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1. KME Selects

KME Selects

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2. KME Weekly Mixtape: Favorites of 2017

KME Weekly Mixtape: Favorites of 2017

2017 was an amazing year in Kmusic. So many great releases, so many new sounds. However, it was a sad year also, as we lost some of our favorites groups to disbandment and lost the amazingly talented Kim Jonghyun. But they will always live on through their music and the good times they have given us, for now and for the future. This mix compiles some of my favorite tracks that came out this year. It is not meant to be comprehensive nor objective because there were so many amazing albums and songs put out this year. It would be impossible to include them all. I would like to thank all the listeners out there enjoying the show. This year was interesting, tough, and fun. I've come across an abundance of new music and it has been a joy to share it all with you. I am looking forward to next year and I also look forward to growing the show. I was super busy this past year but really want to make an effort to keep improving and learning. Any ideas or feedback is absolutely welcome! Once again, Thank you all who enjoy the show and here's to 2018 being another great year in Kmusic! Subscribe on itunes: #kmusiceveryday KMEWM 2017: 1. millic - Paradise feat. Fanxy Child 2. DPR Live - Cheese & Wine 3. Jay Park - REBORN feat. Double K, Boi B 4. Sik-K - Get That Money 5. Penomeco - WTF (Went To Far) 6. Jazzyfact - 하루종일 7. Primary - I Know feat. Sumin 8. Sumin, Hoody, Puff Daehee, SFC. JGR - MODECi (WEKEYZ REMIX) 9. Yaeji - raingurl 10. Samuel Seo - Mango feat. Qim Isle 11. Primary - 42 feat. Sam Kim, eSNa 12. Suran - 1+1=0 feat. DEAN 13. Hyukoh - Tokyo Inn 14. Sumin - Sparkling 15. Red Velvet - Look 16. Zion T - Sorry feat. Beenzino 17. Crush - Outside feat. Beenzino 18. Dumbfoundead - Hyung feat. Dok2, Simon Dominic, Tiger JK 19. ZICO - FANXY CHILD feat. FANXY CHILD 20. OLNL - OYEAH 21. Loco - Movie Shoot feat. DPR Live 22. IU - Palette feat G-Dragon 23. LOOΠΔ 1/3 - 비의 목소리 51db (Rain 51db) 24. CLC - Where Are You? 25. Wonder Girls - Draw Me 26. I.O.I. - Downpour 27. SISTAR - Lonely 28. 2NE1 - Goodbye 29. Jonghyun - Just Chill 30. MIXX - Love Is A Sudden 31. S.E.S. - Paradise 32. Heize - Don't Know You 33. Kisum - In The Rain feat. I Rang 34. Hoody - HANGANG 35. YESEO - Silhouette 36. JINBO - TT feat. Sumin 37. Sik-K, pH-1, Jay Park - iffy 38. Groovy Room - Sunday feat. Heize, Jay Park 39. Jang Jane, Giant Pink, & PERCENT - Dumb Dumb 40. Dean - LOVE feat. Syd 41. Kramp - TANK!

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3. B-Side K-Pop 002: Open Your Eyes Don't Hide

B-Side K-Pop 002: Open Your Eyes Don't Hide

Welcome to Episode 2 of BSKP! I did not record on this episode due to timing issues but you guys don't need me to enjoy the great tracks we have for you this week. First and foremost, RIP to the late Jonghyun, who we lost tragically too soon. He will forever be one of the greatest artists to have blessed us with his talent. A truly unique voice. You did Jonghyun. So of course, we start and end the show with him. I also threw in some other songs from him and SHINee. Please go check out his last piece of work, "POET|ARTIST," which was recently released by SM. #thankyoujonghyun Please enjoy the rest of the show! We got some great tracks from the likes of KARD, iKON, and Bolbbalgan4. Also I've been on a girl group kick as of late, so I played some of my favorite B-Sides from groups like Pristin, DIA, SNSD, and Wonder Girls. Listen and enjoy! =] BSKP002 Tracklist: 1. Jonghyun - #Hashtag 2. Bolbbalgan4 - Blue 3. DIA - Mannequin 4. Oh My Girl - Knock Knock 5. Pristin - Be The Star 6. I.O.I. - Doo Wap 7. SHINee - Don't Stop 8. Wonder Girls - 사랑이 떠나려 할 때 9. SNSD - FAN 10. Kriesha Chu - Falling Star W/ Min Joo 11. Apink - 콕콕 12. iKON - Beautiful 13. KARD - Jinikka 14. Bumzu - Once feat. Raina of Orange Caramel 15. EXO - Good Night 16. Jonghyun - Shinin' 17. SHINee - Odd Eye 18. Jonghyun - Just Chill

