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1. I'll Catch You - Get Up Kids

  • Published: 2016-01-08T00:29:46Z
  • By Lucky Nag
I'll Catch You - Get Up Kids

Just a sample

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2. I'm Fine - Alkaline Trio

  • Published: 2016-01-17T00:44:41Z
  • By Lucky Nag
I'm Fine - Alkaline Trio

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4. Put Me On It 'Last Night on Earth' Vol 1 - Eric Lau

  • Published: 2012-02-29T13:44:13Z
  • By Eric Lau
Put Me On It 'Last Night on Earth' Vol 1 - Eric Lau

I often get approached to compile mixes and have free reign to do whatever but this time I was given a theme, ‘Last Night On Earth’. I was like okaaay, this is a challenge. Many thoughts and images came through but I never really thought about death as being my last night on earth, more that I would be flying to another place somehow. Probably on some craft or I would suddenly have the ability to fly, either which way I can picture myself with my iPod and Sennheisers on. There’s isn’t any contemporary music in the mix apart from Dilla because I would like to think everyone would be leaving earth too! The selection is based on a combination of good memories and what I personally look for in music. This is what I would like to listen to on my ascent away from Earth, I hope you enjoy is as much I do! – Eric Lau - 1. Hugh Hopper & Alan Gowen – Morning Order – Two Rainbows Daily (1980) Just so calming, I like listening to it either very late at night or when I first wake up! Thought it would be a nice way to start. (Dilla also used it for Common ‘Nag Champa’ one of my favs too) - 2. Truth is The Key – Tarika Blue – Tarika Blue (1977) Lyrics are so on point, I love the message and definitely resonates with what I stand for. Musicianship is next level too, especially guitar and synth solos! - 3. We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue – Curtis Mayfield – Curtis Mayfield Live (1973) This was the first song I heard in my life that was inclusive of ‘Yellow’ people and it really touched me. I was like, wait, he’s actually talking to me too! I played a live video of this to some students of mine once and found out that the performance was in aid of the charity ‘Save The Children’. I had just released a project for ‘Save The Children’ and it really choked me up. Made me realize I was on the right path. - 4. I think I’ll Call it Morning – Gil Scott Heron – Pieces of a Man (1971) Reminds me when I was at Uni being all young and confused! This song reassured me that everything was gonna be okay! - 5. I Love You – Weldon Irvine – Sinbad (1976) This song just makes me feel good, Master Wel + Mr Blackman = Magic - 6. Lucky Fellow – Leroy Hutson – Huston (1975) Remember hearing this before I knew what sampling was, and found out that Erykah’s ‘No Love’ came from a whole different song. I rinsed ‘No Love’ at the time and loved it, but Leroy’s original version is next level. - 7. Kevin Moore – Speak Your Mind – Rainmaker (1980) This was used in one of my favorite Dilla beats ever. Once I found it I was like woah, this song is incredible! Lyrics are on point and its so funky even without drums. - 8. Visions – Stevie Wonder – Innervisions (1973) Reminds me of when I was truly falling in love with music. The songwriting is just out of this world. Thought I would cut the song at ‘all things have an ending’ which I thought suited the theme of the mix! - 9. Rainy Day – Shuggie Otis – Inspiration Information (1974) From one of my favorite records, I could listen to this all day. - 10. Dedicada A Ela – Arthur Verocai – Arthur Verocai (1972) Reminds me of recent times with my father. He stayed with me for a month and it was the best time we have ever had together. Arthur Verocai was the soundtrack to this