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1. LEAVE IT AS IT IS -- The Colorado River in the Grand Canyon

  • Published: 2015-03-07T01:36:18+00:00
  • Duration: 204
  • By Pete McBride
LEAVE IT AS IT IS -- The Colorado River in the Grand Canyon

American Rivers' Most Endangered River for 2015: The Colorado River in The Grand Canyon. Produced by American Rivers, Matt Rice and Sinjin Eberle Directed and Edited by Pete McBride Cinematography: Pete McBride, Ron Chapple, Skip Armstrong, Tristan Greszko and Corbis Motion. Script: Kevin Fedarko, Sinjin Eberle, Pete McBride. Voices: Amy Beatie and Duke Beardsley Assistant Editor, Sound, & Production: Michelle Smith Historic Images: Brown Brothers Music: Morning Motivation -- Premium Beat. Special Thanks: Aerial Filmworks, Ruby McBride, Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, O.A.R.S. All Copyright Reserved.



On his way to work, Ruben is haunted by obsessive-compulsive thoughts; is the front door locked? Is the stove really turned off? As Ruben’s creative mind is invaded by increasingly absurd scenarios, reality and imagination begin to merge… "Ruben Leaves" is this week’s Staff Pick Premiere! Here’s an interview with the film’s director, Frederic Siegel: "Ruben Leaves" on Short Of The Week: *2016 Swiss Film Award, Best Graduation Film *2017 Best Student Film, Be There! Corfu Animation Festival, Corfu GR *2016 Best Mini Short, Sapporo Short Film Festival, Sapporo JP *2016 Anca Student Award, Fest Anca, Zilina SK *2016 Best Animated Film, Sehsüchte, Potsdam DE *2016 Best Animation, ZOOM Zblizenia, Jelenia Gòra PL *2016 Annecy International Animation Film Festival, Official Selection *2016 Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival Bristol, Official Selection *2016 Pictoplasma Conference Berlin, Official Selection *2015 Dok Leipzig, Official Selection *2015 Fantoche International Animation Film Festival Baden, Official Selection (Premiere) Full Awards-, and Festivallist: Ruben Leaves on Facebook: Project page, Making Of: 5'00" | Short Fiction | 2D Digital Animation | Switzerland | 2015 Created, Directed & Animated by: Frederic Siegel Production: Hochschule Luzern – Design & Kunst / Studienrichtung Animation, Jürgen Haas Co-Produced by: SRF, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen Promotion: SWISSFILMS Music: Nico Kast Recordings, Sounddesign & Soundmix: Thomas Gassmann Soundediting & Sounddesign: Kilian Vilim Foley Artist: Dieter Hebben Additional 2D Animation: Martin Hofer, Zéa Schaad, Christelle Serrano, Viviane Tanner Additional 3D Animation: Ramon Arango, Michael Zünd Mentor: François Chalet © 2015 / Frederic Siegel, Hochschule Luzern – Design & Kunst

3. "partir" (leaving)

  • Published: 2012-05-18T07:45:26+00:00
  • Duration: 164
  • By joanna lurie La vie de deux personnages, qui se suivent au delà des murs. The life of two characters who follow each other beyond the walls.


  • Published: 2014-05-02T08:12:21+00:00
  • Duration: 210
  • By Dan Britt

It was 9:54 when I decided to leave... -------------------------------------------------- A film by Daniel Britt Voice of 'Man' by Tim Key Sound Design and Music by Oswald Skillbard Animation Assistants: Angus Dick, Jac Clinch, Doug Hindson, Jenny Lundmark Based on an idea by Daniel Britt and Joe Pelling Thanks to: Baker Terry, This Is It Collective, Al Doyle A THIS IS IT Production for Channel 4 2014



If you leave is the title of the music video promoting Sadly by your side, the debut album of Davide Cairo a.k.a. Edisonnoside, a researcher in Fabrica’s music team. Completely created using 3D and 2D animations, the video is a travel through unreal landscapes, real emotions and distances, bringing back memories and lost moments to life. Video by Christian Coppe and Manuel Favarin Music by Edisonnoside, taken from the album Sadly by your side App, Artist Profile, VI making-of

6. Sick Leave

  • Published: 2012-08-10T12:34:45+00:00
  • Duration: 75
  • By Jake Fried
Sick Leave