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4. KME Weekly Mixtape 027: Late At Night I Think Of You

KME Weekly Mixtape 027: Late At Night I Think Of You

Annyeong! I know I say it every week, but we really do have a good one this week. Initially, I wanted to release my Girls' Generation 10th Anniversary Tribute Mix today(look for it this weekend!); however, while I was out of town so many good tracks came out and I couldn't wait to share them. There's been some big name releases by the likes of Jay Park, GFriend, K.A.R.D., and Park Kyung. Plus three amazing albums I've been listening to nonstop lately. First, there's Groovy Room's aptly named "EVERYWHERE." You've heard their production stamp on nearly every damn song out there ("Groovy....Everywhere"). But there are so many good collabs on this album from names like Sik-K, Suran, pH-1, Heize, Jay Park etc. It's almost like the KMEWM all-star team. Next, there's the offonoff's album "boy." which has been on repeat for me as well. offonoff consists of Colde & 0Channel, two dope dudes repping Club Eskimo and HIGHGRND. Their sound blends soft Hip Hop/RnB vibes with an indie feel. My favorite track has to be Cigarette feat. Tablo and MISO. Go get dat shit and check out all the dope MVs that they have put out as well. The third album is from an artist you may or may not have heard of. She goes by the name of YESEO. If you're a longtime listener of the show you've probably heard her at least a few times. Anyway, her new EP, which also is her first, is called "Million Things," and incredibly it is performed, written, produced, arranged, and composed all by YESEO herself. The album is an awesome showcase of her talent and range. Tracks go from chill RnB to upbeat dance numbers which is all tied together beautifully by YESEO's soft, warming vocals. Definitely expect to hear more from her on the show. Please go give this album a listen in its entirety! I will put link below: Insta: @yeseois With all that said, Enjoy the show! *Sidenote: I didn't record any of my own speaking on this one in the interest of time, but I have been thinking of stopping that entirely to completely focus on the music and save on time. For now at least. But let me know in the comments or on instagram (@kmusiceveryday) if you prefer it, or would like my intro/commentary stuff in there =] Subscribe on itunes: KMEWM 027 Tracklist: 1. Jay Park - Yacht (K) feat. Sik-K 2. EXO - Ko Ko Bop 3. San E - Mohae feat. Bolbbalgan4 4. G. Soul - Tequila feat. Hoody 5. K.A.R.D. - Hola Hola 6. Groovy Room - Tell Me feat. Sik-K, Giriboy 7. Yeri - Hesitate 8. Sundaycandy - Valentine 9. Groovy - Give It To Me feat. Sul 10. donutman - Leavin' 11. SAAY - VLACK N VLUE 12. Suzy - Pretending to Be Happy 13. Groovy Room - Sunday feat. Jay Park, Heize 14. offonoff - Dance 15. MABNC - Surfer / 헤엄 16. Yunhway - esc 17. SUL - Walk Around 18. U Sung Eun - Jealous feat. Kisum 19. GFriend - Love Whisper 20. BOiTELLO - 우아해 (Feat. HunnyHunna) 21. Park Kyung - Wiped 22. OCEAN - Comedian 23. YESEO - Lazy Mary Jane 24. Eglaf - 기분을 내 25. Small Kidd - d r e a m e r 26. BJYUN. - Nightride (Demo) 27. ₩itch - Pretty Boi 28. offonoff - Good2me feat. Punchnello 29. Yeseo - Rude