period of time. - 11. Luiza – Beto Guedes, Danilo Caymmi, Novelli, Toninho Horta – Beto Guedes, Danilo Caymmi, Novelli, Toninho Horta (1973) Mr Mensah put me onto this, the runs on this just do something to me. Stupidness! - 12. Lihue – Nohelani Cypriano – Nohelani (1979) Came across this through Karriem Riggins’ Music Kaleidoscope mix (One of my favs mixes of all time!) I’v always wanted to go to Hawaii but never had a chance, this song takes me there. - 13. Tell Me What To Do – Johnny Hammond – Gears (1975) Had to Mizell it again, the groove is ridiculous. Makes me wanna move. - 14. Music Is My Sanctuary – Gary Bartz – Music Is My Sanctuary (1977) Came across this through 4 Hero LifeStyles Comp a few years back. Ultimate cooking song. Try it. - 15. Instant Love with Minnie Riperton – Leon Ware – Musical Massage (1976) One of the first records I bought, loved everything about this LP especially the cover! Had it on my wall when I was at Uni. - 16. Baby, This Love I Have – Minnie Riperton – Adventures In Paradise (1975) I love most of her music but chose this because it reminds me when I first started sampling and studying how people like ATCQ and Pete Rock used the this track. On another note I wanna marry Minnie, she is an angel. Hopefully meet her in another lifetime. - 17. I Want You (Vocal & Rhythm Section) – Marvin Gaye – I Want You ‘Deluxe Edition’ (2003) 18. I Want You (Vocal) – Marvin Gaye – I Want You (1976) If I could be any singer it would be Marvin. Sooo pimp without even trying. This record was played over and over. - 19. I Wanna Be Where You Are – Michael Jackson – Got To Be There (1972) Wow more Leon Ware written music, shows how much of a great songwriter he is. Not an obvious choice for MJ but I just like the purity in this. - 20. All About Love (Outro) – Earth, Wind & Fire – That’s The Way Of The World (1975) Probably the best interlude ever. - 21. Konda – Miles Davis – Directions (1981) Reminds me of Japan, great memories. - 22. Aisha – John Coltrane – The Heavyweight Champion: the Complete Atlantic Recordings (1995) Flawless, makes me at ease. Nice in the winter. Could play this all day. - 23. Yutaka – Evening Star – Love Light (1981) Had to have something east asian in the mix! Plus it was recorded the year I was born. The sound is just beautiful! - N.B I HAD to do a little Dilla section. To be honest I could do several Dilla mixes showing why I like his music so much and what I’ve learnt from his music but wanted to stick with the theme. - 24. Im So Glad Your Dorothy – Jay Dee – Beat Tape (1998) Dilla turned Evening Star into some sacred geometry. - 25. Marvine – Jay dee – Voodoo Demos (1998) So simple, but the split second timing of the way he releases the guitar chops really gets me for some reason. - 26. Interlude – Slum Village – Fantastic Volume 2 (2000) Funky as hell, makes me go crazy. Loved the way he did the fades to make it impossible to loop! - 27. Keep It Coming – Frank n Dank – 48 Hours No one ever talks about this track, the patterns are craaazzy. - 28. Ma Dukes (Original Demo) – Jay Dee – Da 1st Installment (2005) This track is just eerie, it haunts me in a good way. The way the guitar just floats, the voice, synth rise just makes me shake my head in disbelief… - 29. Fantastic Intro (Original Demo) – Jay Dee – Fantastic Volume 2 Demos (1999) One of the most perfect chord sequences ever, this demo version also includes some other chops not used in the final version which seems to do something to my face muscles. If anyone knows the original sample please contact me! - 30. Fall in Love Remix – Slum Village – Fantastic Volume 2 (2000) Whenever I listen to this I picture the sky opening up. I feel that my last night on earth would probably look this. Shout out to for making it happen! Original PMOI post:

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5. RetroElectro DJ Freakout: The Golden Years 2000-2010

RetroElectro DJ Freakout: The Golden Years 2000-2010

I was feeling nostalgic for a time when the most magical music and scene was being created and I was smack dab in the middle of it....Call it what you will- Electro/Mashup/Bloghaus/DiscoPunk – the era of music made between 2000-2010 remains some of the most electrifying, magic, and scintillating music- defining a time in history that I was lucky to be a part of. Nag Nag Nag in London in 2004; Errol Alkan's Trash; Arthur Baker’s Return to NY Parties; We were Fucking the Pain Away and singing about Frank Sinatra being dead. I was a Bad Babysitter who discovered electro thanks to DJ Hell in Berlin (who had me DJ his Love Parade party circa 2001.) I was a hip hop kid who brought vinyl records in a suitcase to the party and trainwrecked my way through my set- but then and there my DJ career was born. I watched the freaks come out and dance to anything and everything - punk, hip hop, dance, it was all one big glittery melting pot. Alexander Technique and I became "Djs are Not Rockstars" and we toured the world- from Russia to Tenerife to Brooklyn- on 4 turntables mashing up anything we could get our hands on. Our bootleg mix CD flew off the shelves of Rough Trade in London and our mixes (VItalic Vs. My Neck my Back) were pressed to vinyl and on every DJ's playlist. Justice were our friends and life was 1,2,3,4 Perfect!! Here is an homage just for you.

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6. Anime mix part 1

Anime mix part 1

Hello. Ito nga pala yung cover ko para sa susunod kong album compilation. Nag reremix din kasi ako ng music na baka sakali maibibenta sa c.d pero hehehee di pa naman ako ganong ka galing mag dj so sa awa ng dyos, wla pa ako na ibebenta hahahah. Ewan ko kung pang ilang remix album ko na to so sana please sana suportahan nyo naman ung remixing career ko oh. Alam ko di kayo mahilig sa remix pero sure ako fave nyo tong mga kanta rito hahaha. Mga theme song ng mga fave nyong anime ang nasa minimix na to so party party na hehehe. Part 1 pa lang to ng mix. Marami pa naka pending. Comment kayo kung anong gusto nyong anime theme song para masama ko sa part 2 at 3 Salamat Track list: World is mine-Hatsune Miku K on Shakugan no Shana Elemental Gelade Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Special A Lucky Star Tora dora Ranma 1\2 Samurai X Chobits School Rumble (bonus track) Soul Eater So ayun, request are welcome. May konti pang problem sa beatmaching pero maayus rin yan. remixed by Dj redztar (me) album cover by (me)

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7. "KEMBOT MO NA YAN" (by JyEL feat. Noveno, Jeffrey Yumol, KuyaKurt and Miss J)

"KEMBOT MO NA YAN" Music by: JyEL / Moonbeat / Synchorotical Words by: J.Tagbo / A. Moreno / R. Noveno / J. Yumol / J. Medina Arranged by: J.Tagbo Perfomed by JyEL feat. Noveno, Jeffrey Yumol, KuyaKurt, and Miss J Mixed by: JyEL / Synchorotical Credits to IndiePinoy Co. and Downorth Musique Ganda ng iyong katawan (Sige ikembot mo na yan) Pang-rakenrol ang balakang (Sige ikembot mo na yan) Tumayo sa harapan (Sige ikembot mo na yan) Wag na wag mong tigilan (Sige ikembot mo na yan) JyEL: Sabay sa bayo sa tunog ng stereo Di ko mapigilang maalis sa paningin ko Sa bawat galaw at galawgaw ng katawan mo Para kang tukso na gumamit ng hipnotismo Di ko mapigilan parang lalagnatin Pag sumayaw ka na parang nais kang kagatin Pasensiya na miss sa aking mga nasabi Balik ka sa harapan, Kembot na baby NOVENO: Sige na, ikembot mo ang katawan mabilis , mabagal basta hataw mo lang sa kaliwa't sa kanan sabayan ng palakpakan sexy at mabalakang, hanggan sa pagpawisan at isabay ang sayaw sa kumakalabog ipadyak ang paa mo, sa bawat tunog kaya ok lang kahit abutin tayo ng umaga sige bounce, samahan mo ako tara haha JEFFREY YUMOL: Hating gabi na, napapagod ka ba, Dahil ako hindi pi, di pa. Lambot ng katawan, pinagaagawan, Pero sayo ako ang bida, bida. Nag-iinit pag sumasayaw, Turuan mo ko hanggang madaling araw. Lahat humihiyaw, lahat gumagalaw, Ikembot mo habang kumikislap ang ilaw. KUYAKURT: Hataw mo sa kaliwa hataw mo sa kanan Tayo'y magsabayan katawan sa katawan Nagtindigan mga balahibo Tinayuan ako kahit di hinihipo Talaga naman nabuhayan Imagine mo na lang magkiskisan Ako ang sago Ikaw ang sweet na malupit na gulaman Sige na bebe i kembot mo na iyan MISS J: Sa pagsimula ng tugtog.. oh yeah Ako'y bigla sa iyong nahulog Sa paglapat ng ating kamay Di maiwasang kuryentehin mo Dont be too fast my boy I just want to dance all night long 'Coz tonight's your lucky night I will dance for you all night long

