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1. Kill You Lyrics

Kill You Lyrics

I got an empty glass I threw it straight into the wall I'm here losing my mind But you don't give a damn at all We can't go back to the way it was This is how it feels You can't stop this crazy, babe

2. Malôrz Lyrics

Malôrz Lyrics

This guy is a bulldozer with a wrecking ball attached He'll leave a ring around your eye and tread marks on your back He's an animal He's hungry You ain't been hungry, since "Supreme Clientele" Rememb

3. Banana Song (Rz Remix) Lyrics

Banana Song (Rz Remix) Lyrics

Do you wanna ride on the nana banana? Boom boom zoom Chicka Chicka Come take a ride on the nana banana uh Boom Boom boom um Chicka Chicka What's up y'all my name is the Nana I'm kinda kinda long bad

4. Secret Garden Lyrics

Secret Garden Lyrics

Through a sea of a million faces You stood out before me With every word you speak You are able to lead me Deeper into our world we made from ecstasy So I took the apple from Eve We thought we found

5. In the Mud Lyrics

In the Mud Lyrics

Verse 1: I wanna hit it if it's taboo I do, outside on the avenue And let the whole world get a view Of me slammin' you In the middle of 5th Avenue We look like kung fu when we do what we love to do U

6. Heartbreaker Lyrics

Heartbreaker Lyrics

Don't even try to fake I'll find the true colours anyway Whatever you try to do I can see right through you I know your smile better than this And unless I'm mistaken There's something deep within Und

7. Hungry for Love Lyrics

Hungry for Love Lyrics

Tossin' and turnin' There's a fever so deep inside The fever is burnin' and I'm lying awake at night How I want you to kiss Want your body to move And I want you to touch Gonna break every rule It

8. Good Lovin' Lyrics

Good Lovin' Lyrics

One two three Good lovin', good lovin', good lovin', good lovin' When I was feelin' so bad I asked my friendly doctor just what I had I said "Doctor, (Doctor), Mr. M.D., (Doctor), could you please

9. Kiss Lyrics

Kiss Lyrics

KISS Art Of Noise featuring Tom Jones You don't have to be beautiful To turn me on I just need your body baby From dusk till dawn You don't need experience To turn me out You just leave it all up to

10. Kingston Town Lyrics

Kingston Town Lyrics

Mówiono o nim King W mieœcie Œwiêtej Wie¿y Pamiêtam z podstawówki Jak ca³owa³ siê z papie¿em Przeje¿d¿a³ te&iques

11. Here's to Love Lyrics

Here's to Love Lyrics

EM: Barbara, I'd like to propose a toast to the topic I dig the most RZ: Catch let me dust off my loving cup EM/RZ: Hey, bartender, fill'er up BZ: Look how the neon starts to flicker EM: Love's like a

12. Test Lyrics

Test Lyrics

A lelkedben hiszel, De a testedben élsz, A lelkedhez menekülsz, Ha a testedtõl félsz. (Test) Megrémülsz tõle, Ha sajog vagy kér, De nem adná

13. Szolj Mar Lyrics

Szolj Mar Lyrics

Kifogytunk csendben az ünnepekbõl A szép percek elmúltak rég Csak a félelem a félelemtõl Ami együtt tart minket még Mint régi

14. 700 Bars Lyrics

700 Bars Lyrics

[Part 1] 1983, Leute wundern sich, das macht nichts Wurd' ein Kind gebor'n, so unverschämt fantastisch Es geht paar Jahre weiter, dann wurd' es ziemlich drastisch Als Hip-Hop in mein Leben kam un

15. Glocko Pop Lyrics

Glocko Pop Lyrics

(Woman over vocoder) Digital Electronics! (Intro - RZA (Jammie Sommers)) So we gon' check the 25th caller Caller? (Hello?) Caller, you're on the air (Yeah, hello?) You're on the air, sweetheart (Hell

16. Egy Ez A Tabor Lyrics

Egy Ez A Tabor Lyrics

Mi az, ami újra hív és indulnunk kell már, Mi az, ami elcsábít és csak ránk vár? Táskánkba minden cuccunk, minden, ami kell

17. Glocko Pop Lyrics

Glocko Pop Lyrics

Digital Electronics So we gon' check the 25th caller Caller? Hello? Caller, you're on the air, yeah, hello? You're on the air, sweetheart, hello, yeah, I'd like to make a request, yeah, I wanna hear

18. Ich Fühl' Mich A.u. Lyrics

Ich Fühl' Mich A.u. Lyrics

Tic Tac Toe Klappe - Die 2te Ich Fühl' Mich A.u. irgendwie is heute nicht mein tag ich bleibe liegen heute wird mich keiner aus den federn kriegen denn ihr könnt mich mal oder ihr könnt mich auch

19. Cakes Lyrics

Cakes Lyrics

Yeah Shake your funky ass, bitch Yaknowmean Yo Yo, we divide cakes to rise the stakes Me and my apes die for papes, bust heat and hide from jake Up in the skyscrape, on top of the world Back yourself

20. P R ¤ [ ∑ S 2 Lyrics

P R ¤ [ ∑ S 2 Lyrics

No vision Of what to become We've climbed so high And we'll fall so low The fire burns as the years go by Expecting that we would heal We are now locked in this process As we are forced into darkness