Sick Leave by Jake Fried 2012. Hand-drawn animation with ink and white-out. Sound design by the artist. More at

7. Ellen is Leaving

Ellen is Leaving

Ellen is cool. She is recycling stuff before she heads overseas including her boyfriend. She decides to gift him to a new girlfriend, but can she really give him up? "Ellen Is Leaving" is this week's Staff Pick Premiere! Read more about it here: WINNER - SXSW Narrative Shorts Section at SXSW Film Festival 2013 WINNER: Golden Gate Award, Best Narrative Short - San Francisco International Film Festival 2013 WINNER - Honorable Mention, Best Narrative Short - Marin County International Festival 2013 IN COMPETITION Aspen Shortsfest 2013 - USA Vancouver International Film Festival 2013 - CANADA San Francisco International Film Festival 2013 - USA Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2013 - FRANCE St Kilda 2013 - AUSTRALIA Sydney Film Festival 2013 - AUSTRALIA PHI CENTRE in Montreal 2013 - CANADA Lviv International Short Film Festival 2013 - UKRAINE Kyiv International Short Film Festival 2013 - UKRAINE FEMINA International Women's Film Festival 2013 - BRAZIL Heart Of Gold International Film Festival 2013 - AUSTRALIA FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival 2013 - UNITED STATES BE FILM New York 2013 – UNITED STATES Yuma Film Festival 2013 – Arizona, USA Tenerife Shorts 2013 - SPAIN FILMETS Badalona Film Festival 2013 - SPAIN Fairhope Film Festival 2013, - Alabama, USA Milwaukee Film Festival 2013, USA Calgary International Film Festival 2013, CANADA LA Shorts Festival 2013, USA The Northwest Ohio Independent Film Festival 2013, USA 8th International Short Film Festival, Vilnius Film Shorts 2013, Lithuania 2013 Northwest Ohio Independent Film Festival Chicago International Film Festival 2012 New Zealand's Best Short Film Programme - 2012 New Zealand International Film Festival Show Me Shorts Film Festival 2012 Starring Tai Berdinner Blades, Jack Sergent-Shadbolt, and Rose Young Written by Martha Hardy-Ward Directed by Michelle Savill Produced by Michelle Savill and Desray Armstrong Executive Produced by Gaylene Preston

8. Leaving Williamsburg

  • Published: 2014-05-01T14:38:28+00:00
  • Duration: 203
  • By Charles Schwab
Leaving Williamsburg

Living happily in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 1992, Heleen left everything behind and moved to a farm upstate New York. Why did she go? To save her daughter’s life. Made by Bas Berkhout *Disclosure:

9. Hunting Leaves

  • Published: 2011-06-24T04:55:20+00:00
  • Duration: 100
  • By Rishi Kaneria
Hunting Leaves

Shot with the Canon 60D and a 50mm 1.8. Editing and post production done in Premiere and After Effects. Music by Karen O: "Hello Tomorrow"


  • Published: 2013-09-03T15:19:28+00:00
  • Duration: 243
  • By Fabrica

If you leave is the title of the music video promoting Sadly by your side, the debut album of Davide Cairo a.k.a. Edisonnoside, a researcher in Fabrica’s music team. Completely created using 3D and 2D animations, the video is a travel through unreal landscapes, real emotions and distances, bringing back memories and lost moments to life. Video by Christian Coppe and Manuel Favarin Music by Edisonnoside, taken from the album Sadly by your side Other videos part of the project

11. Leaves of Fire

  • Published: 2009-04-05T13:09:47+00:00
  • Duration: 222
  • By Paul Frederick
Leaves of Fire

In the Northeast US, the leaves in the fall of the year put on quite a show! Some are so colorful, it's hard to believe. I wanted to make a video that shows the spectacular range of color Autumn brings as well as capture some of the crispness in the air. Therefore most of these clips are from the EX1 stock lens, no letus 35mm adapter was used (only a few shots anyway!), I wanted it to be as crisp and sharp as the cool mountain air that time of year brings! I color graded very lightly in Magic Bullet Looks, not going for any stylized appearance, just making it look as natural as when I shot it. The music is some that I own from Digital Juice Stacktraxx.