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5. KME Weekly Mixtape 024: I'm So Fanxy

KME Weekly Mixtape 024: I'm So Fanxy

On this week's show we got new joints from Red Velvet, Millic, Zico, and more! Plus, I've been coming across a lot of great hip hop and RnB stuff lately, so we'll be showcasing plenty of that throughout the show. Unfortunately I have been feeling a bit under the weather and my voice is shot, so I won't be talking on this one, but it's all good. The music is first and foremost anyway. Enjoy! Subscribe on itunes: KMEWM 024 Tracklist: 1. Red Velvet - Red Flavor 2. Xiumin (EXO) x Mark (NCT) - Young & Free 3. VAV - ABC (Middle of the Night) 4. Jay Park - Love My Life feat. pH-1 5. Vinicius - Breathe feat. Qim Isle 6. Suran - Babybaby 7. Red Velvet - Hear the Sea 8. Lee Bada - Woo Ah (Lee Bada Ver.) 9. Luna-tune - Feeling It 10. SLCHLD - Change 11. Millic - Igloo feat. Club Eskimo 12. Kumira - 행복해지는 법 (prod. OPO) 13. OLNL - Ohyeah (jnkfood Remix) 14. One - Heyahe 15. Chaess - Good Day 16. BiNTAGE - 집어치워 (Feat. SABO, RIPELY) 17. Millic -Paradise feat. Fanxy Child 18. ZICO - Fanxy Child feat. Fanxy Child 19. Bryan Chase - Takeoff Remix feat. BC, KZN, BFree 20. Jvcki Wai - Exposure feat. PNSB 21. BTS - Come Back Home 22. nafla - JAIL 23. IndEgo Aid - Holly Wood Remix 24. 2NE1 - Baby I Miss You (U-Noo Remix) 25. Giiana - New Phase feat. Bevy Maco 26. Fr:Eden - 숨 쉬듯이 (Prod. cocobolo) 27. Zico - Artist

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6. KME Weekly Mixtape 045: I Like This Bridge

KME Weekly Mixtape 045: I Like This Bridge

#ripjonghyunshinee KMEWM Tracklist: 1. Jonghyun - Fireplace 2. Jonghyun - Aurora 3. Crush - 내 편이 돼줘 4. Summer Soul - My Christmas Day Is For You 5. FANXY - HUG 6. Owol - 괜히 7. Humming Urban Stereo x Ban:jax - TROPHY 8. Ban:jax - Nonsense feat. Chaeyy 9. SUMIN - Mirrorball feat. YunB 10. Jeebanoff - Timid feat. Changmo 11. 범키, 챈슬러 (Chancellor), 산체스 (Sanchez), 태완 (Taewan), 양다일, MXM - 너가 필요한 것 같아 (Baby Can I) 12. Jay Park - Birthday Remix feat. Ugly Duck, Woodie Gochild, Hoody 13. Loopy - WAV 14. Groovy - 신경 써(FEAT. D-HACK Of KINGdumbs) 15. DPR LIVE - Is You Down 16. myunDo - Inspirations 17. F(x) - 4walls (기리보이remix) 18. SHINee - Romance 19. Uhm Jung Hwa - Ending Credit

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7. B-Side K-Pop 016: Oh You'd Better Stop

B-Side K-Pop 016: Oh You'd Better Stop

On this week...It's a true grab bag episode. A little bit of new, a little bit of old. All sorts of vibes in this one. We have new stuff from Gfriend, Snuper, Pentagon, and Hyolyn. But we also have some other unique stuff from Jooyoung, a throwback from Park Jiyoon, and some more hip-hop sounds than usual. The diversity amongst the K-pop world and its artists is vast, so let this show be a testament to that fact. Enjoy! Insta: iTunes: BSKP 016 Tracklist: 1. SNUPER - Tulips 2. Hyolyn - Dally feat. Gray 3. Yugyeom - I Don't Know feat. Reddy 4, Pentagon - Do It For Fun (Rap Unit) 5. AGER - DNA (BTS Cover) 6. Park Boram - You Know 7. Gfriend - Time For The Moon Night 8. Park Kyung - Wiped 9. Colde - DNA (BTS Cover) 10. IU - Can't Love You Anymore w/ OHHYUK (Dsevalley Flip) 11. Gfriend - Love Bug 12. Artlover - Want U Back 13. Pentagon - Nothing I Can Do 14. Joo Young - Same As You 15. Esae - Is It Love 16. Gfriend - Tik TIk 17. Park Jiyoon - Steal Away 18. Primary - Hello feat. Lena Park 19. Hyolyn, ZICO, Paloalto - Dark Panda 20. Red Velvet - Attaboy

