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1. loscil 'monument builders'

  • Published: 2016-09-06T21:51:08Z
  • By kranky
loscil 'monument builders'

from the album 'monument builders' available 11/11

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2. Monument Builders

  • Published: 2017-07-20T10:22:35Z
  • By loscil
Monument Builders

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3. Monument Builders

  • Published: 2017-07-21T01:03:54Z
  • By loscil
Monument Builders

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4. Winter Mix 2017

  • Published: 2017-01-19T11:59:04Z
  • By Yotto
Winter Mix 2017

Time for a winter mix again.. Some of my favourites from the past year & a bunch of special records. Enjoy. x sine sleeper - Anthrazit (Original Mix) Stephan Bodzin - Odyssee (Synthapella) Antigone - Lonely Places Loscil - Monument Builders Sage Caswell - Here We Guard Upon The Soul Round - Glass Stimming - Pressing Plant Shock Machine - Lost In The Mystery (Jonas Rathsman Remix) B.Traits - Still Point Brynjolfur - M25 John Tejada & Arian Levis - Hysteresis Feral - Heruka 3 Sailor & I - Black Swan - Maceo Plex Remix Ray Kajioka - Taurus Reset Robot - Fuzz Yotto - untitled Krink - Transit Fatima Yamaha - What's A Girl To Do (Yotto Edit) Bimas - My Music Circle Of Life - Blue Bird (Reinier Zonneveld's Filth On Acid Remix) Karim Sahraoui - Land Of The Promise Sasha - Track 10 Joe Goddard - Lose Your Love (Tuff City Kids Emotions Tool) Yotto

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5. Orthosie (Mixtape)

  • Published: 2016-10-23T12:30:07Z
  • By zuurb
Orthosie (Mixtape)

Zuurb - Orthosie (Mixtape) Tracklist Ed Carlsen - Close Brock Hewitt - Growing Beyond Perception Valotihkuu - Moments in Silence Ed Carlsen - Cage (Clemens Ruh Remix) Azaleh - Endeavour Jellis x Subsets - Still Mine Asiah & Resonata - Sojourner Loscil - Monument Builders Marconi Union - Weightless Part 4 Ether - as if time stood still... A-GON - Her smile (EP version) A Cerulean State - I wish we could've danced through the winter The Green Kingdom - Haze Layers Image: David Phan (CC BY 2.0)

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6. Resonans Mixtape for Passive/Aggressive

Resonans Mixtape for Passive/Aggressive

Compiled by @resonansrecordings for @passiveaggressivesounds Asger & William Kudahl - Tilnærmelser II B Cluster & Eno - Schöne Hände Asger & William Kudahl - Tilnærmelser III A Loscil - Monument Builders She Dives - Be // Tobias Sejersdahl - Melile pt. III William Kudahl - Island Shapes I (i halvt tempo) Asger Kudahl - Martyrmuseum II Deru - 1979 Asger & William - Tilnærmelser I A

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7. Music For Whales - Loscil, His Best LOoping OSCILators

Music For Whales - Loscil, His Best LOoping OSCILators

Music for whales. A tribute mix to Loscil. His best LOoping oSCILators in a chronological music trip. Nothing else to say... Whales would not understand us. 1. Loscil - Discrete Entropy [Triple point, Kranky, 2001] 2. Loscil - Argonaut I [Submers, Kranky, 2002] 3. Loscil - Triton [Submers, Kranky, 2002] 4. Loscil – Emma[ First Narrows, Kranky, 2004] 5. Loscil – Cloister[ First Narrows, Kranky, 2004] 6. Loscil - Conductivity [Triple point, Kranky, 2001] 7. Loscil – Charlie [Plume, Kranky, 2006] 8. Loscil – Zephyr [Plume, Kranky, 2006] 9. Loscil – Chinook [Plume, Kranky, 2006] 10. Loscil – Fromme [Coast/range/arc, Kranky, 2011] 11. Loscil - Lake orchard [Endless Falls, Kranky, 2006] 12. Loscil - Endless-falls [Endless Falls, Kranky, 2006] 13. Loscil – Stave peak [Coast/range/arc, Kranky, 2011] 14. Loscil - second narrow [Sketches From New Brighton, 2012, Glacial Movements Records ]…om-new-brighton 15. Loscil - Cascadia Terminal [Sketches From New Brighton, 2012, Glacial Movements Records ]…om-new-brighton 16. Loscil – Deceiver [Monument Builders, Kranky, 2016] 17. Loscil – Straw Dogs [Monument Builders, Kranky, 2016] Selected and Mixed By Edward Sabine

