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1. Asquith Boiler Room Mix

Asquith Boiler Room Mix

Tracklist 1. Use Shazam. 2. But Shazam can't recognise some of these songs. 3. Visit a record store.

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2. Upfront 056: Lobster Theremin

Upfront 056: Lobster Theremin

Tracklist + download: "For this mix, I was keen to pull out the more euphoric aspects of what we'll be releasing, as it seems to have become a bit of a theme for the next 12 months." – Jimmy Asquith, @lobster-theremin

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3. Ross From Friends - In An Emergency

Ross From Friends - In An Emergency

Huge A-side house smasher from Ross From Friends via Lobster Theremin white label series. Absolute tippppppppp for days!

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4. nthng - Untitled (Human Pt II) [LT029.5]

nthng - Untitled (Human Pt II) [LT029.5]

nthng returns with a mysterious white label hint at the near future.. A very special hand-stamped vinyl sampler containing two tracks from his forthcoming album on Lobster Theremin plus the long-awaited remastered release of Untitled (Human Pt. II)

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5. HAWAII003 // Ross From Friends - You'll Understand

HAWAII003 // Ross From Friends - You'll Understand

To say the release of this EP's tracks is long-awaited would be a terribly gross understatement, so it's with much fanfare and general HQ excitement that we announce the sophomore release from the monstrously talented Ross From Friends. Having been circulating on the net for a fair while now, 'Talk To Me You'll Understand' finally arrives with a fresh mastering, but still thudding along with those scuffed Reebok drums and soaked into fuzzy, stomach-squeezing low-pass filter. All soft chords, soothing vocals, deep-sea bass and skittering hats. Middle-man 'Gettin' It Done' is a solid label favourite. Less the full vocal flourishes and more the tinkered & chopped MPC underpinned by more dusty drum work that just grows in impact as the track goes on. One for late running and early morning truckin'. Last but not least comes the R'n'B-inflicted house jam 'Bootman'. Although it takes a good couple of minutes to get going, this is pure 2016 date playlist vibes. Slip the iPhone into the restaurant system and watch the silk melt down from the walls, the tables coat in velvet and ever-lasting passion effervesce from the heaving masses. Proper nawteeee.

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6. Route 8 - Relaxed

Route 8 - Relaxed

Following two seminal EPs for Lobster Theremin and a breakout debut for Nous, Route 8's 'Dry Thoughts EP' gets a wavy rework. Gone are the title track and B2 and in is 'Relaxed', a summer house anthem that slams from the high heavens. Eagle-eared LT fans will spot what this track was in it's previous guise, the rest can just sit back and be cuddled to death by warm synths.

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7. HAWAII001 // Hidden Spheres - Waiting

HAWAII001 // Hidden Spheres - Waiting

Super not-secret summer business from the Lobster family. Four luscious, beach-coasting, jet-skiing tracks inspired by the soul of Detroit via Manchester producer Hidden Spheres. Vocal tracks that undulate with 'mmm's and 'uuuh's for the real deal summer feel. Sweeping Rhode lines, organic percussion to make the thumbs raw and those deep, woofing basses that just keep on giving. Hidden Spheres going for the jugular. Melting the sun like butter on a roasting-hot lobster.

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8. TRP - Pano

TRP - Pano

Crunchy, hammering, epic raw house jam from TRP's EP of the same name on Lobster Theremin. Pure bangersssssss!

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9. MÖRK003 // nthng - 1996

MÖRK003 // nthng - 1996

nthng follows up his acclaimed debut EP 'Remember Us' with the third entry into the Mörk catalogue, '1996'. Taking a less aquatic approach to production, but still shrouded in warm analogue fuzz and reverb, '1996' sees the young producer on much more reverent form, channeling a wider range of influences from German dub techno to staggered UK bass and Giegling-esque minimal tropes.

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11. DJ Wave - Above The Clouds

DJ Wave - Above The Clouds

Slow 'n' steady, piano-led, funk-infused house from the mysterious DJ Wave.

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12. LT029 // nthng - It Never Ends

LT029 // nthng - It Never Ends

nthng finally follows up his four stunning EPs with a full album proper, arriving in a whopping 3xLP pack. Arriving a good 6 months after the LT029.5 album sampler which debuted both Soms and In My Dreams, nthng adds another seven hazy, hooded techno bangers to those to make up a pretty dazzling body of work. Opener 'Touches' is true ambient bliss, with shrouded, blissful synths fuzzing into view and cut through by a soft low distant sunlight. Both Galaxy and Eternal thump into view with a hi-paced drums colliding and clashing with syncopated stabs and smooth dusty baselines, recalling the tender techno-trance precipice danced by Dutch producers at the start of the 90's. The huge mysterious fan favourite and title track It Never Ends gets it's pride of place with 9 mins of deep, cavernous techno, all rippling with epic string-synths and washes of mountainous reverb. Even deeper numbers are extracted from the hard-drive, including the pensively, digitally-bubbling computer jam Unity sitting tidily alongside the super deep and subtle rolls of Abyss. Rounding the album out is the appropriately-titled Last. A dark, shimmering, almost emotionless number that cements a different idea of the future. A hard, pounding, yelping, depth-charged technoid closer. For us, the album feels like a real masterpiece, conjuring a spectrum of intimate and emotive moods, feelings and nostalgia-tinged memories that float into the mind, like the settling fog in the valley on a crisp winters morning. >> @nthngnthng

