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8. Lil Uzi Vert - Team Rocket (TOKiMONSTA Remix)

Lil Uzi Vert - Team Rocket (TOKiMONSTA Remix)

a lil remix i did bc i like lil uzi vert and team rocket. Follow LILUZIVERT here

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10. 12. VIRAL. feat. Lil Wop, Trippie Redd & Rocket Da Goon

12. VIRAL. feat. Lil Wop, Trippie Redd & Rocket Da Goon

VIRAL. by Chris King feat. Lil Wop, Trippie Redd & Rocket Da Goon @WhoisChrisKing @LilWop17_ @TrippieRedd @YoungPlutoGSBG

nothing at of , which is



KILL YOURSELF SAGAS XI-XV DROPS 05/26 [VERSE I: YUNG OOZE} 2 strikes turn that pussy to a sacrifice slash n gut the gar ash the blunt and park roll the window down and ask the price i've always hated flashing lights i'd rather grab the mask and knife snag the cash in spite the fact i smashed your bitch for asking nice i'm passing pipes and glass and spikes i bag the ice ignite the rags in gasoline one strike of the match and now we talking thrice 3 strikes i might forget the events of tonight ruby all bite leave em bleeding leave the scene and say goodnight [VERSE II: LIL CUT THROAT] if we got business motherfucker let me know everybody know my rep since 1994 i don't swing high if i got that nine bitch in Calvin Klein blunts borderline fuck it still smoke it anyway i be that suicidal worshipped idol filled up with that medication burning bibles grab your child chopper style a generation reading revelations got me thinking been ready to die but i ain't got no fucking patience you feel me [VERSE III: SHAKEWELL] waking up dirty sodas get poured in i had some blues, but i sold em keep k's in glocks, but they stolen i might just flip em and profit makin more off licks run your pockets my OG's poppin a rocket i pray to God they free Gozm but God don't hear me these prophets is all too fake so i'm mobbin if you can't get em i got em pull up and handle the problem squeeze 3 hear it move through he breeze now you standing bloody can't breathe got goonies who gone off that tweak sip syrup and drank Hennessy that just be the truth through these streets

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12. Anomaly - KMS (feat. Atlas)

Anomaly - KMS (feat. Atlas)

@atlas [ANOMALY] Fucking big dick bitch in the house Motherfucking cuck Swede in the building It's ya boi from Sweden, but it ain't PewDiePie It's Anomaly and I wanna kill myself Depression Just hit a lick, sold a couple of grams and a brick Celebrate with a line and a high class hoe on my dick That bitch thick, lean's got me sick Pour up promethazine syrup, add some Sprite and stir up Laced a join with salt (bath salt), hallucinated Drug induced spree, my bitch mutilated Delusional thoughts of depression cloud my head Voices whispering I should be dead Wanting to end my life, shoot myself Granpas gun locker sawed off twelve Load up a shell, suicide letter, farewell I'm going to hell Everything black but the pain agonizing Open my eyes, unappetizing Half of my brain on the wall but I'm still alive Wobblin down through the hall, I can barely drive Swearvin all over the street, Saying goodbye in a tweet Death bitter sweet (x2) [ATLAS] FUCK i wanna die i do not know why the fuck i'm alive slitting my wrists with the blade on my side i dip it in lean then i take it and slice very depressed, i'm always upset am i suicidal? (yep, you bet) all of this money and all of these checks ain't enough to make me take the noose off my neck FUCK y'all don't know me tho please hit my car with a fucking torpedo got a bad bitch, looking good in a speedo talking that shit i'ma shoot like a free throw need me a hoe to shoot me in the face with a glock 'til my brain is all over the place i want to launch myself out into space so i can sell aliens MDMA

nothing at of , which is