER.COM/DontMindmEent SPECIAL THANKS: I want to thank Jesus for choosing me for such serious subject matters to deliver to people. I dedicate this project to you. It has been an absolute growth process from the mixtape to this album. Without you I am nothing but wasted human effort. Mom: Thanks you for always challenging me to do and be better. Dad: Thanks for giving me something that I can now give the world to enjoy. Dave: Thanks for being the older brother that I never had and sticking with me through my maturation stages. I know the ride has been everything but smooth. I’m more than glad to call you friend and manager. Veronica: I don’t know what I would do without your friendship. Your involvement in my career and life has been an absolute God-sent blessing. Love u “Auntie Shug” Jamal: I want to thank you for being my friend and respecting me when it wasn’t easy for you at all. Says alot about you as a young man. As always, I appreciate your creativity and your contributions to my projects. You’re simply greatness in the making Ellis: You surprise me with the slappin’ beats you send and always end up contributing to some of my most meaningful songs. Thanks for your lighthearted nature and willingness to help me along my journey. Shavonn: Thank you for taking this project and making it your own. You’re creative insight is insanely inspiring and I’m blessed to have the opportunity to work with someone such as yourself. Gary, Dre, JJ, LJ, JD, & G.M.: The Polk is strong on this one! Appreciate all of yall helping me as an artist & lending your abilities towards my calling. #863 Kiya: I still trip listening to “Us” think that you wrote and sang that at 17. You have a whole life of greatness awaiting you. Keep up the good work Ryan: Recording your record was probably one of the fondest memories of GRAMMY Camp. Thanks for letting me flip that foreal...thats probably one of my favorite samples. You were an absolute pleasure to work with. Seats: I can’t thank you enough for the countless industry talks and overall inspiration. Your involvement in my life and career has been a recurring source of motivation. So glad to see you in the credits on this project. Dana: Thanks for just being there. You are one of the few that I can legitimately call a friend. Antonio: Thanks for picking up the phone. Its always a good feeling to know that your best friend from elementary still your best friend. Hamilton: So, you had to go and write one of the most epic songs of all time….so epic that I couldn’t leave it alone. Dude you inspire me year after year to be a better Christian and to dig deeper as a musician. Such a blessing to share one more record with you. Ben: All your random phone calls from overseas are greatly appreciated. All your words stick with me more than you’ll ever understand. You’ll always be my brother. Stay safe and I’ll see you when you come home! Tony: Thanks for your honesty & support man...It has truly helped me to see life in a very different light. Pat: Thanks for everything man. From letting me crash at your place to good conversation and turn-ups in Vegas. Couldn't have done a lot of this without your help. Congrats on the new wife and baby and I wish you nothing but continued success. "You better believe it!" The GRAMMY Foundation: Kristen, David, & Joe...5 years later and you all are still contributing to my career. I appreciate your willingness to help and you all considering my work a priority. AND TO ALL THE FANS AND SUPPORTERS THAT CONTINUOUSLY SUPPORT ME AND OTHER INDEPENDENT ARTISTS

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