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8. B-Side K-Pop 008: Don't Let Them Fool You Girl

B-Side K-Pop 008: Don't Let Them Fool You Girl

On this week...IT'S ALL ABOUT THE LADIES! As it was International Women's Day yesterday, I thought it was only proper to show some love to a few of the greatest female Kpop groups/artists in the game. Almost 2 hours of greatness from the likes of Red Velvet, S.E.S., Blackpink, SNSD, & much much more. This is definitely not a definitive list as there were so many more I wish I could've included; however, simply a list of some of my favorites that have greatly impacted me. While the Kpop world is flawed and rife with double standards, ageism, hypersexualization, and ridiculous beauty/personality expectations, all of these talented women persevere and thrive despite these obstacles. So here's to the ladies! Enjoy! Insta: iTunes: BSKP008 Tracklist: 1. Mamamoo - Rude Boy 2. Red Velvet - About Love 3. IOI - Doo Wap 4. Sistar - If U Want 5. Hoody - Hangang 6. EXID - Without U 7. S.E.S. - Just A Feeling 8. Fin.K.L. - To My Boyfriend 9. Apink - FIVE 10. Gfriend - Love Whisper 11. Luna - I Wish 12. Heize - MIANHAE (Sorry) 13. Ailee - If You 14. Seohyun - Moonlight 15. Hyuna - DART 16. IU - Jam Jam 17. Taeyeon - Stress 18. BoA - Kiss My Lips 19. Wonder Girls - Sweet & Easy 20. Oh My Girl - Knock Knock 21. Primary - Right? feat. Soyou 22. Kisum - In the Rain feat. I Rang 23. Ladies' Code - Lorelei 24. Twice - 1 to 10 25. Girls' Generation - You Think 26. BESTie - Excuse Me 27. 9 Muses - Yes or No 28. Dal Shabet - Someone Like U 29. Jessica - World of Dreams 30. Brown Eyed Girls - Brave New World 31. Blackpink - Whistle 32. 2NE1 - I Am the Best

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9. KME Mixtape 063: I Just Wanna Be Your Peach

KME Mixtape 063: I Just Wanna Be Your Peach

On this week...there has been so much good stuff coming out it's hard to keep up. We've got new stuff from Hoody, Oceanfromtheblue, Penomeco, and more. This episode sort of sandwiches some hard hip-hop tracks in between some really groove-driven, soulful RnB joints. Of those RnB joints are two tracks off Oceanfromtheblue's new mixtape, "LOVELIKEBOYZANDGIRLS," which is amazing. I barely came across this artist recently and have been loving the work so far. Head over to his soundcloud ( and get the new mixtape for free! Beyond that, Hoody is back with her sultry vocals accompanied by Jay Park once again. This time with a track produced by Slom, whom I have played multiple times on the show. In addition to that, get down to some new Penomeco and B Jyun and most importantly...Enjoy! Insta: iTunes: KMEM 063 Tracklist: 1. Hoody - Golden feat. Jay Park 2. Penomeco - O.F.F. feat. Gaeko 3. Holynn - Better 4. Jerd - Untitled 5. B JYUN - Birdtrap 6. Shinjyujinssi - Stupid 7. Soo While!ght - 알래스카 8. Khundi Panda - Chef 9. Goosebumps - Hit Me Up feat. Sik-K 10. Superbee, myunDo, Scary'P - Autobahn 11. Goretexx, Giriboy, Han Yo-Han - 구 12. Giriboy - BangBup 13. Lexicon - Make 14. Oceanfromtheblue - Shawty feat. B Jyun 15. Hoody - Why feat. George 16. Deletis - 우리 놀이터 17. Oceanfromtheblue - 가면 (ft.KHUNDI PANDA) 18. Reddy - Peach feat. Suran 19. BoiTELLO - PRLY 20. Ted Park - Hands In the Air feat. Jay Park