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8. Lovers (Prod. By Dopant Beats)

Lovers (Prod. By Dopant Beats)

Verse One baby, lay onto the bed an lemme handle the rest, ...I could do it girl, what chu think about if I pressed up against your chest?, ...lemme do it girl, but then rock with it, hop with the beat when it pops on the, bass with a shock on the clap, gotta get the room hot, when you're onto the top, then our lips lock, got the keys no holding back, then I grab onto your back an pull your hair to get you wet, ...I could do it girl, this the type of loving that you think of till your death, lemme do it girl, I know it's kinda taboo, but damn I gotta have you, knowing what you got an how you love me, fuck me, wait until we get old, if we that lucky, trust me, whenever I hold you down lovely. it's nothing, screaming out, "L is dope you made me wanna go back in time, with your diamond shine and your body sublime, when you walk into my arms as mine. I don't smoke, but do you fuck with that? we could smoke weed, or jus kick back, with a bottle of rum, like one five one, until the bottle is done, then lemme hit that. girl, be the one I can't forget, with shit that I can't remember, and time is not important, but then I've waited for you forever. an, I, can't deal with it, I'm, faded, halfway gone, so why do I feel the urgent need to fucking get you home... Verse Two Ive never been no good, yet it seems that she's the same, she's always gonna tell me that she wish I ain't this way. but it's ironic, whenever I'm on it, she don't complain, she just whispers me to stay. So I do, but then, I'm stuck, yup, she don't wanna feel no love, she only wanna fuck. now we in the start, don't wanna give no hearts, cause we'll break that shit apart. We both the same, I thought I told you, babe, even though you good to me, you ain't good for me, Cause we from the same book and we on the same page, so I know of all the secrets when you look at me. We so far, yet so close, cause you the type to drink and say "yolo" that was me a couple months ago, but now I'm doing better, I don't wanna catch a feeling so I'm solo. good girls gone bad? nah, I wanna switch it up, I want a bad girl tryna go goooood.. the type of girl to trust you, and love you, but then still fuck you like a bad girl woooould. that goes on and on, plus when I'm gone: I'm gone, once you get it then you got it, if you don't you gonna learn. just listen to the song, cause the moment that I'm gone, just remember that I'm only just a memory to burn. But I met you late at night when the moon was high, funny how I seen ya with your moonlit eyes. dude's never hollared but you always gave a shoulder, but I can guran-damn-tee wth a dude like I, you'll never need nobody, no friends that nag, homies see I got ya, I ain't one to brag, but damn girl, you got it... when your body's moving hypnotic, haha..

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9. Nosi Balasi - Sampaguita (Insignia Cover)

Nosi Balasi - Sampaguita (Insignia Cover)

Madaming sablay, pero ayos lang! Basta nag-enjoy! Vocals - Erin (lucky 14) Rhythm Guitar - Vhokie Lead Guitar - Buboy Bass Guitar - Al Drums - Shishir (from the People's Republic of Bangladesh) Funkadelics Studio, Dhaka, Bangladesh September 23, 2017

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10. Global Journalist: India's 'missing children' problem