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13. LT023 // TRP - Pano EP

LT023 // TRP - Pano EP

TRP makes his long-awaited solo EP debut with the insanely epic Pano EP. Rolling 'n' pumpin' jams scraped from the brain of the MPC with a rusty iron.. Battered, bumpin' and cracklin' in all the right places.

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14. LT Podcast 002 // TRP - 100% Unreleased TRP Mix

LT Podcast 002 // TRP - 100% Unreleased TRP Mix

TRP came crashing onto to the Lobster Theremin radar deep into 2014 with a relentless output of hammering raw house and crunchy techno emitting from his South-West German lair. A clattering, undulating, acidic blend of genres all set to fire the floor into life. We finally met in person at the LT night at Prince Charles in Berlin last year and his set that night was actually meant to be used for this very podcast series. However, having kicked out about 8000 racks since then it only seems right that we present a very special 100% TRP mix of unreleased material, cut direct from the lab. @trp111

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15. Sweely - Stronger Than Me

Sweely - Stronger Than Me

Bumpin' East Coast & 90's house from French producer Sweely. Taken from the forthcoming EP 'Nice Archive Traxx Vol. I' on LT Records.

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16. MÖRK001 // nthng - Remember Us

MÖRK001 // nthng - Remember Us

Lobster Theremin launch their first sublabel proper, heralding a darker, murkier and deeper sound on their newly minted Mörk imprint. Retaining it's mother label's passion for championing newcomers, Mörk launches with a debut release from young Netherlandic producer nthng. Cultivating a sound that sits somewhere between Prince of Denmark and early Claro Intelecto with splashes of Clone influence, nthng's stripped-back techno walks fuzzy, shrouded paths through nolstagic moments in time. At times almost drowning, his engulfing sound is a raw reminder of the power of subtlety and the use of meditative looping along with a rough-around-the-edges production style has led to an incredibly moving debut work.

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17. LTWHT004 // Route 8 - This Raw Feeling

LTWHT004 // Route 8 - This Raw Feeling

Route 8 finally returns to Lobster Theremin with a very special four-track white label of emotive dreamscape house and heady techno. Expanding on the ideas and themes he explored on last years' Dry Thoughts EP, Route 8 slides fresh out of his New Age synth shell for 2015, adding crystalline electro and tool-room clattering house to his emotionally charged sound palette.

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18. HAWAII006 // Sweely - All The Reasons

HAWAII006 // Sweely - All The Reasons

Sweely comes crashing through the windows of the Distant Hawaii beach house HQ with a humungous, stomping, NY-Jersey inspired EP that combines war drum level percussion with soulfully flowing vocals and lush pads galore. All The Reasons has done the rounds for a while now and it's an absolute monster. Massive heaving kicks rumble under clattering hats and a soft, woozy pad and hawt-as-hell vocal flourishes. Following on a similar tip, Around is a more extended affair, morphing from a brooding down-pitched moaner to a arm-throwing, hip-slinging Jersey banger straight outta NYC. On the flip, Yes He is keeps the New York house vibes flowing on a slightly more low slung tip. One for the slow summer Sunday terrace dance. Lastly, Blue Faces takes a plunge into the deep blue, skin fizzing with the cold caress of salt-water and seaweed on freshly sun-kissed skin. One for the sunset and sea-lovers. >> @sweelymusic

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19. LT Podcast 001 // Route 8 - Live From The Void

LT Podcast 001 // Route 8 - Live From The Void

We launch the Lobster Theremin Podcast series with a very special live set from long-time family member and Hungarian battle-lobster, Route 8. Developed after a month on tour in Australia, gestating ideas from our temporary Ballarat HQ at Brenton's house. The experiences and ideas explored on that trip - from rain-stick ambient experimentations with Daze to an off-the-cuff electro/techno live set with Jimmy, along with the constantly evolving solo live excursions and pad-centric productions - have resulted in a beautifully captivating hour long journey. Love, pillows, ciders and melancholia borne deep in the depths of the smoke-filled warehouse. This is Route 8 as his most contemplative and diverse, a real wander into the night wood for speakers large and small. >> @route8

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