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8. Brojanowski - Devotion

Brojanowski - Devotion

Two hours of relaxed pleasure. Enjoy. Tracklist: nils frahm - la sven grünberg - hingus 1 shakuhachi sakano - aroma therapy jon brooks - neap tide The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble-Adaptation Of The Koto Song phil gerus - floincing phallus dei - will you come now bohren und der club of gore - constant fear nils frahm - says loscil - monument builders hotel paradise - marion minilogue - six arms one leg pye corner audio - theme number eight The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble-Embers colin stetson - home Baba Zula-Park (feat. Uchi Uchida) koop- Koop Islands Blues mr. käfer - atasilu miso-ache kwala-lost wood trentemoller - moan Marshall Jefferson vs Noosa Heads - Mushrooms (Salt City Orchestra Out There Mix) Pye Corner Audio-Electronic Rhythm Number Three andy stott - numb hours - too many ( steven lorenz rmx ) Aes Dana feat. Mizoo-Iolite carbon based lifeforms - gryning

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9. Tom Terrien - Sweet Mix For Loved Ones

Tom Terrien - Sweet Mix For Loved Ones

A mix for you to end the year smoothly. 0'00_5'55-Johann Johannsson_Flight Fom The City 5'55_10'25-Loscil_Monument Builders 10'25_15'00-Gold Panda_Time Eater 15'00_20'08-04_Mount Kimbie_You Took Your Time (Feat King Krule) 20'08_22'51-Lorn_Acid rain 22'51_27'23_Espen Reinertsen_Bjornens Sang 27'23_Steve jansen_Captured

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10. isolatedmix 88 - An On Bast

isolatedmix 88 - An On Bast

On the heels of our modular-synthesizer-heavy release and remix album by James Bernard, we dug into some other artists playing within the rabbit holes of analog frequencies. There are of course many to choose from, but one artist has recently caught our ear as a purveyor in both techno and ambient sounds within the modular realm. For more info and download: Tracklist: 01. Bill Laswell - Káshí 02. Mouse On Mars - Unity Concepts 03. An On Bast & Maciej Fortuna - Our Plateux 04. David Toop - Bodies of Water 05. James Bernard - Euph 06. Atone - Qobac Sine 07. Unknown - ShiveRX 08. Arvo Part - Tabula Rasa - Fratres 09. Coil - Finite Bees 10. Pan American - Coastal 11. Celia Green - In The Extreme 12. An On Bast & Allca - 04:05 13. An On Bast - Rootless 14. Unknown - 10060 15. Woob - Later 16. Dream Fish - Underwater 17. Tatsu - Stilness / Introspective Me 18. Loscil - Monument Builders 19. An On Bast - Enter 20. Meritum - Harfowa

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11. chaudlait - the banality of blue-sky thinking

  • Published: 2017-06-09T14:24:21Z
  • By chaudlait
chaudlait - the banality of blue-sky thinking

//TL Koss - Silence (Original Mix) Loscil - Monument Builders (Original Mix) Moby - Sleep Alone (Original Mix) Loscil - Deceiver (Original Mix) The Cinematic Orchestra - Reel Life (Evolution II) Behind Clouds - Natural Escape (Part 2) (Original Mix) Loscil - Weeds (Original Mix) Ulrich Schnauss, Jonas Munk - Made Of Sky (Ulrich Interlude) (Original Mix) Igor Cold - Motel Dolphin (Ilya Malyuev's Hideaway Scene) Charlie May - May Cause Drowsiness (Original Mix) Hatikvah - Daedalus (Original Mix) Air - Talisman (Original Mix) Carla Kihlstedt & Matthias Bossi - Horseshoe Deru - 1979 (Original Mix) Porya Hatami - Fen (Loscil Remix) Telefon Tel Aviv - Life is All about Taking Things in & Putting Things out Deaf Center - White Lake (Original Mix) Ulrich Schnauss, Jonas Munk - In Odense... (Original Mix)

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12. A Void Podcast Presents: Loscil

  • Published: 2017-08-17T10:25:04Z
  • By AVD Sound
A Void Podcast Presents: Loscil