  • Published: 2012-04-25T14:29:06+00:00
  • Duration: 401
  • By Philip Evans

This is a short edit that I shot last year on a trip through Slovenia and Sweden while promoting Format Perspective. There was no major agenda or filming missions ever arranged, I was just shooting people as they skated as I travelling through, experimenting with Super 8, HD and a little illustration. The edit features Emma Lindgren, Craig "Questions" Scott, Jake Snelling, Oliver Schonqvist & David Stenstrom. More info at

13. Zimtstern "Leaves"

  • Published: 2009-09-01T09:44:14+00:00
  • Duration: 63
  • By Zimtstern

Zimtstern Fall/Winter 2009/2010 Spot "Leaves" by Marco Lutz

14. Into It. Over It. - "The Shaking of Leaves"

  • Published: 2014-08-31T06:25:51+00:00
  • Duration: 220
  • By Johnny Komar
Into It. Over It. -

NPR First Watch: ---- Directed by John Komar & Reza Iman Art & Animation - Reza Iman Storyboards - Dana Terrace Compositing - John Komar ------ KINARF LLC - REZA - ------

15. Big Scary 'Leaving Home'

Big Scary 'Leaving Home'

rage 'clip of the week' - May 5th 2012 director TIMOTHY MELVILLE producer ALY WHITMORE production company CAMERA CLUB. 2012 cinematographer SHELLEY FARTHING-DAWE 1st ac AUSTIN HAIGH 2nd ac GEORGE KATS production designer STEPHANIE SOMEBODY hair and makeup GEORGIA HARDY production assistant SERENA ASSETTA, THOMAS CHEESMAN, KARL GRIESER, BEN CROOK and ROSS ADAMS cast MELISSA HOWARD and TAVIS URQUHART special thanks to TOM FRASER, PAUL HEDJES, JAMES HORNE, HUGH TURRAL and the STAMATIS family shot on location at msqmSpace in Kensington Victoria. check out the behind the scenes,

16. Peter Brings the Shadow to Life

  • Published: 2012-05-08T04:53:55+00:00
  • Duration: 143
  • By predatory bird
Peter Brings the Shadow to Life

The title of this video by Joe Pease comes from this essay - - which contains paragraphs such as, "It is not uncommon for children to play with their shadows or to imagine that they are tangible. However, in order to grow up, children must leave behind this one ever fully grows up. Instead, growing up is a process that continues throughout life." Of course, it might just be a bunch of shadows. Music by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.

17. The Boat is Leaving..

  • Published: 2011-12-16T08:01:35+00:00
  • Duration: 264
  • By Ben
The Boat is Leaving..

Maybe you saw the video “Good Morning”( The shots I used in this new video “The boat is leaving..…” were made on the same morning near the city Kampen. This video begins where the first video ends. It was a peaceful and beautiful morning with great colours and fog. Three people let down a boat in the water and so I made these images…. with all kind of associations and feelings. Are they leaving forever.... to another world? Music: Virtutes Voces by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0""

18. Bill's Leaving

  • Published: 2017-11-28T22:51:21+00:00
  • Duration: 670
  • By Brian Phares
Bill's Leaving

On the eve of his going away party, disgraced executive Bill goes into the men’s room to kill himself, but before he can do the deed a stream of his subordinates file in exchanging stories about him, each worse than the next.

19. The Wilderness of Manitoba - Leave Someone

  • Published: 2014-10-23T04:09:40+00:00
  • Duration: 255
  • By Nathan Boey
The Wilderness of Manitoba - Leave Someone

'The fleeting sense of someone leaving...' Director/Editor - Nathan Boey Executive Producer - Cherie Sinclair Producer - Rinku DasGupta Coordinator - Nick Burry DP - Chris Morsby 1st A.C. - Melyssa Anishnabie Gaffer - Dylan Manson Key PA - Eric Davis Production Co. The Field Produced with the financial assistance of Muchfact. A division of Bell Media Inc. 2014

20. Diego Stocco - Duet for Leaves & Turntable

  • Published: 2013-04-01T17:16:37+00:00
  • Duration: 57
  • By Diego Stocco
Diego Stocco - Duet for Leaves & Turntable

One day I bought a turntable to use it for an experiment, but that didn't turn out as I was expecting. Then, I noticed the equally spaced ridges on the plate and got an idea for something else. For about an hour I recorded short musical phrases by rubbing leaves against the turntable (the type of leaf, angle, pressure and fold determined the sound), then I combined the different takes together. Every element comes from those recordings, including the bass, kick and snare sounds (shaped with EQ, compression and resonators).