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10. KME Weekly Mixtape 029: The KCON LA Hype Show

KME Weekly Mixtape 029: The KCON LA Hype Show

On this week's show, we get hyped for hyped for the KCON LA convention happening this weekend from the 18th to the 20th! I unfortunately won't be attending myself due to my current circumstances, but that doesn't mean we can't hype it up for those of you who are. So I got two tracks from each of the artists on this year's lineup and made a mix to get ya'll ready and hyped. We got joints from the likes of NCT 127, Heize, Girls' Day, & more. So enjoy, and if you're attending KCON LA this year I hope you have the best time of your life. I will be back next year for sure! Subscribe on itunes: KME029 Tracklist: 1. NCT 127 - 0 Mile 2. Astro - Dreams Come True 3. Wanna One - Energetic 4. VIXX - Black Out 5. Seventeen - Mansae 6. GOT7 - Magnetic Girl 7. KARD - Oh NaNa (Hidden. Heo Younji) 8. SF9 - Roar 9. WJSN (Cosmic Girls) - Kiss Me 10. Oh My Girl - Liar Liar 11. Girls' Day - I'll Be Yours 12. WJSN (Cosmic Girls) - I Wish 13. Girls' Day - Hello Bubble 14. Seventeen - Pretty U 15. Heize - Underwater 16. Super Junior -D&E - Still You 17. Heize - You, Clouds, Rain feat. Shin Yong Jae 18. KARD - I Can't Stop 19. GOT7 - Sign 20. Astro - Baby 21. Wanna One - Wanna Be (My Baby) 22. Oh My Girl - Knock Knock 23. Super Junior - D&E - Can You Feel It? 24. VIXX - Shangri-La 25. SF9 - Fall Down 26. NCT 127 - Whiplash 27. Heize - Shut Up & Groove feat. DEAN 28. GOT7 - Just Right

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11. KME Weekly Mixtape 014: I Just Wanna Show My Mind

KME Weekly Mixtape 014: I Just Wanna Show My Mind

Your weekly dose of K-pop, K-hiphop, and everything else in between! Subscribe on itunes: KME014 Tracklist: 1. LIVE feat. DEAN - Know Me 2. Ailee - Reminiscing 3. Lovelyz - WoW! 4. Risso - OMG 5. Neon Bunny - Ai 6. Summer Soul - Barefoot (TOBYNOH Remix) 7. Penomeco - WTF (Went To Far) 8. Most Badass Asian - MBA 9. Boy Wonder feat. Andup, Lobsta - Gimme That 10. Code Kunst feat. G.Soul, Tablo - Fire Water 11. Subin - Circle's Dream 12. Taeyeon - Sweet Love 13. April - The Way You Are 14. Red Velvet - Something Kinda Crazy 15. Gugudan - One Step Closer 16. OVAN feat. Chancellor - Virgin Love 17. AKMU - 200% 18. HIGH4 - Love Line 19. Asoto Union feat. Tasha - Blow Ma Mind 20. Aseul - Loveless 21. Hoggy - Jangpoong 22. GiiANA feat. Summer Soul - Paradise 23. Jeebanoff x Deepshower - Belief 24. Ovcoco - MNMNM 25. Bevy Maco - Till The Dawn 26. Jooyoung - 91 27. EXO - They Never Know Background Beats: Deepshower feat. Jeebanoff - You (Noair Remix) Tumblr: Insta: Twitter:

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12. KME Weekly Mixtape 023: I've Got A Crush On You