In this episode of A Void Presents, we delve deep into the world of my favourite Ambient producer and arguably the king of tones, Scott Morgan aka Loscil. From Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Loscil has been releasing chilling, spine tingling music for over 15 years and has gravitated towards highly conceptual work since his first demo, finding particular inspiration in geography. Pulling inspirations and ideas from the ever changing landscape of his surroundings. Releasing 11 albums, most of which released on Kranky records, alongside a handful of EP's, including a masterpiece LP with bvdub, Morgan's sounds has been meticulously crafted through his floaty techno of his early records dissolved into a thick dubby mist around the time of 2006's Plume. Then creating some of the best and dare I say, near sonically perfect ambient sounds and tonal pieces with albums such as Sketches From New Brighton, Sea Island and the most recent, Monument Builders. I hope you enjoy. AVD 00:00:00 - 00:06:58| Loscil - Fromme - Coast/Range/Arc 00:06:58 - 00:14:16| Loscil - Brittle - First Narrows 00:14:16 - 00:18:18| Loscil - Zero - Triple Point 00:18:18 - 00:28:09| Loscil - Micro Hydro - Stases 00:28:09 - 00:33:12| Loscil - En Masse - Sea Island 00:33:12 - 00:39:12| Loscil - Weeds - Monument Builders 00:39:12 - 00:44:53| Loscil - Emma - Versions 00:44:53 - 00:49:34| Loscil - Container Ships - Sketches from New Brighton 00:49:34 - 00:57:12| Loscil - Prairie Trains - Sketches from New Brighton 00:57:12 - 01:05:08| Loscil - Endless Falls - Endless Falls

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13. Podcast 007: Robert Heel

  • Published: 2018-03-20T17:39:38Z
  • By Metamorph
Podcast 007: Robert Heel

@robertheel is a Berlin based audiovisual artist and electronic musician. His audio and audiovisiual pieces are deeply rooted in drone, ambient and dub. Robert has been pushing visual music and concept-driven audio production for a long time. Traveling between live visuals, exhibitions with performances, art-prints and deep dubby Techno he found his own voice - distinct but unpredictable. Releases on: Etoka Records, Archives, Sonic Soundscape Lab, Tactical Tapes. Tracklist: Monadh: Ammophila (Further Records) Ilya Glebov & Joe Fujinoki: Glimmer II (Archives) Periskop: Immerse (Component II) (Kabalion) Neel: Life on Laputa Regio (Spectrum Spools) SVLBRD: Tundra (Faint) Mind Over MIDI: Spatial (The Level of Vulnerability) Shaded Explorer: Naive's Reality (Midgar) Loscil: Deceiver (kranky) Ferrein: Sin (echotourist) Faru: Sukacita (Silent Season) Loscil: Monument Builders (kranky) Lav & Purl: The Present Moment [Still Version](Eternell) Luigi Tozzi: Quetzalli (Hypnus Records) autechre: spTh (Warp) Docetism: The Last Forrest (Nichts) Dt-90: Delicacy (Energostatic Records) Sonitus Eco: It Tmiem (Haar Records) Hydrangea: Lune&D (Dust REC.)

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Tracklist 1 – Loscil, « Monument Builders » (+ Claude Olievenstein) 2 - Dead Fader, « Sweeties » 3 – REMO, « Hovering » 4 - REMO feat Paulette Wright, « Invisible Travelers » 5 – Poorgrrrl, « We Trashy » 6 – Lone, « Sleepwalkers » (+ Paul Virilio) 7 – oOoOO, « Mumbai » 8 - REMO - extrait live 9 – Mndsgn, « Use Ya Mnd (Twentyfourseven) » 10 – MC2, « Jtembrass » (Remo Remix) 11 – T$O, « « Stunt » 12 - Kneebody and Daedelus, « Platforming » 13 - A V G V S T, « Scanner Result » 14 – REMO, « Green » 15 - Mr Hyde feat Necro, « Street Veteran » (instrumental)

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15. Roel Funcken - Isotope Cobalt (Part 4)

Roel Funcken - Isotope Cobalt (Part 4)