Global Journalist: India's 'missing children' problem

The movie "Lion" won enormous popular acclaim in 2016 for its heartrending tale about a 5-year-old Indian boy who loses his family after boarding the wrong train. The movie has helped shed light on the huge problem of missing and abducted children in India. By one estimate, 180 children go missing in India each day. Most aren't as lucky as Saroo, the protagonist in "Lion," who is adopted by an Australian couple. That’s because in many cases they’re victims of human trafficking, and end up being sexually exploited or forced to work in factories or as household servants. On this edition of Global Journalist, a look at the growing problem of child abduction and trafficking in India. Joining the program: *Bijoyeta Das, a New York-based freelance journalist and photographer who has worked for outlets including al-Jazeera and Deutsche Welle. *Shaikh Azizur Rahman, a Kolkata-based freelance journalist whose work has appeared on the Voice of American and the Guardian. *Puja Marwaha, the Mumbai-based chief executive officer of the advocacy group Child Rights and You. *Diya Nag, a New Delhi-based senior program officer for India for The Asia Foundation.

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11. Sultan & Ned Sheperd - Ordinary People feat Max C. (Cool Like Daddy Cellar Door Remix)

Sultan & Ned Sheperd - Ordinary People feat Max C. (Cool Like Daddy Cellar Door Remix)

Right then boys & girls... here is a taster of my finished article!!! It's my birthday present to you all!! It has got all the elements of the track and like and a little bit more 'pump' with a more Tech Bassline. Enjoy and everyone must nag Jimpy to play it 1st, as after all without Jimpy there would be no Cellar Door!!! Ooooh Noooo!!! And for those people who have never heard of Cellar Door..... check out for details on the next events....... bring on the 1st birthday!!! You can check out all my upcoming Tracks, Remixes, Podcasts and Gigs right here on my Facebook page:
 Or you can Tweet me on: 
@DJMarkAnthonyUK Check me out online : 'DISCOVER' DECADANCE - 



 'LISTEN' TO DECADANCE - 'LISTEN' TO DECADANCE - iTunes - search for CLUBINDECADANCE Cool Like Daddy – Strut Your Funky Stuff is out on June 3rd exclusively on Beatport, this is THE disco anthem for the summer with funk-a-licious groove and irresistible lyrics. It’s sur to get you strutting your funky stuff y’all!!! Don't forget to keep an eye out for my latest Tech-House East to West EP too out very soon on Good Lucky Records, you can listen to the taster mixes of the tracks ‘Resist’ & ‘Marrakech’ on my Soundcloud page prior to the official launch date.

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12. To Our Ancestors

To Our Ancestors

@ Lucky Spiritual Dancing 5 Worldmusic meets PsyTrance, 90-126 bpm 1 Ougenweide - Einen Gekrönten Reien 2 Tengri - Everything Worth Disprovin 3 Miyazawa - Anjos Ilrmaos 4 Sergio Walgood - Connect To 5 Banco De Gaia - Apollon (Dr. Trippy Remix) 6 Gitancoer - Dui Esera 7 James Asher - Cooking It Up 8 Palyrria - Chillum Reggae 9 Stephen Kent - Yekke (Terrestial Mix) 10 Adham Shaikh - Gayatri Mantra Shuffle 11 Adam & Eve - Let The Rumpus Begin 12 Belka and Strelka - I'll Be Your Anything (Dub Mix) 13 Steve Dragon - Nag Champa 14 Nahawa Doumbia - Yankaw (Bassino Dub Mix) 15 Shaman's Dream - Rakando 16 Secret Vibes - Firefly 17 Shpongle - Dorset Perception 18 Shaman's Dream - Afronaut 19 Irina Mikhailova - Salaam (Remix) 20 Tito La Rosa, Amelia Panduro, Jose Campos & Milke Sinuiri - Love Song Artwork by

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13. 'Family Guy' star Alex Borstein on her new HBO show 'Getting On' — Nov 22, 2013