KME Weekly Mixtape 023: I've Got A Crush On You

On this week we got some new Crush, Henry, & Rick Bridges to rein in the summer vibes. Also, we got the Latest & Greatest segment making its return with some 90s goodness and a handful of different Kindie sounds to round out the week. Enjoy! Subscribe on itunes: KMEWM 023 Tracklist: 1. Crush - Outside feat Beenzino 2. Henry - I'm Good feat. Nafla 3. YunB - Oppa feat. Reddy & Paloalto 4. D.O. x Loco - Falling Down 5. Crush - Summer Love 6. Hyolyn x Kisum - Fruity 7. Sogumm - Hope U Too 8. Rick Bridges - Burn 9. Jinbo - As I Told You feat. Crush, Hoody 10. Kim Sung Jae - As I Told You 11. Kirin - Margarita feat. SFC.JGR 12. Junggigo - Fantasy 13. Jay Park x Ugly Duck - Ain't No Party Like An 8BallTown Party (SFC.JGR Remix) 14. Crush - Crush On You feat. Swings 15. Zion T. - Spin Spin 16. OOHYO - Goodbye 17. Okdal - Intern 18. Jida - High feat. Rachel Lim 19. Paul Kim - Wanna Love You 20. Hani - Milk (Live) 21. The Night of Seokyo - Never Forget Me feat. Dawon, Lazier 22. Seoulmoon - Pineapple 23. CIKI - Baby Crush 24. Hyukoh - Wanli 25. Lotion fnk - Oi 26. Sears - Red Balloon Background Beats: Crush - newyork (Birdland) G-Slow - 65 (humid & hot)

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13. B-Side K-Pop 004: As Long As I Got My Headphones On

B-Side K-Pop 004: As Long As I Got My Headphones On

On this week...Some girl group goodness, Rap unit love, and ending it with some old favorites. For some reason the Kpop game has felt a lil dry as of late. At least for my taste. So I find myself going back to old favorites. Maybe that'll be a trend for future episodes? Anyway, this one is a fun, chill episode. Enjoy! BSKP 004 Tracklist: 1. Twice - Headphone 2. NCT 127 - Whiplash 3. Seventeen - Trauma 4. MXM (BRANDNEWBOYS) - ERRDAY 5. Jinho - Finesse (Remix) W/ Jeon Soyeon 6. Pentagon - Pretty Boys (Rap Unit) 7. BTS - I Like It 8. WJSN (Cosmic Girls) - Say Yes 9. Gugudan - Lovesick 10. S.E.S. - Hush 11. JBJ - On My Mind 12. Hyorin - Slow feat. Jooheon of Monsta X 13. Heize - 먹구름 (Feat. nafla) 14. High4 - 봄 사랑 벚꽃 말고 feat. IU 15. Red Velvet - Campfire 16. GOT7 - Remember You 17. Suran - Walking 18. Jay Park - Me Like Yuh (K) feat. Hoody

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14. B-Side K-Pop 019: I Wanna Be Free

B-Side K-Pop 019: I Wanna Be Free

On this week...we starting off with that new new. A new song from Moonbyul of Mamamoo featuring the lovely Pringle Princess that is Seulgi of Red Velvet called, "Selfish." A new b-side off of the excellent new BTS album. A new collab between Davii and Heize. And one of the hottest new song in the past couple of weeks, Loco and Hwasa's, "Don't." After that, it's a nice grab bag of b-sides (new and old), covers, and grooves. Highlights include (G)-Idle, Lee Bada, Taemin, and Teen Top. Enjoy! Insta: iTunes: BSKP 019 Tracklist: 1. Moonbyul - Selfish feat. Seulgi of Red Velvet 2. BTS - Love Maze 3. Loco & Hwasa - Don't 4. Davii - Only Me feat. Heize 5. Juniel - Last Carnival 6. U Sung Eun - Jealous feat. Kisum 7. Yong Jun Hyung - Go Away 8. (G)-IDLE - What's In Your House? 9. Kizzy - Peek-A-Boo (Red Velvet Cover) 10. Teen Top - Go Away 11. Lee Bada - Hold Me Tight 12. Kassy - Chiche 13. Doko - Don't 14. Taemin - Thirsty 15. CLC - BAE 16. Moonbyul - In My Room 17. Lovelyz - Night and Day 18. Elris - You and I

