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1. Queen's Speech 4

Queen's Speech 4

#Shurrprise! You can now listen to #QS4 on soundcloud! The first 100 downloads for FREE GOOOOOO!

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2. Queen's Speech 3

Queen's Speech 3

Produced by Z Dot & Krunchie. I finally uploaded it for the #Shurrporters as the demand has been crazy! Enjoy and keep your eyes peeled for #QS4

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3. Queen's Speech 2

Queen's Speech 2

The 2nd episode of Queens Speech is here! A new series of pure fire bars EVERY month.

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4. Lady Leshurr - Queen's Speech Ep.3 (Prod. By Zdot & Krunchie)

  • Published: 2015-05-04T21:59:02Z
  • By ZDOT
Lady Leshurr - Queen's Speech Ep.3 (Prod. By Zdot & Krunchie)

Get the 'Queen's Speech 3' Instrumental now:

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6. Only - Nicki Minaj ft. Drake & Chris Brown + Lady Leshurr's "Queen Speech Ep. 2"

Only - Nicki Minaj ft. Drake & Chris Brown + Lady Leshurr's

creds to @TeamTaj & @TheRealDjFlex for the Only (Big Butt Remix) Queen's Speech 2

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7. Queen's Speech 5

Queen's Speech 5

The 5th episode and final instalment of the year. Christmas Queen's Speech is here! Produced by Lady Leshurr, co produced by Show & Prove. Shot and edited by Wowa. BUY #QS5 HERE: Purchase tickets to my new tour "Queen Of The Scene" here Http:// Buy Crizzpy Tees here: ***LYRICS*** Verse 1 Please don't stop for a Chinwag You need a tic tac You will get broke up like a kit kat And then taken out like a bin bag Becar it's going down lowblow So don't make me snap like a photo .......Slow mo I'll come through hooded up like Trayvon All blacked out like Akon I'm a come to your door like Avon And make you gimme them notes like Trey Songz Mad ting Sad ting like a Drake Song Everything's cool payphone I told you to change your panties, so why you still wearing the same ones? Dutty Ay No Sean Paul I'm bad gyal what you gon do? Look I've got supporters in Cornwall And I know some Ballers in Portmore But wait, why do girls love to do that pose? Are they your new trainers What are thoseeeee Eedjat gyal Pick your nose and eat it gyal I am the realist gyal I I I AM THE REALEST GYAL! You ain't like Melesha I'm a hurricane yeah I'm Katrina English class didn't like the teacher So I walked out like Bye Felicia!! Stay in school kids Bridge They don't show no appreciation Keep things short like abbreviation All these girls are really hating When they're lips look like crispy bacon Chorus CRIZZPY! Crispy bacon CRIZZPY! Crispy bacon CRIZZPY Crispy bacon Your lips look like crispy bacon Verse 2 I'm on the grind skateboard I'm a go nuts - Acorn They tried to take shots - Paintball But I'll cross when I want like a J Walk Pathetic. Your weaves synthetic If you think that you're gonna get past me, then you can forget it! Like, Hello Do you hear me? I've been dying to let you know that you're the biggest wasteman Look I'll take you for some garlic bread I'll take him for a tuna salad Just when they thought I was done I gave them Another one DJ Khaled So Don't think you're bad Cus your man prees my Instagram So you got mad then hit the fan I hit him up then I hit the dab like WOO! That's it. Don't try talk with your black lips I Heat things up like June 1st I took the crown Miss Universe

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8. Lady Leshurr - Shurraq

Lady Leshurr - Shurraq

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10. Lady Leshurr - #UNLESHED (Panda Freestyle)

Lady Leshurr - #UNLESHED (Panda Freestyle)