'Family Guy' star Alex Borstein on her new HBO show 'Getting On' — Nov 22, 2013

Fom left, Laurie Metcalf, Alex Borstein, and Niecy Nash, in a scene from the HBO series, "Getting On." ; Credit: AP Photo/HBO, Colleen Hayes) Actress Alex Borstein is a TV legend, with 12 seasons on a show that's been a cultural touchstone of politically incorrect comedy, "Family Guy." Though her voice might be recognizable — she plays Lois Griffin on the show — you will soon be able to see her face regularly on HBO's Americanization of the British comedy "Getting On," opposite Laurie Metcalf and Niecy Nash. Link Like the British original, the U.S. show takes place in a hospital's all-women geriatric ward. Borstein, Metcalf and Nash play nurses who have to juggle the many personalities, egos and needs of their patients. Tess Vigeland talked to Borstein about her role as Lois and what to expect from her new show.  Interview Highlights: On the most surprising thing about doing 'Family Guy": "The most surprising thing I think is that every time I show up for a table read, I laugh out loud. And that's surprising because honestly most of the time in TV, you get a script and you have kind of seen everything and heard everything and every single time there is something new in there that makes me guffaw. Like I laugh out loud or I'm shocked or I'm pleasantly surprised." On how "Getting On" is both a comedy and a drama: "That's what I love about it. That it's just real. People will say, 'Oh, do you love getting to play drama?' I don't feel like I'm in a drama. I'm just playing a real person. A real, fully dimensional character and we all are. These women are dying and it's very real and people in life tend to not want to think about that death is going to happen to all of us and we are all going to lose our mommies, and no matter how old you are that doesn't get easier. So, I think the show is just real. You're laughing out loud sometimes at something and then you're kind of bummed out and touched.  "One of my favorite things about the show is that it has a gritty kind of documentary film that you are kind of a voyeur, you're peeking into something you shouldn't see, that people don't want to see. And we're kind of pulling the curtain back, but at the same time we are not looking at camera or aware of a camera. I just think it's a neat fly on the wall kind of show." On looking for a show that would push different buttons: "I knew that I wanted to play something that was just really well rounded, very real and it's really hard at my age to find something that affords you the opportunity. A lot of times you are relegated to just being a mom in a sitcom, which is great work and can be so funny, but you tend to kind of hit the same notes again. You're the wet blanket, the voice of reason, you nag, you complain about not having sex. It's so cool to be playing this character who, yes she is still lonely and she is a disaster in terms of relationships, both friendships and anything intimate. But it's more than that. She has all these different sides, and all these bizarre wants and desires and she is a fully realized person. So I just feel so lucky to have the opportunity to play someone like this." On whether she's experienced what its like to be in an assisted-living facility: "My grandmother was in a facility at the end of her life, and I think it will be seven years in December that she passed away. It's so hard to watch, but there are also really funny moments. That's what I love about the show, that it captures the reality of what happens in those places…the indignity of aging. I have a 1-year-old. The baby was 2 months old when we shot the pilot, and you're in the thick of wiping bottoms and taking care of this little helpless creature and you just can't help but see that it's the same thing. "Somehow, one end of it we find terrifying, fearful and we feel ashamed. We don't want anyone to see us that way and the other we think is adorable and we take pictures of. My husband and I would snap photos of large number twos that the baby had that went all the way up her back because we thought it was hilarious. Why do we have such a difference of opinion when it's on the other end of the spectrum?" On working with a diverse, female-heavy cast: "It just feels good. I like women. Not just in this business, you hit a certain age and roles dry up and there's not a lot. That's changing, but it still holds true. But in real life a woman in her 60s and 70s are invisible. Old people are invisible, and especially women. I love that this show is shining a light on those faces. They cast these women with these faces that are just phenomenal. They are real and they have lived and they tell such stories and they are beautiful. No one is going through hair and makeup and no one is going through wardrobe fitting. Everyone is just comfortable and in these gowns and robes and slippers. It does feel a little revolutionary. It's just something really freeing about it and daring."