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15. KME Mixtape 056: Baby Plus That

KME Mixtape 056: Baby Plus That

On this week... We have a lot! There's been a surge of new releases so it has been hard to keep up. That coupled with the fact that I've been digging around a lot means I have a bunch of music to share. This one could've been longer but decided to pair it down. One track in particular that I want to highlight is "춤(dance)" by an artist named Youra. I recently came across her page on Soundcloud and was enamored with what I heard. She seems like a new artist but sounds like a pro. Check her stuff out here: With that said, Enjoy! And look forward to a bunch more next week as well. P.S. Remember every episode is available for free download! Just hit MORE... and save that data. Insta: iTunes: KMEM 056 Tracklist: 1. Young Jay - God's Plan (Remix) 2. DA₩N - 불면증 (白夜) (ft. YAYYOUNG) 3. Heize - 잘 살길 바래 (wish You Well) (With. Davii) 4. MISO - O.B.E. feat. Chek Parren 5. Youra - 춤(dance) 6. Viann x Khundi Panda - Too Much Talker 7. Donutman - Buzzin' 8. B-Free - My Team feat. Reddy, Okasian, Huckleberry P, Paloalto, Keith Ape 9. Dsel - Cozys Call Back feat. Kid Milli, Dugg Shak (마진초이 Remix) 10. Sik-K - Plus It 11. J-Hope - Airplane 12. BRLLNT - Drown feat. Sumin 13. Yeri - Hesitate (Daehan Remix) 14. Kassy - Chiche 15. Jeong Sewoon - Toc, toC! 16. Joo Young - Sweet Life 17. Hash Swan - 미치지 않고서야 18. forest - 가자! 19. Chapeau - Rooftop Smokin feat. Jclef 20. Sese' - Runaway feat. Bravo 21. Oceanfromtheblue - 슈퍼마리오(super mario) 22. Dsel - Audiogang Remix feat. Kid Milli, ACACY, NO:EL, Duggshak 23. Shinyujinssi - YTLIUG 24. GooseBumps - Yeo feat. Loco

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16. KME Mix Selects

KME Mix Selects

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17. KME Mixtape 048: I'm So High Got A Dap From An Angel

KME Mixtape 048: I'm So High Got A Dap From An Angel

This week is all about some new hop hop joints I've been rocking to lately. OF COURSE I had to start it off with that new Sik-K, "YeLoWs Gang" feat. Herr Nayne and Woodie Gochild. Sik-K did some amazing things last year and is already carrying that momentum into this year. I expect to see some really dope shit from him and H1GHR Music. We also got some new tracks from KME staples like Khundi Panda, OLNL, Dumbfoundead, and Luna-Tune while throwing in some joints from a couple of KME first timers such as Vovy McFly and D. Luna. So turn it all the way up in your car this week and enjoy! On another note, I have a great announcement! I specifically started this show to express my journey of going deeper into the Kmusic scene and I feel like the show has definitely evolved in terms of content into something I originally envisioned. While initially this was more of a Kpop based show, my taste for Hip-Hop, RnB, and indie seemed to have taken it over. Which is great! I love what it has become but I do miss the fun and energy of the Kpop scene. Without it, this show may have never existed. So with all that said, I am offically announcing B-SIDE KPOP, our new Kpop based show that will go back to a similar format of what the Mixtape started with. However, I wanted to focus more on the often forgotten and missed tracks from Kpop releases. The ones that never got a radio or MV release. Those great B-SIDES that deserve their due. It is still a mainstream Kpop show and we will still showcase some of what's going on in the scene currently, but expect to hear some other joints you may have never heard before from some of your favorite artists. I am very excited and hope you all are looking forward to it. Keep posted to the KME feed this Friday for the first episode. KMEM 048 Tracklist: 1. Sik-K - YeLoWs Gang feat. Herr Nayne, Woodie Gochild 2. Ja Mezz - 17 (Remix) feat. Khundi Panda, NO:EL, Young B 3. G2, Paloalto, & Hucklberry P - Rap Flicks 4. Giriboy - wewantourmoneyback feat. Young B, Kid Milli 5. Bill Stax, C Jamm, Swings - GOAT 6. KRNFX - Look At Me x Gucci Gang x Dat $tick (Beatbox Cover) 7. Young Chillain - YELLOW 8. Dumbfoundead - The Defiant Wons feat. Jay Park 9. SuperBee - Yellow Gold feat. Los 10. Luna-Tune - STILL ALIVE 11. D. Luna - 인간의 야만성 12. Cheetah - Stagger 13. C H 3 S V N - Uniqlo Muji T Shirt 14. Khundi Panda - 실로 15. Eastmerlin - 비밀의 방 16. myunDo - Ghood Life feat. Yoonmirae, Bizzy 17. Vovy McFly - 노을이 묻은 빨래를 널어 (prod. Cushion) 18. OLNL - Foreign Student 19. Small Kidd - 안녕하세요 저는 스몰키드 임미다 (beat by. saib.)