Shot by Kaylum Dennis, edited by Wowa. A brand new project called UNLESHED that will be released every few months. Showing my darker fierce side. Enjoy. *LYRICS* Intro I'm not the one to call when you're in danger Look I'm not the one to call Cus you're a stranger I'm not the one to call when you're in danger Verse 1 First off shut your gob Don't be mad Cus I took the spot Why are you so concerned about me When Ya mouthpiece looks like a crusty cob You must be dumb If you're number 2 I must be 1 Becah gyal will get beat like Rapompapom So don't big up your chest in your wonder bra You battyfish Wa gwarn what's happening? When I was in the lab just cooking up You was somewhere in the club daggering Man I'm Savaging Done with the talk, through (threw) javelin Yeah I might have big teeth on a rabbit ting But I'm still here (hare) and I'm still managing And you're where? Look panicking I don't care, shrug ain't having it My whole years booked, travelling You're nowhere, stuck stammering You See me shook, MC hammering Garn! Left the room Get P Money just cheque the views Don't know who you're stepping to Cus I'm ahead I'm not next (necks) to you Kill em all dead I'll execute Get them cross so I'm xing you I'm at the top now I'm vexing you I am your mom you're my second yute You're my yute man I call you Miranda Miranda! Chorus Who are you blood? Who are you Who are you don? Who are you Verse 2 To the people that dissed Queen Speech Let's see your bank balance Cus brush your teeth got my mom a mortgage that was the tool you spanners I'm grown SO WHAT!! Respect your olders have some manners Cus I'm sure age ain't got nothing to do with talent Dammit I don't know what their problem is Leave me alone stop butting in Don't make me have to get onto tings And Don't move your mouth not one to kiss I'm a 10 J in me Alphabet Don't @ me You'll never see me round bare man or gyal Cus I don't need anybody to back me That's me I've gotta keep it classy I be getting chauffeured You be getting taxi I be in the front you be in the back seat Names on ya lip like a moustache be Likkle fish, salty Somebody get em some akee I'm old school like acky acky 123 is you I'm one you lose I'm gone you're who? Remind me again Just for the bants I'll hubby and wifey your friends So you're mad for life You will see me everyday Girls wan be me in every way Break your cd up in ya face Like snap I don't wanna hear it You look stink I don't wanna breathe in I be in the house you're housekeeping I be in and out you're in the house sleeping Give you the business come to the meeting Please stop tweeting. You look DEAD with your natural hair You look DEAD when you've got weave in Jesus Still I can't believe it I can't believe the cheek And still A New MC is born everyday of the week And still You don't wanna do this nar Things might just get peak And still You don't wanna do this nar Think before you speak Are you serious These girls are Delerious They must be on their periods Move from me with your smelly bacterias That's not cute Claim you're a bad girl that's not you I'm gonna blow like that's hot food Gassed Cus you got a blue tick on your Twitter rude boy but what's apps got two Like Whoah Slow down a minute Slow down the Flow down a minute I am the Queen you'll get thrown (throne) down a minute I be In the whip window roll down a minute like Know your role now a minute See More Lyrics Here:

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11. #Shurrprise! (Feeling Myself Remix)

#Shurrprise! (Feeling Myself Remix)

So we just hit 1 MILLION VIEWS on #QS3 and in return I recorded this #Shurrprise from me to you!! Hope you enjoy it and download it before it's too late :) #QS4ComingSoon #QueenOfTheSceneComingSoon!

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12. Gyptian ft. Lady Leshurr - All On Me | Diztortion Remix

Gyptian ft. Lady Leshurr - All On Me | Diztortion Remix

Download: Gyptian, who hit international stardom with his RIAA certified Gold hit "Hold You" (produced by Ricky Blaze and later remixed by Nicki Minaj) in 2010, is back with a single just as contagious. The Jamaican reggae singer's song "All On Me" (June 9, VP) continues to climb UK and U.S. radio charts on Top 40, Urban and Rhythmic radio, and now has Lady Leshurr, "Britain's hottest female rapper" hailed by Vogue, gets on the wicked new remix produced by the Dutch born record producer Diztortion (known for his hits with UK artists like Stylo G, Lethal Bizzle and Tinie Tempah). The new remix, available Nov 6, 2015 for digital sale on VP Records, collides UK grime, hip hop, EDM and reggae into a worldly sound. Visit Follow Gyptian: Follow Lady Leshurr:

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13. Lady Leshurr Queen's Speech 5

  • Published: 2016-01-04T19:16:36Z
  • By Rashyy
Lady Leshurr Queen's Speech 5

Follow me :)

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14. Lady Leshurr - Black Panther

Lady Leshurr - Black Panther

My 3rd freestyle of the year. Black Panther. Enjoy

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A brand new single from Lady Leshurr called #LUKATAR produced by Zdot & Krunchie which will be released early next year. If you have seen the Jeremy Kyle clip you will understand this song completely! The video will be shot THIS Friday 5th December and Leshurr is looking for extras to be apart of the movement. If you are interested in being involved please email [email protected] with a picture and your age. #LUKATAR

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16. Juice


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17. Bling (feat. Lady Leshurr)

Bling (feat. Lady Leshurr)

Out now on the HOWSLA compilation! Stay Updated:

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