This morning I find myself sitting in a nearly bare office, which was once the headquarters of Headphone Commute for the last five years, as I prepare to depart this country and move on to London, hopefully for the better times. This is the last mix published from the United States (for now), and I’m happy that it will be by Roel Funcken, a friend and a confidant in various genres, whom I will be closer to, once I’m on the other side of the pond. This is the fourth installment in a six-part series that spans nearly 12 hours in length (please find the earlier sections on Roel’s page, linked below), and I’m honored to partake in this journey, as it fits neatly into my own virtual and physical, transatlantic, commute. See you on the other side! Tracklisting ------------------------------------------------------------ 01-Yuop-Autechre-Oversteps 02-Into the Nebulae - Intro -Martin Nonstatic-Nebulae Live at the Planetarium 03-Snow Melt (Reprise)-Overcast Sound-Reflections 04-Where We Began-Tilman Robinson-Deer Heart 05-Lichen-Wil Bolton-Lichen 06-Reality Tunnel-Mind Over MIDI-Soft Science 07-Monument Builders-loscil-Monument Builders 08-Transitions-Omrr-Din 09-Le Silence Qui S'Installe-Sonmi451-Hummingbird 10-Aside-Ocoeur-Reversed 11-Left Standing-Spheruleus-Obsolarium 12-Oh My Ears And Whiskers-Sonmi451-Alice 13-A Completely Disingenuous Comparison-Florian von Ameln-Rvvr 14-Deceiver-loscil-Monument Builders 15-Messy Hearts-Moon Ate The Dark-Moon Ate the Dark 16-Dream Of The Nightmare-Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker-Fantasma Parastasie 17-ontemplation-User_Ambiguous-Whispers Of A Dream 18-Spring Affects Him-John Beltran-Everything At Once 19-Stagger (rework)-The Sight Below-Reworks 20-Sagan -Purl-Sagan 21-A Very Late Ceremony (2004)-Kettel-Unreleased 2002-2012 22-Empty Hallways-ASC-Near Death OST 23-Two Worlds-Western Skies Motel-Settlers 24-Vanished-Erik K Skodvin-Flare 25-Two Feel Studies-José Silva-Modulated Tones No.1: Music For Framed Works 26-Reprisal-Rafael Anton Irisarri-A Fragile Geography 27-Noir Dane-Funckarma-Psar Dymog 28-XIV-Benoît Pioulard-Stanza III 29-Bonus {2} "In a room"-Dedekind Cut-$uccessor (ded004) 30-We get along-Lambert-Excess

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16. Dead Man's Letters

  • Published: 2018-03-16T16:44:09Z
  • By Comadza
Dead Man's Letters

Dead Man's Letters Кинематографическая композиция на основе фильма режиссера Константина Лопушанского «Письма мертвого человека» 1986 года в жанре постапокалиптика. Микс передает депрессивно-мелахоличное, местами темное настроение. В нем присутствуют размышления драматического харакетера, передающие безысходность погибающего в ядерной зиме мира. Здесь собраны композиции как известных, так и начинающих исполнителей зарубежной и отечественной атмосферной музыки. Tracklist: 01 - 0:00:00 Brian Eno With Jon Hopkins & Leo Abrahams - Complex Heaven 02 - 0:02:56 Christopher Young - Never Go in Dad s Office OST Sinister 03 - 0:06:34 Silent Knod - Deep Void 04 - 0:09:06 REQ - Loop Bass 05 - 0:13:07 Ninurta - The Citadel 06 - 0:16:13 Ital Tek — Jenova 07 - 0:21:46 Jon Hopkins — Black And Red 08 - 0:25:56 SiebZehN - Fleur De La Nuit 09 - 0:35:30 Jani R - A Thousand Flares 10 - 0:40:12 Silent Knod - Cristalizer 11 - 0:44:40 MoozE - Dead Cities Pt 2 12 - 0:48:53 Tara Putra – Vayo 13 - 0:58:06 Siddhartha Barnhoorn - Beginnings I 14 - 1:02:51 Tiny Leaves - Hope Awakening 15 - 1:06:18 Bjorn Rohde - Forest Of Forgotten Hearts (Reflections Edit) 16 - 1:10:58 State Azure - Slipstream 17 - 1:16:57 Carbon Based Lifeforms - Dodecahedron 18 - 1:24:27 Stellardrone - Gravitation 19 - 1:30:08 Loscil - monument builders 20 - 1:34:06 Brambles - In The Androgynous Dark 21 - 1:38:49 SiJ - Aksaminero 22 - 1:42:00 Drombeg — A Thousand Nights 23 - 1:48:58 Rudy Adrian - Dreaming of Winter 24 - 1:55:28 Erik Wollo - Disk 1 Low Winter Sun (Introduction 1) 25 - 1:59:34 Andrej Dergachyov - Exilium