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18. KME Weekly Mixtape 036: You the Perfect Chemical, I Gotta Test, I Gotta Know

KME Weekly Mixtape 036: You the Perfect Chemical, I Gotta Test, I Gotta Know

KMEWM 036 Tracklist: 1. DPR LIVE - Jasmine 2. Penomeco - SMT (So Many Times) 3. Sik-K - Earphone 4. Jazzyfact - On My Wave feat. Kim Hyo-Eun 5. Qwala - Cruve 6. Sun Limit - Panty! Ft. 논산이장님 naked b1ack 7. RNMK - Summer Fever 8. Summer Soul - Let Me Love You 9. Hye Sung - Feel It Still 10. A. Min - Hide and Seek 11. Blue Hour - Nightmare feat. Jooyoung 12. Lym en - Wonderland 13. Crush - Fall 14. iHwak - Stay With Me (Jay Park Cover) 15. 검은해적단 - 이제 강아지를 좋아하는 척은 안하지만 (feat.최성김의윤) 16. DA₩N - Smoke That Shit 17. MuFFin - 외계인 (feat. FANCY최수진PUPU) 18. J.Lu - Swim feat. Jclef 19. Jclef - Trippin 20. C. Jamm - Know 21. J.Y. Park - Regrets feat. Heize 22. C R E A M - Pink Rocket 23. Yunhway - Staring feat. Junas 24. Cashmere Cat - Mirror Maru (Female Vocal Version)(Le`mon Version) 25. MISO - Steppin 26. Hyorin - Love Like This feat. Dok2 27. Wonder Girls - Beautiful Boy 28. SFC.JGR - Suck 29. A-Fuzz - Dive

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19. B-Side K-Pop 025: We're The Girls With the Fanci What

B-Side K-Pop 025: We're The Girls With the Fanci What

On this week... It's all about the ladies. Somehow when putting this episode together it turned out to be all female groups and artists. I simply went through a bunch of new releases and started going for a boppy summer vibe and coincidentally all the tracks were from girls groups and female artists. Kpop summers are usually dominated by girl groups (SISTAR :'[ YOU ARE MISSED) so it's no surprise. Also new stuff from NU'EST W and HAON are in there. Enjoy! Insta: iTunes: BSKP 025 Tracklist: 1. ELRIS - Summer Dream 2. Momoland - VeryVery 3. DOHE - Lucid Dream 4. ELRIS - Speak 5. GIRLKIND - Fanci 6. NU'EST W - Gravity&Moon 7. Red Velvet - Gee (SNSD Cover)[Live] 8. TWICE - I Want You Back 9. HAON - Love! Dance! 10. Melody Day - Restless 11. Mamamoo - Rainy Season 12. YUJU - Love Rain feat. Suran 13. Younha - Go 14. Lee Jin Ah - Yum Yum Yum (With TAK) [Rebooted Version] 15. Tiffany Young - Over My Skin 16. Apink - Don't Be Silly 17. NU'EST W - Polaris 18. Uni.T - No More 19. OH MY GIRL BANHANA - 하더라ë

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