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14. Kanin Ni Batman - La Lucky

Kanin Ni Batman - La Lucky

La Lucky's first song - Kanin ni Batman Timothy Alexander G. Glova - Pianist & Vocals (Bokal) Marc Phil D. Tiamzon - Guitarist & Vocals Verse I Alam mo ba nung una pa kitang makilala Agad agad akong nabighani sayong taglay na ganda Di ko akalain na puso’y nalaglag na Nananaginip at nag-iisip kung sayo’y parehas ba Pre-chorus Ngiti pa lang ay ulam na, Kanin nalang talaga Kanin nalang talaga Verse II Akala ko talaga ay ako’y pumanaw na Nung una tayong nagkasama parang nasa langit na Simpleng-simple pero impossibleng mahal na yata kita Ang pusong ‘di nagseseryoso Wala nang magagawa (Repeat Pre-chorus) Chorus Bahala na si Batman, Basta’t ito ang nararamdaman Walang akong pakialam Kung ‘di ito masuklian Bahala na si Batman, Ako’y magdarasal nalang Manliligaw tingin Habang ako’y nagsasaing ng kanin Bridge Handa na akong magseryoso Sa isang katulad mo Sa isang katulad mo Konti lang ang kaya ko Pero ibibigay sa’yo Lahat lahat sa'yo (Repeat Pre-Chorus) (Repeat Chorus) Coda Dahil KANINa pa sa'yo nakatingin...

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15. Dick Pat and I

  • Published: 2012-01-11T15:29:29Z
  • By prbrigaad
Dick Pat and I

Tells a story about Happy Jack and his aspirations. Dick and Pat with kinky hats They're gonna hold some shit for me Happy Jack well, he got too fat They're never gonna let him free I got them sad I got them mad A tad too much, they felt decieved I owe my life to them, they nag I cough and bleed, and disagree Dick and Pat They had me strapped in spiritual disintegration A moments pause and soon after that came blackouts favourite radio station After a while of lone despair My consciousness had been retrieved I stood and stared in disrepair noone in sight, see I've been freed A lucky Man some say I am With Dick and Pat they've seen me be The wealth and fame I could've had If only I had let them be If only I had let them be... Didn't interfere with they're doings and they're deeds.. I reek of rape I lie and fake for heavens sake I'm a true goddamn But in my fate I still have faith I never loose the way I am

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16. Off-Switch Podcast #6 - Six Sunsets

Off-Switch Podcast #6 - Six Sunsets

With previous releases on Banana Stand Sound, FKOF, Deep, Dark & Dangerous, Sure State and more, as well as support from a long list of big name DJs in the bass music scene, we are excited to bring you the latest in our series of podcasts from UK based DJ/Production duo, Six Sunsets. The mix features tonnes of dubs and releases from they guys themselves and more... Six Sunsets also contributed a wicked grime remix of Nuboid's "Rezonate" on our debut vinyl release OSA001, which you can purchase over at or any other of your favorite online retailers. TRACKLIST: Sam ULG – Cubano Dub [Banana Stand Sound] Six Sunsets – Pula Rainshine [Heavy Traffic Radio & Recordings] Six Sunsets – Burn The Pagan [dub] Six Sunsets – Elegy Dub VIP [dub] Enigma Dubz – Dirty South [Duploc] Nuboid – Rezonate (Six Sunsets Remix) [Off-Switch Audio] Vexxy – Nag Champa [Sub Low Audio] Nights – Untouchable [NSX003] Six Sunsets – Bruthas & Sistas [In:Flux Audio] King Bracket – Fudo Myo’ O pt.1 [dub] Six Sunsets – Fever Skank VIP [Banana Stand Sound] Aki. – Braindead [Strictly 140] Skream – Filth (Turner’s Cella edit) [dub] Sukh Knight x Zico MC – MBC Hooligan (Six Sunsets Mashup Dubplate) Six Sunsets x Trinity Lo Fi – Lo Fi Dope Dao [dub] Caspa – Hot Head [forthcoming Sentry Records] Hamdi – There’s No Way That Happened [dub] Gru Var – All Sketched Out [free download] Six Sunsets – We Original [dub] Toddla T – Badder Man Runs [Ninja Tune] Benga – Drumz West [Tempa] Silkie – Lucky [Deep Medi] Damu – Whirlybird [Keysound Recordings] DJ Zinc – Out Of Bounds [self-release white label] Skream – You Know, Right? [Crosstown Rebels] Follow @sixsunsets Listen to more OSA mixes & podcasts over at Artwork by Georg Gnischrew

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