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17. Après Moi, Le Déluge

Après Moi, Le Déluge

This mix was created on October 11, 2016 Artwork by Chris Cole Vanessa Wagner — What Arms Are These for You! Murcof — What Arms Are These for You! Nicolas Jaar — Three Sides Of Nazareth Nicolas Jaar — Swim / Mistress Ben Lukas Boysen — Only In The Dark Ellie Goulding — Life Round Here (Feat. Angel Haze) Alphabets — shaking the dust off Aphex Twin — Rhubarb Orc. 19.53 Rev Nils Frahm — The Shooting Adam Halogen — XII_1 Opiate — Opto File 1 Satin — Heavy Mellow A I R S P A C E — (f)orming Keith Kenniff — Breathing Adam Halogen — As She Leaves Rival Consoles — Against the Clock Petur Jonsson — Lumina Loscil — Monument Builders Angelo Badalamenti + Britney Spears — Everytime X Twin Peaks Theme

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18. Winter 2016: A Slim Hope?

Winter 2016: A Slim Hope?

Winter 2016: A Slim Hope? - December 2016 playlist and digital collage by GoodMorninCaptn. 1) Papa M (US) — "Walking On Coronado", from "Highway Songs" out 11/11/2016 on Drag City. 2) Team Ghost (FR) — "The Riser", from "Team Ghost", out 02/12/2016. 3) Dungen (SE) — "Jakten genom skogen", from "Häxan", out 18/11/2016 on Smalltown Supersound (Worldwide) / Mexican Summer (US). 4) Christine Ott (FR) — "Paradise Lost", from "Tabu" OST, out 16/12/2016 on Gizeh. 5) Gareth Dickson (UK) — "The Big Lie", from "Orwell Court", out 11/11/2016 on 12k and discolexique. 6) Rayon (aka Markus Acher from Notwist, DE) — "A Beat Of Silence", from "A Beat Of Silence", out 11/11/2016 on Morr Music. 7) Awir Leon (FR/NL) — "Maybe We Land", from "Giants", out 14/10/2016 on Nowadays Records. 8) Tasseomancy (CA) — "29 Palms", from "Do Easy", out 18/11/2016 on Bella Union. 9) Sons of Noel and Adrian (UK) — "Turquoise Purple Pink", from "Turquoise Purple Pink", out 25/11/2016 on K&F / Willkommen Records. 10) Chris James (UK) — "Space in the Clouds" ft. DM Stith, from "Space In The Clouds", out 09/12/2016 via AWAL. 11) Lyrae (SE)— "Reiss", from "Vakuum", out 25/11/2016 on 1631 Recordings. 12) Alex Izenberg (US) — "To Move On", from "Harlequin", out 18/11/2016 on Weird World (Domino). 13) Amiina (IS) — "Telegram", from "Fantômas", out 25/11/2016 on Morr Music. 14) Dead Light (UK) — "Blooms", from "Dead Light", out 14/10/2016 on Village Green Recordings. 15) Steve Hauschildt (US) — "Strands", from "Strands", out 28/10/2016 on kranky. 16) Benoit Pioulard (US) — "The Sun is Going To Explode But Whatever It's OK", from "The Benoit Pioulard Listening Matter", out 14/10/2016 on kranky. 17) Loscil (CA) — "Monument Builders", from "Monument Builders", out 10/11/2016 on kranky. 18) Chihei Hatakeyama (JP) — "Twilight Glow", from "Above The Desert", out 21/12/2016 on Dronarivm.

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19. Moods 21: Altstadt Echo

  • Published: 2019-10-05T17:49:42Z
  • By Moods
Moods 21: Altstadt Echo

Greetings bbs. We paused for September to re-frame and re-build Moods from its home on Drip to our new home here on Soundcloud. All past mixes are shared here, and new ones will be uploaded here too. If you care to continue paying and paving the way, head here: October 2019 has none other than dub techno mastermind Altstadt Echo (Taylor Vincent, or @altstadt-echo), founder of @modern-cathedrals whose released on bbs from @semantica-records to @ithqdetroit 's Eyeteeth. "The concept behind the mix is that it's music for sleep deprivation - for listening to on the days after tossing and turning in bed all night, and you're barely able to keep yourself together. Sometimes it's peaceful, sometimes it's frustrated, sometimes it drifts off. It's definitely not a New Age mix designed just to make you feel better, but rather an exploration of the feelings associated with sleep deprivation." This Moods mix navigates from contemporary classical to ambient, noise, and experimental. Something totally new for us on Moods, so grab your blanket and watch the leaves fall. The Playlist 1. Ólafur Arnalds - Raddir 2. Rod Modell - Untitled 01 3. Roly Porter - In System 4. Nils Frahm - Four Hands 5. Loscil - Weeds 6. Max Richter - Path 3 (7676) 7. 坂本龍一 - solari (T鬼母の懺悔) 8. Deathprod - Disc 9. Arvo Pärt - My Heart's In The Highlands 10. Ólafur Arnalds - Öldurót 11. William Basinski, Lawrence English - Selva Oscura 1.2 12. Loscil - Monument Builders 13. Boards of Canada - Magic Window 14. Emptyset - Divide 15. Eric Whitacre, Brigham Young University Singers, Ronald Staheli - Sleep Taylor was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona in the 90s. "I started DJing when I was 15, ordering trashy UK Hard House records on the internet and hoping they didn't get warped by the heat before I got home from school." A move to Michigan for school in Ann Arbor, then a move to Detroit to found Modern Cathedrals, shifted landscapes, temperatures, and communities from the 00s to early 10s. Techno, of course, was there in Detroit, against the city's cold nights and empty streets. "I think I first heard techno scattered throughout some of the early Warp Records and Rephlex label catalogs, but it was kind of accidental as I was really just interested in the IDM. I started listening to techno in earnest in 2009, I think. At first it was some minimal-ish techno (think: Perlon) and dub techno (which I was introduced to by old mixes by Placid). "For the rest of the songs, it's really just been about years of online digging. I listen to contemporary classical and ambient all day while working, so I get through a lot of material. There were some artists I really wanted to fit in (like Jóhann Jóhannsson) but if it didn't fit with the flow and balance of the mix then I didn't want to force it." For example, let's take the the last song in the mix, "Sleep." That's a track from a high school friend, Patrick. "We were sitting on the floor of his basement, not really doing anything, and it came on. I grew up singing in choirs and honestly had a lot of disdain for them, but hearing this track opened me up to genre again. Since then I've gone on to sample choir pieces in my own music on a regular basis. It's still a big source of inspiration." I then paired Altstadt Echo's mix with one of my all time favorite photographers, An-My Lê, whose work documents war films and military exercises, shooting on-site with producers and instructors in order to demonstrate how America canon-izes the military industrial complex. This sparse piece shot during a training exrcise in California vibrates well with Altstadt Echo's nuanced mix. Both, in many ways, are painting landscapes with their work.

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20. Bandcloud - DDR - November 2016

  • Published: 2017-02-07T15:57:30Z
  • By Bandcloud
Bandcloud - DDR - November 2016

Talbot Fade - Forever, We Weren't Here [Local Action] Huerco S - Marked For Life [Proibito] Maxxxbass - Moon 6 [The Trilogy Tapes] Loscil - Monument Builders [Kranky] Kara-Lis Coverdale - Icon /C [Sacred Phrases] Tim Robertson - Outer Planetary Church Music III [Aguirre] Via App - Desert Acid [BANK NYC] Body-San - Sensory Bin [WotNot] Todd Modes - Ariadne [Fit Sound] Patla - Fingerdansen [No Hands] Inga Mauer - Cologne (Clone) [HVNX] McDoo - My Drum Machine [Sector 12/12] Shit Robot - Is There No End (New Jackson Remix) [DFA] Global Communication - The Groove (Modwheel Mix) E Myers - Untitled (Heat Mix) [Unreleased] M//R - Exums [Jack Dept] SBOT - Pont Du Gare [Cavalier] A Made Up Sound - Bygones [A Made Up Sound] Waitress - The End '99 [Tape Archive] Medway - Release [Hooj Choons] Paula Temple - You Cannot Kill A Soul By Killing The Body (Live At Moogfest) [Fabric] Hieroglyphic Being - This Is 4 The Rave Bangers [Technicolour] Hiver - One More Snooze [Curle] Erin Sexton - Electromagnetic Dimension (LA1B Test), 2015 [Radius] ? - Untitled [Bokeh Versions - Forthcoming] The Leaf Library - Acre (Isnaj Dui Remix) [Where It's At Is Where You Are] 1991 - No More Dreams III [No More Dreams] Mahr - Frozen Decay [Unreleased] Naaahhh - Blooz [Blackest Ever Black] Embla Quickbeam & Graham Dunning - Occult System [Third Kind] Hyaena Fierling - Vergensen III [Auricular] Kirk Thompson - In Safe Hands (No Bass / No Beats) [Public Information]

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